NEWS FLASH: Liberty Safe Endorses Presidential Candidate

In a radical shift from long-established company policy, a source inside Liberty Safe has revealed that the company has decided to put its weight behind a presidential candidate for 2016.
The anonymous source said the selection debate was heated and had been ongoing since last summer. At issue were positions on five key issues revealed on a secret list that was circulated among directors and board members, selected staff and personnel. The source said some of the Liberty sponsors in radio and television with close financial ties to the company were also involved.
A copy of the secret list identified the selection criteria as—-
First, does the candidate have a strong, supportive position on Constitutional rights, in particular, the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms?
Second, a more subjective assessment, does the candidate’s record of experience show an ability to hold up under the pressures of the job, to take the heat of the campaign and the heat of the office?
Third, does the candidate have a strong platform against illegal entry?
Fourth, are there any doubts about the candidate meeting birth requirements in the U.S., and, are there any foreign ties to China, Taiwan, or Mexico?
Fifth, for purposes of curing the acrimony and discord now raging across headlines, does the candidate have the personality, the tone, tenor, and presentation of bringing harmony and unity to the presidential landscape—in short, of looking presidential?
When pressed for a name, the source claimed the company is poised to formally declare its presidential candidate to be the 50.
With a six-inch door, 26 bolts and weighing in at 1,555 pounds, the Presidential 50 stands firmly opposed to illegal entry, can resist up to 1200-degree fires for an amazing 2.5 hours, guarantees a capacity to keep and bear arms of up to 39 long guns, assures a Presidential standing when bolted down, looks pretty darn Presidential in any of its beautiful finishes and colors, and confidently boasts absolutely no ties to China, Taiwan or Mexico because the Presidential 50 is completely and proudly made in the USA with a certificate to prove it.
There’s no debate about it—the best candidate for 2016 is the Presidential 50, the best-built safe in the world. But the primaries are not yet over. See for an amazing list of world-class write-in candidates.
Liberty Safe, makers of the best-built Presidential candidates in the world.

Severe Test #309: Explosions Inside A Safe

There is no end to the creative ways thieves will attack a safe. That’s why there’s no end to the crazy ways Liberty likes to torture its safes. We look at every angle when it comes to improving the integrity of our engineering and design. Here’s one torture test we recently performed—
Buyers think a safe should be like a submarine, able to withstand all kinds of outside pressure and not cave. They expect the good ones to survive, and the cheap ones won’t.
What about the opposite?
What about an airplane at high altitude with basically no pressure on the outside, but inside it’s pumped up pretty high? Aircraft do just fine because they are intelligently designed. A toy balloon isn’t—it pops.
Can a well-built safe be both submarine and airplane?  
That’s what we set out to discover at our testing range.
We put two safes of comparable size side by side—a Liberty and its competitor. And then we set off an explosive inside each safe.
The results were devastating, shocking and, yes, they were spread all over the place.
A video of the whole event is [[here]]. Make sure your speakers are on and gather your family and friends tointernal explosion test watch.
As you’ll see, superior design, engineering and attention to detail prove themselves ultra-reliable in a most spectacular way.
And stay tuned. There’s more to come because only Liberty Safe makes the best-built safes on the planet.

The Revolution is Over! All Roads Lead to a Centurion

If you missed the news, the Revolution is ended—now stand up for the Centurion.
Starting this year, Liberty’s Revolution series of safes has entered history to make room for the new Centurion series, and what a safe it is.
A Centurion was a Roman captain over a century of soldiers—a “century” is Roman-speak for 100 tough guys with attitudes.
The Romans picked their Centurions because of superior size, strength, dexterity, vigilance, temperance and their constant alertness to stand ready at all times.
If that describes the kind of safe you want, check them out at Liberty Safe. It’s like having 100 tough guys with attitudes at your house guarding your stuff all the time.
Each Centurion stands guard with 4-inch wide military style locking bars for more security against the hordes of Attila the Hun. And if the Asiatic Warlords come to pillage and burn, your Centurion will protect your valuables from fire for up to 30 minutes.
Rome didn’t have an external relocker back in their day, but our Centurions do. And, an internal lock hardplate makes it tougher for the Celtic Barbarians to drill it out.
It’s the perfect combination of quality and engineering that excels at keeping out Spartacus, Hannibal of Carthage, The Warrior Queen, and even your high school math teacher. It’s the entry level safe for all Roman citizens and friends who want the peace of mind that only Liberty Safe can deliver.
Take the chariot down to your Liberty dealer today.  Don’t get caught when the King of the Vandals comes to wipe you out. Let your Centurion deal with their vicious ways, and you will conquer.
Every Centurion knows that all roads lead to Liberty because that’s where they make the best-built safes in the empire—and everywhere beyond.

2016 is the Year for the Next Generation

Documents, photographs, firearms and artifacts are the important parts of your unique story. They define who you are and how you lived. They tell of yourself, your family and your experiences. Most of all, they let you share that marvelous story with others.
Liberty Safe is part of a world-wide preservation campaign. More than 4.8 billion artifacts are held in public and private trust by more than 30,000 museums, archives, libraries, collections and research genealogists. Experts choose Liberty because of its superior theft-prevention and fire-resistant design. Can you say the same about your artifacts?
Do you keep your firearms under the mattress, or your fabulous sentimental treasures in a cardboard box where accident, theft and neglect will ruin them?
Make 2016 your year for peace of mind. Take that wonderful step forward and put your valuables, handguns, long guns and precious artifacts into a Liberty ‘memory vault’ and let it become a time machine for future generations. That’s what the experts do, and you can too.
Are you ready to make 2016 the year for the next generation? You are probably more ready than you realize. See Liberty’s new 2016 catalog for all the details—coming soon!

Updated Pry Bar Test

Can a promise be as iron-clad as a Liberty Safe? Let’s put it to the test.

Recently we set up a demonstration for Guns & Gear TV to show how Liberty’s promises are as armor-clad as each of our home safes—even our entry-level safes.

With two competitors’ safes standing next to a similar-model Liberty on our factory floor, and two of our burly “safe breakers” armed with pry bars, we filmed their attempts to break into all three safes. The time limit was five minutes, a typical “rush job” for many home break-ins.

The two competitor safes opened in less than a minute, and the Liberty held up until the expired time.

See the segment by Guns & Gear TV here:

Not If But When—The importance of this demonstration is lost on some people. The question isn’t about “if” someone can break in, because no safe, car, home or building is impervious to a successful attack if they have enough time.

The question is about “when.” The longer a safe can delay entry the more time for police to arrive. Liberty builds in as much time-delay as possible into each of our safes for every model, design and price point.

Here’s a photo of a FATBOY that was attacked with all kinds of tools, without success. While there is no way to determine how long the bad guys were busy, our guess is they spent at least 30 minutes before giving up.

Fatboy 2

Burglars worked on this safe for at least 30 minutes, probably longer, trying to defeat all of the specialized engineering improvements that make Liberty Safes the best-built safes on the planet.

In addition to Liberty’s state-of-the-art quality engineering, there are two other safety measures that Liberty offers.

First, a home safe bolt-down kit. You’d be amazed at how many reports we receive of attempted break-ins that failed for the simple reason the bad guys had to attack the safe in its upright position. Keeping a safe standing is a huge deterrent.

Second, an industry-leading high-tech monitoring device called SafElert is available that will instantly send an alert if your safe is jostled or moved, or even if the door handle is tried. Thieves usually don’t know this device is awake and watching because the wireless SafElert is stored inside your safe, out of view. Once the attack begins, SafElert is already sending for help.

Can a promise be as iron-clad as the safe it promotes? In the case of Liberty, even for its entry-level safes, the answer is yes—an affirmative echoed by more than 1.5 million satisfied customers.

Liberty Safe, makers of the best-built safes in the world—at any price.

What’s the Big “Armored Truck” Secret?

If you work for an armored truck service you need to be tough, honest, trustworthy and sharp. Only the best will do.
       So where do “the best” go to store their service weapons at the end of an arduous day of hauling millions in cash and coin from tills to vaults?
Tyson D. of Salt Lake City wanted a convenient and safe place to keep his handgun when he got home from work each day.

Tyson D. of Salt Lake City wanted a convenient and safe place to keep his handgun when he got home from work each day.

Tyson_2015-07-16 16.28
Tyson_2015-07-16 16 Tyson_2015-07-16 16

For Tyson D. of Salt Lake City, the answer was a no brainer.

“We wanted a handgun vault that was tough, trustworthy and did the job,” Tyson said. “That’s why we went with Liberty. All my co-workers said go for it.”

He said he has three things on his mind when he walks in the door each evening—“My family, their safety, and securing my gun.”

That’s why Tyson and his wife purchased a Liberty HDX-250 handgun vault as a Father’s Day gift this past summer.

“I love the biometric access,” he said. “In the dead of night we just swipe a finger and the door pops, we’ve got the gun, a flashlight, and protection.”

Securing his gun has become a habit.

“First thing I do when I walk in the door is put the gun and clips into the vault, and then I kiss my wife. It’s a peace of mind that I didn’t even realize I was missing. It’s therapeutic—it let’s that knot in my gut relax knowing that my gun is safe—I can let it go.”

The HDX-250 uses 5th Generation Biometric finger swipe technology, with an emergency key as backup. “Takes me less than 2 seconds to grab the gun, it’s fast,” Tyson said.

Tyson_2015-07-16 16b

But there’s more.

Tyson’s father also needed a more handy gun vault. His full-size gun safe was all the way in the basement, hardly accessible should an emergency arise. For Father’s Day, Tyson and his wife made sure that he too received an HDX-250.

When asked, Why Liberty? Tyson and his father both smiled. “Who else?”

That’s why Liberty Safe now offers the best-built safes on the planet—in all sizes.

A Liberty Safe Helps Sell A House!

Are you a home owner feeling frustrated that your house for sale hasn’t attracted many lookers, let alone buyers?

We have the perfect answer for you.

Make your potential buyers aware that you have a beautifully designed, well engineered, and heavily armored Liberty safe bolted to your floor, and, that it goes with the house—along with transferal of its lifetime replacement/repair warranty from Liberty Safe.

Like dangling live bait in front of a hungry fish, you just might see a buyer come along a lot sooner! After all, who doesn’t know that Liberty makes the best home and office safes on the planet?

And, it just so happens that just the other day, in the mail bag, we received a remarkable note that told of that very process successfully put to use.

The correspondent was the owner of a Liberty safe, a Lincoln 25. He said he had been frustrated at how long his home was sitting with the “For Sale” sign in the front yard. Finally, somebody noticed that a Liberty safe was in the house.

The buyer made quick contact and said he wanted the house, but the Liberty safe had to be part of the deal. The sellers agreed, sold the house, and used some of the money to get a larger safe.

In their note to us they said: “We accepted, and replaced the safe with this Liberty Lincoln 50.”

Some of the most valuable real estate in life is the real estate on which your home is built, but the most durable real estate are those cubic feet inside the security and safety of a Liberty safe. It’s a peace of mind that even some stranger hunting for a new home will recognize in the name Liberty—the makers of the best-built safes on the planet.

Celebrate Liberty with a Liberty

Where were you on July 4, 1776?

If you were a colonial soldier and owned a Liberty safe in the 1770s, here’s an idea of the arsenal you could have stashed away—


When colonial Americans went hunting for liberty, they found part of it beginning in 1776. The other part didn’t come along for 200 years. but it was well worth the wait

Any patriot worth his saltpeter would have stored enough flintlock pistols for each member of the family. Thanks to Liberty’s ingenious Accessory Door Panel, they could store up to ten pistols, each in their own individual pistol pocket—loaded and ready to go.


Flintlocks, muskets, rifles, powder, cartridges, everything the colonial soldier or modern-day gun owner could want are easily organized in Liberty’s ingenious Accessory Door Panel.

That many flintlocks could keep a column of redcoats whooping and hollering for cover long enough to let your family escape into the hills for safety.

What about your neighbors? Nearly every farmer owned one or two Brown Bess muskets. That’s not a bad gun—fast to load, good in close combat, but not very accurate. A Liberty “Colonial 23” can hold up to 25 muskets with ample room for all of grandma’s journals, great-grandpa’s pocket watch from London, the old 1608 family bible with all those baptismal dates, and an early draft of the Virginia State Constitution.

Had the redcoats caught wind of such treasures, they would have broken all their bayonets, wagon tongues and horses trying to pull apart a Liberty safe. Who could have imagined it, a Liberty defeating the world’s greatest army?

The British also set fire to farm houses all across the colonial landscape. Had these homes been equipped with Liberty safes, the Brits might have given up on such arson. Why even bother when Liberty safes have such awesome fire ratings?


From Minute-Man duty to Valley Forge endurance, Liberty safes are built to resist damage from heat and fire for whatever duration they might throw at you.

It’s been estimated that only 20 percent of the lead fired in open-field battle ever hit their targets. That’s because muskets are not very good. Patriots who could afford it traded muskets for long rifles. These were slower to load but much more accurate.

Naturally, if General Washington got word that you had Liberty’s “Big Boy” with 64 long rifles neatly stored inside, he no doubt would have commissioned you to lead his sniper squad for special duties.


Liberty’s BIGBOY premium and best-selling safe can hold up to 64 muskets, or, for the modern American, 64 rifles with room to spare for other valuables.

Down at Mosby Tavern, we can safely guess that their daily conver-sations included the problem of ammunition storage. Liberty owners know the answer. “No worries, mate. Liberty safes have ample space for pounds of powder, flint, cartridges, bayonets, and a few sets of pick-and-brush to keep your guns’ pans and touchholes whisker clean. Oh, and you can hide a bottle or two of your favorite whistle belly or blackstrap, but don’t tell your missus.”


Liberty’s Ammo Can is the ideal storage box for your powder, flint, cartridges, or any modern ammunition and supplies you need. Lockable and separate from your gun collection.

It’s been 239 years since the start of America’s break for freedom. At the end of their long and difficult struggle the Founding Generation secured for themselves an elusive treasure worth dying for, a treasure called liberty.

In a lot of ways that’s what Liberty’s patrons may also claim. When they close the heavy bolted door of a Liberty safe, they are putting out of harm’s way those precious things that cannot be replaced. They ensure for themselves and their posterity the finest peace of mind that only Liberty can provide.

Liberty Safe, makers of the best-built safes in the world. (By the way, we’re pretty confident George Washington would have ordered a “Presidential” with the optional dehumidifier, SafElert and interior lighting package.)

An Hour’s Drive From Liberty

This happened to a friend of ours just an hour’s drive from Liberty’s manufacturing and shipping complex in Payson, Utah.

In mid June, a retired husband and wife were at home in the middle of the day. He was out weeding the garden on the side of the house. She was in the basement cleaning up. It was routine for both of them—a routine day, a routine chore, a routine expectation.

Unknown to either of them, a stranger had been watching from nearby. Seeing his chance he quickly made his move.

The burglar entered an unlocked side door leading to the kitchen. There he found the wife’s purse on the counter. He took out her credit cards and car keys, and hurried to the car parked on the driveway. He climbed in, started the engine, and drove away.

The husband and wife had no idea a felony crime had been committed against them. It was the middle of the day, and with the car gone she thought he had left for an errand, and he thought the same of her. It wasn’t until an hour later when they found each other in the kitchen with her purse turned upside down that the shock and gut-wrenching realization of what had just happened began to piece together.

Police were called, the process of reporting and recovery was started, but too much time had passed to prevent the additional loss that came from the stolen cards. Today, they are still picking up the pieces and trying to mend. However, the good news is that their insurance is handling the car, charges on their cards are being reversed, and a Liberty safe was protecting the most valuable items of all, next to the family members themselves.

The armored walls of a locked Liberty safe prevented bad from becoming worse, and “things replaceable” from being inflated to include “things lost forever.” Had they not been home would the burglar have cased out the rest of the house? If so, he would have hit a dead end with a Liberty safe.

That’s why Liberty tells its customers that a home safe can provide a peace of mind like no other. With SafElert constantly on guard, even a Liberty safe has that double-duty security at work. Any attempt to open the safe door, move it, or if a fire breaks out, that internal wireless alert system instantly sends a text and email message to your choice of cell phones and email accounts, with a heads up that something suspicious is happening at home.

That’s the promise of Liberty: peace of mind and a life-time warranty to back it up—especially when a beautiful June day is stealthily disrupted by a callous criminal who preys on unsuspecting people like our good friends who live just an hour’s drive from Liberty.

Liberty Safe—the best-built safes on the planet.

Could a Cat Kill Your Safe?

Tesla Cat Lectures On The Science Of Static Electricity

It’s hard to believe it but Frisky might be an evil killing machine. Mice we know about, birds too, and sometimes pet rodents of assorted sizes. But a cat rubbing up against a big steel safe?

Their super-secret Superpower is Static Electrical Discharge.

Test this by petting a cat during the right conditions and you’ll create enough static electrical buildup in her fur to light up a Barbie Dreamhouse (this can be tested by touching Frisky’s nose, but she won’t like it). If this voltage was discharged into a microchip, it would fry like an over-easy egg at a Texas truck stop.

But not just cats. Humans also have the power to shock.

The human body can build up damaging levels of static electricity and people typically don’t even know it (unless your kids are jumping on a tramp and their hair stands straight up!). Unless it’s more than 1,500 volts, most people can’t even feel the “shock” when they ground out. This is dangerous because microchips can be toasted by less than 10 volts. (If you’ve ever replaced a hard drive, remember all the cautionary steps they make you take to prevent static discharge? That’s why.)

Rubbing your feet on the carpet can generate 12,000 volts. A nuclear weapon can deliver 30,000 volts per square meter. A lightning strike can deliver a billion volts to a single point.

How does modern technology protect itself from these bursts? Why doesn’t a “charged” cat rubbing against a safe, or people reaching for the electronic keypad, end up zapping the circuitry?

Protecting microchips is big business, and once installed, most microchip circuitry is pretty safe. But that’s only for low-level voltages.

Admittedly, chances of high-voltage attacks from nuclear war or a lightning strike are about as likely as a cat obeying orders to “don’t claw the curtains.”

But power surges come from other sources both man-made and natural such as power surges over your household wiring, heavy electrical equipment, and radiation bursts from the sun. That’s why Liberty is ahead of the crowd on protecting our high quality electronic key pads.

Starting in October 2014, every Liberty safe equipped with S&G’s Titan electronic locks (Low Profile, D-Drive) is protected from Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP) that exceed those from nuclear blasts. To qualify for the U.S. military’s high standards, electronics must be “hardened”  to survive pulses of 27,000-35,000 volts per square meter. The good folks at S&G (some of them are cat lovers) had their locks tested at 50,000 volts and they passed with flying colors. Nobody else offers that level of protection.

Liberty Safe uses S&G  Low Profile and D-Drive (shown) electronic locks that have survived surges of 50,000 volts.

Make sure your Liberty safe is both cat resistant and EMP resistant by ordering it with the best-protected electronic locks on the planet. You never know when some evil cat might be out to get you.

Liberty Safe—the best-built safes on the planet.