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Dry Rod Dehumidifier Ratings and Reviews

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written by Bubs on January 29, 2016
I bought this thinking I would be safe with the humidity, I have a cordless readout on my safe and there is more humidity in my safe than outside of it. I have my safe in my unheated garage and I just don`t think this rod will protect my guns from the humidity.

Dry Rod runs hot?
written by Mike on October 8, 2015
Is this supposed to run Hot? I can still touch it and pick it up without burning myself but was wondering if this is normal?
Liberty's Response:
Yes, it should maintain a constant temp of around 75°

Screws to short
written by Brian on July 18, 2015
The screws for the 2 mounting plastic brackets are to short they barely go through the fuzz on the liberty fat boy. It seems to work so far have had it 2 days. I used pipe hanging brackets and longer screws to double secure it. It will not fall off now.

model 9913
written by ppayne on November 25, 2013
Note: if your dehumidfier quits working, take a pair of pliers and pull plug apart. The wires just plug on to two needles. Picking them up by the cord, it pulls out a little, simply cut the wire off a little and plug it back in. Paul W. P. ps. I threw one away, could be warmer.