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Customer Star Rating
Filled a need
written by Aditchdoctor
February 27, 2015
Have two safes, needed space for Ammo, smokeless powder, primers, black powder. The Ammo can filled the need. Liked the keyed entry, strong shelves, 5 year warranty. Quality seems good on this unit. I have a Liberty 50 and have always been happy with it.
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made in america
written by LENNY
February 26, 2015
Customer Star Rating
Peace of Mind
written by Washington Irving
February 24, 2015
Found this on sale at a ridiculously low price and decided to try it. Quality is fine, much better than any of the thin skinned storage cabinets out there. The shelves are very sturdy and hold a ton of ammo. Also on a lesser note, it has a door handle and a hole to run electric.
Customer Star Rating
Ammo Can - Saved me from needing another Gun Safe
written by Tracy G.
February 21, 2015
I was very excited when I found this product. Over half of my gun safe space was taken up with ammunition. Buying the Ammo Can allowed me to fit more guns into the gun safe and not have my guns touching each other.

The ammo can is not as secure as my gun safe, but it only holds ammo. So, I wasn't as worried about that.

The safe is made as well as any other Liberty product and the fixed steel shelves are awesome. I have my ammo can mostly filled and the shelves don't sag at all.
Customer Star Rating
excellent products
written by Bob
February 20, 2015
Anyone wanting a gun safe for ammo will not be disappointed with this product.
I highly recommend it.
Customer Star Rating
Solid construction/Good price
written by Tbone
February 14, 2015
Overall, the construction of the safe is great. I don't have any rifles or shotguns, just handguns and lots of ammo. I needed storage space and shelves making this safe a great choice. I would definitely buy again in the future just be careful which retailer you get it from. Overall, great product.
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Just what I needed
written by Island reloader
February 13, 2015
What a great way to store all my ammo in one spot. The shelves are heavy and hold a lot of heavy ammo. Price is right and looks nice and clean.
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Perfect for ammo
written by Safe Believer
February 11, 2015
My old cheap sheet metal safe that I had ammo in was pried open during a break-in. It didn't take much. The Ammo Can is heavier construction and good capacity for ammo. The door closes securely and the sliding bars on the door will make it far more difficult to break into. The finish inside and out is well done and the Ammo Can looks formidable. The door opens and closes smoothly with ease. I highly recommend the Ammo Can.

Gun safes really work. The thieves must have been looking for guns because they did not take anything from the old ammo safe. All our guns were in the 'big' safe and they couldn't even begin to get in. They got away with nothing! If you do not have a gun safe do not put it off any longer; do it now. Your guns will not end up in the hands of bad people and your kids or others cannot get hurt with a gun they find in your house.
Customer Star Rating
Great Product
written by Gun Addict
February 1, 2015
Purchased the Ammo Can after looking for something to secure ammo and other things in. Checked the local dealer and he had 3 in stock. Picked it up a few days after paying for it and was very pleased with it. Added a few LED safe lights and filled it up. Holds all my ammo and more. Great product for a reasonable price.
Customer Star Rating
Great product
written by Gronk Bronson
February 1, 2015
I have been looking for a affordable ammo storage safe for a few years. I didn't want to purchase another gun safe just for ammo. This is exactly what I have been looking for at a price I would expect to pay for this level of security.
Customer Star Rating
Ammo Can
written by Bama Born
February 1, 2015
Size and layout beats any other secure safe/cabinet out there that can take the weight , has the layout, shelves required, and have the security. It may not have a fire rating but ANY fire-stop is better than none! Great product and a fair price at Cabela's.
Customer Star Rating
Ammo Can
written by Big Gun
January 22, 2015
Just received the Ammo Can safe today. Have not had time to inspect it for damage. From what I viewed at the retail store, this safe should serve the purpose as intended. The only forcible problem in the future is warping of the shelves. From what I can tell the shelves are made of press fiber board. This material does not bode well for shelving. Well only time will tell. Having the shelves adjustable would have been a great advantage. All in all a good design and well worth the money. The locking mechanism could been better designed, from the stand point of a different external locking system. As for the internal locking bars, they should be more than adequate to do the job.
Customer Star Rating
Another great product from Liberty!
written by T. Nabinger
January 19, 2015
The quality of materials and construction are right on par with other Liberty products. It's difficult to say much bad about it. I would like a larger model, or maybe one more shelf in it.
Customer Star Rating
Protection from burglars and fire proof!
written by Mike E.
January 10, 2015
This safe is constructed for ammo storage with shelf storage for ammo, primers and bullets! It should deter burglars and isfire proof! It is big enough to store all of our "stuff", and the thieves out there cannot pick it up or get into!!! KUDDO'S LIBERTY!!!
Customer Star Rating
Ammo Can Safe
written by none
January 10, 2015
Customer Star Rating
Ammo Can Safe
written by retbp
January 5, 2015
Very well made, great quality. I would definitely recommend to relative or friend.
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Safes , the best in the US !
written by Jude
December 23, 2014
We bought second safe from Liberty, this time we bought an Ammo Can, it is perfect ! It has nice wide shelves for stacking all my old pictures, school albums etc. Great product and what a price, on sale for $359.00, can't beat it for the quality you get. I would recommend these safes to anyone , Keep up the good work Liberty ! Thank you, Jude
Customer Star Rating
Unique & Very useful product
written by Plainsman
December 18, 2014
Best way to keep ammo, powder and primers secure and away from children and irresponsible adults. Also the go-to place and easily organized and easy to find way to store and inventory ALL of my ammo and reloading supplies. Finally they are all in one dry, secure and organized place.
Customer Star Rating
Great Container for ammo
written by Adam
December 17, 2014
Very nice for putting ammo away from people and giving the main safe more room. Great company!!
Customer Star Rating
Police Sergeant
written by Robert S. Kubicek
December 9, 2014
Great idea. Long overdue. A great place to store ammunition and ammo components. Quality is quite good.
Customer Star Rating
Safety is our priority!
written by Richard D. First
December 9, 2014
This product meets our needs and we are very happy with the amount of ammo we're able to put in it.
Customer Star Rating
Best Ammo Storage System
written by Sluggo1959
December 8, 2014
It took a while for the manufacturer to get the product to my local dealer but seeing that new handle on the door instead of having to use a key to pull the door open was well worth the wait. Ample space to store your supplies and very well built. I'm very happy with it and if I need more space I would not hesitate to buy another one.
Customer Star Rating
Ammo can
written by REM
December 1, 2014
Great idea for storage of ammo. Now all they need to do is come out with a tool chest for your gun cleaning equipment.
Customer Star Rating
written by DarthVetter
November 10, 2014
As soon as you put a handle on it and increase the fire rating I'll buy 2. No handle, really...? How much can that add to the price point? And IMO, the fire rating should have definitely been considered, due to the fact that it's intended use is to STORE AMMO! Even if it added to the price point, money well spent. Maybe add another version with the aforementioned features and suffice both types of customers at both price points.
Customer Star Rating
Ammo Can
written by Randy
November 3, 2014
Good product. Could use some more features. Some fire protection would be good. Interior lighting is always welcome.
The door is very thick which takes away from the limited space inside. For a simple locking system does it need to be so thick? Expanding the ammo can series to include more sizes and options would be good. Even if the price point were higher. Overall I have gained some storage space and it fits in the space I needed it to. Wish is there were more options in quality and size.
Glad it is a USA made box.
I have three liberty products now.
The old Washington Series safe is better made than the new Presidential but that's another review story.
Thanks Liberty!
Customer Star Rating
ammo can should be considered for the home
written by jason dominguez
October 5, 2014
ammo can is very durable and the quality is there.not many others in the market for this catorgery of item. but the few that are out there don't compare to the quality of this ammo can.
Customer Star Rating
Too much money for what it is
written by roofdog1
October 5, 2014
Now that I have it in place at home, the door opening is tweaked and the door won't shut. The box isn't strong enough to not conform to irregularities in the floor. I haven't tried shimming yet.

Although I'm getting the feeling that this safe would be more fairly priced at $200., at least I only paid $400. instead of the msrp of $500.

For the same money I wish I'd gotten a regular gun safe on sale and built my own interior. At least I would have gotten a fire rating, vastly better and secure locking door and lock , and perhaps thicker steel.
Liberty's Response:
We will contact you to see if we can walk you through adjusting the door to work right for you. It is a pretty easy process and should make you a lot happier. 
Customer Star Rating
Got Ammo?
written by DoubleA
September 23, 2014
In the state where I reside, our Legislature continues to attempt passage of laws to regulate the purchase ammunition. Accordingly, I keep plenty on hand, since I may not be able to buy it in the future.

I've been storing my stash in ammo cans all over the house, wherever there's room. Hard to keep track of it, and, easy target for a burglar.

The Ammo Can solved all this. I've got plentiful quantities of 5 different calibers neatly stacked. It may not look all that big, but you're gonna be surprised when you see how much it really holds.

This is NOT designed to be a secure gun safe; instead, it's adequate to hold a pant load of ammo. Be aware, though, that it is not recommended to use ammo cans on the shelves. I did manage to stash two .50 cans and four .30 cans on the bottom / floor.

For it's intended purpose (storing ammo), I think it's great.
Customer Star Rating
written by SS
September 19, 2014
Would like there to be a handle instead of using the key to pull the door open.
Customer Star Rating
Good quality
written by Tom-Allegan, MI.
September 19, 2014
The safe is well made and is perfect for what is was designed for. I was able to move the safe by myself. If you are going up or down stairs you will need a couple of able body people.
Customer Star Rating
Ammo Can fits the purpose
written by Capt. Jim
September 13, 2014
My recently purchased Ammo Can frees up space in my gun safe while providing secure storage for ammunition and other miscellaneous items. All at a very affordable price.
Customer Star Rating
Ammo Can
written by Squirrel Assassin
September 8, 2014
Exactly what I have been looking for, to make room in the Gun Safe. With the Liberty name behind it, you can't go wrong.
Customer Star Rating
Ammo Can
written by Kevin Mc
August 28, 2014
Customer Star Rating
written by MILLWRIGHT 575
August 28, 2014
Customer Star Rating
written by joannL
August 17, 2014
Finally a place to store ammo all together and not with the firearms! I love love love this safe it is so accommodating for ALL my ammo and room for some more. It's all in one area so it's easy to inventory.. Built just like the gun safes. Thank you Liberty!!!
Customer Star Rating
GREAT way to store ammo and supplies!!!
written by Paul King
August 17, 2014
I love it, I needed more room in my fatboy 64 gun safe, as the wife and son started shooting. So I could store my ammo and supplies in the Ammo can, leaving more room in the fatboy safe. Highly recommend!!!!

Customer Star Rating
written by Da Duke
August 16, 2014
Very good safe, saves me room in my gun safe.
Customer Star Rating
In need of a handle!
written by Bonzai
August 8, 2014
The safe is exactly as advertised...the only concern I have is that there is quite a bit of stress put on the key when not only unlocking the safe but in opening the door as well. I would very much appreciate seeing a handle installed...and please...don't forget those of us who bought the safes without the handle...a retrofit would be nice...
Customer Star Rating
Ammo Can Review
written by TKD
August 2, 2014
I couldn't fit my new shotgun in my Liberty safe due to the amount of ammunition I was storing in it. Had ammo on top of it too. Figured it was time to fix the problem. I recently saw an ad for the Liberty Ammo Can and went to the dealer to have a look. I was impressed with the same high end construction and quality I got with my first Liberty safe. It appears it will last as long as they say. Fair price, and made in the U.S.A.
Customer Star Rating
Great Safe
written by Greg Bequette
July 29, 2014
Customer Star Rating
written by Tom
July 25, 2014
This safe is a great addition to a gun safe. Gun safe was full bought this safe for ammo and reloading supplies now I can by more guns.
Customer Star Rating
Likes of the ammo can
written by vmaii
July 15, 2014
I like the Can very much. Holds a lot of ammo, well built.
Customer Star Rating
Keeping Guns and Ammo Stored Seperately
written by Rockman
July 6, 2014
Good product for keeping ammo secure, without keeping it in the Gun Safe with the firearms.
Customer Star Rating
Ammo Can
written by Rustyoldrod
June 30, 2014
Great way to store ammo, it was a bear getting it in the closet since it is so heavy. Just wish it had a handle instead of the key to open the door.
Customer Star Rating
Ammo Can Review
written by Joe S.
June 25, 2014
I just got my Ammo Can this afternoon, so I really haven't had a chance to work and/or load it up.

I love the appearance and apparent quality. The only down side, and I knew this going in, is that there is no handle. I think a handle would be nice, even if as a accessory. I'd pay for it.
Customer Star Rating
Nice Ammo Safe
written by Canyonaire
June 15, 2014
Nice safe, construction is top notch, need to add a handle on the exterior for easy of opening; using the key seems to be long term damaging to the key and not convenient.
Customer Star Rating
Perfect solution
written by Mike K.
June 7, 2014
I needed a secure cabinet for ammunition storage. Great size, shelf capacity, and weight ability. A door pull (separate from the locking mechanism) would have been nice. Overall, exactly what I was looking for.
Customer Star Rating
Very Pleased
written by MSMinTX
June 7, 2014
Excellent choice for ammo storage. I really need another one!
Customer Star Rating
For a good level of security it is a great deal
written by SnowmanMo
June 4, 2014
I have several safes already, but most of them are a combination of rifle safes with some shelves in it. I needed this safe for some less valuable firearm accessories that I still wanted to have secured and not laying around. After a lot of searching and looking at several other steel gun cabinets and other safes, I decided to go with the ammo can. The ammo can is perfectly set up for storage of accessories and I will not have to modify it's shelves. The only down side that I could see to the ammo can is that it is not fire rated, which would have been a bonus, and I probably would have bought the fire resistant version.

The ammo can has a good finish inside and out and seems sturdy enough to keep out the average hooligan. I would certainly recommend it if you had valuables that you wanted out of sight and secured, but didn't necessarily need a fire safe and were on a budget.
Customer Star Rating
written by Ken Clendenin
May 29, 2014
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