Celebrating 25 YEARS of MADE IN THE USA!*

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Worldwide Headquarters
Learn More About Safes
Learn More About Safes
Payson, Utah

* Currently about 80% of all Liberty models are made in Payson, Utah USA. Liberty will be closing out the remaining offshore models during the 2012-2014 years as we make the transition back to the USA.

  • Our story began in 1988 building 6 safes a day in 3 rental storage units. No joke! 
  • 24 years later, Liberty now produces as many as 500 safes a day on a 23-acre, 205,000 Sq. Ft. production & distribution facility located in Payson, Utah.
  • Liberty Safe has recently invested in a $10 million dollar high-end production line to bring the production of all entry-level safes back to the United States.
  • Last year alone, Liberty BUILT & SOLD more than 125,000 gun safes, doubling our nearest competitor.
  • As of 2013, after 25 years of selling safes, we will have sold more than 1.5 MILLION SAFES!

Click here to read more on the history of Liberty Safes


Michael C writes:

"Ladies and Gentlemen of Liberty Safes,

I would like to thank you for making your safes in the United States. Recently, I was interested in buying a safe and in the end it came down to where they were made. You had the needed criteria in that department and for that we thank you for supporting America and American Jobs."

Michael C

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