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Safelert Monitoring System Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.5 out of 5 stars for 374 customers ratings and reviews

written by Roger dodger on May 16, 2016
This is so much peace of mind. Works wireless lyrics with any safe and any wifi. Notifications for anything that could happen, temperature,movement humidity, door open, door closed. Total peace of mind. Any alert can be sent to any smart phone. Text message or email or both. If you have a safe you need A SAFELERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

written by Buffaloman on May 15, 2016
Outstanding, only wish there was a way to recharge the batteries in the unit . Great job, well done. Love it

written by Golfbum on May 2, 2016
I had some problems at first. Had to replace one unit. I am using an external antenna and I raised my Wi-Fi high on a shelf. Great peace of mind.

Great sesor
written by BigB on May 2, 2016
Works great. Accurate reporting. Great battery life. A++

Love It!
written by Retired in TX Hill Country on April 20, 2016
Works great. Gave one to my son as a gift. He loves it also.

written by Cpditty on April 18, 2016
Superb product. Provides piece of mind and does exactly what it says. Love rhe weekly text that gives you the weekly summary. I have the safe notification set to a flurry of gun shots people get a kick out of that when the safe opens and closes. The only thing I would remind people is that the open and close sensors work with light so if you do not have a light kit in the safe or are opening your safe in a light room it may not sense that the door is open. My safe has automatic lights when you open the door so it works perfectly for me but if you are in the dark opening your safe and do not have internal safe lights the alarm may not sound.

Great Product
written by KWL on April 11, 2016
Great product. Easy set up. I thought I might have issues with the wi-fi distance from my router to the gun safe but it worked without using the external antenna. I would give the product a 5 star plus rating.

Great product and customer service
written by Ken on April 11, 2016
This is my second unit. The first one did not function very well. The battery would discharge in 2 weeks or less. Company Rep. was very helpful and sent me a new unit. This one works like a charm. Remember, it is not only how good the product is, but how reliable the customer service is also. Both have been great.

written by Michael on April 11, 2016
I purchased this device to monitor my is preforming flawlessly and does everything that was stated it would do!

I will tell anyone who asks that this device is very useful and well worth the purchase!

Wonderful device.
written by Matthew on April 4, 2016
Price was more then my budget would allow. Cabela's had a $20 off sale and free shipping coupon! Plus using my credit card points, I bought one.

Instructions easy to follow and within 5 minutes I had it programed. But it didn't send any alarms?! Instructions didn't mention I had to wait 10 to 15 minutes for a account confirmation email. Once I got the email and answered it, up and running. Very pleased.

Sometimes it's the password...
written by CountieLt on March 21, 2016
I had some problems hooking mine up to my WiFi...until I changed my WiFi password deleting some special characters and shortening the password overall. I'm not sure whether it was the special characters or the length, but it works just fine now and has been doing so for some time. I get the very rare "Movement Detected Alert" when no one is in the room in which the safe is located, but as I say, these are extremely rare. I love that it monitors humidity and temperature as well. Excellent product! Well worth the cost for peace of mind.

written by Geo on March 21, 2016
The best thing since the ice cream cone!!!

Great product
written by Pb in Mn on March 21, 2016
Easy to set up once external antenna added. Does great job monitoring humidity, temperature and any movement. Works as advertised.

Excellent product
written by Moussa on March 21, 2016
It works very well, i recommend this product for all my Friends

best thing since sliced bread
written by bucko 74 on March 19, 2016
It's on time ever time

I show off my Safe Alert Ap
written by Usaf on March 14, 2016
Best investment since door locks! Had some false movement alerts because I mounted my devise on velcro on the side of my safe. Moved it to a shelf directly under a motion LED. No false alarms. Open the door, lights go on! Triggers an alert to my iPhone in seconds. Send s text, and to me, the wife and an email to a trusted friend and my work address.

Very cool , Very Happy
written by Sunny on March 14, 2016
I am Very pleased with my Safelert monitor . It works perfectly and gives me an extra sense of safety I didn't know I could have . Over all Very pleased .

Great Value!
written by Rick R on March 7, 2016
My unit has worked great for over a year now. Every now and then it sends a "lost connection" alert to my phone, but my internet service out in the country is less than reliable so I blame that. You can't beat the free monitoring also....Great product and have told others about it!

Peace of Mind
written by Ron on March 7, 2016
Safelert Monitoring gives me additional "Peace of Mind". I like details. This tells me everything that I need to know about my safe contents (e.g, temps; humidity; opening, closing). It's a great product and service...

works well, all the time
written by rabbitbyte on March 7, 2016
Safe alert works as designed. I have had it for several months, and it has proven to be 100% reliable. I would recommend this device to any gun safe owner who has a wi-fi connection.

Safelert system
written by Gene on March 7, 2016
Very good unit .this helps when you are away.

Great product
written by Mic on February 29, 2016
Easy to set up and works as advertised. Extra measure of security for me. I own a couple safes and each one has this device.

Great investment.
written by Tom on February 29, 2016
Easy setup. Works great. Very pleased so far.

Boringly reliable!
written by Samdahl on February 29, 2016
Boringly reliable and just the way I like it.

great product
written by scaleb26 on February 22, 2016
Provides an additional piece of mind. Works great.

Great Technology & Peace of Mind
written by Doug on February 22, 2016
This technology as easy to install and offers peace of mind. it's like having my own personal guard standing at my safe. I love it!!

Very well designed system.
written by Nick on February 22, 2016
Scrolling through the reviews I don't think I have anything to add. I was suprised and impressed that the sensor was able to connect flawlessly to my wifi without the extension antenna. I've had devises in the past that were not locked in a steel box that wouldn't connect to my wifi but this little bugger had no issues.

I tested it a couple times by bumping into the safe and yep, my text alarm goes off within 30 seconds. Very impressed. Nice Job!

Neat Product
written by BowHonk on February 22, 2016
Received this unit with a safe purchase. I'll be the first to admit I'm not a computer, smart phone type of person but with the instructions that came with the unit, got it set up on my first try. Loaded the app on my phone and did some tests. Opened the door and got an alert on my phone. Closed the door and got an alert on my phone. Slightly shook the safe and got an alert. Played with the temp. and humidity settings and received the alerts. This device works as advertised.

Excellent Product, Excellent Support
written by Tmbrwuf on February 16, 2016
My first Safelert came as a bonus with my Lincoln 50 safe. After that I was hooked. My next safe was a Franklin 35. I immediately purchased and installed one in it. When I get alerts on my phone and computer and share them with acquaintances, they are in awe. They want one too. The set up was straight forward and uneventful. The alerts come in instantaneously. I get mine by both email and text. I had a movement alert come in one time that I thought was an error until I heard later in the day that there had been a small earthquake centered over 100 miles from my home in Georgia. Upon researching the time of the quake and reviewing the alert from my Safelert, it was obvious that the quake had triggered a movement alert even though it was so minor, that very few people even felt it, but my Safelert did! I get the normal door open and closed alerts along with the weekly check-ins. The first we know of an internet outage at our home is usually from Safelert. I get a text telling me that the Safelert has lost the internet connection and then we realize our service or router is out. As soon as the service is returned, the Safelert is back on and ready to go. I just purchased another Safelert for an older gun safe which resides in the garage. The humidity notifications as well as the other parameters are well worth the money spent. I travel extensively for work and get alerts even when I am outside the Country. If my wife needs to retrieve something from one of the safes that she can access, I get an alert. When I contact her later in the day, I verify the safe access and she lets me know that she needed a document such as a passport or other items held in that safe. Thanks to Liberty and Safelert for such a great product and the associated monitoring service.

Absolutely Works as Advertised-Very Pleased!!!!!
written by David on February 15, 2016
I own two homes and am a fairly avid gun collector, hunter, and shooter. I installed the Safelert this weekend in the safe at my farm house and it worked perfectly. I pushed on the safe in an attempt to move it and about a minute later received a text message notification that movement had been detected. Each time I opened or closed the safe I received a notification via text message. I downloaded the Liberty Safelert app onto my iPad so I can review the system's vitals (humidity level, temperature, battery level, and more) whenever I feel the need but the system also enables the user to access their account from Liberty's website to view this information as well. Since I travel for work this increases my piece of mind. I will be purchasing a second unit for my other house.

The only negative I can come up with is that as a Blackberry user there is no app for my smartphone.

K Owens in Tennessee
written by Big Chief on February 15, 2016
This product is a good concept if it would work but it does not. I purchased my alert back in November of 2015. I installed it in my safe and it worked just fine for the first couple of weeks but then it started loosing internet connection. I installed the external antenna which is much too short to install as it should be. I mounted my alert in the very upper right corner of my safe as instructed and ran the antenna cable through the door opening. That is the only way to get the antenna hooked up because it is so short. I was still loosing internet connection. I purchased a WI-FI booster unit and placed it on top of the safe right beside the antenna. Still loosing connection. Contacted Liberty and after trying everything they asked me to try still not working. They sent me a replacement unit that would not even program. When you pressed the button to get it into the setup mode, the light would not even flash yellow. Contacted them again and was told to try new batteries which did not help. They sent me a third unit. Same problem. I have actually placed the WI-FI booster inside the safe right beside the unit and still same problem. I get a max signal from the WI-FI booster from outside the safe when it is inside the safe with the door closed but the unit still looses internet connection. I am ready to chalk it up to a piece of crap and consider it $200 wasted.
Liberty's Response:
Big Chief,
It looks like we have done everything that we can to get yor SafElert working for you, but it looks like there must be an issue with your wi-fi. SafElert works with most Wi-fi systems, but there are a couple of systems that it just isn't compatible with. We will be in contact to work a return and refund.  

Works well
written by rabbitbyte on February 15, 2016
This is a well-designed and built product. I had a little trouble with the initial setup, but I figured it out on my own. Since my iMac was networked to the product, it was not networked to the internet. I used my iPhone which is always networked to the internet :) for the final step, and happiness was restored to the kingdom. Since then it has worked flawlessly.

Does What's Advertised!
written by BIGGROBB on February 15, 2016
It has worked flawlessly since hooking it up,I really like the added sense of Security!,although, I'm glad that I didn't have to use the Wi-Fi antenna that was provided, because it is not long enough to do the job! If you mount the device at the top corner where they suggest, it's not long enough to go down and out the electrical outlet, and still have enough wire outside the safe,so if I ever have to use it in the future, I will have to use something else. They Should provide a longer antenna wire with the product!,other than that, it has worked flawlessly!

Outstanding for the ultimate in peace of mind.
written by mike on February 15, 2016
This product does all that it says it will do. I have only had it for two days, but I am very glad that I have it. Today I received a weekly generated status email that will be extremely helpful in the future monitoring of battery strength. I am a Mac user, and I also had trouble configuring the unit through the Safari web browser. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE. I ended up abandoning the computer, and finished the installation with my Android smart phone.

Doesn't work as claimed, horrible service
written by DG on February 12, 2016
I received this as a Christmas present on December 25th. It was in my safe on December 28th when I immediately noticed it wouldn't connect to my router from inside of my safe. I then hooked up the extension cable and antenna (~5 ft in total length) which then wouldn't allow me to mount my unit where the instructions said and still get the antenna outside of my 72" Franklin safe. I moved the unit down to the middle of the safe and was able to get the antenna to the outside. This worked for a few days before I continued to drop signal. It took 3 separate attempts before anyone at Liberty would get back to me on a solution. They provided their new antenna and an extension cable and I was told this would solve my issues.

After installing the new omni-directional antenna and the extension cable, my unit stayed connected for about a day. After troubleshooting the issue myself for a couple of days, I removed the extension, mounted my safelert at the bottom of my safe (note the instructions say mount it at the top) and ran the antenna such that it was only 25 feet away from my wireless router. This worked for 4 days before dropping signal again. This is when I abandoned working with Liberty and began to work with Elertus directly.

After a few days of going back and forth with the Elertus rep and changing settings on my router (note: I was told I could not use the "self heal" setting on my router as the Safelert system has difficulty automatically re-connecting to wireless once a signal is briefly lost) we finally determined to swap out my system. Apparently in a recent firmware update, they improved the ability of their systems to automatically connect to Belkin routers which was the issue I was having. The decision was made to swap out my unit on February 4th and I was told my by Elertus rep that my new unit would ship out "shortly". After a week of not receiving my replacement unit I reach back out to Elertus only to be told that my replacement did not ship a week later until February 11th.

I have been dealing with the same issue since December 25th and almost 2 months later I have had the ball get dropped by every customer service rep I've come in contact with. I was originally told that Liberty stood by their products and the customer service was excellent but this experience is leaving me to question that thought. Hopefully when my replacement unit arrives this will fix my issue once and for all, but with the way this has been playing out, I'm not confident that will ever happen.
Liberty's Response:
Sounds like we are trying to get this up and going for you. When it comes to electronics, there are challenges that do certainly exist. Certain wi-fi networks have issues, others don't have any problem at all. I assure you we will get this working for you with the replacement device, if not...we'll refund your purchase. Elertus customer service confirmed that the replacement was sent out yesterday, so you should be seeing it soon.  

Awesome product
written by Chris on February 11, 2016
Wondered if it would be worth the price for this little gem. Very very very happy with my purchase! Super easy to set up and get setting just where I want them. Don't use Safari if your a Mac user. If you have any problems setting it up (which I didn't) don't give up and call customer service instead of giving up. This little device gives me great peace of mind and also serves as a humidity detector! Thanks Liberty. The only suggestion I would give is it should have a little camera to send a photo if any mischief occurs.

Elevator Guy
written by Elevator Guy on February 9, 2016
I was a bit skeptical at first, as $200 was a bit of a bite, but decided to try it anyway, after all, the monitoring is free. I must say, I am glad I made that choice! It is a little piece of reassurance in your back pocket. I too have had some lost connection issues, as others have stated, and those can be a bit annoying, especially when you get text at 3 am. Usually just a battery remove and replace will do the trick. Had to reset my router a couple of times. I am using the external antenna. Customer service is second to none, which is saying something these days ... DON'T HESITATE

Awesome Product
written by The Fireman on February 8, 2016
Safelert is an awesome product for my Liberty safe and valuables! I read the easy directions and put the Safelert into service without any issues. I had to use the antenna because my wireless router is on the main floor and my safe is in the basement. Works as described. Provides alerts to my smartphone as I set up on the installation to the condition of my safe. Thank you Liberty Safe.

Awesome Product
written by The Fireman on February 8, 2016
The Safelert works great and is a peace of mind for me when I am home or away for my Liberty safe and valuables! I read the easy directions and put the Safelert into service without any issues. i had to use the antenna provided because my wireless router is on the main floor and my safe is in the basement. It provides alerts to my Samsung smartphone as described without any additional fees.

Highly Recommend
written by Bud on February 8, 2016
This is a great product for enhancing the security of your safe. If anyone even tried to move it, you're going to know about it. It's like the old "tilt" function on a pinball machine. The temp, humidity, etc. are very important things to know for the condition of your investment. If your home A/C unit quits working on a 100° day, you are going to know about it as soon as the temperature in your safe reaches the alarm set point. I set mine at 76°. It would never be that warm if the A/C is working properly. That's only one of several ways that the Safelert comes in handy, other than the obvious security functions. It's well worth the money and their customer service is fantastic. Free monitoring for life - that pays for itself within the first year.

written by robinb on February 8, 2016
We work away from home, we are gone for weeks at a time. With this system I do not have to worry about someone getting into my safe. It has been a concern for a while. I would recommend it to anyone. It was very easy to install and set up. This is a great idea!!!

This product gives me peace of mind!
written by TreadingLegit77 on February 8, 2016
I just installed the SafeLert Monitoring system on my Lincoln 50 on Friday and tested it's reporting and sensitivity. It has passed all door tamper tests and open/closed reporting events...I'm a "happy camper". I highly recommend getting one.

This product gives me peace of mind!
written by TreadingLegit77 on February 8, 2016
I just installed the SafeLert Monitoring system on my Lincoln 50 on Friday and tested it's reporting and sensitivity. It has passed all door tamper tests and open/closed reporting events...I'm a "happy camper". I highly recommend getting one.

Great Product!! Highly Recommend!!
written by Gerald on February 1, 2016
I was apprehensive at first due to the cost of this option. I did get it at a slight discount with the purchase of my Franklin 35 safe. Setup was super easy. Slap in the batteries and place it in the safe!! Works flawlessly!!
It provides you with a text and email (if you chose both) when the door is open/closed or if it senses movement.
You can also access the sensor online to get humidity data, temperature, whether door is closed/open, remaining battery life, and if there is any movement detected.

Highly recommend this with any safe purchase.
It does get annoying sometimes when you are in and out of your safe a lot as you will get a text and email (if you chose both) every time the door is opened/closed.
But the peace of mind knowing the status of your safe while you are away is priceless!!

I have only had it for 2 months now and its be functioning flawlessly...

Don't hesitate on this one...worth the price!!

My watchdog
written by Jef f on February 1, 2016
I have peace of mind with my watchdog. And I like the weekly update on the safe status including humidity and temperature reading.

Excellent product excellent service
written by John on January 25, 2016
Been using safe alert for a year now. Had a problem with my router after 8 mos of flawless service. Apparently, my internet provider updated router and it no longer would connect to the Safealert. I thought Safealert was broken so I called Elertus and they immediately shipped new unit. Unfortunately I still had connection problem and the new unit didn't work. That's when Elertus mentioned that my router was at fault. I changed router to another brand and that fixed everything. Elertus gives excellent customer service and I highly recommend them.

Peace of mind
written by Mack on January 25, 2016
Whether home or away I know what is going on.

Great Product
written by I feel safe on January 25, 2016
Set up was easy and I am not good at this stuff. Works great. Very glad I purchased it.

Great product that I am extremely satisfied with.
written by Ken on January 25, 2016

Smartphone problem figured out
written by CTA on January 19, 2016
Took me a while to get this setup. Needs greater security settings on phone to work. Needed to setup original time with laptop then it worked as stated. Have Samsung phone, no problems after setup. I have ambassador series safe. Great Product and it works.

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