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HDX-150 Smart Vault Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.7 out of 5 stars for 149 customers ratings and reviews

written by Gabe on June 4, 2017
This was a warranty replacement of my last HDX150. I wasn't expecting them to replace it but they did. This level of commitment to their products and customer has made me and my family customers for life!

Well made and great service from my local dealer.
written by J.C. on May 25, 2017
After looking at various adds and videos I decided to go with a well crafted and American made vault. My HDX-150 sure fits the bill in my case. I would buy another if need be without hesitation.

Great customer service to fix my problem
written by Ken on May 25, 2017
I purchased my Liberty HDX-150 at the 2017 Atlanta gun show. The product is well built but unfortunately the biometric access did not work. After several attempts trying to get the device to open it never worked. I contacted customer service and after several more attempts with guidance from the customer service representative he determined that the biometric unit is defective. He will be replacing my unit without any hassles. Great company that backs their product!!!
I would give the product 5 stars if the biometric worked.

written by Chris on May 24, 2017
Easy to set up. Still waiting to pick up my gun, but interior looks perfect for my Sig Sauer P320

Good single gun safe
written by Gun lover on May 21, 2017
This is a great small safe. Will fit one handgun. The biometric technology works great. My only complaint is that you have to slam it to close it.
Liberty's Response:
Hi, thanks for the review.  You should not have to slam it to close it.  I have sent your information to a member of our customer support who will be in contact with you.

written by TPD on May 16, 2017

Love it
written by Princess Ty on May 6, 2017
Quick access and safe for having around children.

written by dweber on April 28, 2017

lost biometrics after a few months
written by lostbiometrics on April 18, 2017
lost biometrics after a few months

HDX-150 Sort of a Smart Vault
written by Humboldt Tuna on April 11, 2017
The safe looked really nice and secure. Bought the power supply with it to get faster access to the guns. The only issue seems to be if you scan your fingers on a table and then place the safe on the floor next to the bed, you have to get on the floor to get the correct angle for it to open. After fingers are scanned with it on a table, it will open immediately every time. But when it is placed in its intended place, the correct angle cannot be obtained. So it took 5 or 6 times before the safe would open. I did scan a "fatter" finger ie. middle finger as opposed to the index. It seems to be more consistent in opening after again getting down in front of it. Must be the nature of the beast.

We still like it and will get another for upstairs.

I am satisfied with your product
written by danial boone II on March 29, 2017
I can tell you this, it is hard to find a product with the words ( MADE IN THE USA ). This was the major reason for purchasing your product.

Peace of Mind with Liberty HDX-150
written by Jessie H. on March 17, 2017
The Liberty HDX-150 is well made and secure. The finger scan for up to 15 fingerprints is also very nice so that you can add other family members.

Great safe
written by Medic0117 on March 12, 2017
So far so good have to see in a while how it holds up

Hand gun vault
written by Mcveytown on March 9, 2017
Good product

Excellent Gun safe
written by Andrei A on March 5, 2017

Smart Vault
written by RC on January 26, 2017

Excellent Product
written by Michele Pfaff on January 8, 2017
I would not consider another safe.

Great safes
written by One happy MAN! ! ! on January 2, 2017
I am pleased with your products. Would recommend them to everyone.

Love it!
written by Tiff on December 27, 2016
Received this safe for Christmas and super excited about the fingerprint technology!

Fine Product
written by Papa Pete on December 3, 2016
Very well make, solid construction, in U.S.A. Biometric sensor seems to work well but you need swipe from same angle or will not open. Quite to sensitive angle of swipe.

HDX-150 Smart Vault review
written by Doug Hughes Sr on December 2, 2016
Heavy duty (and I do mean heavy) practical security device that makes gun (pistol) accessible yet secure from the unauthorized, prying or curious . Initially had difficulty in closing but after witnessing a proper demonstration of how to "slam" the door shut everything has worked beyond expectations. It is literally a strong box! Just be advised that you have to lift the unlocked lid. If, do to location restraint, you can't easily lift the lid you may want to consider models where the door simple drops or automatically lifts up and open with a small ram.

In short, I highly recommend this product.

New purchase
written by B52Gunner on December 2, 2016
The vault seems easy to code, operates well, but as I just purchased the vault I cannot give a complete review at this time.

HDX-150 is a great gun safe for my Ruger LCP!
written by Jdwilson on November 18, 2016
The biometric smart vault was easy to set up and program. Its sturdy & high quality. The lid doesn't lift up automatically and the unlocking mechanism is not as quiet as I would like, but the quality & durability of the product was more important to me.

Smart Vault Registration
written by Rebel Warbington on November 12, 2016

HDX-150 Vault Cover won't Latch
written by John Galt on November 8, 2016
I bought the HDX-150. The fingerprint reader seems pretty reliable. The cost is very competitive. The vault is sturdy. I like the tie down cable too. However the latching mechanism is poor. It takes very excessive force for the cover to latch down. This is a concern because if it happens not to latch and I don't notice, then my gun would be accessible to unwanted hands. Very Dangerous! I contacted the company and they said they are addressing my issue. At this point the jury is still out until this gets resolved. If it gets resolved to my satisfaction I will later update my review accordingly.

Great safe!
written by Beth, PA on November 8, 2016
I purchased this safe after spending time mastering how it works while at a gun shop. I love that it fits right on my night stand for quick, easy use.

Quality Product
written by Andrew on November 6, 2016
I programmed all 10 fingers on the first try, with no issues. The biometric scanning seems to be very accurate. This is a high quality product.

written by mc on October 21, 2016

Peace of mind
written by Grey Zane on October 14, 2016
This is one of the best vaults to keep your weapons safe and still quick to access in an emergency.

Liberty gun vault
written by John Brown j on October 6, 2016
Liberty gun vault is easy to set up and quick to get to.

Quality, Safety, Portability, Ease of Use
written by Rob from Texas on October 6, 2016
Safety with a firearm is as important and protection. With 4 grandchildren visiting my house often, I am comfortable they will be completely protected. My new JDX-150 was easy to setup and allows quick access to put away or retrieve my firearm. I also like the ability to cable lock the safe to my vehicle when traveling. The size allows easy movement from house to vehicle and can be hidden away easily. I am very pleased with my new biometric safe and would recommend to anyone looking for quality, safety, and ease of use.

Great safe
written by Travis on September 27, 2016
excellent quality and quick access to firearms

Liberty HDX-150
written by arb on September 21, 2016
I bought this safe because I have 2 grandbabies that are always coming over and I got tired of having to remember to put up my pistol beside my bed. It was recommended to me from my buddy at a local gun store. So if it is something he recommends personally then that's good enough for me, also he showed it to me at his house as to how it operates and how quickly it responds if you have the ac charger with it. I also love that you can have 15 finger prints in the memory, that way the wife can have access to the safe as well. I chose this model over the 250 because it has a cable to secure it down also. This is helpful because we travel and I always take my pistol with me this way I can secure it to something in the room because it is portable. It has plenty of room for my full size 1911 with a compensator on it with more space for a flashlight and a knife.

Great Product
written by ken806 on September 9, 2016

I'll like it a lot more after it is repaired
written by Submariner on September 8, 2016
Great little safe - discreet, it doesn't draw attention to itself with big brightly-colored buttons; it's small and easily concealed where I want it; fits the two handguns that I want handy; the HDX-150 was very nicely priced. By the time I programmed it with my fingerprints, it wouldn't latch shut properly, even when slamming it. There is a return authorization coming and I'm waiting to send it in for repair. I look forward to using it when it's operating properly. I would like to revise this review after I receive it back.

written by JAZ on September 7, 2016

written by Jim on August 22, 2016
I purchased this product to help with quick access to my firearm in case of an emergency. The fact it's manufactured by Liberty Safes here in the USA helped eliminate any reservations.

written by Will Burnett on August 22, 2016

written by NJM on August 5, 2016

written by Great product on July 28, 2016

Works Great
written by Big Al on July 26, 2016
Worked the first time and each time with the fingerprint scanner.

The product should have included the AC adapter. It is cheap not including one.

Quick draw safe
written by Tbarr on July 24, 2016
Was looking for quick access single gun vault, this fits the bill.

Sturdy and quick
written by Flee on July 19, 2016
The material feels very heavy duty and the fingerprint reader reads quick.

Very Impressed
written by SSKing on July 15, 2016
The ease of use and the security feature are very impressive. I am very much satisfied with the quality of the HDX-150. It will provide the security and ease of access for many years. Thank you Liberty.

Good - not great
written by semo35 on July 12, 2016
Biometric safes are getting better and better, year after year. But, they are still somewhat "tricky" and not as "fast" as I'd like them to be under a stressful situation. This is still a good product and I would recommend it overall.

Great hand gun vault
written by Ozarks boy on July 11, 2016
Picked HDX150 because it was made in the USA! I don't mind spending a little extra for a quality American product

new vault
written by Danzo on July 9, 2016
I just bought a new Liberty HDX 150 gun vault for home safety. It looks great, works great, and is easy to program. Excellent choice for safe keeping of guns at home with small children around.

Love the Product!!!
written by Greg G on July 5, 2016
The HDX-150 is a very good quality product. The design is well thought out and the product is easy to use. There are many useful features which made this a must-see if you're looking for a Biometric Smart Vault.

HDX-150 Unboxing
written by Strikerfire Guy on July 3, 2016
Good quality, easy to enroll fingerprints. Nice and heavy construction, however the lid scrapes a little bit metal-on-metal when opening/closing. Last, I wish I could get a heavier stainless steel cable.

Trouble getting it to program
written by mynewine on June 23, 2016
At first I went thru 2 battery's trying to program my prints; and was ready to send it back to Liberty. I put in 1 more fresh battery today and it finally program my prints.
I have decided to keep this item but I will see how it goes.

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