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Safelert Monitoring System Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.6 out of 5 stars for 526 customers ratings and reviews

Great Reliable Device
written by Tom D on November 6, 2017
This device does everything it's suppose to do. Keeps very good track of the inside of my safe and it's easy to manage. Highly recommended.

To many false open alerts
written by BulletBob on November 6, 2017
I receive multiple open and closed alerts that do not exist. This would be a big problem if I was alway on vacation. If I go on vacation I would have to disable the alerts.

written by George on October 30, 2017
I don't have to keep track of the humidity and temperature it does it for me

It just Works, Period!
written by BIGGROBB on October 25, 2017
I Absolutely love my safe-alert,it is so sensitive that sometimes it detects the slightest movement outside of the safe!,it is just nice having that additional piece of mine,it just does everything that it is supposed to do!,no complaints to date,I wish I would have came up with the idea!

Dependable! A piece of mind you can't put a price on.
written by Chip in SC on October 23, 2017
Have had our Safelert system on my Fatboy jr for 3 years and it is always dependable. On the rare occasion of a problem it was usually due to internet issues and once I let the batteries get too low. I get an email and text message whenever there is a problem as does my wife. I know when the door gets opened and when it shuts. When the door is messed with and when the temperature or the humidity changes. I also get the alert when the internet goes out. What else could you ask for on an alarm system with a one time charge? No renewal fees or access fees. I will never have another safe (about to buy another one too) with out this alarm system. If you do, you're an idiot!

Had some Problems with my unit.....
written by Kimo on October 23, 2017
Customer service was great. We cycled through several units until I was satisfied.

Can't see my safe without one now. Getting Open/closed alerts and knowing my humidity is OK, gives me great peace of mind.

Again, I can't say enough for Customer Support. Great job!

Peace of Mind
written by thundrr1 on October 16, 2017
The set up is easy enough for a 73 year old with a minimum of computer knowledge to do. Be aware that if you change cell phone carriers, you must change that setting when you get a new carrier. The issue with too many lost signal alerts can be turned off at the site. It will not change the real alerts. I think it's absolutely worth the money.

An AWESOME product
written by Glenn on October 13, 2017
I love my Safelert. It totally Rocks. It is all the you want to be safe.
Everyone should have one.

written by Gene on October 10, 2017
My wife doesn't like as it tells me when she gets home from work. I personally love it. It tells me when it is open and also when the internet drips very helpfull.

Have the system to work it correctly to begin with!
written by Hunter, sportsman, hobbies, family man on October 9, 2017
I have had nothing but great coverage from the start. Messages come in within four seconds of opening or closing the door, as well as, movement of the safe. Thank you for a great product!

Peace of Mind
written by 2th-dr on October 2, 2017
This item does what it advertises it does. Very reliable and gives update status of battery level. Having kids in the household, it gives me peace of mind when I don't have time to go out shooting and inspect my firearms on a regular basis. Highly recommend.

Safelert excellent wireless monitoring system
written by DRAK7 on September 25, 2017
Safelert has been an excellent safe monitoring system that I have used for a number of years. My mobile phone receives alerts for entry, motion, loss of com.
Fantastic system

I know your in my safe
written by The Condor on September 25, 2017
Safe alert does just what it says. You get a text telling you if there is movement or if the door is opened and when. The only reason I gave it a four star is the mounting tape or hook and loop is kinda cheep and kept falling down . That was giving me bad readings. Other than that great product.

Safelert is great!!!!
written by John on September 25, 2017
Battery life is great, I do wish it had a power supply with battery backup though.Thats is why it's only 4 stars.
Setup was a breeze.
I like the weekly updates and the fact that my safe is always being watched while I am away.
Great product for the price.

written by Heddee on September 18, 2017
I have had nothing but trouble with my Elertus. It constantly disconnects to my internet then leaves endless notices on my email. I have trouble installing it when routers are changed. I like the concept but it's more trouble than it's worth, in my opinion. If it worked, it would give peace of mind. I wish it worked.

Must have for total peaceof mind!
written by Liberty Safe Fan on September 11, 2017
Totally love my Safelert Monitoring System. It came with my purchase as part of a promotional offering. It was quick and easy to setup. I've had to replace the batteries only twice and I've had my Safelert for about two years so I'm averaging a battery replacement once a year.

When I first setup my Safelert we were getting a lot of false positives for "Motion Detected" and just moved the unit unto another shelf and that eliminated the nuisance alerts. I would definitely consider purchasing this product if you don't have it already. In fact, when we eventually outgrow our existing safe and purchase another, I will definitely install a Safelert unit for the new one.

written by Bob B. on September 4, 2017
Monitors your safe and sends instant notifications instantly to your e-mail and/or text account. Glad I installed this product and recommend that anyone who owns a safe also think about installing one.

The rider
written by Dago Rider on August 28, 2017
Great product! I feel the best info I get from it is the humidity reading!!!! As we all know humidity is a guns worse enemy

Fantastic Device
written by Mmanolis on August 28, 2017
Now that I've had this for a few months, I am very impressed with the whole package, being able to monitor movement, door open and close, temperature, humidity and the charge state of the battery. I recommend this to everyone who has safe, no matter what brand it is. Although the best is by far the Liberty Safe and comes with the power outlet and antenna wire hole for this unit. I plan on getting more for our other Liberty Safes. I cannot begin to tell you how much you will be impressed with the whole package.

Inexpensive piece of mind...
written by MASP7 on August 28, 2017
Safelert is a terrific addition to layered defense!

Great addition to my home alarm
written by Gun Owner on August 21, 2017
Was easy to install and simple to use. The only thing is their no Wi-Fi signal strength. Didn't have to use the added antenna but sure would like to know my strenght.

Works Perfectly/No false alarms
written by Mmanolis on August 21, 2017
I have had the system for a few months now and couldn't be more happy. Works perfectly and have not received any false alarms, when it is opened up I get a text and email within 10-15 seconds. Great extra security system to have along with the camera and alarm system. Only problem with the safe is when it gets to cold outside the digital combination will not let the safe open. I was told that if the safe is in a cold area that style has this issue. So I need to change to the EMP proof digital combination with manual ring that turns to unlock the detent lock, then I can turn the handle to unlock the bolts. So I guess this one will be moved indoors and I will get a bigger one for the garage, since the Fat Boy is already Love my Liberty Safe, best built on the market, well worth the money.

Essential addition to Liberty Safes
written by Engnova on August 21, 2017
Super easy installation with nothing but the included instructions. It is also easy to set parameters on the website. I love having this system monitoring my safe.

Great Product, Works as Desired w/ exception to False Motion Det
written by JJ on August 15, 2017
I am coming up on one year since purchasing the product (8/23/2016) and wanted to be sure I provided ample time with the product before commenting on my experience, which has been great overall!

I absolutely love this product, and the sense of security it provides. While I understand a wireless camera may better help account for any action leading up to of following an open/closed door alert, or ACTUAL movement of the safe, it is nice knowing that this product will also provide an understanding of temperature and humidity at any time. I have the antenna attached, and routed to the outside of the safe, and have not had any instances of connectivity loss, except for the one time my entire house actually did lose power, and therefore wifi.

The response time is great as well... I love knowing I can add an array of emails and phone numbers to receive notifications, which are generally received within a matter of 5-20 seconds, depending on mode of alert. For anyone looking to protect their valuables from items both in and outside of the safe, the SafElert is a perfect solution.

My only complaint is the ever so frequent number of false "motion detected" alerts I receive. As I post this, on 8/15/2017, I have received twenty (20) of these false alerts in the past two weeks, since 8/1/2017. The device is mounted in a vertical position in the very center of the safe (against the center divider), using velcro at the top of the device's backing while the base of the device rests on one of the interior shelves. As the safe itself is bolted to my foundation, and located in the corner of a room that receives little to no traffic, I cannot imagine that there has ever been any actual movement to detect except for when I am adding or removing items from my safe (these instances are not included in the 20 false alarms reported here). Truly, I cannot begin to count the hundreds of false alarms I have received in the past 11.5 months.

Receiving so many false notifications is not only annoying (getting texts and/or emails at inopportune times), but also, obviously, drains the device's battery more quickly... I am now on my fourth set of batteries in the time I have had the device, despite only accessing the inside 3-4 times per month. Regardless of this annoyance, I am happy to see that the rest of the device's functionality is exactly as expected and I would still recommend this product to anyone looking for a solution to ensure their valuables are stored within an environment that helps maintain acceptable temperature and humidity conditions.

Easy setup and great peace of mind
written by NickFro on August 14, 2017
Quick and easy installation. Near instantaneous alerts. And the ultimate peace of mind with no monthly fees. It's a no-brained add-on to your Liberty Safe!

Great Product and Support but MUST Have Good WiFi
written by Gus Hunts on August 14, 2017
I have had SafeAlert in my Liberty safe since installation in April 2016. I got the extra antenna, but originally didn't need it with safe only about 30 feet away from router in basement below. Overall it has been very positive, with the exception of two periods of poor Internet connectivity.

Open, Closed and Movement alerts are consistent and quick (normally within seconds to a minute), but you must have a solid WiFi/Internet connection to to get the info from safe to your router to the Internet to your phone/computers. FYI: My safe is bolted to concrete, so it takes a lot to get Movement alert, but if you touch the SafeAlert the alerts are quick. Temp and Humidity alerts are good as well to keep tabs on environment, but it all depends upon the good network connection.

"Loss of Internet Connection" alert: The SafeAlert system tells you if you have lost Internet connection. This is good, but you MUST get a stable connection.

1.If this if "Loss of Internet Connection" RARELY happens, this is a great alert telling you are currently unprotected and power/Internet is out or even that tampering could be occurring in prep for a break in, etc. If I am gone, I have contacted my neighbor to "take a look" during such occurrences.

2. However, I had a two week period about a year ago where I was getting "Loss of Internet" several time a day!! It was like the Boy Who Cried Wolf!!

I still don't know what caused it (was it the Comcast ISP Internet, the Comcast router or the SafeAlert itself)? When the connection is bad the SafeAlert battery also drops like ROCK as it uses power trying to connect! It also drives you crazy with Loss of Internet alerts hitting your phone as well as other alerts that "buffered" waiting for a connection to allow them to be sent.... I changed batteries, restarted router several times, etc. I even tried connecting the external antenna inside the safe for a signal boost. No specific solution but things eventually returned to normal...?

3. About a month ago, I had a second round of continual Loss of Internet alerts! I went through all the same trouble shooting to include a full restart/setup of the SafeAlert from scratch. Nothing helped...
This time I contacted Elertus via email (they stopped taking phone contact by the way)... I asked for a test of my WiFi signal and any other Internet connection details they might be able to "see" in their logs... The Tech "Jon" got back to me within a day, and told me I had a very low WiFi signal from my SafeAlert and suspected this root cause...This was even with brand new batteries....?

Connected External Antenna: I'm not sure what changed, but perhaps connecting additional devices on the router has reduced overall signal available with SafeAlert?
Long story short, I ended up connecting the external antenna run outside the safe, and I was told via email by Jon that I now have a "fairly good" WiFi signal.
My Loss of Internet alerts have stopped, my other alerts work well again and life is good.

Bottom Line/Recommendations: As others have indicated, YOU MUST HAVE A GOOD WiFi/INTERNET CONNECTION...Otherwise, the system is basically useless.

1. I would recommend folks contact SafeAlert/Elertus Tech email and request a "WiFi signal check" when you first set up your system to see where you stand. If you don't do this at first, at least do it immediately if you have any Loss of Internet alerts.

2. I would recommend going ahead an running the external antenna wire through the safe wall BEFORE you permanently mount your safe in case you ever need to use the external antenna in the future. Running the wire after mounting the safe up against the wall is extremely difficult if not impossible!!

Some connection drop outs
written by retired RSO on August 7, 2017
Once I changed my router I've only getten one or two lost connections in the past 4 months. My safe is in the garage which is about 35 feet from my router and has to go through 3 walls. Before I updated to a new router I had 10 or more lost connections a day. Safelert works good for me now.

written by Mattybrass on August 2, 2017
Have it for two years awesome product

2 years, no issues
written by M. Frank on July 31, 2017
I got the Safelert with the safe over two years ago, and it has worked without any issues.

Great product !
written by Johnny Freedom on July 24, 2017
i feel better when i go out of town, knowing this system is guarding my stuff.

Properly applied technology
written by JW on July 24, 2017
Accurate, timely, constantly monitoring protection for the safe.

Nice product - does what it says it does
written by 58sniper on July 24, 2017
It took a little effort to get this going because it did not like my Cisco enterprise class access point. I replaced that with some new Ubiquiti gear, and the problem went away. Sends alerts as it should. Web page is pretty simple. Would like to see historical data/trending. I wish the antenna wire was about 18" longer. I'll be equipping a bunch of other safes with these.

Great Recovery
written by Phil C on July 24, 2017
Initially I had to replace batteries every two to three weeks. But support to the rescue. In short order my replacement runs and I have forgotten about the batteries for weeks and weeks. My weekly report says my batteries are 90% remaining. Wonderful.

Still, I would like to see a model which uses the AC outlet in my safe and I can forget batteries all together.

Phil C
Sacramento, CA

It is what it says it is for once.
written by Papa_Kim on July 19, 2017
Nothing but praise. Every once in awhile I tap the safe to make sure it is working. And it is.

Great System
written by amerawear on July 17, 2017
No problem setting up! Works as advertised and gives you a peace of mind!

Great product.
written by Trigger boy on July 10, 2017
This product works excellent I am most impressed. My safe is out in the garage 160 feet from my router in the house. Are used a product Monster, sends a Wi-Fi signal through the electrical wiring of my house. One monster in the house to out in the garage. Did not have to run a separate cable. Monitoring temperature and humidity are huge plus. My only complaint with it is the fact that now my wife knows when I slip out in the middle of the day for a quick round or two of skeet. I have recommended it to many friends. They all love it too. The fact that it let you know when the Internet connection is out is huge. The way it is set up , I don't even need to use the antenna. The vacuum cleaner bumped into it and it sent out an alert. Worth every bit of the $200 I paid for it, nice to buy something that I don't have to return

written by Matt on July 4, 2017

Peace of mind
written by Lexky on July 3, 2017
I have been using Safelert now for over 2 years. It lets me know if the safe is opened or movement is detected. Most importantly is the notification I receive from your server if my internet connection is down. I also have the peace of mind in knowing if the humidity or temperature is out of limits that I have set. Keeping my guns rust free and safely out of reach of my kids or thieves is also reassuring. I have recommended it to my friends and they rely on it to protect their valuables as well.

Update to my June 19th review
written by Mr. Optimist on June 27, 2017
A router replacement got it going for me. As soon as I plugged in the new one it connected.
I do not fault Safelert/Elertus for this difficulty.
Liberty and Elertus put in a strong effort to assist me.
My appreciation goes out to them.
I recommend this product, in fact I am going to get a second one now.

Stunning product.
written by Mark Jones, Florida. on June 26, 2017
Not only would I recommend this product, I have actually bought it for other people as a gift.
I have had this now for around two years, it has never let me down, the fact that it lets you know when the batteries are low is a big bonus. I love it. It's a bit of peace of mind this is in my safe, is it annoying depends on how much you use the safe and how you have it set up. Mine is set at max threat level imminent so if a fly even thinks about looking at my safe from another country I will be alerted.
In all seriousness though it's well made, simple and dose what I need it to do ALERT ME!.....
11 out of 10 thank you....

Piece of mind!
written by Scott on June 26, 2017
Having an extra safeguard on my safe is great. Easy set up with no problems! Worth every cent.

Cannot connect to Elertus site
written by Mr. Optimist on June 19, 2017
Having difficulty getting it to connect to Elertus site using windows 7 and/or windows 10 desktop/laptop pc's.
Now at 6 days of failed attempts. So far have tried 3 different computers and having no luck getting them to allow 2 simultaneous wifi connections.

It's one or the other, not both.

I can get the Elertus to connect to the pc. I can get the Elertus to connect to my router.
I cannot get the Elertus to do both, one will drop when connecting the other.
All I ever get at home when trying to connect is the red light indicating no connection to Elertus.
Then when checking connections shows one dropping out.
Elertus staff has exchanged many emails with me and have worked hard to get mine working, I'll give them
that. At this point, my thinking is there should be an alternative method to connect to Elertus for users having
my kind of difficulty. Perhaps a usb port on the Safelert. Perhaps a way to create an Elertus account that allows
one to define connection parameters prior to making the connection. Perhaps a list of known compatible routers.

Does the router need MU-MIMO? What does it need to be compatible? I need to know that.

I am pretty sure at this point that I am looking at the added expense of purchasing a new router in order
to get this up and running.

I can see where this is a great device. I intend to fight through this and get it working. I have been advised that
I need to purchase a new router. What particular feature of the required router that is mandatory in order to
be in compliance with Elertus/Safelert, I do not know, thereby making the purchase of a new router a guess as to whether it will be compatible or not. My router is not one on the incompatible list, so there likely is more out there that are as well. I hate the idea that I might buy a new router that will also not work.

I need 2 Safelerts, but only purchase one so far.
I have 4 friends with safes awaiting my feedback. If I get it up and running I will recommend it.

I'll probably get this going, but man is it a fight. I do not want to return it.

written by Mapp22 on June 19, 2017
You guys are grant.

Another layer of protection
written by Ex60Pilot on June 19, 2017
Easy setup and reliable function.
The device works as advertised and provides an added level of protection and peace of mind while I'm traveling.
I would have given 5 stars but my only complaint is that the external antenna doesn't go through the Liberty Power kit as it was supposed to so I had to run it through the door which is a bit unsightly.

Love ,love my safelert system !
written by Butch on June 18, 2017
I absolutely love my safelert system , I think it's the best product that I have ever seen come out for monitoring safes. I would recommend this product to anyone if you don't have one you need to buy one they're awesome !!

Excellent Product
written by David on June 12, 2017
I absolutely love this accessory to my safe. Works perfect and now I have total peace of mind knowing, that when I'm away, I'll know if someone is tampering with my safe.
Would highly recommend.

Some good some not so good
written by San Antonio on June 12, 2017
Setup was very easy and without problems. Function is somewhat inconsistent. I mounted as directed in the safe. It seemed when opening and closing the door it did not register the change most of the time. If I took the unit and tipped it seem to send a message with a delay, but at least it was consistent.

Other problem is external antennae. It give no guidance on how to install it????

This could be a good product, but not there yet.

written by Ed C on June 7, 2017
After having a Liberty safe with Safelert for over 2 years I would not be without it. Great product. Except for the occasional lost internet connection for very short periods never a hiccup. Temp and humidity sensors are spot on. Although mine was included with my safe I would have purchased one separately. Highly recommend.

written by Smitty on June 5, 2017
Works flawlessly and gives piece of mind when your away. Can't recommend enough!!

Does exactly what it's billed to do
written by Liberty customer on June 5, 2017

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