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HD-90 Key Vault Ratings and Reviews

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Good value and functional.
written by mcwmustang on May 4, 2017
Holds my glock 43 or walther pps m2 and magazine, no problem.

5 stars and more
written by redman on April 23, 2017
works very well

written by on April 15, 2017

Solid value.
written by Scott on April 11, 2017
Solid construction. Simple operation. Reasonable price. Warranty! Will consider buying another one.

Liberty HD-90 Gun Box
written by Squash15b on March 22, 2017
Good for the backseat of a car. Strong, quick access and compact

Liberty HD-90 Gun Box
written by Squash15b on March 22, 2017
Good for the backseat of a car. Strong, quick access and compact

written by rviggy on March 21, 2017

Bottom model better than others best models
written by Speesta on March 19, 2017

Simple and effective, Less is more
written by GISRules on March 12, 2017
Yup, the Liberty HD-90 is simple and had a great design. It is effective for me. Less is more

Great Quality for the money
written by huntingmedic on February 17, 2017
This is a true gun safe and not just a lock box! Well made and seems very secure with a couple of options for permanently mounting or keeping it portable with a quality cable.

written by Ron Swanson on February 17, 2017

written by CROSBY on February 5, 2017

Great little safe
written by Dave on January 30, 2017
Great quality

Excellent key vault
written by Jose R on December 31, 2016
Beautiful vault, very spacey, & this is one solid product

Satisfied customer
written by Retired Rick on December 27, 2016
Great workmanship, right size and easy access

written by Rush Revere on December 25, 2016
Great deal. However, l think for little to no cost liberty could include a heavier cable and also simple mechanism that allows cable to "snap" temporarily into place. It would be handy for my use. Heavier cable would leave customers feeling overwhelmed by the great deal, rather than just satisfied.

written by Toolman on December 22, 2016
Excellent product at a good price. Made in America !

written by Toolman on December 22, 2016
Liked it so much I bought another one. Made in America too !

Great Safe/Vault
written by DevilDog7 on December 20, 2016
Affordable, protection from small children, and holds my 9mm handgun and magazines. Well made!!

Great Vault. High Quality. Good Warranty
written by GunsLover on December 20, 2016
This is the second product of Liberty which I've bought. No doubt for its quality and customer service. I hope Liberty has more products made in USA.

written by KK Fanning on December 11, 2016
Big enough for my handgun when I'm in a vehicle and can't carry inside I can lock it up and it's bolted in so someone's going to have to work to get in it!

Great Quality
written by Wolfy on December 5, 2016
Great quality and secure gun box for the price... only wish the lock would latch without the key in it.

Liberty HD-90 Handgun Safe/Vault
written by S. Whitaker on November 13, 2016
Very happy with this purchase. Will use to protect handgun in vehicle when I am unable to conceal carry. Very secure and robust design -- especially when compared to the version vehicle handgun vault I had previous to this one (3-number combo lock vault purchased at local gun store which turned out to be useless).

Great product
written by bwarner on November 11, 2016
Great product and price.

Amazing Quality!
written by PapaClause68 on November 11, 2016
Amazing quality (although I would expect nothing less from Liberty) at a terrific price. No reason not to own one of these.

Great product for the price
written by Peter in greater Seattle on November 5, 2016
The safe is well built and has room for a Government-size (ie., full size) 1911, an additional magazine, and a small flashlight. The safe comes with foam padding for both the bottom and the lid. There are also two screw holes on the bottom of the safe - just lift out the foam on the bottom to access the screw holes.

The safe also comes with an optional cable. One could use this to secure the safe within a vehicle. My only thought is that the cable is a tad light/thin. Then again, a thief breaking into the vehicle is probably not carrying wire cutters.

Overall, this is a great product and good value for the price.

written by DS cameron WV on October 19, 2016
Good product

Reliable and solid
written by Mvega922 on October 17, 2016
Great for securing firearm in vehicle.

Amazing construction great vault
written by Fishingluvr on October 15, 2016
Good design...cylindrical lock which is harder to pick. Overall a great product.

Excellent product
written by Whoever on October 7, 2016
Good price/performance ration. Solidly built, cable looks good.

Small Security
written by Lindee on October 1, 2016
Perfect for what I purchased for. Quality, security, price, cable strap and made in the USA!! Excellent purchase. May well purchase a second one

In Vehicle Security
written by Jimsport93 on September 17, 2016
Needed a way to secure my guns in my vehicle when I am out of the vehicle and not able to take the guns with me.
Been much news here in Atlanta about thugs/criminals breaking into vehicles in order to steal guns.
Figured my NRA and Marine Corp Decals would be a dead giveaway that there may be a gun in the vehicle.
The HD-90 vault gives me the ability to keep my two guns locked and secured to the vehicle while I am away from it.
Have enjoyed the extra piece of mind.

Country Boy
written by Gunner on September 6, 2016
I like it!

Good quality
written by Bosanac on September 5, 2016
Good quality for the price and ease of use.

written by M on August 26, 2016

Very nice!
written by Grizzley on August 22, 2016
Basic vault to lock handgun up when I'm not carrying, like going to bank, post office, or school.and

written by C on August 11, 2016

Affordable, safe storage
written by SouthernDiaspora on August 8, 2016
I needed a small lockbox for my vehicle that I could store my EDC while at work. There are many options out there, at wildly varying levels of quality and price. I opted for the HD-90 for several reasons. Heavier gauge steel for one. Many boxes feel fragile and can be torqued fairly wide with bare hands, not so here. The simple but secure and reliable key lock has major advantages for my usage. For a box left in a hot car, the batteries in an expensive biometric lock can give out and render it completely unusable, and a mechanical combo lock has its own drawbacks with reliability. The lock mechanism has interlocking steel flanges that should prevent hurried prying, even with tools.
No lock box of this type is going to stand up to determined, concerted effort to break in, but to frustrate a thief long enough for them to give up and move on while parked in a parking lot or on the street, this looks like it's up to the challenge.

Like any kind of 'insurance' I'm glad I have it but hope I never see it tested.

Quality material
written by DNader495 on August 6, 2016
I'm a welder this is the best gun vault I've seen on the market. Maybe that's why you have to look to find them in stock. Very good quailty vault for your handgun to be secured in. I will tell all the gun owners I know to purchase this vault.

American made, superior product.
written by JB on August 4, 2016
Great vault. Affordable. Concealable, carry able, quick access.

Great Vault - Minor Design Deficiencies
written by MadAxeMan on July 26, 2016
Overall, I am pleased with the HD-300 gun vault. I permanently mounted it to a piece of furniture and am confident that it will allow for quick, easy access. My only complaint is that the shelf is flimsy and black. It should be a little more rigid to hold the weight of a full size handgun along with 150 .45 caliber bullets. Also, if it were clear, it would allow the interior light to illuminate the bottom of the vault.

Great value for the money
written by keith on July 25, 2016
Just got it. Seems like a great value for the money. Should do the trick

Small safe
written by Shannon on July 21, 2016
Very nice small safe. Will be perfect for the car when you go to those liberal business that wont let you carry your firearm.shame it is not MADE IN US

Initial Review
written by Maj. Delay on July 21, 2016
I purchased this vault to serve two main purposes-

1-A secure way to keep my handgun out of the hands of curious children and others.
2-Comply with gun laws when traveling to other states that do not honor my states CWP.

Overall I am very satisfied that this product will meet these needs. I thoroughly examined the vault when I took it out of the box. It is solid and well made. There is almost no gap between the lid and case and the lock works smoothly. There is enough room inside to hold my full size semi-auto, two clips and a small box of ammo.

I would highly recommend this product to others.

Excellent Product!
written by csm57 on July 21, 2016
This is everything I was expecting. I would recommend this vault to everyone that needs a hand gun vault!

Base vault with nice feature
written by Mike L. on July 14, 2016
The security cable is nice to have for auto travel with the ability of locking the safe the the tire mount in the car trunk or other secure part or your auto. Light weight, secure and priced very competitively in the key locking group of hand gun safes.

written by BJ on July 12, 2016

Quality protection at an affordable price!
written by Patrick Oswald on July 9, 2016
When handling firearms safety is the most important consideration. As gun owners we have a responsibility to keep our firearms in good working condition and out of the hands of unauthorized users. Liberty products are made in America and are well constructed. I chose the HD-90 key vault because of the low price and build quality. This vault will hold a full size pistol or handgun and small amount of ammo or a magazine. if you are considering a gun vault Liberty has a product for you, after all you cannot put a price on safety and peace of mind.

Excellent Travel Companion
written by Torborg on July 3, 2016
Second Liberty vault I have purchased and could not be happier with quality and price. Fits and stays under seat. Did upgrade cable to 3/8".

written by Love it on June 22, 2016

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