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Customer Star Rating
Premium 20
written by ktamu94103
December 16, 2014
5 stars
Customer Star Rating
Premium 20
written by Randy
November 27, 2014
5 stars
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Premium Series
written by JC
November 17, 2014
I looked at safes of all manufactures for months before I made my decision to buy a liberty. I suggest watching the YouTube videos and reviewing their web site and actually visiting a retail location to see all on the quality differences in Liberty Safes before making the wrong decision.
Customer Star Rating
written by gary powell
November 5, 2014
5 star
Customer Star Rating
Premium 20/Little dog with a big bite!
written by VanNess300blkout
October 31, 2014
If you need don't have alot of room or just need a smaller safe and want all the options and protection level of the bigger safes this is the one for you!
Customer Star Rating
Exactly what I paid for
written by Travis in Dallas
October 9, 2014
Safe was delivered up two flights of stairs, installed, and setup in very painless fashion. Size of the safe is great with a great price point. I'm not an avid collector so the right mix of storage size for four long guns, then private documents (titles, passports, etc...) and jewelry was a necessity. Great quality with a great fire rating.
Customer Star Rating
written by GBS
September 24, 2014
Customer Star Rating
written by L.W.L.
September 16, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Great safe for the price!
written by LibSafTheftFire Duo
September 16, 2014
We just received our safe and we are pleased. It fits in our closet which was a must. We actually purchased a Franklin Liberty safe but had to return because it was too large to fit through our closet door. Thank goodness we realized before delivery. Suggestion: Always measure door ways before settling on a safe!

This safe has great features. Fire protection was very important and this one offered 75 min of protection.

The only draw back is the interior felt seems to be a little loose in some places.
Customer Star Rating
Great American Made Product
written by AK47
September 15, 2014
Tired of going to the safe deposit box so I drilled this safe into concrete and it provides the convenience and fire protection as well as security that I require.
Customer Star Rating
Premium 20
written by very satisfied Liberty safe owner
September 13, 2014
I worked at a local hardware store that sells Liberty safes. I sold a few safes and educated myself on Liberty's products. I also helped deliver a few safes time to time. After selling and looking at Liberty safes, I decided to purchase one when the time was right. I like the Premium 20 because it's not too big and its manageable to move, I also like the color. I'll probably end up getting a bigger Liberty safe in the future, but I'll just worry about that when it gets there.
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Just a couple of small things.
written by Rafe
September 8, 2014
The interior design and finish on this safe is excellent with one or two small exceptions. The shelf which goes on the bottom on the right side ought to be relieved for the electrical outlet just in case one may desire to place it at that height. Also a little larger jewelry drawers would have been nicer, I think there would have been room for a larger size than what it came with. Other than these two items I am very happy with the safe.
Customer Star Rating
Great safe!
written by Jim
September 6, 2014
Great size safe for a small space. It fits perfectly in our spare coat closet.
Customer Star Rating
Premium 20
written by AAB
August 24, 2014
Customer Star Rating
My new Safe
written by COL John Harden
August 23, 2014
Made in America!!! Quality Workmanship!!

Great Reputation!!
Customer Star Rating
Premium Home Safe
written by R
August 6, 2014
Premium 20 - 5 star
Customer Star Rating
written by Noname
August 5, 2014
This safe seems ideal for what I and my spouse want to keep safe from burglars and fire. The quality and reputation of Liberty Safe is apparent upon first seeing it.
Customer Star Rating
Premium 20
written by Justin
August 3, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Quality safes!
written by Garland B
August 2, 2014
I owned a Liberty safe in my previous home for over 15 years and was always happy with the very high quality of the safe. That's why I bought one for my new home!
Customer Star Rating
Franklin 25 Safe
written by Bob M, Bluffton, SC
July 29, 2014
Great safe - sturdy and very well made. Great size and features. Wonderful buying experience.
Customer Star Rating
Best 1st safe to get
written by El Guapo and Jefe
July 24, 2014
For a 1st time buyer, this is the best safe to get. Has everything you need, room for 10 rifles with out a problem, plenty of space to store all your ammo, handguns, valuables, important documents, power supply and removable LED lights. It has great fire protection. The price from my local dealer was excellent and included delivery and installation. No 2nd thoughts about buying it.
Customer Star Rating
Great Safe!
written by Mike
July 9, 2014
The "Premium 20" is a solid safe. It is the perfect size and it has an excellent fire protection rating. The flexible interior makes the safe seem bigger that it is. Don't get me wrong, this safe is not small but it will not be overly intrusive in its space either.

The safe was a little pricy compared to some others but the included features helped justify the cost.
Customer Star Rating
Complete package for home
written by Matt B
July 7, 2014
So that you know where I'm coming from, I'm a police officer with a couple of long guns and a handful of handguns. Like many in our profession, I'm all too aware of crime and how predatory crooks operate. We've taken steps to secure the house, but alarms, reinforced doors and German shepherds are really only deterrents and can be easily overcome. I saw every day I came home to a house that hasn't been burglarized as a gift. I knew I needed a quality safe and should have bought one years ago.

I can only imagine how I'd feel with my guns on the street in the hands of a crook and I know I'd be devastated if one were used on a brother or sister officer. I sleep better at night knowing I can leave the house and some societal detritus isn't going to walk off with my guns or her jewelry.

The Premium 20 caught my eye in the shop because it was the right size to fit in the under-stairs closet and it came with the door panel, lights and jewelry drawers included. As far as looks go, I would be happy to have it in the living room, though my better half demanded it be in the closet. The 75 minute fire rating is more than enough for us and it feels like a solid, quality safe. When this one fills up, I won't have to think about it for a second. I'll buy another one of these.
Customer Star Rating
Awesome Quality & Service
written by Bro Al Deardorff
June 24, 2014
This product is top of the line quality. Very nice and good quality with professional service.
Customer Star Rating
Great Safe for Computer Techs!
written by James
June 24, 2014
Great USB/Cat5/Electrical accessory that lets you keep sensitive electronics safe from thieves and also safe from fire. Super cool!
Customer Star Rating
written by Ann Baker
June 19, 2014
We really like the quality of our new safe and ability to arrange the interior to suit our needs. The built in A/C receptacle is a plus. And it's made in the USA.
Customer Star Rating
Great Safe!
written by I. P. Daily
June 18, 2014
I especially like the e-kit to store and run a disk drive inside the safe.
Customer Star Rating
exactly what was needed
written by Will E
June 16, 2014
Trying to find a fireproof small safe capable of holding a reasonable number of long guns was next to impossible until I found the Liberty Premium 20. The automatic led lighting and touchpad combination were just icing on the cake. I am very happy with this purchase.
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Premium 20 Gun Safe
written by Eric Washington
June 5, 2014
fits perfectly in our coat closet.
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Safe Review
written by WoodChuck
June 4, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Why a Second Safe???
written by Dr. Dave
May 31, 2014
I bought my first safe to keep my guns safe from children, grandchildren, and secure from theft. Along the way my Dad and Father-in-law passed their guns to me which really fills my old Liberty series Safe with long-guns. I no longer had room for important papers, coins, or jewelry to be easily reached.

Buying my new Premium 20 Series Safe provides 2 jewelry drawers for my wife and ample shelves to keep family treasures, coins, and important legal documents safe from fire or other calamity. The safe has the model 2007 Electronic Direct Drive push button lock that my wife can easily operate, which means she uses the safe!! That's exactly why I bought it!
Customer Star Rating
Premium 20 Safe
written by Premium 20 Owner
May 17, 2014
Liberty makes a very nice safe with excellent exterior paint and finish. Their fire ratings, sizes, interior options, and varying price points make them one of the better safe choices. I purchased a Premium 20 safe because I had a specific safe placement size constraint, and I've found it to work well in those tight space scenarios. My only suggestion for improvement would be increased assembly/inspection quality. For a safe of this $$$ (and made in the USA), you wouldn't expect to find issues such as misaligned interior shelf racks, interior fabric coming undone, etc...yet I did find those types of issues in some areas of my Premium 20.
Customer Star Rating
Quality From The USA
written by Billy H.
May 10, 2014
Just got my safe and I'm so impressed with the fit and finish of my Liberty Safe!! It holds everything i needed to secure and protect. I wish I had room for a larger Liberty Safe!!
Customer Star Rating
written by Texas
April 30, 2014
High quality and great functionality. Quality is apparent and proven in all Liberty Safe products. Functionality is outstanding. Purchased the Premium 20 for my wife to store some of her stuff - she had taken over my Liberty Gun safe. The ability to configure the safe with shelves only was a big seller - plus, being able to configure for a few long guns... I may sneak one or two in. Door storage is also a plus - excellent arrangement and ability to hold a couple of handguns. Finally, the size was perfect for our closet - the Premium 20 is the first QUALITY closet safe that I have found. Very easy for her to operate.
Customer Star Rating
Best Experience Making An Expensive Purchase
written by Satisfied Safe Owner in San Martin, CA
April 27, 2014
We decided we needed a gun safe and spent a weekend looking and talking about safes at our local big box and home improvement stores. We were not satisfied with the level of knowledge about safes and the assistance in set up and delivery. My wife and I got into a conversation with our local gun shop owner and his wife about our experience and they showed us the safes they used for their store. Based on their recommendation, we visited the local Liberty Safe dealer in San Jose and were blown away with the friendliness, level of professionalism and just plain common sense answers to our questions. Needless to say, we purchased immediately.
Customer Star Rating
premium safe
written by born to travel
April 21, 2014
Good size, sturdy and heavy. Needs more shelves that are moveable for jewelry. Fits easily into closet.
Customer Star Rating
Mr Rusty Barnes president Taylor Barnes Distinctive homes inc
written by Calico Sonny
April 18, 2014
Very pleased so far. Loved Donnie the salesperson and both installers were very good.Very pleased at this point!
Customer Star Rating
Premium 20 safe
written by Elias Weiner
April 17, 2014
Customer Star Rating
USA made
written by Born in the USA
April 13, 2014
We purchased the Premium Liberty Safe because it is made and assembled in the USA! We liked the size. We had a friend that had a breakin and they grabbed his very small safe, so we were looking for a larger safe. We are very satisfied. The salesman was very knowledgeable. Thanks.
Customer Star Rating
Investment in peace of mind
written by Sgt. Dave
April 8, 2014
After looking at safes in a number of locations I found the most knowledgeable sales people at a Liberty safe store. The quality of the product, price, accessories, and ease of transaction made my decision easy. The premium 20 met my needs and was within my budget.
Customer Star Rating
Excellent quality and Service
written by Kim and Jim
April 8, 2014
From the time we stepped into Northwest Safe, we felt as if we were getting an education in the benefits of owning a safe. Didn't feel pressure, we enjoyed the experience.
Customer Star Rating
Very Satisfied.....
written by Chris
April 8, 2014
Great safe, built very well with all the nice features expected at this price point.
Customer Star Rating
Best Safe, excellent rating and functionality
written by The Malik's
April 5, 2014
This limited edition safe is just what we needed for our house, it's spacious, the interior is really nice and the fire rating is awesome. Overall the best safe you can imagine buying. The life time warranty is unbeatable, I would recommend Liberty safes to all my friends and family.
Customer Star Rating
Perfect safe for our application
written by 2nd safe owner
April 2, 2014
Perfect fit for a closet or limited space. Small size exclosure, but excellent utilization of interior space. Such a beautiful safe for a closet, kind of a shame to have it hidden from normal view.

Highly recommend the Premium 20 Series!
Customer Star Rating
Great Safe
written by Mick
March 26, 2014
I mainly purchased a Liberty safe because it was made in America. The inside layout was well thought-out and fits my needs.
Customer Star Rating
Premium 20
written by None
March 9, 2014
5 star premium
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Safes are worth the money!
written by RC
March 7, 2014
Purchased a Liberty Safe as an upgrade due to the space needed for all the valuables. I was stunned at how this safe out performed all others. The quality that goes into this safe, along with it being all built in America made my decision instantly. I researched a lot and was looking at other safes for a lesser price, but when it came to the quality of the lock, workmanship and interior of these safes, it became abundantly clear that Liberty has the tip of the Spear. Do yourself a favor and visit a showroom with Liberty and other safes available....this will make up your mind if your are into quality versus quantity. Absolutely amazed at the workmanship and warranty! America is Still here and strong as ever!
Customer Star Rating
Premium 20 Perfect for Space Constrained Closets
written by USMC Gator
February 23, 2014
Very pleased in every respect with my new Liberty Premium 20 safe. Great solution for space constrained customers.
Customer Star Rating
well-appointed, smaller, full size safe
written by born in the USA
February 21, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Best Buy
written by R/C
February 15, 2014
Excellent for residential use and were happy with the selection.
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