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written by PLedet on February 6, 2018

written by on February 4, 2018

Great way to keep firearms out of little hands and still have qu
written by Paul C on January 25, 2018
This is a great product and I'm confident in it's ability to help me keep my family safe. It's heavy duty and low profile which is a good combination. I do wish it had a little more interior room but I won't complain. I've had vaults from other companies and they didn't last very long. I highly recommend purchasing the A/C adapter that goes with this vault. It will pay for itself very quickly because this vault goes through about three or four 9 volt batteries per year. Overall I'm very happy with this product.

great single gun vault with quick easy access
written by Josh K on January 22, 2018
Biometrics quick and easy to set up and work well.

Very happy customer
written by David Fauber on January 20, 2018
I purchased this vault because John Deere name was on it. I am a long time John Deere customer and have experienced the high quality standards that the company endorses. Liberty Safe also upholds the same high standards in quality and customer satisfaction. Very happy with biometric success rate. I tried another brand biometric safe and it failed very frequently. I have found that the Liberty biometric is at a 100% success if you swipe your finger at the same speed when it was registered. This is vey comforting when time is essential. Great product!!

HDX-150 Smart Vault
written by RLL on January 20, 2018
Love It

written by Hanford Gun Lover on January 14, 2018
Great Handgun Vault that was easy to set up the Biometrics Scanner. Great construction of the vault and good feel to it. I absolutely love it. Will recommend Liberty Safes to family & friends.

Great handgun safe
written by Flying Joe on January 8, 2018
I own 3 of the HDX-150's and find them always reliable. It is comforting to know I can trust them to keep children safe and I have my protection always available if I need it in an instant. I trust my family's safety to Liberty and it is 100% Made in USA !

Smart choose
written by Gigi on January 6, 2018
This vault is very well made and safe around children.

written by dpolock on January 4, 2018
Really like the quick access to the contents of my vault. Works great and very dependable.

Perfect for me
written by Dave S. on December 31, 2017
Bought the HDX-150 as its the perfect size to keep my revolver and provides super quick yet secure storage as well. Can save up to 15 different fingerprints and the cable it comes with is plenty long.
Perfect for my needs.

Great handgun safe made in USA
written by Desperado on December 23, 2017
Excellent handgun safe for keeping your firearms from children while providing access quickly if ever needed.

5 stars if it came with AC adapter
written by grapedaddy on December 23, 2017
I love the safe, but wouldn't have it without the optional AC adapter. I *assumed* it had one when I bought it and getting one after the fact was difficult and took a month, but it worked out.

I was able to improve the quickness and reliability of opening it somewhat by repeating the fingerprint programming steps multiple times using consistent finger angles so if I reached for it all wiggy in a stressful situation [unlike the controlled predictable finger positions used while programming and testing] it would be more likely to open the first try. I test it about once a week and it doesn't always work if my finger goes down a slightly different way than I placed it while programming, so test it frequently if for no other reason to remind yourself exactly how your finger was placed when you programmed the scan of your fingerprint. You haven't really tested it until you simulate the position and angle your finger will be in when you're going to need it to open the first try. As imperfect as it sounds, it's still faster than fumbling for a key and you can train yourself to open it faster if you think it through.

written by LJP on December 8, 2017
The product works flawlessly, as advertised. I had no trouble setting up the sensor and registering fingerprints. The unit is built tough and solid. The safety provided by the biometrics, combined with the speed of the sensor, give me great peace-of-mind when I am not around. With a growing number of grandchildren that are always around, this is critical.

written by JC on November 30, 2017

Would most highly recommend the HDX150 Vault. Nice product.
written by Td on November 19, 2017
Just purchased and setup the settings, will see how it work. For now, just trying it out it is very easy to use.

written by Anonymous on October 29, 2017

Safety First
written by Michel Ray on October 10, 2017
A great gun vault to protect unauthorized access to my weapon.

Brett F
written by Brett on October 1, 2017
Quality is great! Compact size yet big enough to hold two guns and extra magazines.

Batteries don't last very long
written by huntress64 on September 30, 2017
We love our smart vault, but when I tried accessing it, it would not open, found out the batteries were already dead after just sitting for one month. It did not come with the AC adapter, which they all should as it won't do much good if you are in a hurry to get to your gun and can not open the safe because the batteries are dead.

The vault
written by Sonic Blue on September 21, 2017
Great compact safe that fits in nightstand and has enough space for a full size handgun. Easy to operate and keeps contents locked away from children. Only negative is the battery does not last very long; the ac adapter is a must.

Research done, best vault
written by Matt on September 19, 2017
I did several weeks of research and found that this is by far the best handgun vault for the value. The fact that it's made in the USA wasn't my only deciding factor, I wanted someone that stood by their product. With a 5 year warranty, there's not much out there that stand by their product better than Liberty. Very spacious and easy to use and set-up.

written by BH on August 30, 2017

Works as advertised
written by Bob D on August 24, 2017
Battery life too short.

Another excellent product!
written by Eric on August 21, 2017
As an owner of a FatBoy Jr. safe, when it came time to look for a smart vault for my wife's handgun, there was only one choice. Liberty... we chose an HDX-150 for its dependable reliability and durability. It's biometric access point makes it quick and easy to open, whether in AC or Battery power. Hands down, another winner. A lifetime of use we will get out of this safe. Thanks again Liberty for your fine line of products.

Sturdy nightstand safe
written by Smash on August 18, 2017
I purchased the HDX-150 to keep my gun close with quick access. The setup is easy to complete and I like the ability to have multiple fingerprints on file. It fits my SP-101 .357 and Sig 939 along with a speed loader, magazine, and Powertac Cadet flashlight. The one area I would like to point out is 9v battery life. Obviously, it will depend upon usage but I access the safe daily and the battery only lasted 5mths. The low battery indicator (flashing red light after opening safe electrically) will only come on as long as there is enough "juice" in the battery. After that, the indicator will give you the green and amber light to indicate the safe read your fingerprint but the safe will not open. Long story short is as soon as you see the low battery indicator CHANGE YOUR BATTERY OUT. Otherwise, you will have to utilize the keys to open it. This is a great safe and I highly recommend it.

Don Preble-Gun Vault
written by Don Preble on August 13, 2017
A very safe way to keep your firearm secure and close by.

Love my Smart Vault
written by Jayne Thomas on August 13, 2017
I love the security of being able to lock my guns up when I go to work and when I'm traveling. I carry my firearm everyday, but I am not permitted to carry at work, so I love that I can store my gun safely everyday and still have it accessible when I leave work. The fingerprint swipe access is super convenient, and I love a light comes on when the vault opens so I can see inside at night. The convenience, security, and peace of mind are priceless.

written by New Concealed carry on August 6, 2017

So far so good
written by Terry on August 4, 2017
Just now setting it up!

HDX-150 Review
written by JR on August 1, 2017
The only complaint I have is how hard it is to make the door latch.
Liberty's Response:
Hi, thanks for the feedback.  I'll have someone from customer support reach out to you.

written by Registrata on July 12, 2017
Great product

Great safe
written by Eastside on July 11, 2017
Great safe.
Love it.

Cdhow fun
written by Ron on July 10, 2017
So far happy with purchase.Like the build quality.very well designed.

So far an excellent product
written by Runninbear on June 24, 2017
Was easy to set up, even for an old man. there was some thought put into this safe with gun owner's in mind. Built well and as it says you can run this safe over. any one would be pleased with this safe.

written by Gabe on June 4, 2017
This was a warranty replacement of my last HDX150. I wasn't expecting them to replace it but they did. This level of commitment to their products and customer has made me and my family customers for life!

Well made and great service from my local dealer.
written by J.C. on May 25, 2017
After looking at various adds and videos I decided to go with a well crafted and American made vault. My HDX-150 sure fits the bill in my case. I would buy another if need be without hesitation.

Great customer service to fix my problem
written by Ken on May 25, 2017
I purchased my Liberty HDX-150 at the 2017 Atlanta gun show. The product is well built but unfortunately the biometric access did not work. After several attempts trying to get the device to open it never worked. I contacted customer service and after several more attempts with guidance from the customer service representative he determined that the biometric unit is defective. He will be replacing my unit without any hassles. Great company that backs their product!!!
I would give the product 5 stars if the biometric worked.

written by Chris on May 24, 2017
Easy to set up. Still waiting to pick up my gun, but interior looks perfect for my Sig Sauer P320

Good single gun safe
written by Gun lover on May 21, 2017
This is a great small safe. Will fit one handgun. The biometric technology works great. My only complaint is that you have to slam it to close it.
Liberty's Response:
Hi, thanks for the review.  You should not have to slam it to close it.  I have sent your information to a member of our customer support who will be in contact with you.

written by TPD on May 16, 2017

Love it
written by Princess Ty on May 6, 2017
Quick access and safe for having around children.

written by dweber on April 28, 2017

lost biometrics after a few months
written by lostbiometrics on April 18, 2017
lost biometrics after a few months

HDX-150 Sort of a Smart Vault
written by Humboldt Tuna on April 11, 2017
The safe looked really nice and secure. Bought the power supply with it to get faster access to the guns. The only issue seems to be if you scan your fingers on a table and then place the safe on the floor next to the bed, you have to get on the floor to get the correct angle for it to open. After fingers are scanned with it on a table, it will open immediately every time. But when it is placed in its intended place, the correct angle cannot be obtained. So it took 5 or 6 times before the safe would open. I did scan a "fatter" finger ie. middle finger as opposed to the index. It seems to be more consistent in opening after again getting down in front of it. Must be the nature of the beast.

We still like it and will get another for upstairs.

I am satisfied with your product
written by danial boone II on March 29, 2017
I can tell you this, it is hard to find a product with the words ( MADE IN THE USA ). This was the major reason for purchasing your product.

Peace of Mind with Liberty HDX-150
written by Jessie H. on March 17, 2017
The Liberty HDX-150 is well made and secure. The finger scan for up to 15 fingerprints is also very nice so that you can add other family members.

Great safe
written by Medic0117 on March 12, 2017
So far so good have to see in a while how it holds up

Hand gun vault
written by Mcveytown on March 9, 2017
Good product

Excellent Gun safe
written by Andrei A on March 5, 2017

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