Clearview Electrical LED Wand Light Kit

Brighten up your gun safe’s interior with the ultimate flexibility of the Liberty Safe Clearview Light Kit. Each kit comes with six LED wand lights for the hinged and open sides of your safe. You can use any combination of lights from one wand to all six for the configuration of your choice.

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πŸ‘‹ Motion Sensor Activated
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Full Description

Brighten up your home or gun safe's interior and valuables with the new Liberty Safe light kit. Liberty's 6-wand LED gun safe lighting kit includes an auto on/off motion sensor for convenience and 150 lumens of light output from each wand. With a self-adhesive backing and easy connection snaps, the LED wand light kits are simple to install. LED wand lights are installed on both the hinge and open sides of the safe.

The Clearview light kit comes factory installed on all Lincoln, Presidential, and National Security safes.

In order to plug in Liberty's electrical 6-wand Clearview lights, we recommend purchasing the electrical outlet kit. If you own or are purchasing a Revere, Colonial, or FATBOY Jr. safe, the electrical outlet kit is optional and is sold separately.

For Franklin safes and higher, the Electrical outlet kit comes installed as a standard feature.

PLEASE NOTE: The plug-in adapter for the Clearview lights (when plugged in) covers two of the three 110V outlets, reducing the available outlets to one. You also cannot connect additional wand lights to the Clearview light kits. The transformer is designed for 5- or 6-Wand Lights maximum.

The Clearview light kit does not work with Centurion gun safes.

6 Wand P/N: 10793

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Patrick T.

I love the lights they're bright. They light up my colonial 23 safe. The 3m Ahesive tape on the back side of the light Don't really stick to the fabric. You have to use to screws to keep the lights mounted. But overall I love the clear view led light kit.

Mark H.
Awesome lighting

Definitely quality stuff

Hector S.
Fantastic product service

My Safe light failed, that's the bad news. However one quick phone call to Liberty and Dusty Grosland took care of me. She is going to mail out the sensor and transformer free of charge. I am a life long customer of people that stand behind their product....Thanks Dusty you rock!

John O.
Follow up on earlier review - Great when they were working

After doing all the in house testing I could (mutli-meter, AC detector, etc) I was still unable to find a cause of my lights not working. I quick call to customer service and after a short wait my problems were solved. The phone menu was a little screwy one option that I should have chosen #4 did not want to work but I eventually got to a person and all was fine. After talking and walking through the issue we still could not get the lights to work.

I am completely satisfied with the remedy to my issues we were able to come to and fully stand behind Liberty. They are and will continue to be my gun safe choice

Scott H.
Great lights

Do not know why I didn't get them earlier. I had purchased the 5 wand kit for my 30 gun safe but , I think I could have went with the 6 wand set there seems to be enough room for it had to do a couple of lay out test fits before I decided to stick them in place but overall very happy with the lights and would recommend them to anybody who is a little skeptical or is wondering if they are worth it they are. Mine function properly and they stay on for five minutes or so no complaints out of me as of right now.

Thank you Liberty and keep up the good work

Great lights

Just wanted to leave a review on these lights because it looks like a mixed bag. I know we only tend to leave reviews of things when we have a problem, but for me these lights have been great. I hope I don't have any of the issues others have had, but they have been in my safe for years now and they work amazing. Every time I open the safe they come on after the door opens about a quarter of the way. If I leave the door open long enough and back away I see they go off on their own. I do think the light bars could lose stickiness in the future as that is the nature of lighter adhesives. But I haven't had that problem years later. They work really well and light up the safe fantastically. The only thing I wished when I first got my safe, and still now, is that they came with about 2 more light bars, which I think would really get the entire safe lit up. I would recommend these to anyone, you won't regret it. In fact, I just talked my dad into buying a liberty safe, and the first thing he asked was if I could install these lights for him when the safe is delivered.

Gun F.
Led Light Sensor

Just purchased a Colonial and I love it. Installed the Led wand kit and noticed that they don't shut off, even when I wrap the sensor with a towel. Are they set to a timer or does the sensor need replacing?

Back In Business

This is an update to my previous review about lights only lasting a year. Right after my review I contacted Liberty Safe customer service and they sent me a replacement light kit and everything has been working perfectly since. Good to know Liberty stands by their products and has excellent customer service.

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