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HD-300 Quick Vault Ratings and Reviews

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written by RAY RAY on June 14, 2017

Great product for the price
written by Father of 3 on June 8, 2017
I am very satisfied with the HD-300 quick vault. The safe is big enough to hold my pistol while still in the holster so that is a huge bonus. With 2 children under 7 and one on the way, safety is very important to me. However it still allows access extremely quick and quietly. Which makes me feel better about my wife having access while I am at work on night shift.

Seems to be the perfect solution
written by A. C. York on June 4, 2017
Easy setup. Right size. Works as advertised. Very nice solution for home defense security.

written by done deal on May 28, 2017

HD-300 Home defender
written by gregg k on May 14, 2017
Selected for quick finger access, only requires 9v battery to power, lighted, easy installation.

Solid vault
written by Patbruin22 on May 3, 2017
New purchase, solid vault with easy set up. Its easy to open with code, door is quick.

written by Evan Anderson. on April 24, 2017

More than a gun safe
written by Rik W on April 20, 2017
I have the combo vault in the house an i have a HDX-250 in my motor home, when on the road it holds my cash and any other important things i dont want to carry or trust in my sock drawer. Its piece of mind

written by Gus on April 6, 2017

Liberty HD-300 Handgun Quick Entry Safe
written by Keeping it Safe in WA State on April 4, 2017
We just purchased this product and it has worked for us well so far. The instructions are easy to read and execute and Registering the warranty is a breeze. Will be mounting it next, but I don't expect any issues.

Great handgun vault
written by cat4osu on April 1, 2017
This is the second vault I have had; the first developed an issue which was communicated to Liberty and the replaced it at no charge. Would highly recommend these products to anyone.

Good bedside gun safe
written by SC Owl Man on March 24, 2017
Only 2 complaints are the flimsy divider shelf and the finger combination / key access do not illuminate when you try to use. Other than that so far so good

Stuff and things
written by David on March 21, 2017

Top quality vault
written by GlockShooter on March 16, 2017
While I've been putting off buying a bedside vault due to the price of a quality vault, Having a quality vault was very important to me, I just wasn't ready to spend the money on one. But when I saw the HD300 on sale, I couldn't say no. Without a doubt this is the best gun vault of this type. The construction and features of this vault are second to none. As a bedside quick access hand gun safe, it's perfect for me. The HD300 is a little large, but you could put 4 full size hand guns inside with room to spare. Check how much room you have to put this type of vault in first, as it's larger than most. Mount this down to a solid surface and I'm confident no one will be prying it open with a screwdriver! Could it be broken into? Sure, no safe of this type is un-defeatable, but they will have there work cutout for them.

written by Richard on March 16, 2017
I like everything about it except the battery I just wish it was One finger swipe for the same price

written by Gryphkid44 on March 13, 2017
Very good value

Why not
written by rjcbubba on March 6, 2017
My other safe is good so I thought I would get the smaller version a try

written by Dan on March 2, 2017
Works well, fills my needs.DLB

Great quality, price and most important, MADE IN THE USA!
written by Happy Wife on February 23, 2017
I purchased the Liberty HD300 as a birthday gift for my husband. Was he ever surprised! He absolutely loves it. He really likes how readily accessible the contents are. Great purchase.

Excellent Safe
written by Heath on February 17, 2017
This safe is well built and easy to set up and program, much better than the other hand gun safes out there.

written by KC on February 3, 2017
Extremely happy that the company stood behind their product for a replacement.

easy to use and open
written by LJB on January 22, 2017
love the fact the door pops open when correct code is enter and light come on. also like that it has a security alarm on it .

Easy access for my handgun
written by Bob Shank on January 19, 2017
I've looked at several handgun vaults and this is the one I decided to buy and keep. It opens easily and provides great access. The light inside is a plus, too. I am very happy with this handgun vault. Check it out!

Easy access
written by Safety first on January 18, 2017
We tried a biometric safe and was very disappointed in its operation. So we went with the liberty for ease of the 4 position key pad

written by tripleC on January 13, 2017

written by Just another guy on January 9, 2017

written by bedaub on January 5, 2017

written by Jake on January 3, 2017

written by TG on January 3, 2017
Awesome quick entry. Straight forward, no gimmicks.

HD-300 Sturdy
written by Walter Truck on January 2, 2017
The safe appears to be very sturdy and well built. It seems to have excellent construction but I'll be able to tell more once I have opened the safe as it is missing keys.

Wonderful Gun Safe
written by Recon3001 on January 1, 2017
This device allows me quick access to my firearms yet keeps my grandkids safe from getting into the them.

Great safe
written by Steve on December 29, 2016

Pay for the quality
written by Davalos on December 24, 2016
I bought the Hd-300 and the quality liberty offers goes a long way. Other safes cost less and have more room but don't come close to the reliability of liberty. I feel at ease knowing my firearm is locked away from kids and anyone else that's not me. Now having the safe, the price point doesn't even bother me because I trust the functionality of this safe.

HD 300
written by Birdman on December 22, 2016
Very easy to program and the quality seems high.

written by Kolby on December 22, 2016

Quick Access!
written by Pat C on December 13, 2016
Nice Safe for quick access to your handgun while preventing access from children & others. It is heavy-duty enough that it works well for the intended purpose. If not securely bolted down, it is light enough that a thief could run off with it and break into it later, (but that is why I also own a full-sized Liberty floor safe!)
I am more likely to carry concealed since it is so easy to access my handgun. With my large, dial combo floor safe, I often wouldn't take the time to unlock my hand gun.
I've had the quick access safe for a year now, and I've started having a problem with the latch not locking shut when I store my handgun. Sometimes when I close the door, it will pop back open. I can also jiggle the door when it is closed, and it will open without typing in the combo. I'm going to seek warranty service on the latch.

Excellent Vault- if it worked
written by Docgood on December 8, 2016
I believe it is a good vault, and also very convenient. However, the one I purchased seems to have a faulty electronic control board. Can only operate it by key.
Liberty's Response:
Sorry to hear about this.  I have submitted your information to our customer support and they will be contacting your shortly.

written by mistom2 on December 8, 2016
Excellent handgun safe with easy and fast access. Highly recommend

Great Storage with Easy Access
written by Wolfy on December 5, 2016
Love this handgun vault for quick access and security. I only own Liberty safes, and that's all I will buy in the future.

Had a minor issue with the first one I purchased, and Liberty took care of me by sending a new one free of charge after I returned the defective unit. Great customer service and warranty.

written by Paddy on November 27, 2016

written by Dr.PR on November 27, 2016
great safe. Heavy and good looking. plenty of room for guns and important papers.

Needed a gun safe
written by Frank T on November 21, 2016
Excellent product, easy use, great product line.

Security vs access
written by Mark Twain on November 11, 2016
After watching YouTube videos showing the ease other brand's safes are entered in seconds, Liberty appears far more secure. Initial setup is simple. Only negative with the HD300 I purchased, is the insert shelf. The one that came with my safe is too small to stay in the tabs. Every time I would put anything on the shelf it would fall down to the bottom of the safe.

Great Product
written by Richard on November 7, 2016
I would recommend this product to family and friends.

written by Happy owner on November 3, 2016

Liberty HD300
written by Mic in Tx on October 29, 2016
Overall pleased with the safe thus far. Recommend practicing opening & ensuring can retrieve your handgun in a hurry. Especially if the disciple of the devil becomes our next president. Plenty of room for 2 handguns & 2 extra clips. I would recommend purchase.

Excellent quality and Safeguards
written by Jordan on October 24, 2016
Liberty Safes put a lot of time and research to build a top notch safe with excellent quality and safeguards to prevent someone from breaking in the safe.

Peace of Mind
written by Mike in Oregon on October 23, 2016
It is a great comfort to know our hand guns are responsibly stored, yet easily accessible should the need for personal defense arise.

Excellent on first inspection
written by kennewickman on October 22, 2016
This is my first safe to go along with my first handgun. The fit an finish is excellent. Easy to set up.

Great value and quality
written by Hoosier Boy on October 9, 2016
I was pleased with my Liberty gun vault and was able to program it easily and start using it very quickly.

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