Gun Safe Lighting


There are times when it's essential to access the contents of your safe in dark conditions. In these times, turn to Liberty gun safe lights. Whether it's an LED light kit for the interior of your safe, a lock light, or a tactical flashlight for dark corners, we have the safe lighting you need to securely access your safe.

Our LED gun safe lights provide bright illumination powered by batteries or by plugging the lights into an electrical outlet. (Be sure you're ordering the one that works for your setup!) You can illuminate even the darkest corners of your Liberty Safe with these wands, and with their 150-lumen output they're some of the brightest LED gun safe lights you'll ever find. Once in the safe, our LED wand lights will be ready whenever you are - thanks to their motion sensors, they'll turn on the second you open the door. They're perfect for brightening up the interior of your safe.

If that's not enough safe lighting when you're looking inside your safe, try our Tactical J5 V1-Pro flashlight. This 300 Lumen flashlight will give you all the light you need to pick out your valuables in perfect detail. Finally, there's our lock lights. These Liberty Safe lights are designed to fit the dial of your safe - giving you quick, discreet access to the safe's controls without sacrificing your night vision. With lock lights for both electronic and manual locks, you're sure to find secure illumination for the outside of your safe.

View our collection of safe lights for the lighting you need.