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Liberty's imported PREMIUM LX HOME SAFES are the top selling home safes with higher security and fire protection along with contemporary styling to fit in any home or office environment. Engineered by Liberty, all Premium Home safes are built to Liberty's specifications--including 90 minutes of fire protection, thicker steel body, bigger bolts, UL Listing and other valuable amenities make these safes a great investment. S&G's UL Listed & EMP resistant electronic lock allows for easy and quick access and also protects against Electro-Magnetic Pulses (EMP) for extra protection. These home security safes have a 180° door opening, making access to valuables easy. 

Lifetime Warranty 

PRICE: Starting at $899
Payments starting as low as $20.45 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! OAC

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Premium Home Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 539 customers ratings and reviews

Liberty model RX-12 small office safe
written by Annie's mom on February 21, 2018
I LOVED LOVED LOVED this safe.It was small enough to fit in my home office. Felt very confident with the safety of my smaller handguns stored inside. Also very happy with the battery operated torch keypad for the combination, could remove battery easily to prevent unwanted fingers getting inside. Very well pleased with ease of shelf configuration. This safe had so many wonderful features. Even had a fire resistant storage pouch on bottom inside door. The safe had it all. Everything I was looking for. The people at Borders Sporting Goods; (outside of Ashland,Ky). we're so helpful,and knowledgeable. Would send anyone there and feel they would be well treated. Unfortunately, my safe did not survive a house fire. When the insurance adjuster finally allowed us on site ,there was nothing left ;but a charred metal box. The dial had melted, everything inside was destroyed. Not because of any problems with the safe; I totally place all blame on insurance people, they would not allow us on our own property for 3 days. I would buy another liberty safe again and again. They are a wonderful beautiful addition to any homeowner who is serious about safely keeping your guns out of the wrong hands. Have not seen a better safe on the market,anywhere.

First time safe owner
written by CB on February 20, 2018
I look forward to having this safe in our home so we can keep valuables at home instead of the bank box. It makes me feel more secure.

Fantastic AMERICAN MADE product
written by Karen on February 19, 2018
We really enjoy the Liberty safe we purchased. I love knowing it is fire safe and have piece of mind knowing how difficult it would be for someone to break into. We really love that it is MADE IN AMERICA!! The quality of the craftsmanship is great and it has plenty of room to hold everything we want to put in it. The delivery and set up was a breeze. I would highly recommend this safe.

Safe at Home
written by Teresa on February 15, 2018
Excellent safe for our home. We like the space it offers, the adjustable shelves, electrical function, lighting, and jewelry drawers.

Should Have A Safe
written by Liberty Valance on February 12, 2018
One never knows when a thief will enter your home. If your valuables are unprotected you will always regret not having a safe. We looked at safes at Sams Club, but would have had a difficult time getting it to my home. Thus, the necessity of going to a retail store with a good inventory and one that delivers. We were influenced by radio ads to purchase a Liberty safe. We know we made the right decision.

I feel safer now
written by Missouri Democrat on February 6, 2018
I have been considering buying a safe for years and finally did. I worry about home invasions etc. This safe is perfect in size and appears to be up to any situations of ill doing. It is very well made and the company stands by their products. A friend recommended this product and he has three of them. I was also pleased with the store who sold and installed it for me. I feel really good about this. And, I am a liberal politically!

written by Brian McInns on February 5, 2018

I finally feel like a grown up
written by Jami Dawn on February 2, 2018
This is my first safe, although my husband has one at a second home we have. I have always felt at risk regarding valuables & keepsakes - vulnerable to fire and burglary. A diamond necklace disappeared while i was traveling a few months ago, and we realized we need to up our security game. I suggested a safe as part of moving into a new home. I wish i had done this 25 years ago.

The reasons are:
1. Peace of mind
2. Peace of mind
3. Peace of mind
4. Lifetime warranty for the safe (the safe lifetime, vs my own)
5. Perfect size
6. Perfect service

S&G security
written by S&G on February 1, 2018
too soon

LOVE my Liberty Safe!!
written by Sandy Borstad on February 1, 2018
We are so thankful for the strength of the Liberty product! I can now leave my home office with confidence.

written by Midwest Mark on February 1, 2018
I have not had this long enough to speak to longevity but it is one solid safe and I am much more comfortable that valuables are protected.

written by satisfied customer on January 31, 2018

A safe bet
written by Julian on January 27, 2018
We use to keep our valuables in a safety deposit box at our financial institution. However we were not completely at ease with this arrangement. We now feel a lot more confident that our valuables will be reasonably safe.

written by Hairbag on January 26, 2018

Great Product & Great Service
written by Jesse James on January 24, 2018
The delivery by NW Safes in Enumclaw, WA was timely, the staff was profession, personable and did a great job of cleaning up. The life time warranty provided by Liberty Safes was a big factor in my purchase.

Very nice product
written by Ricky D on January 24, 2018

Excellent home safe
written by Anonymous on January 17, 2018

Excellent Quality & Professional Delivery
written by B Reed on January 15, 2018
Delivery team was right on time. Very friendly. Used sliders so there was no damage to my property or floors. Made sure that the safe was level before bolting it down. Took the time to show me how to use it. Reminded me of features of inner pockets. Showed me how to change the code and the battery. Encouraged me to register online as soon as possible. Nothing was left undone! Excellent service! Excellent safe!

Liberty Safes Are the Only Way to Go!
written by karonlm on January 14, 2018
After researching the various safes available, I decided on Liberty, because it seemed clear to me from all my research at they offer the best quality in terms of their products, warranties, and service after the sale. I was also extremely pleased with the whole purchase and delivery process while working with a local Liberty dealer!

Buy these safes!
written by Rick W on January 13, 2018
Great quality. Excellent warranty. Very happy with my purchase!

written by Crawfish on January 10, 2018

written by Mark on January 10, 2018

Bought the RX12 home premium safe. This safe fits my needs. A-
written by Ray on January 9, 2018
Bought the RX12 home premium safe. This safe fits my needs. A-1 locksmith was good to work with. Delivery and install was efficient and prompt. Installers were courtesy. Safe is exactly what I scratches, squeaks or rattles...Lock works exactly as advertised. Safe seems very well built and is solid.

First Safe
written by SAFE#1 on January 9, 2018
I bought my first safe from Liberty Safe of Sacramento. This was my first safe purchase. Reason I needed a safe was for storing of important documents, various collections, and a small fire arm. I visited the store two times and both times was greeted and helped quickly by someone who knew what he was talking about. The delivery and install was performed by Liberty Safe of Sacramento by a very capable, professional individual who was very courteous throughout the install process.

My wife and I are very happy with our purchase and would recommend a Liberty Safe for anyone looking for their first or someone that is looking to upgrade their safe. The product is top notch. Exactly what you would expect a safe to look, feel and sound like. Sounds odd but a good safe sounds secure when you shut it.

Finally, the safes are made in the USA. Don't go cheap and buy something that's made anywhere else. Always do your part and buy American!

Just what I was looking for
written by Yaz Zrgyczy on January 8, 2018
This seems to be very well-made and has the exact features and size I was looking for.

written by Monica on January 8, 2018

written by BB on January 8, 2018

Premium Home Safe is awesome
written by NorthshoreGuy on January 4, 2018
Purchased this safe to consolidate several smaller safes. The 12 size is perfect from most homes. The premium has beautiful interior lining. Lover the lighted lock. Seems like very high quality.

Lifetime Warranty
written by Ashley on January 3, 2018
After researching safes, Liberty far outweighed any other brand. You get what you pay for!!

written by Larry on January 1, 2018

Liberty Safes ROCK!!
written by Lola, Davis CA on December 30, 2017
Liberty Safes ROCK! Their Safes are quality made, thier service was professional with no pressure to buy, and the deliverymen were pleasant, patient, seasoned and trained. I would definitely recommend Liberty Safes to all friends and family members.

written by Alex on December 29, 2017
Great product and service

Finally got it!
written by KC on December 27, 2017

written by Waylon on December 25, 2017
The best safe you can buy!

one of the easiest purchases I have made
written by SteveL on December 22, 2017
I knew very little about safes, looked on line A1 Locksmiths had great reviews, the store manager was extremely helpful and took the time to explain things with no pressure.the Price was very good and the delivery and install excellent. Safe and instructions work well. Installers were fast and very polite and left the floor clean after the drilling to bolt it down.

written by curtis735 on December 22, 2017
Well we love the safe but we only had it for a little while but as of now me and my wife love the safe.

Zeroturn/country living
written by Ken T. on December 21, 2017
I own two Liberty safes now, My gun safe which is a Liberty Timber Ridge 23 and my recent purchase of Liberty LX12 Home safe. I can't say enough about how great these safes are! From the time of purchase, delivery and use, everything has been excellent! I looked at several other safes before buying either of these Liberty safes. Yes, I could have gotten a couple other well known brands for less money, but the quality and protection i wanted just wasn't there. As they say, you get what you pay for!

Superb safe!
written by ned on December 20, 2017
Excellent safe, very happy with the construction. Shopping experience was excellent.

written by OLDSALT on December 19, 2017

High Quality Home Safe
written by E Walters on December 19, 2017
I purchased this safe from the research I did on the different brands of safes. Although this one is a bit more in price, the protection it provides is many times more that the other safe companies. It was delivered on time, installed professionally and they provided hands on demonstration of all aspects of the safe. I would recommend this safe to anyone!

written by Gene B. on December 19, 2017

Premium Home 17
written by Stephen on December 18, 2017
Nice safe, easy to use key pad and adjustable shelves. Wish this line of safe came in white and was just a little bit wider. Biggest HOME safe they sell.

New Safe Owner
written by Bob R on December 18, 2017
Product look good, finish is great, size is perfect for our needs. Easy to order, have installed, and also easy to operate.

written by Jay Pea on December 18, 2017
Buying a safe is like buying your first motorhome. The small one is nice to start with, then the larger one is a good idea.

Smart buyer
written by No on December 15, 2017
No thanks

LX-Premium Home Safes
written by Roxanne on December 12, 2017
We own both the LX-12 & LX-17 Premium Home Safes. The LX-12 holds family valuables, documents, etc., with room to spare. A very important feature to consider when purchasing a safe. The LX-17 holds all the handguns & ammo. Since we don't own rifles the LX-12 & 17 Premium Home Safes were the perfect choice for our needs & gun safety. Very satisfied with both safes.

Excellent Product!!!
written by William Thomas on December 12, 2017
Beautiful, excellent and reliable safe! Worth the money for peace of mind!

written by Heather Tung on December 8, 2017

Great Safe
written by Happy Patriot! on December 6, 2017
I am very pleased with my purchase decision. I would recommend the Liberty Safe to anyone looking for a secure and functional safe.

Premium Home Safe 12
written by Eric on December 2, 2017
The premium home safe is a very nice safe for the money. It fits great in my condo. It is just what I was looking for. Thanks Liberty Safe of Oregon

Great safe
written by Jen on November 25, 2017
Nice size safe for either small business or home, good fire rating, easy to operate. I am impressed with the quality of Liberty Safes and with their prices

written by c Myers on November 25, 2017

Affordable Quality Safe
written by Steve on November 25, 2017

Happy Liberty safe owner
written by William Pitts on November 24, 2017
I brought and love my new LX12 safe it is the first one I have own. I will be buying a bigger one for my long guns in the near future. This is a great safe that fits my person needs at this time. You can feel the quality and the security that this safe and the company's reputation was built on. I am very happy and pleased with my purchase of this safe.

Great Safe
written by Satisfied Customer on November 22, 2017
Perfect safe at the right price for our home use. Liberty quality is evident in the fit and finish. Dealer was easy to deal with, helpful, informed and arranged delivery and installation. Couldn't be happier.

it was ALL 1st class
written by andy on November 20, 2017

Did What They Said
written by GaryKD on November 14, 2017
Everything about the purchase process and safe happened just as the dealer said it would. They did what they promised.

great safe
written by CS on November 14, 2017
great product and great value

Quality Product
written by Trevis on November 14, 2017
The Liberty safe I purchase was a great addition to my home. We purchased this safe mainly for personal items and a small hand gun or 2. The quality is great, along with the ease of entering and exiting. We purchased in from Mike Wards Liberty safe in Baton Rouge, La.. I would recommend anyone that is looking for a safe to give them a try. They are very knowledgeable about the products they sell. Their delivery was a little behind from the time I ordered it to the time I received it, but the professionalism and quickness of the delivery guys made up for the wait.

Second Liberty Safe
written by William Penn on November 9, 2017
Safe is fine, though I was surprised to see the "Made in China" label on the door. You ought to be building them in the USA.

written by Ranger on November 8, 2017
The safe we chose is perfect for storing other than long firearms,. It holds everything we need to have protected. The dealer was very helpful, and the delivery service was prompt, knowledgeable and helpful in setting up the safe, as well as instructing us in its use. A very pleasant experience.

Home Safe
written by EJD on November 7, 2017
This is the perfect size safe for my purpose. I like the 90 minute fire rating and the overall look of the safe. It should serve my needs.

Home Safe.
written by Deb. on November 6, 2017
Great service; quick delivery; very courteous.

written by Terpdoc on November 5, 2017

Great customer service
written by Satisfied Customer. Customer for life. on October 31, 2017
Sales person very knowledgeable. No pressure tactics. Easy to talk too.

written by Happy Customer on October 27, 2017

home safe
written by mike on October 27, 2017
great product highly recommend

A wise investment!
written by Will on October 25, 2017
The safe we purchased is easy to operate. The lock opens quickly. It is sturdy and a good size for our needs. While we hope we do not need to take advantage of the warranty, the fire rating and security features were a big factor in our decision to choose a Liberty safe.

Affordable Peace of Mind
written by Kathleen Randall-Day on October 25, 2017
I might be old, but I'm not stupid. As a senior citizen female, I wanted to take responsible control over my own belongings ... handguns, jewlery, important papers, etc. Once I started researching safes, I realized the price wasn't beyond my reach and that I was able to afford a quality safe, a Liberty Safe. Using the local Liberty Safe distributor, I also had a peace of mind that only bonded and trusted deliverers would be placing the safe at my residence. Oh, two turning points to my purchase: 1) outstanding workmanship and quality of the 90 minute fire safety safe, and 2) the lifetime warranty. Needless to say, I'm very pleased with my purchase and proud of myself for taking a proactive approach to securing my hard-worked-for belongings.

Safe & Secure in 2017
written by Don on October 22, 2017

Love my new safe
written by Tim Cashion on October 16, 2017
First class workmanship and service all the way!

written by Stan Hurley on October 11, 2017
Excellent value for the safety and security of valuables. Good size for the amount needed to store.

Love it!
written by JR on October 7, 2017
Love my new safe - Just had it installed and now can keep all of my items organized and accessible! Easy to lock and unlock - great product!

Solid Safe
written by lucky on October 5, 2017
the products seems good but i need to have it for a while to test it.

Fast Install, great easy to use safe
written by Bob on October 4, 2017

written by new safe owner, J on September 29, 2017
Great Safe, nice amount of room. I have a better since of security now. Thank you all for your professionalism. I wish I had been able to buy a safe years ago.

exelent product
written by aggie on September 28, 2017
im happy

written by Happy buyer on September 26, 2017

written by SSW on September 19, 2017

written by ALBA'S HAPPINESS!! on September 19, 2017

Liberty 12 Premium Safe
written by Ace Gearhardt on September 19, 2017
Very well made and high temperature threshold. Safe tracking system and a warning mechanism (like call your cell phone) if the safe is tipped, or if the temperature elevates above a certain level would be a nice improvement. The Dungarees store in St. Charles, MO does a nice job with your safes.

written by Rojas Family safe on September 18, 2017
I cant open the safe after one month there is something wrong with the battery system

written by Alexandra Mangos on September 9, 2017

written by JuliaC on September 8, 2017

written by Smarter this time on September 8, 2017
This safe is strong. No way is some crazy going to try to get into this safe. LET THEM TRY AND CARRY THIS ONE OFF!!! HA HA

written by Dorothy on September 4, 2017

LX12 Home Safe
written by Scott on September 3, 2017
Definitely recommend this product for first time safe buyers. Safe was easy to setup and space was more than I anticipated from the smaller showroom model. Retailer talked me up a size and was a great suggestion as we will have more room to grow into this safe over time. Only issue during installation was shelves were not fully trimmed out along the front edge but is a detail I can overlook given the great condition of the interior/exterior. I evaluated several safe brands and glad I landed with a liberty safe based on family suggestion. Great safe for the price and highly recommend.

True protection of physical home
written by Mustang Sally Zinger on September 1, 2017
The LX12 is substantial in size, to protect your papers, coins, jewelry, and fire arms, and more. The warranty is for a lifetime, protecting the contents, even if you have a break-in and your safe is damaged...,the contents will remain safe. And Liberty will replace your Safe with a new one, for free. Confidence. Go on vacation and set your worries aside. Added bonus was the delivery guys who sets you up. They were great, and explains all that you need to know about your new safe. Liberty is the BEST!

Not Just Guns
written by NC Nonna on August 30, 2017
I'm not a gun owner, but I have just enough fine jewelry, watches, and legal documents to make having a GOOD safe worth the money to install a Liberty safe in my home. It gives me a sense of security to leave home knowing my important documents and valuables are protected from burglary and fire.
Also, changing the factory set combination was easy!
I look forward to many years of protection AND handing this safe down to my children one day.

written by Bob on August 28, 2017

written by bob on August 27, 2017

written by j on August 25, 2017

Great Purchase
written by BB-LA on August 25, 2017

The PERFECT Closet Safe!
written by CA GUY! on August 25, 2017
Store your valuables and a few handguns with piece of mind. This HEAVY little closet safe does it all!

written by Gary on August 23, 2017

Great security and protection
written by Jan on August 23, 2017
The sales representatives were very helpful and professional. This safe is very secure with great fire protection rating at a reasonable price.

Great Home Safe
written by Dale Cooper on August 23, 2017
I purchased the Liberty Home 12 to protect valuables and documents from fire and theft. Great product and service.

Best Bang for the buck.
written by Frank T on August 22, 2017
This Liberty Premium 17 was just perfect for my needs. Not to large good fire rating, and prefer keypad to dial.All considered I am happy with my purchase.

Safe means never having to say you're sorry!
written by Jerry on August 19, 2017
I think this Liberty LX-12 is perfect for my home business and my personal articles of value.
It gives me comfort to know that this safe is fire rated and cannot easily be broken into.
A lifetime warranty is also a big selling point. I plan to have my children remove the safe and take it one day!

Good safe
written by safePal on August 15, 2017
The safe is very nicely built and looks great. Would have given 5 stars if it is made in USA.

written by Tony on August 14, 2017

Great Safe at Great price.
written by sgtmarc on August 13, 2017
We were looking for a good fire resistant document and small valuable safe. Through many friends we were told Liberty Safes were the best safes on the market with an exceptional customer service and Warranty. We settled on the LX05 Safe and picked it up at our Liberty Dealer in Hubbard, Oregon. Kurt and his son were exceptionally friendly and very knowledgeable. It was good experience and I would recommend them to anyone in Oregon looking to purchase a Liberty Safe. When we returned home I installed the Safe in the garage with the Concrete Red Heads provided by Kurt. The whole Job took me less than 15 minutes. Again Great safe and Great Price!l

Great Compact Safe
written by The Millsers on August 12, 2017
This safe is a great size for small valuables, limited firearms, and limited storage space. It's not a safe for everyone but if you're tight on space this is perfect.

Secure Feeling
written by Peebles on August 11, 2017
After purchasing our Premium LX17 home safe, I can truly say I feel secure for the first time in years. My important financial documents are safe as well as my jewelry, the cash we keep on hand, and our extra handguns and ammo. The safe is impressive in design and functionality. The reputation of the company also played a large part in our decision to purchase a Liberty safe. We are 100% satisfied with our purchase. Thank you, Liberty!!

A great safe at a great price.
written by JS on August 9, 2017
This is my first safe and I love it. Their retailer in Hollywood Florida was truly amazing. They made me feel comfortable and delivered it quickly and on time. They stayed with me to go over the safe and even showed me how it works with the storage and setting my code.

Great helpful staff. Knowledgeable too
written by Me Kurt on August 4, 2017
Love my safe Don't have to bend down to open plus electronic key pad to open Very Easy. Love love love it!!

Very Satisfied
written by Happy in West Sacramento on August 2, 2017
After only 2 weeks, so far, so good. Modifying the combination codes was very easy. Salesman was right when he said that once you have it, you find more and more things you want to keep in it! Plan to add a cheap battery-powered motion-detecting LED light for the interior.

First time safe owner.
written by CPT Jack on August 1, 2017
Too early to make an informed review.

Great Home Safe
written by Bob and Sal on July 31, 2017
With this Liberty Premium Home Safe, we feel our documents and firearms are protected.

Safe at home
written by Secure feeling on July 30, 2017
Makes us feel more secure when leaving home that our valuables and important papers are protected. it
Is the perfect size for our needs.

Vinson Guard Service company safe
written by Donald Coleman on July 28, 2017
I am pleased with the design, functionality, and purchasing experience so far

The Safe House, Nashville TN
written by JT Antioch on July 28, 2017
I'm very satisfied with my LX08 Liberty safe. The safe was reasonably priced and met my expectations, delivery & service was excellent

Excellent Safe
written by Larry L. on July 27, 2017
This is my first safe and I am amazed at the quality and size for a reasonable price.

Good Safe
written by Ms. Wilson on July 25, 2017
Liberty Safe has good reputation and is affordable. Wanted a safe made in the USA but this was made In China. That's my only disappointment.

new safe owner
written by melanie on July 20, 2017
I have wanted to get a safe for many years, I finally was able to get one. A friend recommended this particular seller to me, went to the seller and chose the one I wanted, they deliver for a small fee which was a plus because I would not have been able to get it in my home, it was well worth it, the safe is solid, has plenty of room in it. I mostly bought it for keeping documents, old family photos etc.. The safe is very easy to operate. I am so very happy I finally was able to get one!

written by Singh on July 20, 2017

LX-12 Premium Home Safe
written by Roxanne on July 16, 2017
We bought the LX-12 Premium Home Safe to secure handguns, ammunitions & family jewelry. The size, style & fire rating was what we were looking for in a safe. It opens and closes with ease, a very important factor for me. We now have peace of mind knowing the guns are safely locked away.
It is important to take inventory of your valuables prior to purchase to make sure you are buying the correct size safe with room to spare. The LX-12 was a perfect fit for us.

Great Service!
written by Dave on July 10, 2017

Great Home Protection
written by Steve on July 8, 2017
The Premium 17 is the perfect size for all of our needs. The adjustable shelves are great and accommodate many of the things that we wish to keep in a safe.

Home Safe
written by RJA on July 7, 2017
So great safe. Very well made and perfect size for needs

Premium Series Safe
written by BGP on July 6, 2017
Excellent sales and installation. Owner and family could not have been more informative, helpful, and professional throughout the entire procedure.

Happy Safe Owner in Green Valley
written by Marvin Middleclass on July 4, 2017
Lock and Safe provided professional explanations of their products, delivery and installation and help available after installation. Delivery and installation was flawless.

Volkmann Review
written by Laurie on July 1, 2017

A weight has been lifted
written by Signal6271 on July 1, 2017
I am sure not happy to have to buy safe, I am quite sure no one is. Meaning it is shame we need to go to these measures to protect what is ours. What we have worked for in our lives of laboring, literally back breaking, traffic commuting daily. I feel better now with this Liberty Safe to store my property. Hopefully when I leave my home on either daily commutes or short getaways I will find that if my home has unfortunately been victim to some drugged out thief looking for an easy score. They will not be able to penetrate the safe. They can take the TV and the minor items left out in the open and be on their way. I feel a little better knowing that I have done what I can to protect my property through the purchase of this Liberty Safe. And If I am at home when they try to break in, God be with them.

Great Customer service
written by Yorba Linda on July 1, 2017

Liberty Premium 5
written by Ocala Native on June 23, 2017
We were able to view the safe in the store and could see the quality of the Liberty safe before purchasing, which was a must for us. In comparison to other safes we viewed, the Liberty safe was by far the best constructed and offered the door seal, construction materials and the best warranty. The delivery team was professional and courteous and made sure we understood how to open and close the safe before they left.

Liberty Safe
written by Doctor JAR on June 22, 2017
The warranty is great and there are many sizes to choose for

Premium Home series safe owner
written by Helix1 on June 21, 2017
I would buy from Liberty again
very nice products

Great safe!
written by musicman on June 19, 2017
Great quality safe! Appears to be very well built. I have no problems and would highly recommend to a friend.

Very Good Safe for the price
written by None on June 18, 2017
The safe seems to very well made, and is a good value for the price.

Cathey Premium LX 17
written by mccgilbert on June 13, 2017

Great safe.
written by Happy customer on June 13, 2017
Great safe. Now we know that all of our important paperwork, jewelry and guns are safe.

Liberty Premium Home 8
written by Steve on June 12, 2017
The safe is a heavy duty product that sells itself just on reputation and quality alone. This is a smaller safe that works well as a nightstand in the bedroom with ease of access where as my large safe is in another area that is not as easy to get to if the need arises.

good safe
written by Gerald on June 10, 2017
it is too soon to judge

love this product
written by M. Peterson on June 7, 2017
This safe has a great interior with a cool pocket. It has shelves that are easily adjustable. Amazing quality, great warranty, and fits beautifully in a closet with sliding doors. If you have rifles, other safes might be better suited to you, but this one is perfect for me!

Is it the LX17 or the H17?
written by Robert Weissman on May 29, 2017
Very good quality for the price

Ammo safe
written by Craig on May 26, 2017
Nice looking and functional to keep ammo secure and safe during fire.

Best safe owner
written by Hemant Shah on May 26, 2017
Hope it will not gave to prove itself.

Confident that it will pass all tests by any body.


written by Karl on May 23, 2017
When looking for a safe I wanted something that was secure, safe, and not "obnoxious." This Liberty safe fit the bill! The sales personnel were very knowledgeable and worked to get my safe delivered in a quick and expeditious manner. I love my new safe!

Good value
written by Mike on May 19, 2017
We were pleased with our Lincoln safe. Also the delivery was very professional.

Premium 17 Safe
written by M25-LibertySafe on May 18, 2017
I just purchased and installed the premium 17 safe from Liberty Safes. From the initial look on construction, it seems well made and things fit well together. The only reason I have not given it 5 stars is because I haven't gotten any use on the safe (keypad, handle, etc) over time. A long time of use will determine how well the safe holds up.

written by JDawg on May 15, 2017
Love love love my new safe. Quality, durability, and reliability. I love liberty safe!

Spacious Secure Container
written by Kevin M. on May 12, 2017
I need a lot of room for my coin collection and this safe offers me plenty of interior space.

written by Paula on May 11, 2017

Good quality
written by Lively Sam on May 10, 2017
Adequate safe for fire protection. Simple to use. No obtrusive center permanent divider. Irritating door squeak. Will await arrival of Houdini lubricant to solve issue.

Great product
written by Ron K on May 9, 2017
I would certainly recommend this product to others for business and home.

The LX08
written by T on May 5, 2017
We are very satisfied with the craftsmanship and finish of our safe. We are confident in its capability to protect our treasures. The instructions for set-up and operation are thorough and easily followed, the operation simple.

Liberty home safe 12
written by New Premium Home Safe 12 owner on May 4, 2017
Just bought this safe so far so good. I like that it has a false bottom and adjustable shelves. Dealer also gave me 2 of the LED lights for free and it really does well in the safe it seems. No issues with the safe so far like the 90 minute fire rating wish it was made in America but I knew before I bought it the safe was not so I will not complain about it. If you are looking for a nice safe this one is worth considering.

Safety Deposit Box Replacement
written by Merbs Gumford on April 27, 2017
Great size for the location intended.

Premium LX17
written by Merbs Gumford on April 27, 2017
New Model with Fire Protection compared to 'Ammo Can'

Top of the Line
written by TruthBeTold on April 27, 2017
We are truly happy campers with our LH Model 12 safe. The quality is exceptional, the security is unquestionable, and the sales and service was the best from the time we first looked around the San Jose warehouse until the two delivery men completed their immaculate installation. Very impressive! So highly recommended that we have no interest or need to consider anyone other than Liberty when it comes to safes.

The perfect safe!
written by Mrs. Miller on April 24, 2017
Very heavy quality safe for home use. One hour fire safe. Almost impossible for the average thief to break into or remove. Gives me piece of mind.

written by Mr Whitman on April 24, 2017

written by Therese McHenry on April 23, 2017

great safe and A1 Safe was great
written by Happy safe owner on April 16, 2017
Easy experience- love my new safe

great safe and A1 Safe was great
written by Happy safe owner on April 16, 2017
Easy experience- love my new safe

Great Home Safe
written by Anonymous on April 9, 2017
I recommend this safe for smaller areas. It is secure and has a 90 minute fire rating.

written by BARBARA S on April 6, 2017

Very Impressed!
written by KL on April 6, 2017
We'd been thinking about getting a safe for awhile. I am very pleased with the quality of the product, as well as the warranty. We purchased our safe from Northwest Safes (Enumclaw, WA); best retailer ever, with top notch customer service!

More secure
written by Growing up on April 5, 2017
We chose this because of the 90 minute fire rating and sturdiness. We can now feel secure placing items in the safe that we would otherwise have to get a larger safe deposit box.

Not American
written by American on April 5, 2017
So far I like the safe. Heavy. seams very strong. Would have been much happier if it was made in America.

Fire Protection
written by Gary M on April 2, 2017
I bought this particular safe for th 90 minute fire protection. I thought that all Liberty safes were manufactured in the USA but this one was manufactured in China.

Safe was installed very well and bolted to the concrete. Disappointed that the doors squeaked very loudly (Chinese product?) and had to spray them with teflon but did not resolve the entire issue.

Great Safe and Service
written by Hank on March 29, 2017
The safes person, Karen, was great. Very knowledgeable and professional. Answered all our questions. Give us sound advice.
The delivery team (Gary and Kalen) were on time, and very professional.
We are very happy with our Liberty Safe.

Excellent Quality
written by Steve on March 20, 2017
Extremely well made!
Quality at each step of manufacturing
Great paint
Great locking
Plenty of room

Quality built
written by Capo on March 17, 2017
My purchase was for the Premium Home 12 (China) and while I wish that it was made in the USA, I am still very impressed with the quality and build of this safe. It might not be a full sized safe but it is certainly not to be messed with and I am confident that I made the right choice considering my space limitations. If you are looking for a safe that easily fits inside a closet but is still a beast that offers a ton of protection from fire and theft I would suggest that you take a look at this safe. The free delivery to my door was amazing and within a few minutes I was able to dolly this safe to its new home. I could not be happier that I chose to go with Liberty.

Excellent Product
written by John Smith Jr on March 16, 2017

First Real Safe
written by RF Man on March 13, 2017
I am impressed with this safe. Hopefully it won't have to be put to the test :)

You have a good safe
written by Jeetu on March 11, 2017

First time buyer
written by CAC on March 8, 2017
We have numerous certified vital records for our families and our ancestors for genealogy purposes. There is, of course, the need to protect any number of other valuable documents, property deeds, insurance policies, etc.. Fire and/or natural disaster could destroy some irreplaceable property. As described by literature and by the knowledgeable salesperson, the LX08 fits perfectly into our needs. The lifetime warranty is certainly a major factor. Sales and delivery by the Mahoney's employees was exceptional.

written by Bunnara on March 8, 2017

Excellent quality
written by GMT on March 7, 2017
Based on the recommendation of my friends , I bought the Liberty safe and am very happy with the purchase.

written by S.Mitchell on March 6, 2017

Perfect Fit
written by L-Dog on March 6, 2017
I love this safe, especially the smart lock technology.

If you are looking for a safe Liberty Safe is the one.
written by Mark Safe on March 4, 2017
I think the construction is excellent.
Also great fire protection.
They have great selection of sizes, colors and finishes.

written by Woodman on March 2, 2017

Keep our jobs in America FOR Americans!!!!!
written by Oscar on February 28, 2017
Excellent, but please manufacture all your safes in the USA !! Help our country by providing jobs to Americans NOT Chinaman!!!!!

written by Ray on February 25, 2017

Liberty Executive Office Safe - RX12
written by Lawrence Saber on February 23, 2017
Very nice safe. Has the necessary capacity for irreplaceable items. I just wish it was made in the USA, not China.

Very secure safe
written by Smart Shopper on February 22, 2017
After doing research on Youtube and online, Liberty safes were definately one of the best. I did'nt find one video on anyone who could break into one. I even saw a video of someone shooting several guns at the safe one being an assault rifle with a bullet five or six inches long. The safe remained locked, safe and secure the whole time. The dealer where I purchased my safe had a large safe in their showroom from a customer who had a burglary in their home. The safe looked like they tried to break in with an axe and sledge hammer, it was all banged up but they never got in. Keep in mind when purchasing a safe how it is constructed. How the door is constructed, the thickness ( gauge ) of the steel they used on the door, and on all sides of the safe obviously the thicker the better. How heavy is the door when you swing it open and closed? How many locking bolts are around the door, you want a lot. How the inside frame of the safe is constructed, you want thick gauge steel around the inside frame of the safe where the door closes. Very important, check the door gap around the door when it is closed. You want as little as possible, not all safes are made the same is my point. Do your research, buy a safe from a safe dealer, ask a lot of questions.
There are safe stores in every city, do a search. A good secure safe is gonna cost a little money, what's the sense of buying a safe for a couple hundred dollars only to find out someone broke into it in less than two minutes.

written by Ashley Y. on February 21, 2017

Great Safe
written by Bern on February 21, 2017
Great Safe for the money.

written by Bob L. on February 17, 2017
I personally do not think you can buy a better safe. The quality and security of Liberty Safes is outstanding. This is our second safe and the sales staff and delivery folks were outstanding.

Bob L. Dickinson, Tx

written by M on February 14, 2017

written by Ricky V on February 14, 2017

written by Don on February 8, 2017
Its exactly what I was looking for

Beautiful look.
written by Terry on February 8, 2017
Just received the safe. Can't really give it a proper review. It looks great. Plenty of room inside for the Home Pro 12. If it can hold up to somebody breaking into it it will definitely work for me.

Great Safe Priced Right
written by Silver Fox on February 4, 2017
Very pleased with the safe the size is perfect for our needs, it was priced right, purchased the LX12 model and paid the additional cost for the special door panel. Only thing I would like to have option for iinternal safe on the bottom to store valuables.

written by Michael G. on February 4, 2017
Just received the safe, so at this time in my purchase I am very happy with the what I have seen of the product, the service of the people that helped me make my decision.

The Liberty LX-12
written by Smith on February 3, 2017
This is my second safe and it really is a great safe. I primarily collect and shoot hand guns. I have one custom AR-15 and the LX-12 fits all my handguns, ammo and my AR-15. It is not a dinosaur of a safe that stands out and invites inquiring minds to guess what is in it. It is easy to place in a closet or out of sight. A very well built safe with a great warranty.

Steve's Safe Warranty
written by Steve Workman on January 31, 2017

written by Chuck on January 30, 2017

Excellent Safe
written by Glennp on January 30, 2017
Very glad we bought the Liberty safe. Excellent product...excellent service!

Great Safe
written by Uncle Tudd on January 27, 2017
It's a great safe but it would be even better if it were made in the U.S.A.!
The only trouble I had with the safe was getting the shelf support clips to stay in the holes. They kept flying out because of spring action.

Excellent Product
written by Terry M on January 27, 2017
I purchased this safe at Liberty Safes of Oregon. The product is excellent, as is the seller.

Safety our main concern.
written by G. Habisreitinger on January 25, 2017
We were most please with our purchase of our new Liberty Safe. We are most impressed with the record of withstanding a fire and the contents being safe after the fact.

written by Ricardo Horvilleur on January 25, 2017

Above Expectations
written by Chris- on January 24, 2017
The Premium home safe was more than I expected. The interior is larger and the door accessory liner is perfect for my needs. I can keep all of my extremely important documents in the safe, 2 of my "go-to" conceal carry pistols with extra mags, and still have room in the safe for extra ammo, jewelry, and valuable electronics. Just wish it came in more colors...

written by G. Blanton, Colleyville, TX on January 23, 2017

Excellent safe for the price
written by Healinghands on January 22, 2017
This 8 cubic foot model with the premium upgrade for extra fire protection is a wonderful safe for the price. I am very pleased with its quality construction; solid locking door and smooth feel to the locking mechanism. I feel good knowing that it will protect my valuables and papers from robbery and fire. it is great to have my own safe and not have to rely on a safety deposit box at a bank; which can I access at anytime. Thank you Liberty for making such a quality product!

Perfect safe
written by Dave on January 20, 2017
I like Liberty safe because they have excellent customer support.
My safe is perfect size/accessories safe. You can't go wrong with any Liberty saves!!!

A Safe Buy
written by Dennis 48 on January 20, 2017
90 minutes fire rating is awesome.

Protection at its best
written by Nick smythe on January 19, 2017
I was told by a friend that i needed to go check out a local dealer of liberty safes. As soon as hot there i fell in love with the Quality and aesthetic pleasing safes that they had on display. At that point I looked into the premium Home safes because of the reasons that I needed a safe at home. The RX ? 12 was the one for me and I promptly paid for it and had it delivered in two days. The safe is top-notch quality as well as very well constructed. Thank you liberty for making very good products. Keep up the good work!

Andrea's Liberty Safe review
written by Andrea on January 18, 2017
Had a very good shopping experience at "Mike Wards Liberty Safes" showroom. Very knowledgable sales rep.

Get a safe!
written by Sad Dad on January 18, 2017
Sadly we purchased our Home Safe after we were robbed. We lived in the same home for thirty years and never had any problems. Then one day I came home from work and the back door was kicked in. All of my wife's jewelry was gone. Sickening! We got a check from our insurance company but it hardly cover more than a portion of the value and emotional loss of losing family and personal pieces. Shame on me for not protecting our belongings with a Home Safe. Pick a safe that fits your needs and get it installed asap!

Excellent & Excellent service
written by S.O.F. on January 2, 2017
I purchased a premium home 12 safe. It is everything I expected. Excellent product & delivery was white glove, very professional & friendly. This is an excellent product for the money.

written by m on January 2, 2017

Perfect for home office or closet
written by Booyaa on December 31, 2016
Upgraded to the D-Lock, easy to install and fits perfect in a home closet. I bought the battery operated lights and I would probably pay for the additional upgrade for electrical but, it's really not needed. The jewelry drawers are a nice addition as well. Overall very pleased with the fit, finish, accessories and capacity of this safe. Easy to secure to the floor and plenty of storage for the basics...

Great Safe for Home Security
written by RC67 on December 29, 2016
The right size for our home security needs related to a Safe. Quality build, great fire rating for the size and weight of the safe. USA!!!

Peace of mind with quality
written by keywest on December 15, 2016
The quality of the Liberty product is far and above the best I found in my extensive search. This is a product you know will protect you assets and at the same time works perfectly. The quality of the product is also matched by the dealer training for installation and training the owner for operation.

written by A. Boudy on December 12, 2016
I will write a review after I have had time to become acquainted with the safe and its features..

Day #1 review. Check back in about a year.
written by DickieDo on November 28, 2016
Send me a email in about a year and I will be happy to give you my review.

written by Cliff on November 27, 2016
This safe is the perfect size and is very easy to operate. The electronic lock opens quickly and the door is sturdy but not heavy to operate. I previously owned a smaller Liberty safe but outgrew that one so I decided to get a larger one when we moved. I have not been disappointed.

Very Pleased with Purchase
written by Trewe on November 21, 2016
This is the epitome of a good safe. It meets all my needs, and it's beautiful.

Awesome safes.
written by Doua on November 19, 2016
Good customer service, fair prices, and high in quality and quantity. Also free refreshments.

Home Premium - LX12
written by Scott on November 18, 2016
Awesome safe. Very easy to use and looks great!

written by JCPACK on November 17, 2016

My Home Safe
written by Dennis on November 16, 2016
I am very satisfied and feel safer with this in my home

I need a safe
written by Dairy Farmer on November 16, 2016

Dr. John
written by Dr. John on November 14, 2016
Prefect for our home!

Strong and very secure vault
written by Paul on November 7, 2016
So far I am very satisfied with this Liberty LX12 vault. It feels like a tank and I feel that all my papers and valuable things are secure.
Thank you Liberty

written by Joe G. on November 6, 2016

Exactly what I was looking for
written by Sara Jean on November 5, 2016
I travel a lot and was looking to a safe to keep my gun, jewelry and important papers while I am away from my home. While I do have a security system I did not feel comfortable that it was all I needed. The safe I picked is the Home LX08 which has enough room for everything I need to keep safe while i'm away. It is the perfect size for all the items I was concerned about and has a 90 minute fire rating to boot. Great product.

written by jw on November 5, 2016

written by Glen on November 4, 2016

Excellent quality, great technical support when calling the 800
written by Visonictmack on November 3, 2016
The 90 minute fire rating was very important and the size of only being 24" X 24" X20" was a big plus. It fits very nicely into a closet!

Reliable Safe
written by Happily Secure on October 30, 2016
Excellent product. Reliable & Secure

Basic Home Safe
written by Kato on October 27, 2016
As for this model, I feel the bottom of the safe is vulnerable but should be adequate for most home safe purposes.

A Satisfied Woman Shopper
written by ME on October 26, 2016
The safe arrived on the day it was scheduled to arrive. It was the one I ordered. It looks substantial which is what I wanted. I am not a sportsman. I just needed a safe to put my valuables in. I had it bolted to the floor. It was very easy to program my new code into and to register my new safe.

great small safe
written by Rodger on October 25, 2016
Got this safe because it fit perfectly in my closet. They delivered it and secured to the floor in no time at all. Cleaned up and done. Very fast!

Very happy with my new Liberty Safe!
written by Satisfied customer on October 21, 2016
Outstanding product. First safe I've ever had and I'm sure it will last many years! Seamless delivery and set up with no issues whatsoever.

Liberty Safe LX08
written by Allen Mira on October 20, 2016
great safe!

written by OO on October 19, 2016

written by Ken P on October 16, 2016
I was looking for a safe that would hold two pistols and a .22 Cal. rifle, plus personal valuables In a reasonably compact space. The pure gun vaults were too tall, 60 inches. The perfect height for my needs was about 50 inches. This safe was a compromise of 40 inches. Good size to hold the valuables and the hand guns plus ammo. With the assistance of the dealer I was able to test if the .22 rifle would fit diagonally between the door and the shelves. Without its case, it fit perfectly. A good compromise between form and function. Had I not used a local dealer, I would never been able to confirm the fit.

Reason for the rating above is the overall fit and finish of the safe.

written by James Tucker on October 14, 2016

At last we feel SAFE...
written by karo98 on October 12, 2016
Great construction and durable product. Looking forward to getting all valuable in one place.

written by CHIP on October 11, 2016

Liberty Premium Safe
written by Jennifer on October 8, 2016
This is a nice size safe, delivery and set up was fast. We are very happy with the purchase.

Great product!
written by Matthew West on October 8, 2016
This safe is exactly what I was looking for. The color and size are great! So glad I purchased this!

Excellent auxillary safe
written by Alt-right_is_growing on October 7, 2016
Premium Home 12 - just big enough for an AR-15, light enough to move up stairs with a few buddies, and enough theft/fire resistance that it won't be inferior to the bigger safe I'll buy when I finally move from an apartment to a house.

Liberty Home Safe
written by H. Smith on October 1, 2016
The Liberty Home Safe has met my expectations. It will provide excellent security and safety for my handguns, ammo, important documents, etc. My wife and I are very satisfied with our purchase.

Quality Safe
written by DEM on September 29, 2016
This safe was made in the USA. Very good quality for the size, functionality and security. And to top it off, having a lifetime warranty. If you are looking for quality home floor safe, Liberty Safe would be a excellent choice.

Great safe
written by Steve Atlanta on September 29, 2016
Very good value and great security!

written by Paladin on September 25, 2016

written by Steve - Sacramento on September 24, 2016

Liberty Safe Made in USA
written by USA on September 24, 2016
The Liberty Safe I purchased was the right size and I like the fact I could secure all my valuable things,
The fact that it was made in the USA was an added bonus. Highly recommend Liberty SafesUS

Safe Purchase
written by baby jack on September 23, 2016
Safe was made well ,product good, price good, retailer had lots of safes to choose from.

Super Great
written by B68arrett on September 16, 2016

Feeling Secure
written by Glenda on September 16, 2016
When our new Liberty safe arrived, we were absolutely impressed with the quality of the safe. Now we feel much more secure that those items which we hold dear will be securely locked away in our Liberty safe.

Solid Investment
written by Michael on September 14, 2016
Well worth the investment!

Good Safe Good Service
written by CC on September 14, 2016
Have owned a Liberty Safe for over 20 years and the function has always been perfect. This new one is just as good.

Nice safe for home use
written by John M on September 12, 2016
Very nice safe and good size. I wish this one was made in the USA, but the price was good for this safe and other shortcomings would just raise the price into another level. Would buy this again and feel much better with my valuables. Buy bigger than you think you need. This is full, but the place I needed to have it had size limitations.
Liberty's Response:
Our home safes are imports but all our gun safes are made in the USA.

written by Henry F Kraft on September 12, 2016

written by xx on September 5, 2016

Excellent safe for home
written by Anton Checkhov on September 2, 2016
I bought the first safe in my life just to keep some family documents and photographs. The safe is perfect size, very versatile with shelves that can be moved and very pleasant to operate. I placed it in the office next to nice wooden furntiture and must acknowledge that it looks very sofisticated and not taking away any charm of the the room. It looks modest and pleasant, the whole family finds it fit the room very well. That was our major concern that it will look like an accountant room, and it does not. Easy to operate. Great experience in delivery and retail service. Great website and easy registration process. Overall, a very positive experience, would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

written by Ken on September 2, 2016

written by on August 24, 2016

Dan's Review
written by DTR on August 20, 2016
Interior configuration and quality of product are great.

Excellent way to secure valuables
written by Scott B on August 17, 2016
For the size & Dimensions this Safe is excellent for any home closet to secure anything from firearms to valuables

Excellent Home Safe
written by JA Galindo on August 12, 2016
Been researching various home safes for some time and finally settled on a Liberty safe. Sales staff was knowledgeable and explained various options....installation was quick and painless...and the safe works as advertised. Plenty of interior space to secure our valuables. Very satisfied with our choice!

Great Safe
written by ktb on August 12, 2016
I just purchased the LX05 safe. I got it for burglary and fire protection.
It was very easy to set up and to secure to the floor.
I highly recommend this safe to protect all your valuables!

written by CINDY on August 10, 2016

US made to protect our goods
written by PC on August 7, 2016
Can sleep at night or go on vacation with the knowledge our possessions our secure.

written by In God we trust! on August 5, 2016

exceeding expectations
written by happy safe on August 5, 2016
purchased a liberty import model RX-12(premium home series safe). the right size for us, fire rating, lifetime warranty and liberty reputation. i would that it was usa made but it had what we were looking for.

exceeding expectations
written by happy safe on August 5, 2016
purchased a liberty import model RX-12(premium home series safe). the right size for us, fire rating, lifetime warranty and liberty reputation. i would that it was usa made but it had what we were looking for.

Superior Product
written by Fred on August 4, 2016
We are very pleased with our safe; the 30" LX08 is perfect for us.
The company we purchased from was the main reason we did not have to shop around a lot because Moore Security, in Houston
is family owned and the best, all around. Customer Service is amazing, and they spent a lot of time talking with us and answering questions.

written by Alishchao on July 30, 2016

written by Mike on July 30, 2016
Very nice experience, the safe that I bought is very practical and easy to use, overall i am very happy with my purchase.

written by Keith on July 29, 2016
Haven't had it that long but it built very strong and has a fire time line.

written by Jim on July 27, 2016

Great safe
written by VC on July 26, 2016
Very helpful sale associate. quick delivery. quality well built safe. great price

written by dog on July 25, 2016

Great Product
written by Peace of Mind on July 24, 2016
Quality and security. Now have peace of mind regarding valuables' safety.

Home safe
written by Mike's on July 23, 2016
This is an excellent safe for the home. Only unfortunate part is that it is imported from China. Why not USA?

Peace of mind
written by Satisfied Customer on July 20, 2016

Good quality product - excellent installation service
written by Jkab on July 20, 2016

Good mid-level home security & fire safe
written by Hunter Betts on July 15, 2016
Good UL fire protection rating and an OK UL RSC security rating.

Great fire rating
written by Little man on July 8, 2016
perfect size and 90 minute fire protection.

Central FL dealer is excellent
written by Lake City Kid on July 6, 2016
I own a Liberty and now the RX-05 closet safe. Both were purchased from Harry Beckwith Guns. The safes were purchased separately and the service I received while gathering information and upon deciding to purchase and then the installation was excellent for both safes.

great safe
written by brian on July 5, 2016
very strong , durable and secure fireproof safe

Love our Liberty Safe!
written by Frankie on June 22, 2016
We are very happy with our new Liberty Safe! We finally feel like we can leave town and have our valuables safe and secure! We are free of worry!

Great value
written by mochadog on June 21, 2016
The safe met our needs, great quality, dealer was friendly, courteous, and good knowledge of safes. Not a big retail store just good down to earth people.

For the wife
written by OAK on June 17, 2016
This is for my wife. It being used as a Jewelry and hand gun safe. The small size is still large enough to spread out her jewelry and hold 2 hand guns. The electronic lock allows her in and out with ease. She hated the idea of a med. safe going in her closet but now LOVES the peace of mind it gives her. I would highly recommend the Premium 12.

Great products
written by Jim on June 17, 2016
Perfect size for a home installation. Provides significant fire protection and very significant security
for the items that you place in it.

A perfect fit
written by Duane on June 16, 2016
My Liberty Premium home safe is a perfect fit for my home and lifestyle. It is a Beefy safe that offers me the peace mind that comes with knowing my valuables are secure while I am away from home. Wish I had bought one sooner.

written by Mike P on June 7, 2016
Exactly what you are looking for if you aren't looking for a safe to store longs. Great safe!

Liberty Safes are #1
written by Goldwing PaPa on June 3, 2016
Liberty safes are made in the USA. The Liberty Premium Home Series Safe meets all of my needs. I looked at the different sizes and this one fit the requirements. Sales staff full explained the structure of this safe which made me feel very satisfied. The warranty and reputation speaks for itself.

Great home safe, still needs lighting.
written by Chuck J on May 31, 2016
Love the new Home Premium 12 safe. Love the pockets in the door as well. I have a Liberty Lincoln safe also, and i miss the lighting that came with it in the new safe.

All Around Home Safe
written by Double O Seven on May 30, 2016

Great product for all purposes unless you need to store long guns. If you do Liberty has a product for that too.

LX Owner 2016
written by Spock on May 29, 2016
Safe exceeds expectations. quality construction.

Wonderful Product!
written by Lee on May 24, 2016
Perfect for my house. After purchasing my safe, I feel a lot more secure knowing my valuables are protected by a very reliable product.

My Liberty Safe
written by New Liberty Safe Fan on May 22, 2016
I love Liberty Safe's website! It was easy to navigate, had full specs for their different safes, & even included pricing. Their warranty is fabulous. I will never have to replace this safe because the lock on it quit working (like my last safe). Liberty can fix it. I am a new fan! : )

Good safe
written by Gary L on May 21, 2016
Good safe however the battery is loose and requires me to hold the battery compartment while the code is being put in on the electronic safe.

written by Happy Buyer on May 20, 2016

Safe fit perfect
written by cjwilk on May 16, 2016
Sage delivered and set up in perfect spot.

Great product and price
written by Mark G on May 11, 2016
Thank you to West Coast Safes in Ontario, Ca. I shopped around for the Lx-12 home safe in the southern California area and their prices were substantially lower than their competitors.

written by RLC on May 10, 2016

Best solution for safety
written by J. U. on May 4, 2016
Searched many different websites and manufacturers. Settled on Liberty Safe as the best solution for security, safety, warranty. Made in the U.S.A. in Utah. Promoted on the Glenn Beck program. Love my Liberty Safe!

written by TJ Tucson on May 1, 2016

first experience with a home safe
written by jerryd5 on April 30, 2016
Well pleased for first 2 weeks so far. would recommend to a friend and relative.

Get your money out of the bank!
written by Concerned about November on April 29, 2016
Compact and easy to hide. Fits lots of valuables.

Great safe.
written by PackinNana on April 22, 2016

Great quality and service!
written by Angel on April 20, 2016
Just got the safe delivered today. After comparing the specifications and functionalities of the safes under many other top brands, Liberty safe caught my eye. It may not be the top choice for people with tight budget, but its safe demonstrates top quality that meet my demand when looking for a safe. I was amazed by the dedication of the dealers of the west coast liberty safe. I was first told that this safe would reach in 2-3 months time, but upon request due to my upcoming oversea trip, I managed to get the safe way beyond schedule. I was amazed by the efficiency of the service. The delivery personnels are also very friendly and professional. Really looking forward to using this safe!

My Talton's Safe Review
written by Luis on April 19, 2016
Liked the flexibility of the safe with the door pocket organizers. I wished there were more color options available.

first time buyer
written by patrick on April 17, 2016
Good safe at a good price.

written by Veronica Lopez on April 15, 2016

First Time Buyer
written by Johnny A on April 11, 2016
Just purchased it today. Need time.

written by Harold B. on April 10, 2016

Premium Home 5 safe
written by Sikander on April 4, 2016

Brand New Safe
written by Mike on April 4, 2016
Just took delivery of out new RX-05 this morning and so far so good. I would need more time with the product to give it a 5 star rating - check back in a year.

Superior Quality, Size & Design
written by DeeLL on March 29, 2016
The Premium Home Series Safe is a perfect size to fit in closets and spaces where doorway size may be a concern. It is wide and tall, yet the depth enables you to get the safe through most doorways with ease. The safe is heavy and has two holes internally for boltdown to the foundation and/or floor of your home. The quality is excellent and very spacious inside with adjustable shelving. I purchased an Eva Dry unit to hang inside to ensure that the safe stays dry and does not create humidity since I live in a southern humid climate. The locking system is extremely high quality and easy to setup and access the contents quickly. I looked at a number of safes in the showroom and found this safe to be the best quality for an in-home safe with fire protection of 90 minutes. The lifetime warranty was very much a selling point with this safe. I highly recommend this safe to anyone in the market for an in-home safe.

5 Stars!
written by Brady on March 28, 2016

Great quality and value
written by kc on March 27, 2016
After searching for a long time, and speaking with independent safe dealers, I selected the Home Premium for my needs. The fire ratings and lock/bolt quality are excellent for this price range. You won't find a better built safe for this price.

Love this safe
written by Memakathy on March 25, 2016
Although it took a while to get here, it was well worth the wait, you can tell just by looking at the safe the premium quality that went into the craftsmanship and I would definitely recommend this safe to my family and friends that are looking for a home safe.

Premium Home Safe 12 size
written by CHEFS CHOICE PRODUCE on March 24, 2016

Love our Liberty Safe
written by HappyinAZ on March 18, 2016
We spent a lot of time looking for the right home safe for our needs. Very please to find one that met all the criteria.

Proud customer
written by Rick O. on March 16, 2016

Premium Home Safe 12
written by hp on March 15, 2016

written by Mike McClellan on March 8, 2016
Great safe easy to use very fire resistant

written by Caveman on March 6, 2016
Excellent safe for the money,the military discount is great.

Premium Home 5 safe
written by Mark Twain on March 5, 2016

Liberty Premium Home 12
written by Erma on February 25, 2016

Excellent small safe
written by Grouseman on February 25, 2016
This safe is perfect for keeping small handguns,jewelry,important papers,cameras,coins,and any other small items.Accessory door panel is really nice feature on this safe.It gives you a nice place to keep important papers.Small guns,paper money,etc. fit nicely on door.Fire protection rating is excellent. Would buy again.

Premium Home Safe 12
written by LOHSCHICK on February 24, 2016
5 stars

Premium Home Safe 12
written by DK on February 16, 2016

Only The
written by Stan Man on February 14, 2016
One of the best ever safes that I have come across. Better built then any other model in the market place for the money. Hands down on quality over other units and service was a dream.

Liberty safe from Knowell's Lock and Safe
written by Just a regular joe on February 5, 2016
Excellent sales support, delivery, and installation. Nice and easy. Thanks!

written by Paul on February 4, 2016
Retired Law Enforcement here. This safe although is smaller in size than many others, it is still 42" H and 24" square, solid built, easy to operate and very comfortable to fit in most locations throughout a business and/or home. It is small enough to be considerate on space simultaneously affording one ample storage for many valuables in additional to a strong level of comfort. Additionally, its sides and back are thicker than 14 gauge and it appears to be an honest value. I would of course recommend this safe to others.

Premium Home 12 safe
written by clown on January 31, 2016
we just got the safe and so far so good..
however, upon entering the serial number into the web site it would not work without the letter "L" automatically
popping up prior to entering the actual serial number ????

Liberty Safe even better than expected
written by Sleeping Better in Dunlap on January 13, 2016
Just installed our Liberty Safe and we are both pleased and comforted by having our valuables secured. We know we can get to our items and others cannot.

Thanks Liberty.

Premium Home 8 safe
written by glitzy girl on January 12, 2016
5 star home safe

Good safe
written by Bluedawg on January 9, 2016
I've only had the safe for a few days, but so far, I'm liking it,

written by x on January 9, 2016

Liberty Home Safes - Right safe, right price, right warranty
written by M. Garrett on January 5, 2016
As a home owner, it is very important to make the right decision on the type of safe, size, quality, fire resistance, bolt down, price, and warranty. Liberty Premium Home Series Safes was my choice, after conducting research and then discussing with the Liberty Safe staff. No pushy sales pitch, just straight forward knowledge, professional, Liberty backs their products, interested in the customer needs. Excellent product, price, warranty and others.

Excellent Home Safe
written by John on January 4, 2016
Perfect size for handguns and valuables. Very heavy and well built.

Love it!!
written by Jo on January 2, 2016
A perfect fit for what I needed. This is a fire safe for me. I don't have guns to hide away but I wanted my valuable papers and other items protected. Easy to hide and anchor in a closet and super sturdy! The motion lights inside the safe are an added bonus and any time you can get a lifetime warrarty its a plus.J

Liberty Safes
written by Bob Barbalaiden on December 31, 2015
I liked my first Liberty safe so much that when I saw a customer returned unit at a discounted price, I bought it. Liberty Safes provide excellent options for the price. The lifetime warranty is a deal sealer.

Safe and Secure
written by Jim on December 31, 2015
From the beginning of my search for a safe, to the purchase and finally to the delivery I could not be happier with my Liberty Safe. Excellent service and an excellent safe for my needs of home security and fire protection.

The safe looks great in my home. Peace of mind. Thanks Liberty for a superb product!

Sincerely, Jim.
Georgia. US

Liberty Premium Home 12
written by Frisco on December 30, 2015
5 star

Great safe for our Coin collection
written by HELLOEBAYER on December 29, 2015
This is a great Safe A have a few hunting buddies who have liberty safe. They all tell the same story i started out with a cheapo. and just didn't feel right. upgraded to a liberty and I sleep better when i'm on vacation now.

Excellent safe, warranty and service.
written by Happy in Bellingham on December 29, 2015
We are so happy with our new safe and the warranty and service that come along with it. They replace your safe if someone tries to break into it or if there is a fire. How great is that! Also, NW Safe Company, Inc, in Enumclaw, WA, gave us the kind of service that you would expect from a local retailer. However, we are over 3 hours north of them! Couldn't ask for a better delivery and installation crew.

written by Ken Bushnell on December 28, 2015
We just received the safe so we need time to evaluate.

written by Gator Boy on December 27, 2015
Liberty Premium safe is a solid, secure product. It takes away the worry and anxiety of having the best product to protect what is important.

What a Beast!
written by Knuckle Game on December 22, 2015
Absolutely love this safe. I own a small condo so storage is a premium and the LX12 fits perfectly in my closet. Great storage and built like Fort Knox. Highly recommend!

Feeling much better
written by Panzercat on December 22, 2015
After hearing about Liberty Safe and wanting one for a while, I finally got around to shopping for Safes when my wife started saying that she also thought we should get one. At first we didn't think we needed anything very big, at least for now, but I found that in the very small safe area, there didn't see to be much that was actually secure for any real protection against burglary and fire so I started to shop around. I found some other brands that had good fire protection but seemed weak in the door security design. I found the videos on the Liberty site and other Safe review sites to be helpful in determining what to look for in Safe designs as far as bolt count, locking mechanisms and build quality. I kept coming back to Liberty Safe for the variety of models and sizes. We finally picked the middle size home premium safe which will give us more room than we thought we would need and great protection. I always have a little bit of a hang-up spending money on things that I put money in, like a wallet. Do I want to take money out of my old wallet just to buy a new wallet that I will be putting less money in (after the new wallet purchase)? I felt a little bit that way about buying a safe but really it is a good investment in security and afterward the sense of security I get from it makes it worth the purchase and I am glad we have a safe for our valuables. The Lifetime Warranty is a great Liberty selling point also, if there is any damage to the safe from an attempted break-in or a fire we will get it repaired or replaced. Other brands don't offer that, or offer it only one time or for a limited time. Liberty makes the purchase feel more like an investment for the future.

Great quality
written by Kat Urankar on December 16, 2015

Just Purchased Liberty Safe
written by Joe DePalantino on December 15, 2015
Since the safe I purchased was received today, it is difficult to offer thorough rating. First impression though is safe is of sound quality. It's construction and size should meet our home security needs.

Excellent product
written by Jared on December 13, 2015
This is an excellent safe. Expensive, but you get what you pay for. The extra features make this worth the price. The protections offered are well worth it when buying to protect your valuables and put this safe far above its competitors. The ability to add an outlet for a hard drive, light, dehumidifier, the smoke and water protection and the life-time warranty make the cost of this product well worth it. Highly recommend!

Very nice home office safe
written by Jakelyn on December 6, 2015
Capacity, security, and price combination made this my best choice for a home office safe.

Sleeping Better
written by Dwight M. - Norman, Oklahoma on November 25, 2015
I have no worries about all of my valuables that I keep at home any longer. My safe is secure and is probably the most permanent fixture on my property. It will outlast fire or tornadoes and I know that I don't have to worry about anyone breaking into it or moving it. It sure helps sleep better at night knowing that Liberty Safe has all my valuables secure.

Excellent Quality and Smart Investment
written by Howard on November 25, 2015
I own two Liberty Safes and have been very pleased with the quality, appearance and peace of mind they provide. In my opinion, Liberty Safes provide the best value for the dollar.

Premium Home Safe
written by None on November 17, 2015

Liberty Safe & Secure
written by sully on November 13, 2015
Would recommend to anyone who wants to protect their valuables. Bolt it down!

Premium Home Safe LX12
written by George S on November 2, 2015
This safe has everything I was looking for. Size, heavier metal, digital lock and the inside door panel pockets are a nice extra. I am very disappointed and if not for the features it offered, I would have purchased another brand because IT IS NOT USA MADE. I would have happily paid more money for an American Made Product.

New owner
written by James Bond on November 1, 2015
Good compromise size to fit in a bedroom walk-in closet.

The perfect safe for my needs
written by Bakersfield, CA on October 30, 2015
I am extremely pleased with my Liberty Safe. It is attractive, functions flawlessly, and has all the features I was looking for. It is highly rated for both home security and fire safety. I feel Liberty makes the best safes available. I am very glad I did not buy the Costco brand - which was cheaper, but much less secure.

One tough cookie
written by britelite on October 28, 2015
Hope I never have to move it!

great safe
written by Man with a home safe on October 28, 2015
for a home safe just what i was looking for, love it

Premium Home 12 safe
written by Terry Hurst on October 25, 2015
I heard about Liberty safes initially on the Glenn Beck radio show. Recently, our son purchased one and is extremely happy with it. We visited a store in Bakersfield and were shown a wide variety of safes and ended up buying one on our first visit. It was promptly delivered and installed. So far we are very pleased with it and immediately started putting our valuable in it. Extremely high quality product.

Home safe review
written by Jim on October 21, 2015
An excellent small home safe that can be tucked away in a closet. I like the fire rating and the steel thickness.

Please let me register and not do your survey
written by Survey during registration sucks. on October 20, 2015
Safe is great, registration process is terrible. Takes too long. Ask me if i want to do a survey AFTER i register.

Great Price for great Product
written by triad79 on October 17, 2015
Great Product with all the features we like and a good price and with a awesome warranty to back it up !

Best Safe Value
written by DaveyLock2015 on October 13, 2015
Looked at several brands of safes and Liberty was the best size and value offered for my needs and the product is fantastic.

Great safe
written by D&S on October 10, 2015
We are very happy with our safe. It's large enough to hold our our important papers. I still have plenty of room after emptying out 2 smaller home safes. I would like to see a small safe for media (hard drives) that would fit inside this safe.

Very satisfied
written by Mike on October 4, 2015
Quality of safe is exceptional and Blythe's Gun Shop in Griffith Indiana where I purchased the safe is a family owned business and I am a longtime customer. They are honest and fair and when the owner suggested this safe I knew it would be excellent and it is. Easy to operate and very well made. I am very satisfied.

Affordable, secure and reasonably sized
written by Nom de Plume on October 4, 2015
I bought this safe primarily for fire protection. With a 90 minute fire rating, this safe fit the need. It's also nice to be able to secure personal items that are less secure when left in a drawer. My safe fits perfectly in a section of a California Closet system.

Home Safe LX 08
written by Mr.Bill on October 3, 2015
Great safe and perfect size for my needs. The delivery folks were on one and did a great job with the install.

Great Safe for the Price
written by Milt on October 1, 2015
We looked at many safe brands with key emphasis for use as burglary and fire protection for critical items. Size was also very important - looking for something approximately 6 ft3 interior space and flexible arrangement. The RX12 satisfied all of these needs at a reasonable price.

written by RH on September 29, 2015
Great product made of high quality materials. Perfect size for home safe.

Premium Home Safe
written by TAB on September 29, 2015
Looks great, built solid. I'm excited to stock it...

written by Ryan U on September 25, 2015

Great safe and great service by Knowell's Safe and Lock!
written by Bill / Jax Beach on September 24, 2015
I received my Liberty Premium Home safe today, 9/24/15, and I am very pleased with the high quality of the safe. The service I received from the folks at Knowell's was superior.
They have a big showroom where I went to look at the various safes and met Jeff there and he gave me very solid advice. Jeffrey and Charlie delivered my safe and thoroughly explained the features and answered further questions I had about the operation of the safe. This is a very professional business and I highly recommend them. This is definitely the place I would go to buy another safe.

Easy purchase of home safe
written by Thomas Brown on September 24, 2015
The purchase of a small home safe was so easy, we should have done this sooner. Sales folks at Spring Hill Rod & Gun in Spring Hill, WV, were so helpful with our decision and the safe was delivered right to our home as promised - when promised. Not only was delivery timely, but instructions were also explained for resetting the combination - with the door open - in case anything didn't go as planned. These folks have lots of experience and they are service oriented to the max. A full selection of safe models on the sales floor was helpful for a shopper like me who likes to see and feel what they are buying.

Premium Home 8
written by HWC on September 21, 2015
5 stars

Premium Home 8
written by Beth Jones on September 12, 2015
5 stars

Awesome Safe
written by Michael F. Soren on September 9, 2015
My brother has had a Liberty safe for years. I called him to ask what kind of safe he would recommend. Of course he said "get a Liberty!" I went down to Nevada Safes and bought one that same day. What a nice experience. Was met by Serge the sales manager and he proceeded to help me find the right safe for all of my needs. The Liberty LX08 was the perfect size. Looked at other brands but kept coming back to the Liberty. Couldn't wait to get it delivered. When it arrived Paul and his associate knew exactly what to do. I had no worries at all. They put it in place and explained everything I needed to know about operating it. Well done boys. I put all of my stuff in kicked back, relaxed, and had a beer knowing that all possessions were well cared for. My wife even liked it! Well, if and when I need another I will definitely get a Liberty from Nevada Safes!!!!!!!!!

Superior service & knowledge
written by Frank B on August 20, 2015
Retail vendor was very professional. I described what need and use I was looking for. They made several recommendations and did not try and "upsell" beyond my needs.

Premium Home 5 Safe
written by ronnie on August 20, 2015
5 stars

Premium Home 12 Safe
written by sam on August 17, 2015

Very happy with my choice
written by LX08 Fully Loaded on August 16, 2015
Bought the LX08 from Liberty Safe in San Jose, great guys and great work. I had them install the electrical outlet kit and the 5 Crystal LED lights. Looks awesome! Rich did an amazing job on the install of the lights. The delivery was quick and painless. Seemed a little rushed but did a decent job getting the safe up a flight of stairs.

Also bought the Safelert system and man I'm a geek and I love it!

Peace of mind
written by CD on August 14, 2015
Everything about this safe, the sale and expertise of delivery reminded me of the times products in the USA were the best and a hand shake meant something! Thank you LIBERTY!

Ladies Treasure Chest
written by Barbie on August 13, 2015
A great place to store your personel property that keeps it from disappearing
when guests leave. I also wanted it for pictures and legal documents in case of a fire.
My husband has one and I needed one for my stuff. The best purchase I've made this year.
I love the size and it was affordable.

Home Safes
written by Sunbon on August 3, 2015
The BEST safe all around

90 minute fire protection = sigh of relief
written by Peace of mind. on July 29, 2015
We could recover from theft fairly quickly. But the time we would lose recreating our paper files and records would lead to losses of time, money, effort, product, etc. Can't believe we waited this long to make this move. The Liberty Premium safe has a 90 minute fire rating. If the fire lasts longer than that, the safe is the least of our worries. Peace of mind now. And it is quite attractive.

Resting Easier, Now!
written by Nitsa on July 28, 2015
I have wanted to purchase a safe some time after hearing some ads on the radio. While we have a monitored alarm system in our home, we still wanted to go the extra mile and protect several items. Liberty safes are everything they are advertised to be. Now when we leave the house, we have an extra feeling of security and protection. Don't wait any longer if you are considering buying--and get a Liberty--proudly (and well- made ) in the USA.

Premium Home 8 size Safe
written by kat on July 22, 2015
5 stars

LX 12 Home Safe
written by Arthur 5770 on July 22, 2015
5 big stars

Liberty Premium Home 12 Safe
written by Tulsa Customer on July 7, 2015
Safe arrived and operated just as advertised. The local delievery and installers were great and highly recommended, rather than trying to do so yourself.

Great Peace of Mind
written by David on July 7, 2015
Knowing that my valuables are secure gives me great peace of mind.

Premium Home 12 Safe
written by Marvin on July 6, 2015
5 stars

Very satisfied!
written by Dino Crocelli on July 2, 2015
This safe is perfect for my home. Small enough to fit in the closet, but heavy enough not to be carried away. It's beautiful and functionally ideal. Above all it removes the fear of burglary when I am away.

Quality product
written by Cruzn66 on June 20, 2015
Good solid quality product. If price is your first consideration, this is not for you. You get what you pay for. Liberty delivers the best security I could find.

Premium Home 12 Safe
written by Mark on June 14, 2015

written by .. on June 13, 2015

Love our new Liberty Safe
written by jeng on June 11, 2015
Very solid construction, a good 5 year/ Limited Lifetime Warranty

Joe & Gayle Safe
written by Joe B on June 10, 2015

Just received my new Liberty Safe!
written by TB on June 6, 2015
Great safe. Perfect size. Easy access. Smooth install done professionally and with care.

Can't wait to get one for my office!

Premium Home Safe
written by MariAnn on June 1, 2015
I like the appearance and the fire rating for this safe. I would recommend this safe to anyone wanting a small personal safe.

The right size.
written by RickMz on May 25, 2015
I needed a safe to store only handguns so did not want a "giant" safe made for long guns. The LX08 was the perfect size for me and took the place of my nightstand which makes it easy to conceal and reach when needed. Excellent craftsmanship and the electronic lock makes for quick access. FULLY recommend.

JBA Review HSV
written by James on May 20, 2015
Great color, constuction and ease of use.

Home safe review
written by Steve Donley, CMSgt, USAF, Retired on May 6, 2015
I am somewhat satisified with this safe...although it not the safe that I ordered. Until it was in place in my home I believed that I had purchased a safe made in the USA and with the military style locking bars. When the safe was opened by the delivery person I saw the chrome bolts and immediately realized that I received the obsolete model that was made in China. As a retired Air Force veteran of 30 years service products made in the United States are very important to me - I have always owned American cars and go out of my way and often pay additional cost to buy American. That was the most important factor in selecting Liberty. I was aware that the previous model of this safe was made in China and delayed making my purchase until the safe made in your factory was available. I specifically made this known to the vendor. He indicates that he specifically order the safe I specified. What happened?

Value for Money
written by zoro_bawa on May 6, 2015
My wife and I were looking for a safe that addressed two key concerns, theft and fire. This safe, with its lifetime warranty, addressed all out concerns. The safe is very well built. I should know, I am an engineer ;-). The fit and finish was flawless too.

The retailer we purchased it from used his own sons to deliver and install the safe. This was an added safeguard for us in terms of possible mischief later on.

The safe is now anchored to the floor (concrete slab with wood flooring) and it is going nowhere. Solid as a rock! We are very happy with the purchase and installation process and would highly recommend Liberty to anyone considering a safe of this type.

excellant safe for a business
written by Great Safe on May 4, 2015
Put this safe in my business and love the features. The electronic lock with the ability to have multiple combinations for employees and the door panel pockets are perfect.

written by Race Horse Owner on April 21, 2015
Liberty Safe has an informative website that answered many of my questions. The salesman was professional and showed no pressure to buy. I was impressed that this safe was make in the USA. This was a big selling point for us.

Production is far too slow(8 weeks)
written by Charlie S. on April 13, 2015
Just started using so I do not yet have a review but I like the workmanship I see. It is simple and easy to use with a small amount of reading.

Peace of Mind
written by LIZ on April 12, 2015
To Liberty factory workers thank you now that I can leave my house without having to hurry back home. My mother recently passed away and the house was never vacant. I was so worried about losing things that I could never replace.
Thanks Again for a well made product,

Peace of Mind
written by Sherlock Homes on April 6, 2015
Very please with the look of the safe. Feel I will be as protected as humanly possible Would take a very professional safe criminal to break in to it. Was mainly interested in the safety feature and not for guns. Burglarly was main interest.

Premium Home 8 Review
written by Joe inzirillo on March 30, 2015

Great Vaue
written by Happy Heather on March 28, 2015
Buying this safe was a great decision. Don't regret it and never second guessed my decision.Owning this safe gives me peace of mind.

Premium Home 8 Review
written by BK on March 26, 2015
Good and practical safe for day to day use

closet safe
written by Frayedknot on March 16, 2015
The perfect safe behind the coats.

Great Safe
written by Marine 61 on March 16, 2015
Found the exact size safe we wanted, and never considered any but a Liberty. We are very satisfied not only with the safe but the service and delivery were also excellent!

Premium Home 8 Review
written by Kentuckian on March 11, 2015
5 stars

A Great Experience with Warranty
written by Oneking on March 5, 2015
What a great safe! It looks great and has the best warranty in the Industry. Professionally installed with 4 bolts into the concrete. Easy to operate even with the traditional dial.

written by ARNALDO A. on March 1, 2015

Home Safety
written by Texas Golden Rose on March 1, 2015
This safe had all of the features that I was searching for except for one. It did not have internal hinges. However with the bolt system this was not that critical for me. It fits my needs perfectly.

Great Quality at a good price
written by Proposition Joe on February 28, 2015
I already recommended Liberty safes to a friend who purchased the Ammo Can.

written by T.T. on February 28, 2015
Best safes on the market after shopping around for a week. Best bang for the buck. Happy shopping

Happy owner/peace of mind
written by R & D Kentucky on February 8, 2015
Very pleased with purchase. Much larger than we need, but after I saw your catalog showing a photo of one of your safes still upright after a tornado that sold me. A tornado hit near us a couple of years ago, and the peace of mind that your legal documents, and photos won't end up miles away means a great deal.

Premium Home 12 Review
written by me on February 5, 2015
5 stars

Feeling safer now
written by KLW on February 5, 2015

Home Security Safe
written by anonymous on January 20, 2015
I have a home security system. Recently when my home insurance renewed I became aware of a discounted rate for jewelry kept in a home safe when not worn by one of the companies I represent (I'm an independent agent in Sacramento) for those items not worn daily. The premium savings was enough to purchase a safe up front, have it bolted (requirements were 700 pounds or bolted) to get the credit.

In addition, now I have a safer place to keep important documents.

I purchased the safe for the "peace of mind"

Premium Home 12 Review
written by Bob G on January 19, 2015

than expected
written by Glofer66 on January 14, 2015

Exactly what I was looking for
written by Happy Home Protector on January 9, 2015
I purchased the 8CF model, with the intent of using it as a night stand next to our bed so that pistols would be handy if we need'em, but inaccessible to our 6 year old. I refuse to go the flimsy metal gun cabinet route, as I had a burglary at an apartment I used to live in and learned that those are pretty much worthless.

This 8CF model fills the bill perfectly. It's just the right size to have next to the bed, and I can roll out of bed in a moment's notice and retrieve a pistol, and I don't have to worry about little hands getting a hold of something they shouldn't. It's an extremely well-built safe and appears to be very secure. It has bolts all the way around (7 that move and 3 that are fixed on the hinge side). It weighs about 300 lbs empty. Between the weight and having it secured to the floor, it simply isn't going anywhere very easily.

I'm very happy with my purchase.

Premium Home 12 Review
written by clay on January 3, 2015

Awesome Liberty Safe
written by Erik V on January 2, 2015
This one fits the bill for now. Will get a bigger one later

keeping valuables safe
written by DSMura on December 29, 2014
This Premium 12 safe will keep valuables safe from fire and will assure us that we have purchased an excellent product.

Great Safe
written by KS on December 24, 2014
This safe was the perfect size, security, and price for my needs. It adds peace of mind and was well worth the investment.

Office Safe Purchase
written by Bill Gibson on December 24, 2014
Great for our retail restaurant opperations

Premium Home 12 Review
written by NHj on December 22, 2014
5 stars

Okay Safe
written by CA guy on December 12, 2014
I would have give a 4 or 5 star if this was US made, and if the insides were better made. Not sure whether I would pay $1099 for a Chinese built safe.The shelves have cheap fabric stapled to them. Still, one of the reasons for choosing this safe was the delivery and installation service, since there was no way, I would bringing a 400+lb safe from the curbside, which is what most of the online retailers offer.

Happy with our new Liberty Premium Home Series 12 safe
written by Tyrone Slothrop on December 5, 2014
This Liberty Premium Home Series 12 safe provides the features we were looking for: adequate size, adequate fire rating, electronic keypad. Slightly more expensive than the Home Series safes, the Premium Home Series safes offered heavier gauge steel and more secure locking system. Although made in China, the increased security of the line helped us decide to purchase this line over the slightly less expensive and made in the USA Home Series line.

Delivery and set up was carried out in a highly efficient manner by our local dealer - we couldn't ask for more. His explanation on how to set the lock code was helpful and concise.

Buying from a local dealer - as opposed to over the internet - makes us confident that any service needs in the future will likely be met.

Liberty RX-08 review
written by Satisfied buyer on November 24, 2014

Great Safe
written by prepared,citizen on November 23, 2014
Easy to open (if you know the combination) nice, heavy solid construction, makes you feel that your guns, and valuables are safe from thieves, and fire.

Quality materials and workmanship
written by SSG in Iowa on November 23, 2014
The Liberty Premium Home Safe 08 was delivered in mid October, so we've had it about 4 weeks. At 320 lbs it was at the top end of what could be handled by two guys with rope and an appliance dolly. Eventually got it situated OK. Despite the foreign manufacture, this safe is made from quality materials, and the workmanship is good. Fit and finish are excellent; so is operation. Smooth and heavy. I guess safe-crackers know how to get into these things, but the 1.25" steel bars look awfully intimidating to me.

written by LM on November 18, 2014
I can now feel confident that my valuables and firearm are secure.

Home Safe
written by Missoula Huntress on November 17, 2014
I recently purchased this safe. It was delivered in excellent condition. The owner-salesman helped set up the combination (with eyes turned away). I chose this safe because the steel exterior is superior to the composite of other safes in the event of burglary. The larger safe was only $100 more than the smaller one and I find the extra room useful. It has been easy to open and thus far I am very pleased.

Great home safe
written by Anonymous on November 8, 2014
I bought this safe RX08 for my home in early 2014. The safe size is larger than what i thought I needed. I see that the safe's size will work for us for years to come.

Great Value (have a friend for install)
written by VA-folks on November 2, 2014
We were seeking a quality safe and quickly zeroed onto the Liberty Premium Home Series. The Home 12 is not much more expensive than the Home 8, but the 8 is pretty big. Having the 12 would have complicated the install more than the value of the additional space.

The Home 8 is still a two-man job, but can be done with moderately fit, middle-aged men, a dolly, and a shipping strap.

If the ladies of the house can haul their share (150+ pounds), then I apologize for my gender references.

If mounting to a concrete floor, I had to mark and move the safe. My drill would not fit inside the cabinet to drill in place. If you doubt your ability to clean debris, then drill another 1/2" beyond the recommendation.

Satisfied Repeat Owner
written by Satisfied Repeat Owner on October 21, 2014
Having purchased a Washington 40 (discontinued years ago) I was very happy with the quality of Liberty Safes and that influenced my purchase of the premium home series.

Premium Home safe
written by Bently_Coop on October 10, 2014
The Liberty Premium home safe is very solid and smooth to operate. I also like that it includes the door organizer which is not standard on some other models but very necessary to minimize clutter and protect smaller items.

written by George Washington on October 9, 2014
5 Stars

Best safe on the market
written by Jeff Bryant on October 5, 2014
This is by far the best safe I have seen. It has superior fire protection and it is tough. You can't just put it in the shopping cart and take it to the check out counter like most other small safes on the market.

The best safe
written by Tiffany P on October 3, 2014
This safe gives me peace of mind.

Excellent choice
written by Bernie Westin on October 1, 2014
I spent about 3 to 4 hours a day for about 4 weeks gathering up as much information as possible on several big brand names on safes.I looked up all the rating on which safes are manufacturered too. Then I called several large web dealers as well as several manufacturers and talked to their safe experts and asked a lot of questions. I visited several dealers showrooms looking at several brands. Liberty safes offers an excellent quality product. I purchased their Home Premium LX12 model and feel that their quality, price, service, and warranty are well worth it.

Liberty Premium 8 is Great
written by Little Me on September 29, 2014
We like the sizes and interior customization offered and the delivery to our place from the nearest retail store.

A great addition to our home security system!
written by Chris on September 23, 2014
We are highly satisfied with our attractive new safe --- it's easy to operate, functional, has all our desired features, and includes competent customer service if ever needed. We would definitely buy a Liberty Safe if we ever need another safe!

Home Safe by Liberty
written by Aloysius Elmdorf on September 18, 2014
I looked briefly at other home safes, and decided the home safe I purchased was the best value. Solidly built. Heavy. Variety of features. Multiple shelves. I actually purchased a larger safe than I intended to because of the value of the larger safe. Delivery was on time with men who knew what they were doing. Safe delivered undamaged and placed exactly where I wanted it.

Pleased with product
written by Lorenzo on September 17, 2014
We have had the safe for a very short time but the safe functions well. We are pleased with the quality and features of the safe.

Safe Bet
written by Satisfied in CT on September 9, 2014
Great interior, versatile shelf layout and spacing. Four sided locking mechanism and a 90 minute fire rating makes for secure feeling.

written by Patriot on September 6, 2014
Just purchased so we cannot judge the product yet but we are relying on Liberty's reputation. We were a little disappointed that the safe we chose was made in China and not in the USA.

Great product but is made in China!
written by Richard in Phx on August 21, 2014
My wife and I really like this safe. We bought the LX12. We would have given this safe a 5 star rating if it had been made in the USA. Nothing of any quality comes from China. Dog Food, Toys, Sheetrock, Baby Formula, etc. are all examples of products that have been toxic or have safety issues. Each one of these products above had Company Inspections completed, Manufacturer Specifications to adhere to, and the basic Ethical and Moral Obligation to make a Safe and Quality Product but chose to cut corners. In our opinion, all Liberty safes should be made here. We would have paid more for the 'Made in the USA' label.

written by jafundy on August 20, 2014

written by KWEZ on August 19, 2014

Does what it says
written by Chris on August 12, 2014
This safe is perfect for what we needed it for and is very easy to use. Thanks Liberty.

Perfect size for the regular home owner
written by DB on August 10, 2014
I needed to protect some valuables. Never had a safe before but due to more break ins and hone invasion robberies, it seemed foolish not to have one. There's no way that we can stop crime entirely but with an alarm and this safe I can detect/deter/delay.

written by Rudy Secure on August 9, 2014
The salesperson and installation people were very professional and assisted greatly to ensure the purchase would work for me. I would definitely recommend Liberty for anyone looking for a safe for their needs.

Peace of mind
written by Dick and Jane on August 5, 2014
A small price to pay for peace of mind on so many levels. Our daughter deals with fire and flood restoration daily and pleaded with us to get a safe before a catastrophe.

We first tried researching safes using the internet but found it confusing. We then went to Dean Safe Company and were able to see and touch all the styles and types of safes and see for ourselves how large the inside was, how the shelves were configured and/or could be changed etc. It was also very helpful to be able to ask questions of the staff as well.

Premium Safe
written by Joe on August 3, 2014
I have only had my safe for a couple of days. The quality quite honestly "exceeded" my expectations. Even though the amount of money I paid warranted a quality product, I really did not expect it to be this nice. Very heavy duty feel.

The Best of Home Safes
written by Gary W.. of Arizona on July 26, 2014
Recent purchase of the Premium Home Series Safe was a great experience from the time I walked into the showroom to the delivery and installation of the safe was so positive. A truly a great experience.

written by pat on July 16, 2014
Very helpful staff and a very quality product.

written by ME on July 16, 2014

New Home Safe
written by Newt on July 2, 2014
The product is a LX05. Looks very good and seems great. Only negative is Made In China. If this was made in the USA I would give it 5 stars. I would have paid more fro a USA made product. I realize cost is a factor and the small safes are at issue but USA all the way PLEASE.

Good Value for the Money
written by K. Wright on June 30, 2014
There is no comparison between this safe and my old one. The Liberty safe is a much thicker, stronger and heavier safe than most you see at this price point. Interior is much nicer in this Premium safe than in the plain Home Series. This safe is definitely a good value for the money.

Recently Purchased LX12B
written by Olav the Viking on June 28, 2014
Everything went according to plan with the in-wall installation.

Premium Home Safe
written by DB on June 27, 2014

Great Size, Convenient Safe
written by HP503 on June 27, 2014
So far very pleased with my LX12 premium home safe. Just the right amount of space and worth the extra money for the door panel.

quality at a discount
written by Robin Lynch on June 27, 2014
In this day and age it seems that you pay more for less, we purchased the 12 Cu ft Liberty Premium Home Safe for the additional size and weight over the lesser brands available as well as a fair price for the quality of construction. The heavier weight says to me there's more/heavier grade material in the construction meaning better protection and less chance that it's carried away by the ill-prepared jobless professionals. Inside was well thought out and very functional for different situations. I would reccomend to anyone who wants a quality product.

excellent so far
written by liberty2014 on June 26, 2014
I'm impressed with the quality, craftsmanship, durability and aesthetics of our safe. I'm also relieved to have it for the fire protection and security. I'm also impressed with Liberty's warranty and customer service. They came highly recommended to me by my family.

Outstanding Safe
written by Susie Shooter on June 24, 2014
The size is perfect and quality exceptional.

Love the Premium Safe
written by Emil in St Louis, Mo. on June 24, 2014
My safe is just the right size to hold my guns, jewelry and valuable papers along with precious metals. It's the perfect supplement to our home security system and the price was very affordable. I highly recommend this product to anyone with a limited amount to spend on security. It was a small price to pay to guard our valuables.

Premium Home Safe 5
written by Hunter14 on June 17, 2014

Great safe, great people
written by Stinkin' Badges on June 6, 2014
The salesman exuded confidence and knowledge, answering all my questions. The product was delivered when they said it would be. Installation was fast and informative.

This is a quality operation!

written by Satisfied on June 3, 2014
Premium Home Series Safe

Very Pleased!
written by Christopher Reeves on May 30, 2014
Only have had our safe for a couple of days. Wish, I could have ordered a larger size but space was a consideration. We have every reason to believe the purchase will meet our needs. It appears to be extremely well built. The local dealer was a pleasure to work with. They were prudent and took care to place the safe in the identified area without causing any damage to our floor. He made adjustments to the door and was very thorough in going over the operation. We are very pleased and wish I had made this purchase years ago.

Safe Purchase
written by Ohio Safe Guy on May 23, 2014
It is a great safe. The feel of the door and handle are superior to other brands.

written by Elizabeth K. on May 21, 2014

Best Safe, Service and Product support around
written by Chris G - Texas on May 21, 2014
If you are serious about buying a safe, watch the videos of destruction and read the ratings, that will be all you need. This is the best safe I have owned of three and the service by far exceeds most for purchases of even higher value items, these people are professional and courteous who understand what you want without imposing their opinion. Do not count on their web site though, call them and they will walk you through what page to go to. The site is far too complex for what it is, they need their money back for what they paid for the site and I'm a www dummy...

LX12 Premium Home Safe
written by Wayne Carter on May 20, 2014
When I compared the price, size, and fire rating of the LX12 with two other brands, the LX12 won out. I needed a roomy safe for valuables/papers that was secure and had excellent fire rating, and it would still fit through a bedroom closet door. I'm happy with my purchase.

Premium Home Review
written by Scott on May 20, 2014
I have recommended these safes to others.

Can't go wrong with Liberty Safes
written by K & P on May 18, 2014
We had to find a way to keep some precious possessions safe. Tried getting a security deposit box but it was not available in any bank nearby. We found out about Liberty Safes. At last we got one that fits our needs.

Peace of mind
written by Peace in Peoria on May 16, 2014
I have only have had my safe for two days. It's really a little too early to write a worthy review, but so far everything is as expected and my experience has been trouble free. My main reason of getting a safe was to protect all of our important documents. Recently we lost our daughter to a car accident. I wanted a place to store all of the documentation that goes with such an event. The thought of losing to fire, theft or misplacement of what I have left from her has been on my mind a lot. Also a close friend lost a house late last year, due to a tornado and with it all of his important papers. His restoral process would have been much quicker had he had the needed documents in one secure location. Once I get all of my daughters' mementoes and documents gathered up, organized and secured in my safe, I know there will be relief knowing that my Liberty is there for me.

LX12 Home Safe
written by K. Tingen on May 13, 2014
I went back and forth several times between whether to buy a home safe vs. a gun safe. The few long guns I own aren't really worth stealing, so the home safe won out. It's size made it much easier to place in a non-conspicuous location and the Premium series had enough bells and whistles to push me past settling on a basic model. It's not a Cadillac model but makes for a fine Buick! Craftsmanship is solid.

New safe
written by roxanna on May 10, 2014
Well made, stylish, perfect size for my needs.

Lincoln LZ-35
written by Chase on May 8, 2014
This is one sturdy, functional and good-looking safe. I feel much better about having my guns securely stored in one place instead of having them spread around the house. Great dealer (Norcross, Georgia) service, too!

written by Hammah on April 26, 2014

written by JCD on April 23, 2014
For the price of this home safe you get more than your moneys worth. Solid, heavy, sleek, clean. I don't know everything about safes but for a home consumer this is a must have solid safe. Not sure why, but I like to look at it all the time and open it to look on my treasures. I feel like a real pirate now. JCD

written by DON on April 17, 2014
Very pleased with this safe. Retailer was knowledgeable, helpful & service was great! Highly recommend.

a safe safe at last
written by delaware on April 9, 2014
excellent secure product, easy to use

First Rate Closet Safe
written by Louis Boudreaux on April 7, 2014
Very pleased with the safe's superior construction. The security features incorporated in the touchpad electronic lock are well thought out and easy to use. I opted to purchase the Liberty Safelert system, which sends me e-mails regarding the status of my safe and sends a text message to my smart phone if the safe is tampered with. This system has worked well for me. Use and care manuals that came with the safe and the Safelert system were very clear and easy to understand and use. Overall, I am happy with my Liberty Safe purchase.

LX-12 Residential safe
written by Itchysan on April 6, 2014
Got finished installing. Quality is great and setup was easy. Feeling MUCH more comfortable when I'm not at home.

model LX12
written by LX12 owner on April 2, 2014
great safe for first time buyers, two sturdy individuals can move and install it, but professional help is strongly recommended.

Good things come in little packages
written by Bigdaddy Chums on March 28, 2014
All I needed was a small safe, and most small safes available are not built to the quality standards I was looking for... Then I saw the Liberty LX Premium Home series line. They are built like a tank and I was able to place it in my my small closet space. Thanks Liberty!

written by terri on March 28, 2014

Outstanding Safe
written by Doug on March 28, 2014
My wife and I were looking for an affordable but quality midsize safe for handguns and jewelry. We found it with our Liberty safe. Excellent safe for the money.

Premium Home 12
written by Mike on March 25, 2014
The experience we had with NW Safe Company was excellent. They are very much customer orientated and very friendly. They were very careful when delivering the safe and very informational. You must visit their store before purchasing a safe. They have a large variety.

Liberty Safe
written by Brent on March 25, 2014
An excellent safe with excellent warranty and service. Thanks!

Premium Home 12 Safe Review
written by JD on March 19, 2014
This is our 2nd Liberty Safe. Bought this safe for its size and quality. Safe has met all of our expectations.

Gary's reviews
written by Gary B on March 19, 2014
Excellent value for the money. Had all the features I wanted and then some. Very happy with my purchase.

Premium Home Safe LX12
written by Bill B on March 18, 2014
This is a well built product that fits my family's needs. We do not need a large safe and this one was easily placed in our closet. The lock combination was easily changed.

Premium Home 12
written by jeff on March 11, 2014

Great Safe
written by B. Bachelor on March 11, 2014
Great, high quality safe with excellent fire rating. Salesman was very knowledgeable and helpful. I liked that he spoke highly of competitors, as opposed to trying to bash them to sway my business. Honest guy and knew a lot about Liberty Safes. I'm happy I went with Liberty.

written by jjeank on March 8, 2014
I purchased this safe for our valuables and peace of mind when we leave home. Yes, we have a burglar alarm, but were vulnerable if they did gain access and grabbed what they could. This safe is a fortress! It also has the perfect dimensions to fit into our Master bedroom linen closet, so it's tall, (no bending over), and convenient to use daily. I can get my jewelry out, in bright light (not in a closet), and it works for us. I love the keypad entry as well. It looks tough and is bolted to the ground, with no access to the sides of it because of where we put it, and someone would have to bomb it out of our home...not worried anymore. Highly recommend

Premium Home 12
written by J JHall on March 8, 2014
5 star

More peace of mind
written by Lynn Short on March 6, 2014
I have been and investigating several kinds and brands of safes for some time now. I feel good and confident that my purchase has brought the confidence that I need for protecting my valuables mostly from fire and theft. Thank You.

Quality & Easy To Use
written by on March 5, 2014
Very solid safe that exudes quality. It is easy to use and the Liberty guarantee and warranty are amazing.

Great safe for peace of mind
written by Lm on February 25, 2014
Safe was delivered today and I am very pleased with the service provided to bolt the safe to the floor and go over the working of the safe! It is easy to set up as well as very safe and secure and large enough to protect all our important papers, to personal possessions that we would like to protect from fire as well as thieves. I would definitely recommend this safe to my friends well worth the money for peace of mind!

written by Janet on February 24, 2014
Excellent value from Gander Mountain.

Better safe than sorry
written by Nick on February 13, 2014
Looked for a long time for a safe for the home. We wanted a safe for all the important documents that we have acquired. Liberty had the best choice of sizes which met our needs. Now we can leave our house knowing that everything is safe and secure.

Liberty Review
written by yoretime on February 12, 2014
5 star premium home 12

Very Pleased with this safe
written by Mike K on February 4, 2014
The safe arrived today and we just finished putting some valuables and important papers in it. We are very pleased with our purchase. The safe is big enough to store all of our important items and papers.

Home Safe
written by Larry Powers on January 24, 2014
I really like this safe for the value, security and size. It's got to be one of the best safes for the money out there. I definitely recommend the Premium Home Series over the lower entry model. It is much more value for a few extra dollars and is what I was looking for.

Great product at a great price
written by Lucius Best on January 23, 2014
I've been looking for a sturdy quality safe for a while now to store personal items in a close location (vs. safe deposit boxes at a bank). After being referred by an associate to Liberty, I began research and identified that Liberty is second to none in personal safes. I purchased the LX-12 for my home and I'm extremely satisfied with it...if I had more space I would have purchased a larger safe!!!!

Great size for my office and excellent Fire Rating!
written by LX08 buyer on January 22, 2014
I had looked at other safes but they were either too small or too large... but this Liberty Model LX08 BKT had the perfect size and features I wanted in a safe!

Excellent Small safe.
written by Retired Fiber Splicer on January 16, 2014
Well built. Versatile and easy to work with.

Great Safe
written by X-Man on January 15, 2014
great safe with a good fire rating.

Great Safe Excelent sales team
written by JThomas on January 15, 2014
Today I purchased a safe from Talton's Safes, great customer service, was not pushy, took the time to answer all of my questions and addressed all concerns. Very happy with the purchase I made today. I would recommend them to anyone.

Great Company would recommend
written by Bruce on January 15, 2014
Just got it, but seems to be easy and well made.

Safe at home
written by Ian Fleming on January 12, 2014
I am completely happy with our purchase of a Liberty safe. I has the quality and ease of use that my wife and I was looking for in a home safe.

homeowner -first safe
written by first time buyer on January 12, 2014
This is a very good safe and has a great interior for storing both on shelves and on pockets on the door. It is anchored to the concrete slab beneath carpeting for security.

Top quality residential safe
written by Carolyn on January 9, 2014
Upon actually seeing, touching, and have the details and features explained by a very informed Sales Consultant you could only be impressed by quality, fit and finish of the product regardless of the size required.

Libertys best home safe.
written by Hamms on January 5, 2014
I bought the LX12, this safe is a beast. Very heavy built, this is the home safe to buy. I just wish the home safes were built in the US. I wish my gun safe was this well built. It's a Liberty entry level safe. All in all happy with Liberty products, hope they never get tested.

Finally a great safe in a small package
written by Larry S on December 22, 2013
I have been looking for a pistol safe for my second home and most of the smaller safes are either junk or too small.

Thank you Liberty for introducing a smaller safe with a name I can trust.

Perfect size and looks great where I have it.

Best experience! So pleased with the quality of our new safe!
written by Texas Hill Country folks on December 22, 2013
Excellent dealer in San Antonio/Austin. Best service!! Our new safe is just what we wanted and is perfect!

Premium Home 05
written by Delvis Carrero on December 12, 2013
Five Star

Five Star Safe
written by Mark Rogers on November 24, 2013
Great safe

Head of House
written by William Penn on November 24, 2013
This safe is very well built and has a good fire rating. A good product at a reasonable price.

Perfect safe for me
written by copperdog on October 25, 2013
I purchased the Liberty LX-12. from Northwest Safe in Enumclaw, WA. Before making any major purchased, I do a lot of research so it took about 6 months to make my decision. The clear brand choice was Liberty. The value for price can't be beat, and the LX-12 was exactly what I was looking for and with "room to grow".

Best overall
written by pantcor on October 23, 2013
I did a lot of research on home safes before finally settling on Liberty and the Premium Home 12. It will also double as a gun safe with it's height of 42" but you have to "reshelve" the interior to make a clear space. If you have no need for that, just leave it as it is and install the included shelving. I also recommend the dehumidifier as well. Would I recommend it to my friends?..I already have several times..

best in az.
written by dustydog on October 15, 2013

Great Safe for Home
written by Spartacus The Gladiator on October 4, 2013
Weighing in at 415 pounds The Premium Home 12 safe is excellent for the average home owner. It fits through all the doorways we had to circumnavigate with an inch or two to spare.

We installed the optional jewelry drawers and they really fit and look nice.

Tremendous ease of operation and an owners manual that is actually easy to understand.

To tell you the truth, the actual safe when it arrived exceeded all my expectations.

All in all with options and delivery I spent about 1000 dollars. This price is worth the security my family now feels that our documents and valuables will be protected in case of a natural disaster or fire.

Thank you Liberty Safe!

written by Brad on October 1, 2013
This premium safe is DEFINITELY worth the extra money vs the regular home safe. Having the 11 gauge steel, and UL rating, and warranty makes a gigantic difference. Also 4 way bolt system is very nice.

Luxurious safe. I absolutely love and recommend it. This is a top notch high security safe!!

Good Solid Safe
written by Tim on September 25, 2013
The Liberty I bought gave me just the right amount of extra capacity as my first Liberty is now full.

Model LX5 Excellent Value
written by GBH on September 8, 2013
The entire experience I had with the retailer was excellent from purchase to installation. Would recommend to anyone.

Rock Star Solid
written by Johan on August 24, 2013
The fact that Liberty tests its safes to make sure that they are more than the standards that they make claims about was most impressive during the decision to buy. Everyone has valuables of some sort - risk assessment is the best way to make sure that they are well protected. It was an easy decision.

Great compact safe
written by The Don on August 22, 2013
Great compact safe with lots of inside room. Three adjustable shelves and storage pockets on door. Very user friendly.

written by STLRAB on August 18, 2013
Absolutely love my LX8 Premium Home Safe

Excellent Quality
written by Oregon Ray on August 1, 2013
Nice to have a quality made safe that was made in the USA.
Liberty's Response:
Actually Oregon Ray, the Premium Home LX series is imported from our facility in China. We designed the new Premium safes with Liberty engineering specs. It's one of our hottest selling home safe models right now. Glad you like it.