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Liberty's FATBOY safes are the #1 SELLING BIG GUN SAFES IN AMERICA! The FATBOY gun safe is one of the largest and toughest security vaults built in America and holds a whopping 64 GUNS! Packed with the same great features as the Franklin Series, the FATBOYS give you excellent security and a whole lot of space and flexibility! And while you're at it, check out the FATBOY EXTREME safe with its 6-in-1 Flex interior along with a 10 pack Rifle Rod kit to pack more long guns in tighter spaces. 
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,499
Payments starting as low as $56.85 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Fatboy Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 2623 customers ratings and reviews

Made in America
written by The Deer Hunter on May 11, 2018
Purchaced my first Liberty safe and couldn't be happier with this decision. From the quality of construction to the lifetime warranty this is the best safe out there if you are in the market for a quality safe. ( Made in America ) HELL YEAH !!!!!!

Smart investment
written by Karl on May 11, 2018
If one wants to have the piece of mind that their firearms & important documents are secure & safe from fire or theft, then Liberty safe is a smart investment. I highly recommend purchasing one. A safe for the aforementioned reasons is definitely not a reason to go the cheap route. The extra cost for Liberty safes is worth the extra expense.

Fat Boy is a great safe
written by JB on May 8, 2018
Perfect size and storage for my needs. Would highly recommend looking into getting a Fat Boy if you're looking for a secure and roomy safe.

Great and Functional
written by Spud 1 on May 6, 2018
The service at Liberty Safes in Lyndon Kentucky was great. Sales staff was friendly and knowledgable. Love the size and functionality of this safe; very user friendly. Quality is like no other.

Gun safe review
written by Jim8301 on May 3, 2018

written by Ray hockey on April 23, 2018

Happy w/Fatboy
written by GC on April 22, 2018

Great safe at a great price!
written by Kdufrene62 on April 22, 2018
If you do your homework, you will find that you are getting superior features for a great price. Other safes like the Browning safes and others just don't compare! Buy with confidence!

Great safe
written by Scott Sims on April 21, 2018
I am very pleased with the Fatboy safe. Just wish instead of getting 2 collector shelves it would come with 1 EZ shelf and 1 collector shelf. I had to pay $52 for the EZ shelf.

New Owner
written by Daniel Boone on April 12, 2018

Buy the best
written by Harry Blackburn on April 12, 2018
A safe is an investment to last a lifetime. Spend your money wisely, buy the best the first time. I ended up buying a second one when I outgrew the fatboy.

Very Pleased
written by M&M on April 6, 2018
We're very pleased with our Liberty Fatboy safe. The interior is designed really well and we have plenty of space for our firearms and other valuables.

Buy big, you'll fill it.
written by PA Hunter on April 5, 2018
This is the first safe that I've owned so I decided to heed the advice of others and buy one a size bigger than I'd need. I'm glad I did. Now that its in place I can see that it will not take me long to fill it up.
As for functionality, I can't really say. Its only been installed for about 4 hours now, but I can say that the mechanism and lock are very smooth and precise. What more can I say about a steel box filled with drywall.

written by Gunner Clay on April 4, 2018

Excellent quality
written by C. Guillory on April 3, 2018
From start to finish the retailer had all the information I asked for and had the inventory I was interested in. On top of it all I dealt with all veterans as I am also a veteran. So that alone was very positive and instilled that made in the USA patent!

written by RSR on April 3, 2018
Looked at many gun safes and the Liberty Fat Boy was the one I kept coming back to. Excellent capacity and price!

Best safe ever!!!
written by K Pole on April 3, 2018
I looked at many different safes. I need a lot of room so I went with the Fatboy.

Nice Fatboy
written by Cheeseburger on April 1, 2018
Nice safe, very durable, very heavy just what i needed!

Fatboy love
written by Wally Voodoo on March 27, 2018
My first Liberty safe, the Fatboy, with just a few minor upgrades, lighting, electronic lock, and some additional magazine racks .
I can now cross this want off my bucket list.
Love the quality, ease of use, and additional space it provides me. From purchase to install the folks at Liberty Safes of San Jose have been outstanding.
If you are considering a safe, or need a safe, go big now. Theses safes will outlive you, and be a legacy for your family to squabble over when you are gone.
They really are the best.

written by Beck The Cullhunter on March 26, 2018
Very great product all around. Very satisfied and the quality of the safe is unbelievable. Can't find another safe as good as for the price. And they stand behind there products. They have the best warranty program.

Five Stars says it all
written by Jeff and Gerri on March 26, 2018
This Fatboy is everything Liberty says it is! Fantastic product. We finally feel safe knowing our "stuff' is secure and protected. Can't wait to finish filling it up and then we can buy another Liberty product. I have never written a review of another product. This purchase deserved a praise review. Family and close friends love it too and are now looking at Liberty.

written by Lulubaby on March 26, 2018
My office is small, but I wanted a safe larger enough to contain valuables, so I visited Pickett Weaponry a couple of times before making my decision.
The young lady was knowledgeable of all the safes and the owner assured me they would be able to install the safe in my office. I did not want it in
my garage where people would see it when I opened the door going in and out in my automobile.

The courtesy and knowledge of the salespeople were very helpful.

Treasure Hunt Reward
written by Larry and Becky Ramsburg on March 23, 2018
We have been considering a safe for quite sometime. Researched, reviewed and examined countless safe companies and products. With Fire rating and warranty a priority, we felt as though there were very few that even came close to what we were searching for. Liberty was a name we heard often through friends and associates....we actually had been to two local Hunting/gun stores in Richmond and were very disappointed. We just happened to stop at a hardware store that was between the to hunting stores. Googling safe info in the Richmond area Liberty store popped was right in the shopping area we had parked in. We walked in and found our treasure that we had been hunting for! We bought a Fatboy that was on the floor! Perfect for our needs! We felt the expense of the safe was a well made financial investment in our security future. Appreciate the dedication in producing a quality product.
Larry and Becky Ramsburg

Awesome product-Great Price!!!!
written by Red Bean on March 22, 2018
This safe was exactly what we were looking for. We have put everything in it we had planned on and still have room to add when needed. I am certainly glad that we went with one bigger than I had originally started out to get. It is easy to operate the locking mechanism and looks great!!!! Thanks Liberty!!!!!

great safe
written by Michael Swan on March 21, 2018
Great safe. Made in USA. holds lots of guns.

Looking for a quality safe
written by Happy Customer on March 21, 2018
If you are looking for a quality safe that can handle all your needs, you cant go wrong with the liberty fatboy series. The size, options , quality and price cant be beat. That's why I bought my fatboy gun safe.

written by Gregory on March 16, 2018

written by SAh on March 15, 2018
Quality, securing, and peace of mind. Made in the USA

Liberty Fatboy
written by RCN-Montana on March 15, 2018
Needed a larger capacity safe, so far so good. I like Liberty's quality and their no BS warranty.

Nothing better than a Liberty Safe
written by Doc on March 14, 2018
I started with the Lincoln and soon found I outgrew it.

I had originally looked at the Fatboy originally, my only concern was the size. One it was delivered my concern about the size was negated. The appearance works for any room and it is not noticeable, more of an afterthought once you are in the room for awhile. Internally it is big enough for my storage needs with room left over to add to my collection.

My suggestion is to make your initial purchase the Fatboy.

Feeling Safe
written by Clovis, California on March 10, 2018
I really like my new Liberty Fat Boy safe. I live in a great neighborhood but recently we have had a rash of home break-ins. A friend at work had her family's heirloom jewelry stolen along with many other valuables. These occurrences, were increasingly, making me uncomfortable. I now have my most valuable things locked up tight and safe. It is so easy to access that is not bothersome to keep frequently used items such as jewelry, cameras, guns, electronics and fishing gear in the safe. Yes, I will still be devastated if a break-in occurs and yes they still could cost me some money and heartbreak, but they cannot take the things that are most valuable or the things that could cause harm to another.
Thank you Liberty for giving me some piece of mind,

Also, in case of fire, my most important documents have an excellent chance of surviving

My Fatboy
written by Missouri Joe on March 10, 2018
great price and a great safe, holds what i need it too and provides piece of mind for safe storage of my firearms, dont have to worry about a fire or theft

A Real Safe
written by Fatboy owner on March 10, 2018
Works as advertised. Lots of room. Opens easily and shuts firmly.

Best bang for your buck!
written by Ashka0777 on March 9, 2018
This safe has plenty of space for my rifles, pistols and valuables. Important documents can be placed in 1 of 2 cool pockets. Addtnl accessories available.

Thumbs Up!
written by BLJ on March 8, 2018
Very Nice Product!

written by Ty Rintamaki on March 8, 2018

Great Safe!
written by D on March 6, 2018
The safe has great flexibility and excellent standard features. So far everything operates and functions perfectly. The extra space is much needed and very adjustable.

Liberty fatboy safe
written by TD on March 4, 2018
Recently purchased my Liberty fatboy safe and have been satisfied to date. Upon picking up my safe and with the help of friends, was able to get safe into the house with minimal issues. Pleased with my decision to go bigger as the extra room is quickly filling up.

written by jerry on March 1, 2018

written by Paul on March 1, 2018
I love my Liberty Fatboy!!

Fatboy safe
written by Natoura on March 1, 2018
Awesome safe. Very professional experience

Best safe in the business
written by Uncle Sam on February 28, 2018
I think consumers should realize that Liberty safes are made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty. In this global economy with so many of our products we purchase being produced overseas, I believe people should consider Liberty safes for their quality, price, and warranty. We need to buy American made products and "make America great again."

Glad I went with the larger size.
written by Tom D. on February 27, 2018
I was looking at the next size down but due to the sale going on at the time and my budget, I went ahead and got the Fatboy. And I'm glad I did. The guns I have currently and the ammo I have fit perfectly. I am about to make another ammo purchase and will probably get the next size down for ammo only. The saying "buy once, cry once" is absolutely true.. And whatever size you think you're going to need, get the next bigger size.

written by Gary Bennett on February 27, 2018

Best safe
written by Texas born on February 26, 2018
this safe is large enough to hold all my hand/long guns. with Ddrive electronic lock it has easy access

Fat Boy 64 Gun Safe Great Product
written by lineman on February 23, 2018
After many years of wanting a gun safe my wife surprised me with this as a Christmas Present. She contacted a friend who suggested this brand and model. It arrived and was delivered to my man cave. Great friendly and helpful delivery person and love the product. Glad to fill the safe with all my guns and ammo plus also our personal important papers, plenty of room in the safe. Now I feel protected against theft, fire and torandos.

great quality safe
written by Happy on February 23, 2018
beautiful looking and great quality safe .

written by Tony L 220 on February 21, 2018
A big bad ass safe for a big bad ass guy. Exactly what I needed to keep my toys secure and safe.

Great experience
written by Lucky Husband on February 20, 2018
My wonderful wife selected and bought this super safe for me as she was tired of my not being able to remember where I put my guns. After reviewing the catalog of all the models, she decided the Fatboy would serve my needs best. What a fantastic wife!

Great Safe, Great Bnag for your buck.
written by CG on February 17, 2018
Purchased a liberty fat boy and am nothing but pleased with the safe itself. My only reason for 4 stars is because liberty did not delivery the safe with its light kit to the dealer. So now that I've bought the safe, I am simply waiting on the light kit to show up. Besides the missing pieces this is a great safe for the price.

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