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Safelert Monitoring System Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.6 out of 5 stars for 577 customers ratings and reviews

Excellent free alert system
written by Happy Safeowner on May 28, 2018
I've tested it several times and it has always worked perfectly. Thankfully no real events yet.

Safe Room
written by Mo Jo's Safe on May 21, 2018
Placed a Safelert in our Safe Room (Tornados and Valuabes) and it monitors temp, humidity and movement very effectively. It sends notices (text or email) any time the door opens or even when humifity/temp move out of our set range. Great addition to the Safe since our Cabin is at the Ranch. Great priduct!

Excellent protection
written by Woodwalker on May 21, 2018
I am very satisfied with the system.

Long Lasting Satisfaction
written by SteveS on May 14, 2018
This product has been in service for me for almost 4 years and it is absolutely reliable. I love being able to travel and know my safe is secure and CLOSED! I like the fact that the battery is monitored at all times and gives lots of notice so you can replace it when it is convenient. I use the great new Energizer Ultimate Lithium cells which are great at low temperatures, in case that ever happens. They last a LONG time in the Safelert system!

Always know where my guns are
written by HiPower on May 14, 2018
With Safelert I never have to worry if I'm in another country or just eating dinner across town , my guns feel like they are
In a holster inside my waist band that's how secure I feel

Good Supplement to an Alarm System Sensor - Great as a Stand Alo
written by CaScotsman on May 7, 2018
Even if you have a whole house alarm, and have put a door sensor on your safe, this is still an inexpensive and valuable addition. It lets you know it has been opened if family members are accessing the safe when they shouldn't, especially minors. It supplements your alarm, if it fails or is disabled. It gives valuable temperature and humidity data that can tell you when to change desiccant or that your door seal may be leaking and you need better de-humidification sytem. Easy to install. Has worked flawlessly for nearly a year. Text messages to phone arrive quickly, even half way round the world on a hunting trip to SA, I got wi-fi interruption texts. E-mails are a bit slower, sometimes arriving a half day or more afterwards, but that may be AOL. Simple free monitoring service is a great deal! I had to use the external antennae due to the distance form my safe to my w-fi modem, through thick cinder block walls. Opening and closing the safe door on that thin cord may eventually wear it out, but I bet they have an easy replacement part. Liberty Safe service is always good..

Safelert review
written by Fidel Perez on April 30, 2018
We're very satisfied with the product. Any shaking of the safe (like someone stumping around next to the safe) or opening the door will trigger both, a text message and an email. Very cool.

written by Jim on April 23, 2018
Just Great
Everybody that has a safe should have this

Feeling secure
written by Stephen on April 23, 2018
Any time I open or close my safe it triggers an alert,never miss this makes me feel very secure, because I know when I am not home I will with out a douth be alerted if my safe is being tampered with.

Safelert the best
written by bill on April 17, 2018
bought my new fatboy safe last year
With the safelert
Safelert awesome let's me know everything that the safe is doing like movement door open and close battery level
I would recommend to anybody that has a safe

Tom Tile @ Plumbing
written by Tom Tile on April 16, 2018
Works great no problem installing it. Wish the antenna wire was longer. Works great with the Fatboy Extreme.

Awesome device
written by Terrible Terry on April 9, 2018
I was fortunate enough to receive the Safelert monitoring device for free when purchasing my Lincoln safe from Liberty Safes approximately 3 years ago. I appreciate that it lets me know whenever the safe is opened or when it detects motion. I also find the monthly updates that it sends help me to replace the battery when necessary (approximately once a year). Knowing what I know now about this device I would definitely purchase it if it wasn't included with the purchase of a new safe.

Outstanding Product
written by Johnny on April 9, 2018
I have been using Safelert Monitoring just over a year now. Easy to set up and bring online. I have changed the battery one time. This device works! I can monitor when the safe is opened, closed, humidity, and movement. Told my son about it and he bought one for his safe. He is also very happy with it's performance. Great product!

Great experience with Safelert for our safe
written by Nirole on March 26, 2018
We bought a safe with Safelert over 3 years ago. We have had no problems with the device. I replaced my wifi once and had to reset the login and pw on the Safelert along with several other devices. I have had to replace the batteries when they get lower power to keep the signal strong enough for wifi connection.

great product
written by firearms and a backhoe on March 19, 2018
this works just as described. easy to set up. the weekly reporting is great for letting you know everything is working.

Love it
written by Thesquid513 on March 19, 2018
Only issue I had was letting the batteries get low which is my fault. Love the text alerts

Great tool
written by Bigd on March 19, 2018
Although I have only had the unit for a few weeks, I am very happy overall with it. I'm not sure that the temp or humidity sensors are completely accurate, but they seem to be within 12% based on a higher end hygrometer. I feel comfortable knowing that the safe is monitored, but I installed a motion detector security camera above it that also sends alerts to my phone. With the two devices combined, I leave my home with no worries about safe security!

Safelert Review
written by Greg R on March 12, 2018
Outstanding product. Easy to set up and bring online. I travel a lot and also live in Hurricane country and it is reassuring that I can monitor what is going on from the other side of the country. This product has exceeded my expectations!!! I would definitely advise other consumers to take a hard look at this product before buying something else. Money well spent

Essential Gear
written by Phil M. on March 12, 2018
I'm loving this. I can get updates anywhere in the world. Keeps my stuff safe, and let's me know when the power goes out and when the Wife opens the safe.

written by Wayne on March 6, 2018
The system works great let me know everything I need no inside my safe

written by DJM on March 5, 2018
Excellent Device. Works as Advertised. Easy to install. Great customer support when contacted to resolve a minor issue.

Absolutely Necessary Product
written by TheChemist on March 5, 2018
If buying a gun safe, or just a safe, there is a reason: you want to protect something. It makes no sense not to have a sensor that will tell you if something is happening to your safe (and that which you want to protect), when you aren't there. This product does that.
I set it up in less than five minutes, placed it in the safe, then opened the door. It only took 30 seconds before an alert came to my phone and computer email. Upon closing the door, it took only until the light went out inside the safe and a "door closed" alert came back. I pushed hard on the top of the safe to get it to move and I get a movement alert. This is excellent.

Used Safe Alert since 2015
written by Long time User on February 27, 2018
I have been using Safelert Monitoring since 2015. I have changed the battery one time. I have been at 20% for the past 6 months. I think I might change it this weekend. This device works! I can monitor when the safe is opened, closed, humidity, and movement. My son received the alerts as well since I sometimes work away. Great product!

valuable addition to any safe
written by Chris on February 26, 2018
I love that this product warns me when the door is opened and closed. It will even text or email you when humidity levels get too high. Every safe should have one!

Freakin Awesome!
written by David B on February 26, 2018
Hands down a no brainer! Must have!!

Extra layer of protection
written by Judgetim on February 26, 2018
Okay I saw this at Cabela's while browsing safe section I thought wow pretty expensive. I went home read a bunch of reviews and decided to buy. First let say I'm not a tech savory person, but I followed directions in manual and it snyc the first try. I set temp and humidity ranges, phone (text) notices absolutely no problems. I already had motion light inside safe (one review said it doesn't work if light off) so it works as advertised. It takes less then 30 seconds to receive a text once door is open or closed. I also bumped safe a little to test sensor, it's very sensitive and again less then 30 seconds to receive text. You can also alert more then one number. I find this extremely handy if I'm out of town or country I can have it alert my sons. Now I have a home alarm system that is hooked into local police, but if I forget to alarm this is always on.

written by Bwag1775 on February 26, 2018
Works as advertised. We worth the investment.

Great for security
written by Salty on February 19, 2018
Awesome device wish I would have purchased alot sooner,

Important tool for securing valubles
written by Boy Howdy on February 19, 2018
Takes homeowner vault storage to a different level. The ability to access this info remotely (internet and email) is wonderful. Good quality' batteries are key to good operation. I would like a longer antenna cable to allow wire to be routed thru vault inlet/outlet.

Excellent choice for monitoring and reporting
written by Grumpi Dad on February 19, 2018
The Safealert Monitoring System is an excellent choice for this application. Easy and efficient installation and use.

Excellent protection
written by Marc B. on February 12, 2018
Love the added security this gives me,almost immediate alert to phone of door opening. Perfect!

Peace of mind
written by TRF on February 12, 2018
This product combined with a home camera system give me great peace of mind..

Fantastic Product
written by Happy Customer on February 7, 2018
Great product, alerts to any changes to the safe directly to my phone. Couldn't ask for a cooler product.

Safealert is great
written by Tom Rizzo on February 5, 2018
I bought safe alert when i purchased my safe and i absolutely love this thing.It texts you when someone touches the handle,causes a vibration when attempting to get in.Mine watches the humidity level in the safe to protect documents and or firearms.It gives me extra peace of mind when im not home.Works as advertised..

Great product but it could be better
written by Pa horse thief on February 5, 2018
This product is GREAT. It works exactly as advertised. I get an email anytime there is a trigger on a monitored condition, door open, door closed, temperature over or under, humidity over or under. I even get an alert from minor earth tremors indicating safe movement. My safe is sitting on a concrete slab. Safelert has never failed to give me an alert. How could it be better? I would like to see history in the weekly check in.

written by JPL on January 22, 2018
In a word- Fantastic.
Took 2 minutes to set up, works flawlessly. Exactly as advertised. Couldn't be happier. Highly recommended!

Peace of Mind
written by Tmbrwuf on January 15, 2018
Excellent product. Accurate temperature and humidity readings. It recently notified me of a low temperature condition while I was out of town during a very cold spell. Turned out that my heatpump for the main level of my house had failed. The alert allowed me to have a relative check on the house and let me know the temperature had dropped dramatically on that level of the residence. The door open and closed features are instantaneous as is the movement alert. Great product, I have multiple units and will be getting another for another safe. The only time I thought I received a false alert was for a movement detection alert. I learned we had had a minor earthquake many miles away that morning and my Liberty Safelert picked up the movement. Highly recommend.

written by Robert on January 15, 2018
Excellent product.

Great Product
written by LRichard on January 8, 2018
Awesome product. Notifies you via text message and/or email of any movement, temperature, humidity levels. Weekly check in keeps you informed.

Great Product
written by Safe Secure on January 8, 2018
I receive a text within 2 minutes if there is safe or door movment

Great product
written by J Marberry on December 25, 2017
I have had this a year now. I believe I received it as a Christmas present in 2016. I've changed the battery once. It told me to do that. I heartily recommend this as an accessory to your Liberty safe!

Pleased customer
written by Kevin on December 25, 2017
Only had it for a week, but works exactly as advertised. Great system.

Satisfied Customer 2 years running
written by Hend1 on December 25, 2017
Very satisfied with this system. Not one issue in 2 years. My primary motivation was security, but also temp and humidity, given than my safe is located in a (insulated) garage room. A major selling point was the lifetime no fee monitoring service.

Multiple uses
written by Happy customer on December 25, 2017
The security features are great but it can alert you of other things too. Examples-air conditioner or furnace failure-fire-broken water pipes/flooding if your safe is stored in a basement or on a ground floor slab-broken windows or open doors can all send alerts if you have your parameters set properly. Excellent product!

If it worked, it is a good concept
written by Bryan on December 22, 2017
Ok, so I bought this and was very happy to get in. I figured it would be a great addition to my new Liberty Fatboy Extreme! However, I spent over 6hours trying to get this to work with my WiFi. I have tried WITH and WITHOUT the external antenna. I've tried new batteries, brand new batteries as well. I tried to connect it in the office where my safe is located, no luck. I tried connecting it in three other rooms in my house, no luck. I went by BOTH WiFi routers that I have in my house, no luck. I tried to get it to connect to both the 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz radios on my WiFi, no luck (aside from the fact that it ONLY recognized the 2.4Ghz during setup, I manually entered the 5Ghz SSID). I tried over the course of like 3 or 4 days to get this thing to work and NOTHING. I thought it was going to work after I went to the DFGW, entered all the information and then tried to connect as the green light on the device flashed like 3-5times. Then after about 30-45 seconds, it was always a solid red light. I figured it may be the signal, although my entire house has 4-5 bars on both spectrums on my WiFi, I sat right in front of the actual router, nothing. I know its NOT the WiFi as I have multiple devices connected and never have a problem connecting devices. I know its also not a limited number of IPs on the network being available either as even with the 10-12 devices AND two routers, I still have about 25 unused IPs that are up for grabs for other things to join the network(s) with.

If it is an issue with incompatibility with specific routers, then that needs to be disclosed as to which it works with and which it does not. However, BOTH of my routers are Cisco Linksys WRT AC routers so I don't understand why it would not be compatible with like the most well-known branded routers. I'm looking to return it and until it can get the kinks worked out, I guess I'll just rely on the hopes nobody breaks into my house and is able to get into my new Fatboy Extreme!

Satisfied customer
written by Fiddlinjim on November 20, 2017
It's doing its job, Thank you.

Had my safe monitor over 5 months now
written by Tony on November 20, 2017
I have had my safe monitor for more than 5 months now and it is working fine. It shows the temperature and humidity which very nice and sends alerts for open, closed and movement detected and high humidity and you can change the values and what alerts you want to receive. I am very pleased with the safe monitoring unit.

Best for the best
written by pennywise on November 14, 2017
I have no worries!

Works great
written by 57th Patriot on November 13, 2017
I have had it for a few years now and i'm very happy with it. Once in awhile I get an alert that it is disconnected from the internet, but it quickly reconnects.

Does NOT work with all routers!
written by Richie Z on November 13, 2017
I moved and upgraded my router. When this product would not connect, I contacted customer support and was basically told that the device does not connect to all routers.
They said that they need to upgrade their software but at this time they haven't. Told me to return to the seller for a refund. I'll see if Liberty will help me out but not counting on it.
Liberty's Response:
Hi, sorry for your frustration but you are correct.  On the SafElert page we have:

*ROUTER UPDATE: If you have one of the following systems/setups, there is currently a compatibility issue:

  • SafElert will only run on 802.11G routers
  • Verizon FiOS network when using the Action Tec Wireless Router
  • Wireless ISP's using satellites such as: HughesNet, DishTV, etc.

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To learn more, watch the SAFELERT safe alarm system video.