HD-300 Quick Vault Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.6 out of 5 stars for 160 customers ratings and reviews

Great Product
written by txmike on February 10, 2018
I own two liberty safes - no problems
I need to buy more

Simply the best
written by Peter T on February 9, 2018
I wouldn't trust the security of my valuables and the safety of my children to any other safe company.

Would Recommend Liberty HD-300
written by Grandma Gunner on February 5, 2018
I really liked the quality of the product. It has a light on the inside when the door opens. It opens easily and the code was easy to change. Has enough room for 2 guns and ammo.

Great Safe for the Price
written by Hunter57 on February 2, 2018
Liberty makes there Safes for All needs. The Quality and Price makes this Safe(HD-300 series) a must have for Gun owners who have only a few Guns(Handguns) and Limited Space to store them .I was able to Put both my Guns SW # 10, 38 cal and Ruger 45 cal as well as Ammo with Room left over. The many features like a Battery charged Lite, Key Backup and Quick Access Just to name a few come with this Great Safe.I have peace of mind knowing that My guns are Safe from getting into the Wrong Hands and if I need to I can get Access to them Quickly! Thank You Liberty!, Keep up the Good Work !

Great experience, great product!
written by A Cooper on January 14, 2018
I have been wanting a vault to hold some of my most important items and this safe had everything I didn't know I needed. I was very impressed with staff, shop and products.

HD-300 gun vault
written by Pistol Pete, Florida on January 2, 2018
Just received my gun vault and it is just as described. Excellent quality and finish. My wife will feel muchbetter knowing our guns are secured. My only wish is that there was a separate mounting plate available like that used on the HDX-250. We definitely would recommend this to our friends

Quality Purchase
written by Rhinocairn on January 2, 2018
easy to operate and quality made will last a lifetime.

Why the HD-300 Quick Vault is the best
written by Jill M Hamilton on December 29, 2017
You get a 5 star rating, would recommend this product to friends and family. Dealing with today's gun issues it pays to have a secure vault within your reach. I am also a Competitive shooter in our local USPSA matches. I know that i feel secure when i leave my home that my other pistols are safe and secure. Thank you for making such a superior product..

Not sure what's going on...
written by Chris on December 28, 2017
Was great at first...,(first 8 hours we had it)...tried to open it again tonight, and now it won't open. Literally brand new and just got it today, combo is right as the beep goes off and you can hear the door mechanism make the sound it makes when it unlocks, but the door doesn't open..tried both keys it came with, and the key won't even open it. Customer service is closed now, so I guess I'm just stuck waiting around until tomorrow when they open.

I made sure nothing was pressing up against the door when it was closed, it's brand new so the battery isn't old nor am I getting the blinking low battery light. Have the combination written down so I KNOW it is the right one, and the keys don't fully press down in the hole to unlock it. Had pretty high expectations for this safe, so it sucks, unless I am just missing something completely.

pistol vault
written by wolfman on December 27, 2017
this seams to be a quality built product that has a good price

written by Stlwatin on December 18, 2017
Made in the USA....looks good, fair price and appears to be reliable.

PA Hunter
written by PA Hunter on December 11, 2017
For a small secure safe it fits the bill. I am very satisfied with this product

written by BillP on December 4, 2017
It looks good at flirst glance. I like the reliability of the code to open the safe, its compact size and the security it provides. As I just purchased it today I'll withhold a further assessment andBill evaluation.

written by paddling45 on November 30, 2017

Well-made, strong, and easier to set up.
written by J Richardson on November 28, 2017
I wanted a safe to have ready access to my defensive handgun that would keep it out of the reach of my grandchildren when visiting. I had a bad experience with a strong box with a biometric lock and was looking for something that had a mechanical combo. The Liberty HD-300 fit the bill and allows me to store more than one handgun for ready access. Compared to others I've looked at, it is heavier, better constructed, and has better thought out access.

I highly recommend it.

Exactly what I needed for handgun security at home
written by A. Lunt on November 28, 2017
Was looking for a handgun vault that would provide easy and quick access but top security. Liberty delivered! Very pleased with my purchase of the HD-300!

Great Safe!
written by Cade Valor on November 25, 2017
Amazing design and functionality

written by Brown on November 10, 2017

You can't go wrong with Liberty
written by Colorado Man Dan on November 5, 2017
I've done TONS of research for the best safes and in the end... Liberty Safes came out on top. I won't get any other kind of safe. Period. And i've looked at them all! Get on YouTube and find the videos, compare them to whatever safe you might have been looking at... you too will find that Liberty is worth it. Buy once, cry once.

Review of Home Defender Series Vault, model HD-300
written by Steve Smith on November 4, 2017
My wife and I decided to purchase a quick access vault a couple months after getting a Liberty safe. Our first grandchild was born less than two months before and thought it would be a good idea to get something that we could put our handguns in for safe keeping while he was over visiting, although it would be some time before he would be able to wander about the house getting into things. The idea of something we could get into quickly if necessary was an important consideration. For items we normally protect long term, we use the safe.

Gun Safes
written by Sgt. Adams WBPD on October 31, 2017
These are great safes, that are competitive priced and wonderful customer service. Quick delivery from Liberty Safes of Utah / A1 Safes . great people to work with. Highly recommended.

Nice safe, terrible Email response.
written by Had to have CSR explain Combo. on October 15, 2017
I have no issue with the vault or the quality of the vault. I had sent 3 emails to their customer service over a period of 3 weeks with no response. This to me is very disheartening. Also the understanding the the combination set up is also very confusing ... No where in the directions does it explain how to use a 4 digit combo and input 5 digits. After calling customer service and having that explained the set up was a breeze and the confidence of the safe increased. Although the combo tells you there are over a 1k combinations. But they are only good with the numbers that are on the safe utilizing 1 2 3 4 ... So keep that in mind, it is not an endless usage of different combinations it must be within those 4 numbers only.

very pleased
written by XM224 on October 15, 2017
top quality. good price.

Good quick vault
written by woodsman on October 15, 2017
solid feel, ease of access, spacious inside, however with the self in place, its difficult to access the bottom half.

Quality at a price that won't kill you.
written by Capt'n BoomHand on October 14, 2017
Bought this safe at cabelas as it was on sale. We looked at other brands but ultimately decided that the Liberty would do the job. Stout, heavy, and with interior light, this will be perfect for finding my hand cannon in the night to blast some baddies.

First safe
written by Jeff on October 13, 2017
This appears to be a good safe for keeping handguns away from little ones. The size of this with the included shelf and light are the main reasons I purchased this.

written by Jacob on October 6, 2017
My only complaint is that the shelf is very slick. I would like a surface where my gun won't slide around. The foam on the bottom would be nice addition to the shelf.

written by Me on October 3, 2017

excellent product
written by john smith on October 2, 2017
very excellent product. great value.

Great gun vault
written by George on October 2, 2017
I love the quick and easy function.

Perfect Solution
written by Sandy on September 29, 2017
Bought this to secure valuables in my travel trailer while camping. Just the right size and level of security for my needs. Access with the button code is very quick and easy, and also having a key means I don't worry about having a "senior moment" forgetting the combo! I'm very happy with this purchase and may get another for home use.

Good so far
written by Alhodge81 on September 29, 2017
Easy to setup and access, seems well built

Excellent Handgun safe
written by David R. on September 28, 2017
Excellent value and easy access to your firearm with push pad buttons.

Thanks Liberty!
written by RDub on September 23, 2017
Very easy to set up and use. Like the added lock out feature.

Dueling Security Problems
written by Dueling-N-Texas on August 7, 2017
My wife and I both needed handgun security in different parts of the house. We have grandchildren, occasional guests and we get busy with hobbies in other parts of the house. Moving a small handgun security unit room to room with the handguns inside was too much hassle AND the location of the handgun was a constant question - bad for situational awareness and defensive response actions.

A Solution: Two HD-300 Quick Vaults. There is plenty of space for two handguns each, with Ammo & Magazines plus a small J-Frame revolver backup gun.

After a very good sales demonstration from the locksmith, we took home TWO HD-300 Quick Vaults. Dueling HandGun Vaults - no more. Access method is the same, safe loading is the same, quick response under stress - similar as the combo and guns are different.

The Liberty HD-300 meets our immediate needs and provides the security necessary to address the safety and quick access needed.

Fits my needs
written by Rog on August 4, 2017
Fits perfectly under the bed, screwed into the floor to access if needed.

Ease of Use and Good Size
written by 3skisteach on August 2, 2017
HD300 was easy to set up.
Would be better if:
1) just a little more space under the shelf
2) interior light for above and under shelf

written by Keithesis on August 1, 2017
Great design very easy to use. Does what it is supposed to do. It could be man handled given time. I just want to make sure that it doesn't allow quick easy access to its contents.

written by Dennis on July 27, 2017
you stand by your products and warranty thank you this is a replacement for a other Liberty gun vault

Very nice hand gun vault
written by Sasmo17 on July 2, 2017
A quality product, that is made in the USA, allowing very quick access to your firearm but also secures it from children.
I have been extremely pleased thus far with the product quality. I also own a Liberty gun safe so I expected a very good product
when purchasing the hand gun vault.

Liberty HD-300 Safe
written by Josh27 on July 1, 2017
The safe is excellent and is of great quality. The only problem that I have at the moment with mine is that the interior light does not come. That is the only reason that I gave a 4/5 rating instead of a 5/5.

written by RAY RAY on June 14, 2017

Great product for the price
written by Father of 3 on June 8, 2017
I am very satisfied with the HD-300 quick vault. The safe is big enough to hold my pistol while still in the holster so that is a huge bonus. With 2 children under 7 and one on the way, safety is very important to me. However it still allows access extremely quick and quietly. Which makes me feel better about my wife having access while I am at work on night shift.

Seems to be the perfect solution
written by A. C. York on June 4, 2017
Easy setup. Right size. Works as advertised. Very nice solution for home defense security.

written by done deal on May 28, 2017

HD-300 Home defender
written by gregg k on May 14, 2017
Selected for quick finger access, only requires 9v battery to power, lighted, easy installation.

Solid vault
written by Patbruin22 on May 3, 2017
New purchase, solid vault with easy set up. Its easy to open with code, door is quick.

written by Evan Anderson. on April 24, 2017

More than a gun safe
written by Rik W on April 20, 2017
I have the combo vault in the house an i have a HDX-250 in my motor home, when on the road it holds my cash and any other important things i dont want to carry or trust in my sock drawer. Its piece of mind

written by Gus on April 6, 2017

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