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Fatboy Jr Safe


Liberty's FATBOY Jr is the hot priced, wide-body safe that holds UP TO 48 GUNS! The FATBOY Jr. has the same security and fire package as the Colonial, including 60 minutes of fire protection. Rest assured, when you're looking for a wide-body safe, at a great price, and storing lots of's the FATBOY Jr. by Liberty!

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,649
Payments starting as low as $37.51 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Fatboy Jr Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 4558 customers ratings and reviews

Happy Liberty Safe Owner
written by Eddie Snow on June 6, 2018
Great size and inside capacity is well positioned out. I have had owned two Liberty Safes now and could not be happier. I do not even shop around at other brands when considering a safe. Its Liberty all the way.

written by Bell on June 2, 2018

written by Max on June 1, 2018

written by ben l on May 31, 2018

Satisfied Liberty Customer
written by B.J. on May 31, 2018
I purchased a Liberty Fatboy Jr. in April from a local Liberty dealer, Talton's Safes, located in Raleigh, NC. The staff was very knowledgeable, polite, and professional. They made me want to give them my business. I paid for delivery which included bolting in my residence and I could not be happier. The finish on the safe is gorgeous. I opted for the mechanical dial lock over the electronic key pad and it feels like absolute quality in comparison to some cheaper models and various big box stores. This safe costs more but is absolutely worth it. I fall into the buy once, cry once camp. I have already shown this safe to close friends and all of them have expressed interest in wanting a Liberty. If I had it to do all over again, I'd buy this safe again. Nothing more to be said.

Peace of mind Alone is worth the price
written by S on May 31, 2018
Knowing the limited reimbursement on homeowners insurance and the cost of riders, this is the only solution for increasingly more expensive firearms and optics. In addition to the peace of mind it gives while away from home for extended periods.

Great safe and great set up
written by Corey s on May 30, 2018
I almost went with a 30 gun and for the extra price of the fat boy jr I had to get it! I don't think I'll outgrow this one anytime soon

Finally, now worries about leaving firearms and other valuables
written by Jim and Teena Smith in White Springs, FL USA On the banks of th on May 29, 2018
My green Liberty Fatboy Jr looks great in our old house, and I have all of my firearms that stay at the house most of the time except when in use, stored in it. The locking mechanism has a simple procedure to change from the factory settings. I have the electronic keypad with six digit key and easily replaceable battery from the outside. It would be rather stupid to have to change the battery inside the safe, especially you foolishly allowed the battery to die since the last time you opened it.

The safe weighs over 700 pounds, and is not very likely to depart the premises, even so, it is bolted to the floor. It is so easy to open and close, that I am much more likely to keep my important documents and other valuables safely in the safe rather than trusting to locked desks and other simple to break into containers.

We are very happy with our purchase, and look forward to many years of service. We also love the fact that the safe is proudly made in the USA.

written by . on May 29, 2018

Fatboy holds em all
written by Rab on May 28, 2018
Great safe to hold several rifles, shotgun and pistols to include most ammo!

Satisfied Customer
written by EFHarg on May 27, 2018
I had outgrown my current safe and spent a lot of time researching safes. Liberty Safe kept popping up to the top of the list. The FATBOY 48 JR was just what i was looking for and since they were running their Spring Savings, it was a no brainer to the purchase when I did. Plenty of room, easy to configure. I am very happy with the purchase.

Fatboy Jr
written by PhilipsGirl on May 27, 2018
Excellent safe. Best bang for your buck.

written by HAPPY CUSTOMER on May 25, 2018


multi use safe
written by Chuck on May 24, 2018
Plenty of room for 7 long guns, 6 handguns and ammo. Lots of room for jewelry. Easy to enter combination and open. Nice looking safe.

Still waiting to actually use...
written by MikeJS333 on May 24, 2018
We're still waiting to actually use the safe. It is located in our bedroom and several things need to be done before it can be used... We need to remove the carpet under it (we thought because the carpet is not thick the safe would sit firmly, however, the safe does rock and tilt when door is opened. Also, we need to secure it to the wooden floor.....

However.... The lock mechanism works wonderfully (we chose the traditional mechanical) and we love the flexibility and customobility of the interior...

Satisfied twice
written by 12Raptor on May 23, 2018
Just a nice safe all the way around!

Fatboy Jr. Review
written by Ernie Skretteberg on May 22, 2018
Everything that I wanted in a gun safe - fair price, extremely well built, functional and good looks!

The right safe for a sportsman or gun collector
written by Trailside Jim on May 22, 2018
Well built and beautiful and big enough for all of my guns and at a reasonable price.

Julian archuleta fatboyjr
written by Julian archuleta on May 22, 2018
When I received the safe I started to put it in use. I never felt more at ease and safe that my weapons are secured. Liberty stands behind the safe and it shows via website and comments by people that own one.

So far so good
written by Brian W. on May 20, 2018
Wife and I purchased our Fatboy Jr to store our firearms as well as jewelry and important documents. The fire rating and warranty were big factors in us choosing this safe, hopefully neither will be required but the peace of mind knowing our items are safe is unmatched. Also, Knowell's Lock and Safe Inc did a fantastic and professional job delivering and installing the safe after the sale.

Liberty is the BOMB!
written by Cowtown Gun on May 17, 2018
Just received my Liberty Fat Boy JR! Safe arrived in excellent condition. Was installed professionally and works exactly as advertised.

Fatboy Jr. is no second fiddle
written by Chef Michael on May 16, 2018
Just finished storing my firearms and additional items in my newly installed Fatboy Jr. Solid, good looking, ease of use and plenty of capacity that fit through the doors. Door panel is a big plus.

I had the dealer add the electric outlet for non-battery lighting and humidity control.

For the price, this safe would be hard to beat. Easily upgradable with features found on more costly safes.

Plus I went with the Liberty Ammo Can to maximize space and added ammo security.

Peace of mind.

Thanks Liberty!

Wonderful quality
written by Myers on May 16, 2018
Excellent choice for protect.

Awesome safe!
written by TRO on May 15, 2018
Very pleased with my purchase. No other safe comes close.

Rural areas are easy pickings for crooks
written by Jerry Smith on May 15, 2018
I don't believe the sorry people who break into homes around my area carry enough tools to get into this Fatboy Jr. I had some guns stolen a while back, due to believing none of my neighbors would enter my home. well, none of my neighbors did but a piece of crap who was renting with his parents, within walking distance from my residence, found an unlocked door and helped himself to three of my guns. Come try again, please! Liberty and I are waiting.Jerry

I love it!!!
written by ByronStuff on May 14, 2018
I absolutely love my safe. Plenty of room, very sturdy, and nice looking. I would recommend to anyone.

written by Randy on May 14, 2018

Great Sfae - Out of Sight
written by Anonymous on May 14, 2018
Only reasonably large safe on the market that will fit in a standard closet and close doors to keep it out of sight.

FatBoy JR
written by Carl on May 14, 2018
Well worth the money, and is a large safe. Its always best to go larger and I know I will outgrow this one also. But for the money its the best. Thank You Liberty.

Excellent Safe
written by Atlas on May 14, 2018
Well priced with plenty of room.

written by Drummond on May 13, 2018
While shopping for safes the dealer showed me the Fatboy Jr. It was not even on my radar but it was in my price range. The Fatty was a perfect fit for the location and the depth made the choice a snap. Good fire rating and a well built safe.

Fatboy safe
written by Craig up north on May 12, 2018
This safe has lots of room, the inside was very well put together and can be organized in many ways, it also came with a door organizer. I had an outlet and heater installed for moisture. (American made except for some of the parts) I went with a bigger safe than I originally thought but I don't think I will be sorry. I just got the safe so a little hard to rate everything but so far so good.

High quality safe!
written by I Arocha on May 12, 2018
I'm regretting procrastinating on buying this safe for so long. The quality of the safe is much higher than my expectations were. There's much cheaper safes out there but the aesthetics and build quality of this safe are second to none. I have no complaints about this safe or the delivery service. I will be recommending liberty safes to all of the gun owners I know! This safe is so nice to look at I wish I would've put it in my living room.

Liberty Fatboy Jr
written by PKM on May 12, 2018
I have not had the safe long enough to fairly review, because I purchased it based on reputation.

Best Protection for the Money
written by Jager on May 11, 2018
There is no safe for your hard earned dollars that will afford you the well-balance protection of a Liberty Fat Boy Jr. When you compare features, space, quality, warranty, service, support, reputation, professionalism and the investment you are making, you will choose a Liberty Safe. Since you are here reading this review, you are an informed purchaser. Introduce yourself to Liberty Safes and experience the difference of a sales and support staff that listen and ensure you get best value and protection for your money. You've come to the right place. American made. An unbeatable warranty. And every day you will know you've made an investment you can be proud of.

Fatboy Jr 48
written by MSteveK on May 11, 2018
Just received 30 min ago. so have not had time too load up, But it's the size I needed with some extra space if needed.

written by JAMIII on May 11, 2018

fat boy jr
written by joe west on May 10, 2018
very nice safe, nice customization

Best Safe
written by LaBossiere on May 8, 2018
We purchased the best safe. It is difficult to get the combo once locked in the Good to know our privacy is protected.

Fatboy Jr ias great value
written by Anonymous on May 7, 2018
Just arrived today, great delivery. It will have plenty of room for my needs and then some. I really like the features it has and the price point. So far I'm thoroughly pleased.

Love Liberty Safe
written by Lindsay Harris on May 7, 2018

Look long and hard
written by Chad on May 7, 2018
I looked for a long time to find a safe to meet my needs. Liberty had the right quality and price and was made in the USA. You not buying a safe you are investing in one. Just wish i would have bought a bigger one !

Fatboy Jr
written by jkayaker on May 6, 2018
Very pleased with the safe ,roomy , great quality & great service Thanks

Fatboy jr series safes
written by joe on May 5, 2018

Awesome Safe
written by Eric on May 5, 2018
The Fatboy Jr. was perfect for me. The location for my safe had a narrow Doorway and the Fatboy Jr. gave me a lot more space and was still able to get through the doorway I had. Lots of room!

Liberty is a quality product.

I'm happy
written by adam on May 5, 2018
I think for the money the fatboy jr is the best safe on the market right now. All safes are not created equal. I'm sure it's not right for everyone but for what I need, it gets the job done.

Fatboy Jr.
written by John on May 4, 2018
I've had my safe for two days now and love it! I was considering the purchase when my wife purchased the safe as a surprise while I was out of town. I also got the led lighting kit and the electrical outlet.

Great Safe
written by Tim on May 4, 2018
Very impressed. By far better value and price than any other out there. Very solid construction and an overall great product.

Awesome safe
written by Bryce Buhler on May 3, 2018
I don't really trust the banks so I use mine as a bank saving my money when I bought this safe it was all I expected ?+ some I am very happy with it and you will be to this fat boys are awesome I'm definitely going to need help get it out of my basement when the time comes they are heavy And durable you cannot go wrong with These safes

Worth the price
written by Larry C on May 2, 2018
I found the gun safe met all my expectations, very satisfied!

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