1. Revere Models-MADE IN THE USA  

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Revere 23 in Textured Black with Chrome Hardware


The REVERE MODELS have everything the Entry Level Centurion has PLUS these 7 FEATURE UPGRADES:

    1. 2-piece roll form body, which eliminates top edge weld for more security
    2. 2-side bolt coverage verses 1 sided bolt coverage for more resistance to prying
    3. 3 additional bolts for increased security against prying
    4. STEEL GUSSETT added to door frame helps protect against prying
    5. Granite and gray marble colors added in select sizes (Exception: RV20 & RV30 only comes in textured black)
    6. Upgraded modern Liberty logo
    7. 3-point handle vs. single point (Exception: RV20 has single point handle)
  • 3 MODELS - The Revere comes in three sizes: RV20, RV23 & RV30
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