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HD-200 Quick Vault Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.7 out of 5 stars for 109 customers ratings and reviews

Excellent well built product
written by Just a guy on June 21, 2017
Excellent well built product

written by BOB SOUTH FL on June 13, 2017

written by Pen name on June 3, 2017

written by Steve on May 29, 2017

Great Liberty Gun Vault
written by Jim from Olympia, Wa on May 5, 2017
Love this product. Has the expected Liberty quality.

Very Happy
written by Kim P. on April 8, 2017
Easy to program fingerprints. Heavy duty construction. Perfect for my needs. When trying to register warranty online, the model of my safe was not an option and I had to have someone contact me to make sure it was registered correctly.

Best product best customer service
written by Mark Twain on April 7, 2017
Best handgun vault for the price, made in USA, customer service is the best.

written by SB Schaumburg on April 6, 2017

Great safe for CCW
written by Hunter S. Fitzthompson. on March 27, 2017
This safe is great for CCW and other goods you would like to keep safe in your automobile.

Good space for the price
written by Clifford Diver on March 26, 2017
Easy set up. It feels durable so far. I just got this today. I think it is a fair price for the space and security you get.

Excellent product
written by Uncle Al on March 25, 2017
Great quality. Good price point.

Great Quick Access Safe
written by GMCSW on March 19, 2017
Well built, easy to set up, looks & feels tough, easy to use.

HD-200 safe
written by Sarge on March 17, 2017
Easy to set up, program, and mount. Has been great so far, works like a champ.

written by Frank on March 15, 2017
awesome vault

written by T-Dog on March 15, 2017
Just opened it today! So far I love it and has worked flawlessly!

written by ShelleyMDC on March 13, 2017
Liberty's handgun safe was a great purchase for our household.

With two small grandchildren now living in our home, we found the safes provide us piece of mind that our guns are out-of-reach at all times.

written by 800STORM on March 12, 2017
Great vault will serve its purpose well

As quality made as the large safes
written by Brewer Pearson on March 10, 2017
This quick combo vault is made as sturdy as the full size safes.

HD-200 Quick Vault
written by Mr. Knoxville on March 6, 2017
The vault is well made and fast to open using your own personal code. I feel more comfortable now having a loaded pistol in the house with grandsons around.

Automotive gun safe
written by Carry for Freedom on March 3, 2017
Nice compact size safe for your auto. Quick access code is very nice, along with a key for backup access. Really like the inside light that comes on when the safe is opened.

Great Price. Solid Product.
written by Ed Byrnes on February 25, 2017
This is the first and only handgun safe I own. Bought it for quick access and to keep it locked away from my toddler. Seems like a sturdy safe with a simple design. Only complaint is that the indicator light on the top of the vault doesn't seem to work. No big deal but you would expect that to work right out of the box.

Good safe
written by Jay widen on February 22, 2017
I bought this safe because of it being easy to access for me and to keep away for small children. It was an affordable safe to buy.

CCW in 4 states.
written by CCW in 4 states. on February 13, 2017
I've just purchased the vault and so far it's seems pretty reliable. Responds quickly when I use my 4 digit code. Roomy enough for my Kimber 1911 & and Springfield Mod 2. The light inside is very helpful if you need to look inside. I have the safe sitting on the floor, next to my bed for cover and quick access. GREAT SAFE. Looking forward to getting the HD 300 or HDX 250 Smart Vault. But the HD 200 is an EXCELLENT start.

Simple yet solid
written by Eric Estoesta on February 7, 2017
Code is simple to set. Door opens QUICK. You can mute the sound if you want. There's a tamper feature. After 5 failed code entry, the keypad is disabled for 3 minutes. Can only be opened by the key. The buttons are intuitive. I'm already used it with eyes closed and with either hand. Overall good design and priced right. A must have to aid in preventing unauthorize access and peace of mind.

Life is Worth It
written by Steve on February 5, 2017
When my wife and I were out and about, looking for a safe for our valuables, guns, and gold, we saw plenty. Not that we were interested in anything but the best, but we DID see other safe brands, and the prices WERE, in most cases, a bit lower than Liberty. However, I had done my homework, and I already knew of the far-and-away higher quality of Liberty. That's why we didn't think twice when we purchased our safes. The scenario goes like this: there is a fire, my Liberty survives. There is an intruder or break-in, my liberty stays and survives. Liberty is worth it. Life is worth it. Buy Liberty.

Peace of Mind
written by Doug S. on February 5, 2017
I love it. Just what i wanted and needed....the right size, and can open in very quickly in complete darkness with biometric fingerprint scanner or key.

Very good handgun safe
written by Dick on February 4, 2017
Well built.

Great Box - For Horizontal Surface
written by Occasional Shooter on January 21, 2017
Great box, just need to find a place to mount it that is flat, secure and horizontal.

Easy and reliable security
written by Mack Rogai on January 6, 2017
Love the weight of the vault itself as well as the internal lighting feature. Easy to open and priced right!ma

Great little place to put valuables you use daily.
written by Arlon on January 3, 2017
This little vault is a great place to put your billfold ,watch and rings that you use daily and don't want to open a big safe to put them in at night.

Keeping My Family Safe
written by Julie on January 1, 2017
I think everyone needs a safe like this in their home, Not only does it protect my handgun from children but also will help me protect my family from people that want to harm us. It makes me feel so much safer knowing it's here.

great safe
written by benjamin on December 29, 2016
researched a few small handgun safes and the liberty name continually came up for price function and build quality so asked for it for christmas and couldnt be more satisfied with it

Ist Gun Safe
written by j.a. on December 29, 2016
I've needed one for some time now. Heard about Liberty and found a local dealer, and that was it. Easy to setup and use. Look forward to years of use.

written by Amarillo Annie on December 28, 2016

Perfect handgun safety
written by Ed on December 25, 2016
Liberty comes with a reputation of quality and functionality.
No disappointments on the HD200.
Exactly what every handgun owner should have. Perfectly serves the purpose it was built for.

Best safe ever (David)
written by Pegs on December 16, 2016

Easy to use
written by Uncle Glen from Roseville, CA on December 11, 2016
Not much to say here really. The well made vault had no blemishes and seems strong and sturdy with a simple setup for programming a unique code for the it's quick release door. It took longer to write this paragraph than it was to setup the HD-200 Quick Vault. Simple and easy are the two things you need on your side when you find yourself in a crisis. Plus this vault meets the legal requirement for any law abiding citizen for keeping your pistol safe from children or thieves.

Very Nice Safe
written by Double D Outfitter on December 11, 2016
Very well built safe, very easy entering multiple fingerprints, good for households with children.

ProVault Biometric PRO-225
written by Jim Hughes on December 11, 2016
Easy to set up and use! Door opens with a bang.

Great product!
written by Boyle on December 7, 2016
Been wanting one of this for awhile , checked around with other brands and nothing compares. Easy to secure , easy to Ancor, easy to set up password. Only complaint is battery clip doesn't hold the battery well. But all in all I rate it a easy 5 star .

Good finish easy to operate
written by Patrick Henry on December 4, 2016
The finish on the cabinet is nice. Easy to program the code.

Rock solid
written by Adam from Jenison, Michigan on December 3, 2016
I bought this vault to keep my kids away and safe from my pistols when I'm not carrying, and to have peace of mind when I'm not home that my guns won't be stolen when I'm away.

Great vault!
written by RC on November 25, 2016
Great fit/finish. Almost bought a plastic/composite safe because it was cheaper. Glad I went with this pistol vault! I can fit a G17 and a G27 in it without them touching.

written by djattherange on November 19, 2016

Superior Quality
written by Pastorrobin on November 11, 2016
This is a beautiful hand vault. Strong and manly with plenty of room for my Sig 226 Extreme with the attached laser. The battery install is cumbersome, so expect that to irritate each time you replace it. It's daily use is excellent however, as a secure, fast access pistol safe for your primary home defense handgun.

written by RDL on November 5, 2016

written by VL on October 30, 2016

Memory Loss Solution
written by Chris Murray on October 9, 2016
I purchased this product to help my father who suffers from memory loss. He worries that people will steal his keys at night. This simple safe gives him a place to securly lock up important items at night and then easily get them in the morning. No keys needed. The biometric technology is too secure for him so this product is the perfect mix of security and ease of use for him. I'm very happy the Liberty Safe staff helped me decide on this safe.

Good value
written by Thrasher169 on September 26, 2016
Nice price point. Easy to program. Love the internal light.

Nice safe
written by Doc on September 26, 2016
Easy to program. The interior light is a great feature and the way it opens allows quick and easy access to my hand gun.

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