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Safelert Monitoring System Ratings and Reviews

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written by CHUCK G on June 30, 2015

written by Billy on June 29, 2015
I think this product is over rated at this time. I receive to many false positives on Internet connection and movement. I had to turn off most of the settings as I was getting texted so many times for false positives that it was driving me crazy.

Outside of that, I think it is a great idea if it just worked properly.

Thank you
Liberty's Response:
It sounds like you are having connectivity issues. We will be in contact to see if we can get it working correctly. Are you using the Antenna? This is the most common fix for this issue.

Every safe owner should have this device.
written by Disabled Veteran on June 29, 2015
I originally bought this during the sale of our house. With all the foot traffic during prior to the sale. I wanted to have that added protection of being notified if any tampering happened. It works perfectly, and even if you barely bump the safe it sends out the alert and arrived in under one minute. I personally tested this a couple dozen times with both push and email. The notification for when it gets disconnected from the network (say due to power loss or other tampering) works perfectly as well.

With regards to being battery operated. I found that with retail alkaline AAs it worked great and could tell the batteries would last for a very long time. But I don't support the use of disposable alkaline batteries. I use rechargeable AA for all my applications. I use Eneloop XL AAs, which in many other applications work far better than standard alkalines, and the added benefit is that I get up to 10 years use, before recycling. One note about using rechargeable batteries with this device. It appears they are using a simple voltage measurement for the battery status which appears to be calibrated to alkaline voltages. So that means when you use rechargeables, the status of the batteries are always going to report less than what the actual batteries are at. This doesn't particularly bother me as I know I'll receive an alert if the device goes offline, etc. I've had the Eneloops in for 7 months now and still going strong, status reads 30%, but I know these will go past the year mark, before needing to be recharged, etc.

Summary, Great product, great service, an inexpensive investment in providing an extra layer of security to your valuables. I would and have recommended this product to all my friends.

Great security device
written by ken on June 23, 2015
I'm amazed with the Safelert monitoring system. It gives me a peace of mind.


Safelert = Security Assurance
written by Wayne G. on June 22, 2015
Safelert is an excellent concept and reliably provides updates on the status of my safe.

with the cost of batteries
written by 2 Corinthians 5:17 on June 18, 2015
Can't believe it is battery operated. My grand kids toys are battery operated. Having AC power available inside Liberty Safe's they should be back-up battery. I am in the security business (Low Voltage Contractor) in Miami, Florida I was considering adding the safElert to my security protection package, I have two cameras (Motion & Image sensors) and door contacts.

When you make is AC power connection, please advice, Only issue we have and probably with stop all the false alarms.

COLONIAL ~ "Great Safe" very satisfied! (I did my homework)
Liberty's Response:
Typically a SafElert will typically go over a year without needing battery replacements when using quality batteries. That is about $2/year in batteries. An AC options is something we are looking into, but have not had any complaints about battery life to this point. Your app will let you know when your batteries are getting low. We appreciate your feedback. 

Good System
written by Gene on June 16, 2015
Very pleased with this system and the information it provides me.

Worth every penny
written by Bill R on June 15, 2015
i've had it running for 6 months now. It works perfectly. Alerts when it is supposed to. No false alerts to date.

Best peace of mind investment
written by AL on June 15, 2015
This item keeps my peace of mind while I am away. 5 star rating and 2 thumbs up. No yearly fee. Pay for the item and that is it. Needs WiFi for it to work.

Great Idea, 90% execution
written by Alphanumericone on June 15, 2015
I really like the idea of a monitor in my safe. I do think there are a couple things that could be done to improve the product.

As others have reported, I too have had my share of false alerts.
-2am door open alerts will get your heart pumping.

After getting Liberty Safe on the phone, they quickly sent out a new sensor for the lights, which was triggering the door open alert.
-Just call them, I don't think they respond to online inquiries.

Next, was false alerts as the battery life got below 40%.
Using rechargeable batteries only registered 40% battery, presumably due to lower voltage, which also produced false alerts.

I have a Lincoln safe, which is pretty large. Even with the antenna extension, I am not able to place the safelert in the recommended location, and get the antenna in a position to get a good connection to my wifi. Wire is barely long enough to get the antenna 1/3 up the back of the safe. Another 3- 4 feet would be great!.

Recommended improvements.
* Most large safes have electrical these days. It would be nice to have the battery be a backup as opposed to primary power source.
* With the battery as a secondary power source have an alert every 6 months as a reminder to replace batteries.
* Longer antenna extender for larger safes.
* Historical alert report. It would be nice to be able to view a calendar or timeline of some sort showing the historical alerts.
Liberty's Response:
Great review, thanks for the details. 
We have since lengthened our antenna cable to allow it to reach where you would like.

Great security system for your safe.
written by ToolDude on June 8, 2015
This system is great to have inside of your safe and the way you get alerts on your phone really gives you peace of mind. Knowing that any motion on the safe or opening and closing of the door is going to be sent to your phone in a matter of seconds gives you all the information you need to make a decision as to what is going on at your safe. Super product!

Peace of Mind
written by Buckenny on June 1, 2015
Well worth the small investment.

written by Impressed on May 25, 2015
Great piece of mind. Been in use about 3 years now.

Worth it!
written by AL on May 25, 2015
Peace of mind while you are away. So far about 8 days with no issues. Awesome APP for smartphone as well.

Great Little System
written by RichMB on May 25, 2015
I love this device. Its small, fits out of the way and reports everything you set it up to do !! Have an environmental system in my safe and this little gem reports how its doing all the time. It reports movement or door activity very quickly, even when there was a momentary drop off in my internet connection, i received a report of it !

It's well worth the cost as all is included in the purchase price! It's small and fits almost anywhere. My concern was it would not report through my heavy safe, but it does. I mounted it as indicated in the instruction, close to the opening so it could communicate. Works just fine !

written by Bill on May 18, 2015
Everyone should have one
I can't believe how well it works
It's like someone is home watching your safe

SafElert Provides Great Peace of Mind
written by Liberty Safe Fan on May 18, 2015
So far, so good. Working well for a basement install and without the external antenna attached to the device for about a week. Wireless router is approximately 30 feet away on the next floor up. Easy setup too; took about 10 minutes total from opening the package to receiving my first "Door Open" alert. No manual port forwarding or other advanced TCP/IP knowledge required. Received SafElert as part of a promo - took about a week and a half to get the unit from Liberty after submitting the registration paperwork.

One "concern" to share: The physical attachment of the device is with two-sided Velcro. The adhesive doesn't look like it will stick well for a long time on the safe's interior. Time will tell.

Quick reliable alerts everytime
written by Smeej70 on May 11, 2015
After 2 years i've only had one issue and that was on initial installation with the external antenna. after some quick testing and a call or two to customer service, I received a replacement and haven't had an issues since.

I recommend you modify the alerts to only show "Opened" intead of both open and close alerts.

You'll get hit with two alerts every time you access your safe. More of any annoyance/personal preference than an issue though.

I highly recommend it for some peace of mind when away from your safe.

Great product
written by John Doe on May 4, 2015
Works great and customer service is excellent .

Fantastic Product
written by bigbob823 on May 4, 2015
Installed in my safe over 6mo. works flawlessly.

Excellent! No safe should be without one!
written by BruceRPA on April 27, 2015
The installation and setup was fast and easy, although I think that the WiFi setup instructions could be improved somewhat. I did not require any assistance but I can see where some clarification might save some calls to customer service from those with little or no IT experience. Perhaps a simple reference to expanded instructions on the home page would be sufficient. I don't mean to overstate the issue as I see it. The WiFi setup was NOT difficult.

The SefElert is an incredible value. The features make it invaluable for every safe and safe owner. Aside from the burglary or attack notifications, being able to monitor and be notified if the humidity level reaches a level that the contents could be damaged is worth the price of the SafElert alone. The ability to have a log of events, such as every time the door is opened, could be very valuable information to have available for any number of reasons. Simply direct your notifications from tour SafElert to go to an email folder that is archived. There is your event log. It won't be able to tell you who opened the door but it will be able to tell you when it was opened. It should not be too difficult for you to figure that out though.

The SafElert does rely on the integrity of your WiFi system. Make sure that you have a battery backup system on your modem as well as any routers or switches on your network. Also, do your best to conceal the antenna (if you use one) as well as the network components and cables. Hide your active network components while leaving some out of service components in plain sight as a decoy to intruders.

written by RANLAR on April 23, 2015
The directions say 15 minutes to install, but I don't think it took that long. (Easy Install) My router/wireless access point is 35 feet away and four walls. I was concerned before installing that I might need the extended antenna, so I did a pre-purchase call to support to find out if my Cabelas Woodsman model D-27 has a pre-drilled access hole and it does. (BTW, their tech support is super nice). Also, besides wireless security I use MAC filtering; the MAC address is inside the battery cover for future reference. I did not need the extended antenna. I tested bumping the safe, opening and closing and received almost immediate text (Verizon) and e-mail alerts. (You will get several alerts while you are setting it up outside the safe. They give you double stick Velcro for mounting in the upper right hand corner (my safe has interior carpet, lucky I has Velcro that sticks to carpet. GREAT PRODUCT! Works just like it says it does. The Glendale, Az Cabelas have these in stock, they also carry the power unit if needed.

Great feature for a safe
written by TexasHillCountry on April 13, 2015
Love this feature! Works great!

Everyone needs to read this review...
written by Virginia Zombie Hunter on April 13, 2015
I've been using Safelert about two years now. I use the external antenna to get a strong signal. It works great.

Last year I was getting several "movement detected" and "door open" false alerts. My battery level was down around 40%. Here's what you need to know: once you reach about 40% - 50% on your battery and start to get false alerts, it is time to change batteries! Once I did that I got ZERO false alerts. I'm convinced that the false alerts are related to low battery conditions.

This is a great product that works well with fresh batteries.

Great Peace of Mind....
written by Captain Ron on April 13, 2015
Very easy to install.... it is working perfectly and it gives me great peace of mind knowing this is installed. I LOVE it !!!!

works great
written by rick on April 13, 2015
It is placed inside my safe 15 feet from router email works perfectly text works perfecly. Grand kids rattle on the door crank I get alert within minutes A MUST HAVE ITEM happy

False Door Open Alerts
written by Wayne G. on April 7, 2015
I have had my Liberty Presidential safe for over six months and I am very pleased with its quality as well as the concept of the Safelert Monitoring System. However, I have started to receive false "door open" alerts during the last few weeks, which are very concerning especially when I receive them while away. I have sent email inquiries via the Liberty website and left voicemail at the Safelert toll free customer service number when they did not answer during business hours to inquire what needs to be done to correct this situation, but have received no responses to any of my attempts to communicate. I have a high regard for Liberty Safes, but I am writing this review out of frustration due to my recent experience with false alerts.
Liberty's Response:
It sounds like you are having some connection issues, maybe just need to reset it or make sure the antenna is correctly attached. Either way, we will be in touch to make sure we get you taken care of.  

One More Level of Security
written by Liberty Lover on April 6, 2015
Safelert is a perfect compliment to a comprehensive home protection plan.

1.It starts with a rock solid home security system (we enthusiastically endorse SimpliSafe for its affordability, ease of installation and performance).

2. We choose a Liberty Lincoln safe - the finest American built safe brand on the market.

3. Finally we installed Safelert as the final line of defense. It is comforting to check on the status of the safe at any time. When I am traveling I can log in, check the temperature and humidity levels in the safe and know that it has not been tampered with. Safelert takes only minutes to install.

The most valuable thing any of us can hope for is peace of mind - Thanks to Safelert we will know the status of our Liberty safe at all times.

Great product
written by buck on April 6, 2015
Works great, I really like all of the features, peace of mind.

Works good but
written by Richard on April 3, 2015
The safelert works great as long as the doors open and with the ant. But when I put the extension cable on and run the cable out the back and hook to the ant it will not work. Checked the extension cable with a ohm meter it showed it to be open.
Liberty's Response:
It sounds like we need to get you a new antenna extension. A member of our customer service team will be in contact to arrange the replacement.
Great Customer Service
I just got my new antenna installed and the safelert is working perfect, Liberty was very fast on getting back to me with my problem and shipping out a new antenna very good customer service.

Great feature
written by rneum on March 30, 2015
This is a really great feature and every safe should have one.

Great product !!!
written by GEO on March 30, 2015
It is simply awesome from ease of install to use. Never had any issues at all Love it !!!

Super product
written by Magnum44 on March 30, 2015
Great product, a must for every gun safe owner!

Just amazied!
written by wheelndan on March 30, 2015
easy to set up, when you watch the video. You can see everything real time. Wonderful invention, thx

written by Bill on March 23, 2015
Wow a must

great product
written by Joe on March 23, 2015
Have used it several months with great satisfaction. A friend recently has had his house broken in to and guns were stolen. I full intend to send him a link the Web page and strongly suggest to him to get a monitor.

Peace of Mind
written by Josh on March 23, 2015
I love my Safe and the SafElert feature. I have been a gun owner for 10 years and this is the first time I don't worry about my valuables when I am gone. Very satisfied.

You Gotta Get One!
written by E on March 23, 2015
I've had mine for about 3 hrs now and the first one wasn't getting a good signal. I changed routers and spoke w c/s and they are awesome! They return calls asap and emails. They quickly helped me and had me send back the old one postage paid and solved the problem. Technical help was awesome. It's been workin great! I give this product and the company an A+++++. THANKS ELERTUS

My safe talks to me. Thanks Safelert and Liberty
written by Firesam on March 16, 2015
It was very easy to setup. It's nice to know whats happening with my safe when I'm not home. Checking the stats online is a cool feature also. Mine works fine with out the extra antenna. My safe is on the other side of my house and I still get a good signal. It even alerts me when the internet connection is lost. A very cool product.

Love it!
written by MS The Duke on March 16, 2015
It works great. I have gone in and out of the safe several times and it triggers the notice to me very quickly. It sent me one motion alarm that I related to the construction compactor that my neighbor was using (I think one of my rifles shifted in the safe).

safe alarm
written by Joe d on March 16, 2015
Awesome just liked advertised another great product from liberty That's why I only recommend Liberty.

the best
written by delaware on March 9, 2015
I am not technical, this system was easy to install with great tech support and follow up.

Internet disconnect
written by Ed on March 9, 2015
Initially this worked great!,for a few months,then it started with a few "internet
Disconnects",but now lately I've been getting this several times a day! Called support and I've followed there instructions to no avail,I checked my internet service and wifi many times! That works fine!,I've "rebooted" this device according to there instructions and even had the do a "walk through" over the phone,and it still doesn't work!....must be defective!...Ed
Liberty's Response:
That is not good. We don't have faulty units very often...but there is obviously something wrong with the way this one is working. We will contact you and look at getting you a replacement.

written by rick on March 9, 2015
item works as stated, very easy to setup

Works now since I changed wire less router
written by Mark L. on March 9, 2015
Had Safelert since safe was purchased over 12 months ago. Was not impressed, it did not work, tried antenna extension, no help, after several conversations with Customer service rep, I was told that the Safelert did not work with an Actiontec router. Which is what I had from Verizon FIOS. At this point I gave up. Then I had an opportunity to change router to a Realtec Router, Now the Safelert system works fine, I am please with what the Safelert does, now that I can communicate with it via my new router. I am now a changed man.

written by Bill R. on March 2, 2015
Easy install. No problems.

Wouldn't have a safe without one
written by outback on March 2, 2015
Works every time, I sometimes open door to test it. The humidity and temperature features are amazing that is like double protection so guns are not getting moisture and damaging them. Must have item.

Great Product
written by Billy on February 23, 2015
I purchased the Liberty Ambassador model from Cabela's in December, and installed the Alertus Monitor in January. A very easy to install and impressive device. I have received zero false alerts and can't imagine not having the device with this well built and good looking safe.


Excellent experience. Love the product!
written by Happy Safe Owner! on February 23, 2015
My velcro came loose and my device kept falling. Evenually the antenna connection broke off. I explained the situation and the gave me a new device free of charge. I now velcro the bottom of the device and just sit it on the top shelf. No more false alarms and it woks exactly as it should. I love it! Temp/humidity/vibration/open&close!

Works well
written by Average Joe on February 23, 2015
System works well, would be better if the battery didn't have to be replaced every three months

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