HD-200 Quick Vault Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.6 out of 5 stars for 138 customers ratings and reviews

written by Bob on February 4, 2018
Pleased with purchase.

Excellent safes!
written by Charles on February 4, 2018
Very high quality safes.

Great Quick Vault
written by Don D on January 25, 2018
Super easy to setup with good instructions! Heavy well made in the USA! Plenty of room for my 9MM hand gun 2 extra mags and a couple of boxes of ammo.
Like the large opening and light for interior when open. Just what I expected! You will not be disappointed!

written by Kim on January 21, 2018
Easy to use...great size

Great Safe
written by Cblount12 on January 21, 2018
Awesome safe and very easy to use

Glad I bought
written by jim s on January 19, 2018
quick to open, shuts down if multiple attempts by others, impervious to breakins, locks to floor solidly to prevent prying.

Decent Safe for a Decent Price
written by J17 on January 13, 2018
The safe seems to be durable and safe, however, the door sticks when unlocked and doesn't always open. I see this to be a potential problem in critical cases, however, I will see if the door release loosens over time. Although it's the first safe I've ever bought, overall, seems like a nice safe.

Automatic Door goes bad
written by Franky on January 3, 2018
The automatic door stops working after a few months... now it won't lock at all.

Best in the world
written by Deputy Sparrow on January 1, 2018
This is the fastest, safest and easiest access safe for small arms available. Keep your children and family safe from preventable tragedies and walk away knowing that your guns are secure, your quick access to your weapons is controlled by you and that peace of mind is worth the expense

Great products and support
written by Warner on January 1, 2018
I received a quick access gun safe that had issues with the door opening as it was supposed to on a intermittent basis. I called the company and they immediately sent me a return label to send the defective safe back to them and upgraded me to the next better safe in their product line up. When I received the replacement, it worked perfectly. What great support and service!!! I will be doing business with this great company in the future.

Exactly as expected
written by A. Schroll on December 27, 2017
Ordered online from Cabelas. Came in 3 days. Everything I needed to hold handgun, extra clip, and box of ammo. Could fit more if wanted. Easy to use and light is nice.

First Time Fire Arm Owner
written by Hollywood on December 25, 2017
Wanted to get the best way to store my firearm from my children. Easy to educate spouse on how to use it.

Satisfied Customer
written by Mark K. on December 23, 2017
Very sturdy construction. Easily holds two handguns - 357 Magnum snub revolver and 45 semi with extra clip. Only wish it was quieter when opening, but can minimize noise if you use thumb to ease the door open.

Grandbaby coming. Needed a superiot quick vault to secure handgu
written by Wayne on December 16, 2017
Easy to set up. Well designed. Vaunt opens in a flash. Remember to secure the vault to a surface or leave on ground. If not, leave on closet floor or underneath a bed. Monitor battery drain and if you are prone to forgetting passwords or combinations keep safe key secure, but handy. Great product. Keep firearms safely away from small or curious children.

HD 200 quick vault
written by Gun Safes on December 14, 2017
I have tried a couple of different handgun safes. This is the best made and I like the fact that it is made in the USA. Good value for your money.

Worked great until...
written by Pitt on December 12, 2017
Worked great until I forgot the finger code. Then when I went to use the key the safe would not open. I am in the process of going through warranty. No comment on that process at this time.

Pro-225 Biometric Safe
written by Butch on December 9, 2017
Easy to set up after rereading directions.

Good vault for the money.
written by Cocoa ed on December 9, 2017
Good vault for the money, As received was missing two of the rubber pad supports.

Quick and secure
written by EB - MO on December 1, 2017
I have a Liberty Gun Safe, but wanted to keep a pistol in a secure location that I could access fast. This safe is fast, I can probably access the firearm in under 2 seconds. 1 second code entry and door drop, 1 second to grab the pistol. We have children and having a loaded firearm within their reach is unacceptable in my opinion. This keeps it away from the kids and their friends while still allowing lightening fast access. It has a light that comes on for 20 seconds to aid in acquiring the weapon at night. The inside is nicely lined so you won't feel bad about vaulting one of your nicer handguns.

High quality - just as advertised
written by Jim Morrison on October 28, 2017
I've been pleased with this vault so far. It appears to be well made and functions exactly as advertised.

Great function and value
written by AN on October 27, 2017
This product works well and I am very pleased with my purchase. I had originally purchased one of the fingerprint scans for almost double the cost and it seemed to be cheaply made. The scan worked fine but the rest of the components didn't work well, so I returned and bought this vault. It works like it's supposed to and is secure. I feel good about this purchase and definitely recommend it!

Good safe and easy to use
written by Len on October 23, 2017
This safe is easy to use and very quick access to the weapon. I feel safe that my kids cannot get into it and it is easy to hide in the bed stand.

Auto open
written by T on October 22, 2017
I had bought the 90 series because it could fit in the average drawer. However, I returned it twice because the auto open would only work about half the time. Also, the buttons for the code entry were hard to push.

first time Liberty gun safe owner
written by chefe on October 2, 2017

Liberty HD-200 Quick Vault
written by Stanimal on August 27, 2017
Yesterday I bought a Colonial Fat Boy Jr. at the Sacramento, Ca. Liberty Safe store. The Fatboy will be delivered in about two weeks, however I made an additional purchase. I liked the size and key pad of the Liberty HD-200 Quick Vault. I had a similar push button handgun box made by Cannon that I had for twenty years. The Cannon finally failed (push=buttons broke) and it took me forever to use multiple screwdrivers and two crow bars to destroy the box to retrieve my handgun. I really like the profile of the HD-200 and there is room enough for a large frame and a small frame semi auto. The electronic keypad is superior to the one that broke on the Cannon. I highly recommend the HD-200 to anyone that wants safe storage and quick access to their handguns.

written by Dave on August 7, 2017

written by Sandyjina on August 5, 2017

Good Solid Pistol Vault.
written by Drew on July 18, 2017
The Vault was on sale which helped me decide to purchase it. The installation of the battery and enrolling bhe biometric access took about 15-20 minutes. Access with my finger is quick and the door opens very fast. It only holds one full size 1911 .4l5 cal. pistol with a couple of boxes of ammo which suits me fine. I would recommend it to anyone looking for such a vault.

Liberty only
written by PEP300 on July 16, 2017
This is the second Liberty product I have purchased and the first gun vault. On the HD Pro-225 showed a 3 star review but I don't feel that way. The biggest issue I read was the bio finger reader. I found it flawless If done by the book. Logged my wife's finger and mine and on first try and works great. Multiple swipes to record and it worked fine. On the plus side Cabala's had it on sale for $100.00 off and made it a sweet deal.

Excellent well built product
written by Just a guy on June 21, 2017
Excellent well built product

written by BOB SOUTH FL on June 13, 2017

written by Pen name on June 3, 2017

written by Steve on May 29, 2017

Great Liberty Gun Vault
written by Jim from Olympia, Wa on May 5, 2017
Love this product. Has the expected Liberty quality.

Very Happy
written by Kim P. on April 8, 2017
Easy to program fingerprints. Heavy duty construction. Perfect for my needs. When trying to register warranty online, the model of my safe was not an option and I had to have someone contact me to make sure it was registered correctly.

Best product best customer service
written by Mark Twain on April 7, 2017
Best handgun vault for the price, made in USA, customer service is the best.

written by SB Schaumburg on April 6, 2017

Great safe for CCW
written by Hunter S. Fitzthompson. on March 27, 2017
This safe is great for CCW and other goods you would like to keep safe in your automobile.

Good space for the price
written by Clifford Diver on March 26, 2017
Easy set up. It feels durable so far. I just got this today. I think it is a fair price for the space and security you get.

Excellent product
written by Uncle Al on March 25, 2017
Great quality. Good price point.

Great Quick Access Safe
written by GMCSW on March 19, 2017
Well built, easy to set up, looks & feels tough, easy to use.

HD-200 safe
written by Sarge on March 17, 2017
Easy to set up, program, and mount. Has been great so far, works like a champ.

written by Frank on March 15, 2017
awesome vault

written by T-Dog on March 15, 2017
Just opened it today! So far I love it and has worked flawlessly!

written by ShelleyMDC on March 13, 2017
Liberty's handgun safe was a great purchase for our household.

With two small grandchildren now living in our home, we found the safes provide us piece of mind that our guns are out-of-reach at all times.

written by 800STORM on March 12, 2017
Great vault will serve its purpose well

As quality made as the large safes
written by Brewer Pearson on March 10, 2017
This quick combo vault is made as sturdy as the full size safes.

HD-200 Quick Vault
written by Mr. Knoxville on March 6, 2017
The vault is well made and fast to open using your own personal code. I feel more comfortable now having a loaded pistol in the house with grandsons around.

Automotive gun safe
written by Carry for Freedom on March 3, 2017
Nice compact size safe for your auto. Quick access code is very nice, along with a key for backup access. Really like the inside light that comes on when the safe is opened.

Great Price. Solid Product.
written by Ed Byrnes on February 25, 2017
This is the first and only handgun safe I own. Bought it for quick access and to keep it locked away from my toddler. Seems like a sturdy safe with a simple design. Only complaint is that the indicator light on the top of the vault doesn't seem to work. No big deal but you would expect that to work right out of the box.

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