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NOTE: Factory installed accessories and options are subject to specification changes/upgrades without notification.
Safelert Device Safelert Antenna Safelert Warning Sticker Safelert Package
Safelert Device
Safelert Device
Safelert Antenna
Safelert Antenna
Safelert Warning Sticker
Safelert Warning Sticker
Safelert Package
Safelert Package
Safelert Monitoring System
Receive alerts to your phone or email when something happens to your safe! SAFELERT DEMO

Safelert $199
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Product Description

SAFELERT is the newest innovation in smart devices to help monitor activities with your safe. This compact, battery-powered monitoring device is easily installed inside your safe. When your safe’s conditions change (movement, rise in temperature, door opening, etc.), SAFELERT detects and sends alerts (via texts or emails) directly to you. Customize TRIGGER POINTS to receive alerts if any of the following conditions change:

  • Safe door opening and closing (know when others who have the combination are getting into your safe)
  • Safe movement resulting from tampering (attempted break-ins, safe door jarring, movement of safe, etc.)
  • Rising and lowering of safe’s interior temperature, both HOT and COLD threshold levels SAFELERT’s batteries are low and need to be replaced (batteries included)
  • Loss of wireless internet connection.

NO MONITORING FEES: Advancements in technology systems enables Liberty to cover what use to be monitoring fees on SAFELERT. Now you simply purchase the SAFELERT device and Liberty will include 24-hour monitoring for FREE. Works on any safe.

  1. 3 YEARS - $39.95 a year FREE SERVICE
  2. 2 YEARS - $49.95 a year FREE SERVICE
  3. 1 YEAR - $59.95 a year FREE SERVICE

REFUND AVAILABLE ON PAST MONITORING FEES: Those who purchased SAFELERT before November 18, 2013 and who were charged a monitoring fee can receive a full refund of that monitoring fee by contacting Elertus at 801-657-5352 or by email 

SET UP IS EASY: Install the batteries into the SAFELERT device and activate the SAFELERT system with a few simple steps on any web browser. Once signal is confirmed, set it inside any safe and you have instant peace of mind. It's really that easy.

HOW SAFELERT WORKS: Using an Internet cloud service from, along with your existing home or business Wi-Fi Internet connection, cell phone, smart phone and/or email inbox, SAFELERT monitors your safe around the clock. It immediately sends you (and up to four other recipients) alerts when your safe is moved/vibrates/jostled, door/open closed, temperature or battery levels are reached. SAFELERT monitors the humidity level inside you safe, but does not send an alert of changes in humidity. It can be viewed with the mobile app at any time or is shown on the weekly email status report.

WEEKLY EMAIL STATUS REPORT: Elertus sends weekly emails showing the status of the key monitoring points regarding your safe:

Sensing Type Status
Door Closed
Temperature 62 F
Movement No
Battery 90%
Humidity 43%

ANTENNA: In most cases, SAFELERT will connect with your wireless router (Wi-Fi system) with its internal antenna. In some cases where the Wi-Fi reception is minimal, Liberty has included an optional external antenna to connect to the device. Simply connect the external antenna to the SAFELERT device and run the wire outside the safe door and stick to the top or side of your safe.

SAFELERT STICKER: Liberty also includes a SAFELERT WARNING STICKER. Place it anywhere on the frame or door and let any would-be thief or inquisitive relative know that they may get caught if they touch your safe!