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Liberty's FATBOY Jr is the hot priced, wide-body safe that holds UP TO 48 GUNS! The FATBOY Jr. has the same security and fire package as the Colonial, including 60 minutes of fire protection. Rest assured, when you're looking for a wide-body safe, at a great price, and storing lots of's the FATBOY Jr. by Liberty!

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,549
Payments starting as low as $35.24 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Fatboy Jr Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 4489 customers ratings and reviews

written by Ftstl on April 19, 2018
Good safe

Perfect size and great quality
written by Doug on April 18, 2018
I was looking at buying a cheaper safe but once I saw them in person they left a lot to be desired. This Fatboy Jr is the perfect size for my growing collection and it was priced competitively. The quality is more than I expected and I'm very pleased with my safe.

Great safes.
written by Byrd on April 18, 2018
Just purchased my Fatboy Jr. (April 2018). So far it is what I expect from a well made American made safe. I just upgrade from the Lincoln series and didn't have a second trouble with it. These are great safes from a reputable company.

Awesome Safe!
written by D. Mabe on April 17, 2018
I have been wanting a Liberty safe for years and am so glad I was finally able to purchase one. You cannot go wrong with Liberty!

Amazing Safe
written by Mountain Rat on April 17, 2018
With any safe, if you know the size you have is perfect, go bigger, Glad I did, once you add optics your gonna cut your capacity in half, then add ammo, and extra's your safe is almost full, I have enjoyed this safe the short 2 months I have owned it, A safe is well worth the investment to protect your personal belongings. My only question why didn't I do this sooner?

Fatboy Jr is an amazing value and will class up your man cave!
written by Jeff on April 16, 2018
I purchased my Fatboy Jr at the Liberty showroom. It was delivered a few weeks later and I'm very happy with the safe and with Liberty's delivery service. If you need a big American made safe and don't want to spend a ton of money this is an excellent value.

10/10 recommend!

written by devan on April 16, 2018
very spacious very high quality workmanship. would recommend to anyone.

written by Anonymous on April 15, 2018

written by Blake Stevens on April 15, 2018

written by SCS2263 on April 15, 2018
Was very impressed with the over all quality of the Liberty Safes.

Excellent Purchase
written by Jay Barrett on April 13, 2018
We were in the market for a home safe, primarily for securing firearms and home valuables. We did our homework and visited several showrooms in search of just the right safe. We had an idea of what features we needed and wanted in our safe, and we knew that we found the right safe for us at Liberty Safe. We could not be happier with our purchase. The price was right, the features were right, the sales staff was knowledgeable and professional, and the delivery was fast and efficient.

Fabulous safe and company!
written by No One Special on April 12, 2018
LOVE our new Fatboy, Jr.!! Needed a safe for sometime but so glad we waited to really get what we wanted! So grateful to Talton's Safes for making this a very easy process!!

Great safe at a great price
written by James Donovan on April 12, 2018
I started out looking for a good, American made safe. Liberty came highly recommended and after shopping the competition, I understand why they are highly recommended. For the price, Liberty's products are the best. The Fatboy Jr. safe was what I was looking for. It's size was perfect for the space I was putting it in and the total # of guns held was very good. It's construction is outstanding for the price. This gets 5 stars!! I also highly recommend the Liberty dealer, 1-800-4AGUNSAFE. They have a large inventory, great sales people and their delivery service is top notch.

written by DJL on April 12, 2018
My wife and I have numerous guns, ammunition, jewelry and personal items that we needed to make sure would be protected if something would ever happen. The safe (42 Fatboy Jr.) met and exceeded our needs. We've been able to store all of our guns and ammunition, as well as still having room for the jewelry and personal items and still have plenty of room left over for any new purchases.

Construction and protection that we discovered as we looked at this purchase showed us that we made the correct decision. We would highly recommend any Liberty Safe to anybody seeking to protect their valuables of any form.

Jim's safe
written by Jim wangelin on April 10, 2018
Great product period

written by BRIAN on April 9, 2018

written by Torr McCurdy on April 9, 2018

Big Enough, Secure Enough
written by Silent Ninja on April 9, 2018
It has an interior that is clean and can be customized. And it is large enough to put guns and other items (sensitive documents, hard drives, etc.) in the safes. Works for me.

written by 123456 on April 8, 2018

Great quality safe at a price that cant be beat!
written by Dustin on April 7, 2018
I purchased the Fatboy Jr. Series Safe and was more then satisfied with my purchase. I looked around at other safes but when i laid my eyes on the fatboy i instantly knew I wanted it. The dealer i was buying it from was running a pay no sales tax special at the time so it was a good deal. After purchasing the safe, i received a sales catalog from Cabelas in the mail and they were selling the fatboy JR on sale for 200 less then what i paid for. I called up my dealer and they matched the price, even though i had already paid it in full and had the no tax discount, and gave me a refund check. Overall the experience was good, the safe is great and I'm very happy with my purchase.

written by Patrick Szvetitz on April 6, 2018

written by Joe on April 5, 2018

Great Safe
written by Fatboy Jr. on April 5, 2018
I like the Liberty Fatboy Jr. because it is the perfect size for my needs and I would highly recommend this safe.

New safe
written by Happy customer on April 4, 2018
Great product. Lots of options included for the price

written by #505PRODIGY# on April 3, 2018
After several weeks of safe shopping, I purchased the Fatboy Jr. Everything came together size, protection, price, to name a few. Very happy with my purchase!!

Nice safe.
written by Guitarman83 on April 3, 2018
Very functional. Nice looking bronze finish. My wife and I really like the look of the safe, attractive shelving, and the handy e-lock feature.

written by Cindy on April 1, 2018

written by George Emery on March 30, 2018
Liberty safes are made in the USA and have great quailty and craftsmanship that will truly last a lifetime!

Awesome product for price
written by Danny on March 29, 2018
We have nicknamed this safe The Vault. It is incredibly large for this price point. The door sleeve is nice for keeping small things organized and accessible and there are plenty of firearm slots and paper storage/shelving. A door activated light would be nice, we would even buy an aftermarket light if it were to become available.

Best purchase I've made in a long time
written by Jim S. on March 27, 2018
So very pleased with my Liberty Safe! It is as functional and reliable as I expected, easy to program the combination and large enough to house all my firearms.

written by jb on March 26, 2018

written by jdd on March 26, 2018

written by cross on March 25, 2018
this review is toooo long

Satisfied customer.
written by Jack Flash on March 23, 2018
Very well built safe with a large interior for plenty of riffles and pistols. I would highly recommend the electrical outlet kit so lighting can be installed with a dehumidifier also.

Awesome Safe!!
written by Larry Stevens on March 22, 2018
I love has more security and better fire rating than my previous safe! Fit and finish are awesome and it looks awesome in my house!

written by Bryan K. Lynch on March 22, 2018
I would recommend this safe to anyone. It is high quality and a U.S.A product, and that is the driving force of why I bought it. I'm very pleased.

Excellent mid-priced gun/fire safe
written by MikeMc on March 22, 2018
After years of "shopping" and almost buying something else at Costco several times, I read reviews and chose Liberty. It's got a great warranty, many models, great reviews and great support. I'm very happy!

Liberty Fatboy Jr....AWESOME!
written by Ezbwai on March 20, 2018
Just had my Fatboy Jr delivered today and I am totally satisfied with its internal space and build quality. If you are looking for a safe to store guns and other valuables, don't hesitate to purchase this bad boy. My lock was upgraded to a redundant lock so I have the best of both worlds. Check out NL RotoBolt for those of you interested in having a digital and mechanical option. Both work independently of each other. in closing, as always, get the biggest safe you can afford. You won't be sorry you did.

written by Big Marcus on March 19, 2018

Pretty darn nice i reckon
written by great review writer on March 17, 2018
as i typed my title i wondered how to spell reckon...? did i get it right?

Remebering a friend
written by Raylan Givens on March 16, 2018
Years ago my employer would call out on the radio "hey fatboy", which never offended me because the man was a legend in his field and it was just good natured ribbing! Fast forward to my interest in firearms and eventually safes, and I come across the Liberty "Fatboy Jr" safe! When I finally seriously started looking for a safe, this is the only one I considered! Now I just need to acquire more firearms so it doesn't look so empty inside!

Awesome Quality Product
written by Snake on March 14, 2018

Plenty of Space
written by StrangerThanFiction on March 13, 2018
The Fatboy Jr has plenty of storage space with room left over.
This is a reasonable quality safe for the price, although I did look at other Liberties at both higher and lower price-points.

written by Nick on March 13, 2018

Fatbot Jr.
written by Robert Earl Carter on March 13, 2018
Perfect safe for my needs- right size, right price, great reputation. The quality is phenomenal. Just got it today and it is awesome!

Large quality safe with manual lock
written by KM on March 12, 2018
Liberty gave me the option for a manual lock on a large safe. Manual locks were hard to find on larger safes, I do not trust electric locks. This was a great deal.

Fat Boy Jr review - Montana
written by Clearshot on March 12, 2018
Good size safe for the person who has guns and valuables. Well prices for the size and quality. Very please with money spent and the product receive.

My first gun safe
written by mike on March 10, 2018
After looking on line and comparing prices with other brands , I decided on Liberty because they had the best reputation for Quality , value , and the best warranty on the market . The easiest part of the entire transaction for me was the dealer they have selling these safes delivered it to my home and put it exactly where I wanted it .
I am set for LIFE !

excellent quality
written by Art on March 9, 2018
once someone sees the torture tests it's a no brainer. why buy anything else

my fatboy
written by karl on March 9, 2018
love this safe and hubbard liberty safe dealership super nice people

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