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Safelert Monitoring System Ratings and Reviews

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Great product and great customer service.
written by Dave on May 24, 2017
I purchased a Safelert and was so impressed with the performance and the features that I also got one for my father-in-law. After five months, the temperature sensor on my father-in-law's unit started to malfunction. Reaching out to customer service was very simple with use of the app. We received a response the very next day from customer service and they promptly resolve the issue.

Great product and great customer service.

written by RCC on May 23, 2017
doesnt get better than this tested this safealert after installing it in my safe and
it works Great! NOW i have peace of mind and no worrys thank you Liberty.

Less Worry
written by Msnan on May 1, 2017
I'm less worry when my valuables are locked at all times when I'm away from home, especially when I travel.

written by Shane on May 1, 2017
I am absolutely impressed with my safe alert system. This is hands down one of the best products I have bought in years. My only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner!!
The WI-FI works perfectly, without the antenna, but I will admit that my Orbi is in the next room. I get notifications on my phone with in seconds of the door opening, closing, etc. The ability to monitor temperature and humidity levels are a huge piece of mind. Don't hesitate, if you are looking for a product to monitor your safe, you will NOT be disappointed.

written by Larrry on April 29, 2017
It's great the only problem I'm having is changing my password other then that it's great

Reliable, responsive and efficient
written by KT_runner on April 24, 2017
This product works exactly as advertised. The events are detected timely, the alerts are generated consistently and reliably.
One point to make - good WiFi network is a must. I had to invest into a WiFi Range Extender to ensure reliable connectivity. WiFi signal strength and reliability also affects battery life. If the signal is good, the battery life is outstanding.

My Liberty Safe and peace of mind
written by Paulus McClarkus on April 17, 2017
What a joy it has been for my wife and I to know the status of our safe at all times. When ever either of us opens the safe, we both get notices on our IPhones that it has been opened. When we close the safe, we both get notices that it has been secured. The other peace of mind factor is that at any time we can call in and check on it's status and know that it is secure. We are also pleased that each report gives us the status of the battery and after almost six months of use, the battery is still above 80%. Great monitoring system.

Excellent monitoring system
written by 1911MC on April 17, 2017
I have had this system for two years. I works really well.
Very very few false alarms and the real alarms are fast when the safe is opened.
I suggest getting the external antenna, it helps if the WiFi hub is far away.
The only slight negative is the battery life, an option to power the unit from AC would be and excellent improvement.

One Slick Device!
written by Humboldt Tuna on April 14, 2017
Just installed a new Centurion 24 in our house. Read about the Safelert and watched some Youtube videos which convinced me we needed one. It was a bit tricky at first to connect to our network using my laptop since it had a static IP. So I changed it to an address that would conform to the controller's 10.5 network and was able to start the initialization. After it was able to find our secured network, I was able to register on the Safelert site. Downloaded the app for my mobile and I was up and running. I am getting alerts on the door opening and any safe movement. I am able to monitor the temp, humidity and alert history from anywhere. You really should have this in your safe. Really slick!

Humidity and Temperature Monitors are Bonus Features of this Fan
written by Randy on March 27, 2017
I chose to locate my Liberty Safe in my garage and was worried that humidity control would be a problem. The Safe Alert not only accurately monitors the door openings and movements but knowing the internal temperature and humidity is real peace of mind. Having the App on my phone gives me the opportunity to check on the conditions inside my safe any time I want to. I know my firearms are safe from would be thieves and protected from corrosion by my internal de-humidifier. Safe Alert is a great product with added features that allows the safe owner to access critical information on the status of their safe anywhere and anytime.

Must buy for gun safe owners
written by jscottabd on March 27, 2017
Outstanding product. Easy to install and works great. I have a Liberty Gun safe and no issues connecting to wifi from device in safe and did not have to use antenna. Monitoring works great and provides extra piece of mind when comes to ensuring no one to include children are messing with your safe. Highest recommendation.

Love ,love my safelert system !
written by Butch on March 27, 2017
I love my safelert system I think it's the best product on the market for the job. I have told thousands and yes I mean thousands of people about it in hopes that every safe in America will one day own one just like the new Liberty safes . That I also have on my wish list is a newer fat boy large Liberty Safe . I am in love with Liberty Products !! Liberty make my dreams come true !!

Beyond Expectations
written by Two Eagles on March 20, 2017
Purchased this product and to be honest I was skeptical. When it arrived it took all of ten minutes to set up and install the app on my iPhone. My Wifi modem is on the 1st floor and my safe is on another floor, I though no way would the wifi be accessible without using the external antenna. However, not wanting to have a wire coming out the door safe crack nor wanting to drill any holes in my safe I opted to try safelert without the external antenna. I was pleasantly surprised to see it work flawlessly without the external antenna. I receive notifications within less then a minute of a status change. I could not be happier with safelert. I highly recommend this product.

Every safe owner needs one of these
written by Justin on March 16, 2017
If you have a safe of any kind you need one of these just for extra security and a piece of mind that you know what going on

Peace of Mind
written by Brian Holbrook II on March 14, 2017
I have a greater peace of mind knowing that my valuables are locked in a Liberty Safe and with the SafElert that came with it. I would definitely recommend these products to anyone. I have had mine for over one year and the only problem that I have is it will occasionally send out alerts as to movements and that the door was opened or closed when it wasn't.

A Plus rating
written by SB on March 13, 2017
This is a great way to motitor your safe. We are very pleased!
Thanks Liberty for a Great product

So good I bought one for a gift.
written by Mark Jones, Florida. on March 13, 2017
Seriously, Please Read this.

Value for money.

This product is right up there with the best products I have even owned.
The initial cost may seem on the high side for a item you will not know how it will perform. But trust me it will meet all your expectations. One tip would be use rechargeable battery's I have change mine twice in one year.


This device has now been going strong in my safe for two years and it has "Never" underperformed it's tasks. In fact you will forget it's there! It will send you updates that will reassure you it's still there.

Ease of access.

It's so easy to set up, once you have initially spent a whole 5 mins doing the install, trust me no more bother until the battery's need changing! My kind of product. The app you can get for your cell phone is simple, clear and concise.

Build quality.

This little gadget is robust, it's not that cheap flimsy plastic, that once touched becomes brittle. It's engendered with a lot of thought "over engineering" got the product done right on its release.

Gift idea.

Not only will you be impressed with this product but trust me you will be showing it off to your friends on your cell phone, showing people the status of your "Remotely Guarded" safe.
My son loved it, so that was a nice cheap gift on his bithday.

Still not convinced?

I am a man of my word, remember I have wanted "Two Years" to write my review.
If this product only lasted a year it would have been cheep but now it seems like I have had more than my money's worth.
I am more than happy, My son has had his just under a year and he also has not had any issues.

All in All

This item is a strong, robust, user friendly, value for money product. Not many times I read those words together on a product with no on going fees!

You would be Nuts not to purchase this addition to your on going safety needs. With my hand on my heart I truly feel once you have one you will feel that much safer that this little gadget is in the background waiting to alert you if sticky fingers are trying to establish a peek at what you are keeping their greedy eyes away from.

It's great to lock your stuff away but even if you have a house alarm system the police can take up to an hour to show up, then in most cases they just shine a torch around but is your safe is backing up with a second alert, when you get through to the call center and say my "Safe" is alerting me that there is ALSO issues, it backs up your alarm activation.
You may not be that far away and have not set the house alarm, this little device once set sits quietly in the dark waiting for some action.

Go get one if you have read this far then you should own one! In the time it took to write this there are probably thousands of people have lost there goods. This will not stop a thief but it's a good line of defense for not a lot of money.
I really like this product it's ahead of the competition and I would 110% recommend it. It's peace of mind.

Additional Layer of Security
written by Rango on March 13, 2017
An extremely comforting layer of security for the safe minded individual. Implementation of this device was easy and reliable. It is comforting to get my alerts from the safe when it is entered. Additionally, the movement, temperature, humidity and battery information are key to protecting your valuables.

Peace of mind
written by Nancycat on February 27, 2017
Just installed this in our new safe, and it functions beautifully! Alerts every time it's opened which I love while traveling. Thanks!

written by tory on February 27, 2017
What else can anyone say, 5 stars.

Real peace of mind
written by Pilot Guy on February 13, 2017
I've read many of the reviews about lost internet. I have had the same problem but it is my internet company not the Safelert. I have also had motion alerts thanks to my daughter who thinks it is cute to shake my safe to see my reaction to the alert. I'm more than happy to have these tests. I have had the system for three years and have zero complaints. Some people complain about the lag time for an alert. You have to remember that you are sending a signal over the internet and the receiving one on your mobile phone. Technology is fast these days but does not work at warp speed. The weekly alerts are great letting me know the status of Temp, Humidity and Battery.
Love this unit and would recommend it to anyone who has a safe.
Thanks for a great product and the peace of mind it gives.

Two years+ still working perfectly!
written by G-Man retired on February 6, 2017
I've had zero problems with my Safelert system since December 2014. I too have had alarms showing internet connection loss, however; it's not the Safelert system, it's the internet service provider dropping service. My Safelert will show a connection loss and send an alarm if the connection drops for a fraction of a second. Personally, I don't mind that kind of sensitivity.

When away from home, if I receive three or more connection loss alarms over a three hour period, I call my home land line phone. If the answering machine doesn't pick up, I know the connection loss is because I have suffered a power outage and it's time to call the power/utility company to restore electricity to my home. Or, call someone else to check things out. THAT is peace of mind! A quick check on the website and I can check the temp inside the vault. Once you've done this a few times, you can interpolate vault temp vs room temp (in winter) and get fairly accurate assessment of just how cold your home interior got down to. Pretty handy in cold regions where sub zero temperatures are the norm. Let's you know if your home heating system back on line when the power was restored.

And all this monitoring is free after installation! I'm so accustomed to Safelert now, I'd feel lonesome without it, like when you realize you left home without your wallet.

As far as the rest of the sensor, humidity is spot on as is temperature verified with separate instruments. Vibration and open-close detection works perfectly.

This is an excellent device and I highly recommend it. What little contact I had with customer service was very satisfactory. I hope everyone has as good an experience as me.

Gives an Awesome piece of Ming
written by Sparky on January 30, 2017
This really makes me feel better that my safe is being monitored and when the door has been opened or tampered with

Brilliant piece of engineering!
written by Scotti Ducati on January 30, 2017
This device is an outstanding extra layer of security. The humidity sensor also reminds me when I need to dry out the desicant.

Customer support
written by Vger88 on January 23, 2017
Had a problem with alert messages of internet line drop. Work on problem for a week and a half. Message came EVERY one hour and fifteen minutes. Finally the senior technician found the problem.
Problem was another unit was also on my account that I didn't have.

D. Rice

Well Done
written by sylert on January 23, 2017
Overall, does exactly what it says it does. I open the safe and my I watch is buzzing before I close the door. Then again as I walk away when done.. Sensitivity is just fine. And monitoring for free.. Wow

Very Reliable , easy to configure
written by Roger That on January 16, 2017
I received this device Free with my new safe. It uses WiFi so there are no fees or monthly costs.
The only issue I had, was that the device would sometines lose connection to the wireless so Iran the included antenna through a hole in the floor and have not has any problems since.

Peace of MIND!
written by TGL on January 16, 2017
After hearing about the Liberty SafElert, I had some misgivings regarding ordering the monitoring system. But with all the items "stuffed" (never can purchase a safe large enough in my safe I bit the "bullet" and ordered one for my Hall Safe. The monitoring system is easy to set up plus connect to my Wi-Fi. Now to test this gadget! After installing the unit my cell phone alerted me (I was standing in front of my safe) via TEXT MESSAGE the safe had been opened! Sure enough the monitoring system worked and again worked when I closed the safe another text message indicated my safe had closed. I also set up the SafElert to let me know via email about the safe's condition. And sure enough the messages were there!!

Usually viewing the SafeElert weekly on Mondays emails, my safe temperate is usually 64 F. Yet since I was away on business for 4 days while my house was tented for termites thus no heat on in my home. This morning's weekly alert indicated my safe temperature was 59 F. Household temperature this am was 62 F

One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Had one of my friends listened to me about purchasing a Liberty SafElert prior to his home break in he would still have 5 pistols that were in a 300 lb PISTOL safe that was physically removed from his home using a dolly along with other personal items. He had now replaced the safe and had it bolted down to the floor plus inside the safe resides a YOU KNOW WHAT!

Piece of Mind...
written by MutherGun... on January 9, 2017
Got my Liberty Admiral Safe and with it came the monitoring device.I have read where some people don't get an Alarm (movement) unless the safe it shaken pretty hard-mine sends me an Alert when the Back door slammed due to high winds.I have a humidity gauge in the safe and they seem to be pretty close to the same readings.My Wife opened the Safe door when I was away and I received an Alert so we are very pleased with the Alerts performance.
It's nice to know that besides your Home alarm system you have a BackUp to your Home security with this unit.We like it!!
I do get better performance since Installing it on the Back board thus it picks up and sends better than just having it laying in the Safe.

Glad to have it!
written by Shawn on January 9, 2017
I was skeptical because of the price, then the batteries always ran out so fast...
The antenna it comes with (in my humble opinion) is junk, the connector does not stay in even if i tape it on.
The batteries also would drain so quick having to connect to wifi outside of the safe.

But the problem had been fixed!
I had also gotten the electrical socket addon to my safe so I have a little wall socket router inside the safe that connects wireless to the Safelert with an ethernet cable running to the connection on the safe.

It is now a WONDERFUL product and I would recommend it to everyone!

Just knowing it sends me a text if there is movement is peace of mind enough!

Awesome product
written by ncdawson on January 2, 2017
This is an awesome product. I initially had problems and added the atenna, which helped. Once I replaced my wireless router I have not had any problems at all. Thanks for such a great product as it gives me peace of mind.

Peace of mind
written by KS on January 2, 2017
I have a small box with a few items in it, not much but very important to me. The monitoring system serves as a watch dog when I am away to let me know when I get back my little box is there and untamperd with.

I had to install the antenna on the inside to get reception. I did not want the box to look cool, I want it to be secure.
Yes it reports on the 5 ways the box can be atacked. Those are:
1. heat
2. cold
3, Brute force, e.g. drill/pry
4. code cranking
5. carrying it away.

It reports via email, text and notification within the app.

Service and protection at its finest
written by TRB on January 2, 2017
The system continues to work and inform me of everything I need to know. It gives me a piece of mind knowing it is doing exactly and more of what I expected.

written by Vger88 on January 2, 2017
It gives the peace of mine when away from home. There is one problem that I and several of my co workers have that are the same. It drops the internet connection an average of 4 to 5 times daily. So far no one has an answer as to why.
But I would still buy it and use it, and recommend it to anyone.

Peace of Mind
written by Jeff on January 2, 2017
I live in a low crime, peaceful area. I was concerned about the unprofessional burglars that would break in to our resident and have easy access to some valuable belongings. I bought a Liberty Safe with the safelert unit, due to having family and good friends that live nearby. I figured if the safelert system was sending me endless signals I could call the local authorities or alert my neighbors to check on our home. The safelert system works perfectly for my desired needs. I was out of town recently and received a signal alert from the safelert system and here it turned out to be an earthquake in out area. This single event was picked up by the safelert system.

The safelert system was easy to set up and it sends me an e-mail every week giving me an update status of the safe and the system battery strength.

This is the best affordable alternative "peace of mind" for my needs. I couldn't afford the added $1,000 expense need for the higher levels of security those model safes would provide us. I'm very pleased with my setup and security that my Liberty Safe with Safelert provide.

Great invention.
written by Soldier1 on January 2, 2017
This has really made buying my first safe a pleasure. Just like a majority of you guys I am more than satisfied with SafElert. It has given me the reassurance that I can protect my valuables from humidity when high, temperature when low and get an information update on status if it's being broken into, moved or getting too hot from a surrounding fire. So small it doesn't require any shelf room and was easy to download + install. The unit was on sale for $160.00 when I bought it which of course is more than worth it considering the FREE online services SafElert provides. The NWsafe installers were very knowledgeable and did a great job going through the steps of downloading + details of this product that made it worth more to me. I recommend this product to everybody and their mother.

Great invention.
written by Soldier1 on January 2, 2017
This has really made buying my first safe a pleasure. Just like a majority of you guys I am more than satisfied with SafElert. It has given me the reassurance that I can protect my valuables from humidity when high, temperature when low and get an information update on status if it's being broken into, moved or getting too hot from a surrounding fire. So small it doesn't require any shelf room and was easy to download + install. The unit was on sale for $160.00 when I bought it which of course is more than worth it considering the FREE online services SafElert provides. The NWsafe installers were very knowledgeable and did a great job going through the steps of downloading + details of this product that made it worth more to me. I recommend this product to everybody and their mother.

Excellent Additional Step
written by JoeE on December 26, 2016
Providing this Safelert keeps on ticking, i am an absolutely satisfied customer.
Works awesome and gives me alerts via text or email.
If you ever had a fear of someone yanking your safe out with a tow truck through your wall, this will let you know it's being done. lol

written by LONERANGER04 on December 26, 2016
I've had this for a couple of years and works as advertised. No affordable safe out there is difficult to penetrate with the available tools so monitoring is important. Without building a concrete and steel vault, which would cost more than most gun collections, this is as safe as I can make my guns.

Great monitor
written by Cal from SoCal on December 26, 2016
This is a great product and 100% does what it needs to do. The setup is easy and the app is designed well. The sensors all work well. The motion sensor works very well and is set correctly. One of the best and most needed accessories you can get for your safe!! Well worth the price due to the free monitoring...

Connection Issues
written by LeeN on December 26, 2016
I've had this unit for almost a year now and it works most of the time ... recently I have constant dropped connection alerts which are beyond frustrating !!! like others. .. I have tried to figure the problem out and have only one answer ... it's the unit .... can someone offer some help .... I really want to fix this because this is a great tool when it is working property !!

Liberty's Response:
Hi, this is very unusual. Please contact our customer support at 800.247.5625.

Satisfied user in Alabama
written by Satisfied in Alabama on December 12, 2016
In addition to the reasonable price this device has high security technology features that is as important as the safe itself. In addition the weekly status report which includes temperature and humidity readings verifies that the dedicated dehumidifier and HVAC unit is functioning correctly. Thank you, Satisfied in Alabama.

written by Og on December 12, 2016
I love it works great!

Piece of mind.
written by Wizard on December 5, 2016
It works as described. Great product and even better support.
I am going g to get units for each of my children for ChristmS..
Thanks for a great product and the continued improvments.

Great product, but movement sensor is useless unless the safe is
written by Randy_B on December 4, 2016
Works as advertised with the exception of sensitivity of movement sensor. Takes a pretty good rocking of the safe to trigger a movement alert. You have to physically move the whole unit to trigger movement. Vibrations and strikes to the safe door will not trigger movement. It seems the sensitivity has been made to conservative at the factory on the newer models to prevent false alarms. Hopefully this will be addressed with new software updates, or be made adjustable via the app. If there's a fix, please post.

written by Og on November 29, 2016
Works great,love it!

written by Glock on November 28, 2016
Works great, takes 4 minutes to notify me of door being closed because the light inside is on a timer

I'll buy one for every safe I have
written by D Hoekstra on November 28, 2016
This product works as advertised. I really like how quick you get the alerts. I would like it to sense safe motion with more sensitivity. No issues on my iPhone with the email, texts, or weekly reports, everything works as it should.

Works Just As They Said It Would!
written by Rango on November 14, 2016
The Safelert Monitoring System was a very easy setup and worked perfectly on the first attempt. Connected to my wifi without any trouble and started sending me updates immediately. I get the appropriate alerts every time I should and it is very reassuring to have this device keeping track of my safe. This is a great piece of mind device to have and I recommend it to others who wish to know if their safe is safe.

Chief Keith
written by Chief Keith on November 7, 2016
Safelert is great it works every time the safe is opened or someone tries to open it. I have told several people about this product and they love it. Safelert gives you piece of mind knowing when your gone your valuables are safe. The alert system notify' me if my internet goes down and monitors the humidity and temperature in the safe and is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend it to everyone.
Chief Keith Alldredge

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