Jewelry Drawer

Add a velvet lined jewelry drawer to your safe for a secure place to store coins, jewelry, and other valuables. Find the drawer that fits your safe here!
Every new Lincoln, Presidential and National Security safe includes one factory installed jewelry drawer.

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Full Description

Liberty Safe has velvet-lined jewelry drawers for safes that can be installed as under-shelf drawers for the top or side adjustable shelves of safes shown below. If you want to fit your jewelry gun safe drawer on the left side of a side shelf, the maximum size fits the model size shown in parenthesis. NOTE: Every new Lincoln, Presidential, and National Security safe includes one jewelry drawer installed in each safe.

SIDE SHELF INSTALLATION: (all drawers are 3.75" high)

6.5" wide x 10.5" deep Jewelry Drawer - fits 20 model safes or larger and safes that are 28" or wider

8.5" wide x 13.5" deep Jewelry Drawer - fits 23 model safes or larger, safes that are 30" or wider, and "Extreme Safes" model 48 or larger

11.5" wide x 13.5" deep Jewelry Drawer - fits 30 model safes or larger and safes that are 36" or wider

15" wide x 13.5" deep Jewelry Drawer - fits 48 model safes or larger and safes that are 42" or wider

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Denny R.

Excellent drawer for jewelry

Perfect size!

Perfect size for what we were looking for!

Timothy W.
Jewelry Safe

The jewelry drawer is a great addition to any Liberty safe, i can now reclaim the top shelf of my safe and place my watches and wife's jewelry in the jewelry drawer. I highly recommend the jewelry drawer!

Joseph K.
very easy to install,and very spacious. Holds rings very securely

5 stars

Jewelry drawer

This drawer is a great addition to my safe. The inner tray is removable. The drawer part is lined with velvet under the tray, which makes it better that expected to keep my watch collection safe. I had an extra, unused shelf so I sandwiched this drawer assembly between two shelves and it fits perfectly. This accessory was worth every cent to me.

Mario D.P.


Mario D.P.


Excellent Addition to Any Safe!!

After getting my Franklin 35 safe. I noticed I needed a drawer of some kind for the little items.
I bought the 11.5" wide drawer and it fits perfectly. It does require some drilling and screwing into the bottom of one of the shelves.

The quality of the drawer is top notch!! Definitely satisfied with this purchase.

The only gripe I have is the installation instructions. It stated to position the drawer flush with the front edge of shelf, but since the edge of the shelf has a hard plastic guard, my drawer did not sit flush/flat on the bottom side of the shelf. It has a slight gap at the front edge since it is sitting on top of the plastic guard. I should have followed my instinct to slightly recess the drawer so it sits flush with the underside of the shelf.

Although, in all frankness, you don't notice it once its installed. The drawer functions perfectly and its really not meant to support much weight. So I think it will be OK long term. I would use slightly longer screws up front by the front edge to ensure good thread grip.

Overall, highly satisfied with the drawer!! Highly recommend you get one for your safe!!

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