LUCKY 7 Sales Event Held Over!

The Lucky 7 Sales Event has been so huge that we’ve decided to hold it over through May 15, 2017! PLUS, you can now apply for 12 months interest free on ANY Liberty Safe purchase, OAC.

Lucky 7 Sale

That’s right! You can not only SAVE UP TO $665 off America’s #1 safe, the Lincoln series, but you can also get it for 12 months interest free!

Good luck and fortune have met with this promotion. It has never been easier to own a Liberty Safe with HUGE savings built right in!

SAVE $142 off on our entry level Centurion and go up to a whopping $665 dollars off on the #1 rated safes in America–The Lincoln Series! Even the FATBOY’s are on special!

There are SEVEN different series of safes on sale, surely to fit any budget or need AND with 12 Months Interest FREE OAC.

The process is easy at! Select the safe of your choice, choose the financing option at checkout and apply for 12 months interest free right on our website with a fast approval process. Owning a Liberty Safe has never been this easy.

Each has been discounted for those of you who want to pick them up, but for ease of mind (and body) you can have them delivered and installed by the best dealers in the country.

Either way, when it is all said and done, you need to hurry and not let your luck run out. This sale ends May 15th.

View Specials

(Hurry, sale ends May 15, 2017)

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Liberty’s “Spring Cleaning” Safe Sale Ends April 5

It’s the spring cleaning deal everybody has been waiting for! Here’s a chance to clean up on a great Liberty safe, just in time to finally secure all those things you’ve wanted under lock and key for years.
These deals are so hot they’re for pick-up only from your local dealer. 
But don’t worry about TOO hot — these quality “Made in the U.S.A.” safes have more fireboard than the competition, providing an outstanding performance of 30-minute fire rating at 1200-degrees.
Save $568.98
For your large storage needs, pick up a Colonial 50 with a low profile EMP e-lock, an electronics outlet and light kit for the pick-up price of $1,999. These come in Textured Black or Textured Granite, and the elock and electrical outlet are factory installed. You put your lights wherever you please—easy self-install. Do you want a mechanical lock instead of an e-lock? No problem, it’s the same sale price. 
If your needs are more conservative, save on two of Liberty’s best-selling Centurion safes, the 18 and the 24, both discounted until April 5.
Save big on our best-selling handgun vault, and don’t forget Safelert that lets you know electronically if somebody’s “spring cleaning” happens to include moving your safe.around. 
Contact your dealer today and check out the deals because spring cleaning at Liberty Safe ends on April 5.

Liberty Safe Builds Its 2,000,000th Safe—and is Giving It Away

Liberty Safe announced a major milestone in its 29-year history of building gun, home and business safes and security products; its two millionth safe! To celebrate Liberty is sponsoring a contest to give away this one-of-a-kind safe to one lucky winner in a sweepstakes ending June 17, 2017.

“We’re thrilled beyond words,” said Kim Waddoups, president and CEO of Liberty Safe. “Achieving this two-million milestone reflects wonderfully well on our entire company for their faithful devotion to consistency and quality. Congratulations to all our employees, both past and present, and to our professional dealers who serve their 2,000,000 clients with such care and helpfulness from coast to coast. Let’s celebrate!”

The 2,000,000th safe will be a custom-made Presidential 50, a top of the line model with a silver-bronze finish, and a special door design that commemorates this occasion.

“Two million is a huge number in the safe industry,” said Jamey Skousen, Liberty’s director of marketing. “We’re there because we deliver the best quality safes in the industry. We’ve dropped our safes from 200 feet onto hard cement, we’ve exploded dynamite on the outside and on the inside, we’ve pried, chiseled, drilled and beat our safes without mercy to find and correct the least little concern. The result? A sturdy vault, best in the world. Tornadoes, hurricanes, whole-house fires, and they still hold up. If somebody tries to do any of that to your Liberty safe, we have a transferable lifetime warranty that is the best in the industry.”

The “2 Million Liberty Safes Sweepstakes” will end on June 17, 2017, and the winner will be announced on Liberty’s FACEBOOK page. For more details see Liberty Safe’s FACEBOOK page (, or enter the contest at



Holiday Special Starting December 5! Free Handgun Vault with Purchase!

Keep your home defense within easy reach with a Liberty handgun vault FREE when you purchase a select Liberty safe.

Don’t put it off until 2017! You’ve been wanting to get this done, so do it now while prices are best.

First, take a look at the handgun vaults available from Liberty. Click HERE.

Second, click HERE to see the safes being featured in this year-end rebate offering!

The featured safes and the available free gunvaults include:

Colonial or Fatboy 48: HD100

Franklin or Fatboy 64: HD200

Lincoln: HDX150 or HDX250

Classic: HDX150 or HDX250

NS Magnum: HDX150 or HDX250

Presidential: HDX150 or HDX250

Purchase your safe between December 5-31, activate its warranty by providing your Name, Address, City, State, ZIP, Safe Model #, Serial #, and mail to: Liberty Safe, C/O Rebate Dept., 1199 West Utah Ave., Payson, UT 84651

Include a copy of your receipt and warranty registration, postmarked by 2/28/17, and that’s it!

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your handgun vault.

See for more details.






Going Independent for Independence Day, Liberty Style!

Nothing means being independent more than a gun, gold, and a Constitution worth defending. Keep yours safe with a FREE HANDGUN VAULT during this special July Liberty Safe Sale!

From July 1 – July 16th Liberty is running an Independence Day promotion on our Liberty Safe Website.

When you purchases a Colonial or above July 1 through July 16th, you will qualify to receive a Free Handgun Vault by submitting a completed rebate form. The rebate form will be available for you to print on our website.

To get your FREE HANDGUN VAULT, there are three steps:

1.  Buy the safe (Be a Minute Man or Woman, don’t put this off any longer!)

2. Register the safe warranty (You’d do that anyway)

3.  Fill out the rebate form, attach it to a copy of your safe receipt, and mail it in to Liberty Safe (EASY! Won’t take more than 180 seconds)

For details click HERE.

Challenging Freedom with Terror

Every gun tragedy brings to center stage the dual need for weapons to defend life and liberty, and the responsibility on a national, local, and personal level to see that such firearms are never used to injure or kill the innocent. Millions of responsible gun owners in America are the strongest advocates for the safe use and secure storage of their firearms. Many have taken the added time and expense to become trained in home protection and to purchase one of our safes for proper storage of their firearms. That is what freedom provides to a free people, the right to self-defense and the responsibility to exercise that right correctly. Liberty Safe is proud to be a part of those responsible choices..

While the nation recoils in grief in the aftermath of the insane slaughter of 49 fellow Americans and the wounding of dozens of others, Liberty Safe stands up to be counted among those who condemn and reject those evil horrors, and renew our declaration and determination to be part of keeping this great country safe and strong..

May the leadership of our nation now kindle the political fortitude to promote our second amendment rights as a better answer to the many growing threats to our national security. May they unite with all of us in our promises to each another to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, and provide for the common defense..

From all of us here at Liberty Safe, we send our heart-felt support and prayers to the families and friends of those who were killed and injured in the recent Orlando massacre at the hands of Islamic terrorists..

We also want to commend the courageous first responders who regularly put their own lives in harm’s way, who once again answered the alarm and rushed to extinguish the inferno of hatred that was unleashed without cause or rationale against our unarmed fellow Americans.

Summer Savings at Liberty Safe!

Make it a safe summer at your home with bargain prices on these top-of-the-line quality safes from Liberty.
From May 20 through June 20, 2016, here’s your perfect chance to start off with a basic beginner safe, or expand your zone of security with a second or third safe. It’s the most cost-savings way to expand the cubic footage of your current storage solution.
Colonial 23: Save $320 on marble finish Colonial 23 safes, and pick up yours for $1,299.
Custom CN24, available for Internet shoppers only. Be sure to check first to see if your dealer has this amazing deal that includes $358 in free upgrades and rebate. This deal includes free NL E-Lock, a free door panel, and free flex interior, all for $699. At that price you should get a his and hers set and another for the garage.
And the great Lincoln 25, in Bronze only. Get a free S&G D-Drive and EMP E-Lock included, all for just $2,199, pick up price.
Now, let’s be clear that “pick up price” doesn’t mean you actually have to pick it up with your own bare hands, that would instantly put you in the Batman Versus Superman movie, making true believers out of the rest of us.
Pick up price means you bring the truck or trailer and some help who have really good backs. You’ll want to get some tips on how to load, unload and install your safe before driving away. Take notes, you’ll be glad you did. Some dealers are happy to do that delivery work for you, and it will be worth every dollar you spend to let the professionals handle those details.
Liberty Sate — makers of the best safes in the world, especially those we put on sale!

NEWS FLASH: Liberty Safe Endorses Presidential Candidate

In a radical shift from long-established company policy, a source inside Liberty Safe has revealed that the company has decided to put its weight behind a presidential candidate for 2016.
The anonymous source said the selection debate was heated and had been ongoing since last summer. At issue were positions on five key issues revealed on a secret list that was circulated among directors and board members, selected staff and personnel. The source said some of the Liberty sponsors in radio and television with close financial ties to the company were also involved.
A copy of the secret list identified the selection criteria as—-
First, does the candidate have a strong, supportive position on Constitutional rights, in particular, the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms?
Second, a more subjective assessment, does the candidate’s record of experience show an ability to hold up under the pressures of the job, to take the heat of the campaign and the heat of the office?
Third, does the candidate have a strong platform against illegal entry?
Fourth, are there any doubts about the candidate meeting birth requirements in the U.S., and, are there any foreign ties to China, Taiwan, or Mexico?
Fifth, for purposes of curing the acrimony and discord now raging across headlines, does the candidate have the personality, the tone, tenor, and presentation of bringing harmony and unity to the presidential landscape—in short, of looking presidential?
When pressed for a name, the source claimed the company is poised to formally declare its presidential candidate to be the 50.
With a six-inch door, 26 bolts and weighing in at 1,555 pounds, the Presidential 50 stands firmly opposed to illegal entry, can resist up to 1200-degree fires for an amazing 2.5 hours, guarantees a capacity to keep and bear arms of up to 39 long guns, assures a Presidential standing when bolted down, looks pretty darn Presidential in any of its beautiful finishes and colors, and confidently boasts absolutely no ties to China, Taiwan or Mexico because the Presidential 50 is completely and proudly made in the USA with a certificate to prove it.
There’s no debate about it—the best candidate for 2016 is the Presidential 50, the best-built safe in the world. But the primaries are not yet over. See for an amazing list of world-class write-in candidates.
Liberty Safe, makers of the best-built Presidential candidates in the world.

Severe Test #309: Explosions Inside A Safe

There is no end to the creative ways thieves will attack a safe. That’s why there’s no end to the crazy ways Liberty likes to torture its safes. We look at every angle when it comes to improving the integrity of our engineering and design. Here’s one torture test we recently performed—
Buyers think a safe should be like a submarine, able to withstand all kinds of outside pressure and not cave. They expect the good ones to survive, and the cheap ones won’t.
What about the opposite?
What about an airplane at high altitude with basically no pressure on the outside, but inside it’s pumped up pretty high? Aircraft do just fine because they are intelligently designed. A toy balloon isn’t—it pops.
Can a well-built safe be both submarine and airplane?  
That’s what we set out to discover at our testing range.
We put two safes of comparable size side by side—a Liberty and its competitor. And then we set off an explosive inside each safe.
The results were devastating, shocking and, yes, they were spread all over the place.
A video of the whole event is [[here]]. Make sure your speakers are on and gather your family and friends tointernal explosion test watch.
As you’ll see, superior design, engineering and attention to detail prove themselves ultra-reliable in a most spectacular way.
And stay tuned. There’s more to come because only Liberty Safe makes the best-built safes on the planet.

The Revolution is Over! All Roads Lead to a Centurion

If you missed the news, the Revolution is ended—now stand up for the Centurion.
Starting this year, Liberty’s Revolution series of safes has entered history to make room for the new Centurion series, and what a safe it is.
A Centurion was a Roman captain over a century of soldiers—a “century” is Roman-speak for 100 tough guys with attitudes.
The Romans picked their Centurions because of superior size, strength, dexterity, vigilance, temperance and their constant alertness to stand ready at all times.
If that describes the kind of safe you want, check them out at Liberty Safe. It’s like having 100 tough guys with attitudes at your house guarding your stuff all the time.
Each Centurion stands guard with 4-inch wide military style locking bars for more security against the hordes of Attila the Hun. And if the Asiatic Warlords come to pillage and burn, your Centurion will protect your valuables from fire for up to 30 minutes.
Rome didn’t have an external relocker back in their day, but our Centurions do. And, an internal lock hardplate makes it tougher for the Celtic Barbarians to drill it out.
It’s the perfect combination of quality and engineering that excels at keeping out Spartacus, Hannibal of Carthage, The Warrior Queen, and even your high school math teacher. It’s the entry level safe for all Roman citizens and friends who want the peace of mind that only Liberty Safe can deliver.
Take the chariot down to your Liberty dealer today.  Don’t get caught when the King of the Vandals comes to wipe you out. Let your Centurion deal with their vicious ways, and you will conquer.
Every Centurion knows that all roads lead to Liberty because that’s where they make the best-built safes in the empire—and everywhere beyond.