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Protect your valuables with Liberty's Revere Series! The first in our lineup of 12-gauge steel bodies, the Revere Series is a great way of providing solid protection of your valuables at an affordable price. 2-piece steel body, a composite door, and 40 minutes of fire protection create a solid level of protection. This 12-gauge steel safe features three color options and Liberty's 3-in-1 flex interior that give you extra options to make your Liberty Revere work for you!

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,249
Payments starting as low as $28.41 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 18 Months Interest Free! OAC

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Revere Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 1997 customers ratings and reviews

written by Bish on November 20, 2017

Sartor review
written by sartor review on November 3, 2017
High quality and easy access

great safe, great, price and service
written by big O on October 29, 2017
Perfect house safe for my tools!!!

Meets every expectation and more
written by James on October 27, 2017
Liberty provides a quality safe and peace of mind at a great price. There are cheaper safes out there but they only give you a false sense of security. Liberty builds their safes in the USA and stands behind them if you ever have any problems or attemempted break in. Very happy with this safe and I just wish I had bought it months ago.

written by STRATOBLASTER on October 26, 2017

very good. thanks.
written by tanker on October 23, 2017
putting in my guns as soon as a get home from work. thanks

Pleased customer
written by Brice J Foust on October 17, 2017
After shopping for some time, I came across the liberty revere. I didn't want to spend the money at first, but after reading reviews it was clear that it's the best in the business.

Great safe but financing needs A LOT OF IMPROVEMENT.
written by Rob on October 16, 2017
This is the response I gave the company to recommend improvements:

Umm the financing thing needs a little improvement. I ordered the safe Aug 29th and it got delivered October 2nd. I have not yet received any type of bill for the financing and everyone I have talked to has no idea how the financing thing works. I just got done talking to Heather? I think that was here name, she is currently contacting my delivery people as to why my safe was delivered without payment? (I financed it) It kind of makes me feel like I did something wrong even though I ordered the safe THROUGH YOUR COMPANY and It is in no way my responsibility to find out where the heck my BILL FOR MY SAFE IS. (well technically it kind of is) But my point is, why does the place that delivered it to me not know how the financing works, which in turn makes me call YOUR company and find out where my bill is.

Best safe
written by Happy dad on October 15, 2017

Grandy's Review
written by Grandy on October 10, 2017
Very pleased with Liberty safe. I hope I never find out how good it is. Burglary, fire, etc.

Good safe for a family
written by Brandon Williams on September 25, 2017
I use the Revere safe for all personal items needing security and fire protection. With proper shelf arrangement, I can fit most of my items securely in place without them being to jam-packed into position. This is my second Liberty safe, having sold my other one in my previous hometown, only to buy the same model at my new residence. It got good word-of-mouth from the various safe movers involved as far as quality manufacturing, warranty, and that it was made in the USA. As one of the retailers said, if it protects even one item from being stolen or destroyed, of the same cost as the safe itself, it has paid for itself.

Good product
written by Springfield Valley VFC on September 22, 2017
Wanted this safe for the fire protection.

written by Daniel on September 20, 2017

So far, so good. Looks like the safe gives me enough room
written by Carmine on September 19, 2017
The safe meets my needs very well, fits all my guns and more. Too early to say much else but it looks like it will live up to its reputation.

We Love Our Revere 30!
written by Bob D. on September 15, 2017
A big THANK YOU to Gary's Guns in Torrington, WY (awesome purchase and delivery experience!) The Revere 30 is the perfect size for our needs. But it's not just the flawless function and more than sufficient capacity for us; the action is positive and crisp when opening/closing the door. The internal door hinges are a must. it's also finished very well; we love the color and sheen of the paint. The Flex interior is outstanding! Moving the shelves is super easy. It's very easily anchored to the floor. Liberty has thought of just about everything. As far as we're concerned, there is no other brand of safe than Liberty. Being American-made is the icing on the cake. Think America First and go with a Liberty!

Great Safe!
written by ABaker on September 11, 2017
Unit is well built, plenty of room for my needs. I would highly recommend this safe over any other maker. You wont go wrong if you purchase a Liberty Safe.

written by Linux on September 8, 2017

written by THANKFUL on September 6, 2017

written by steve salvi on September 5, 2017

Williams Reveiw
written by Billy Ray on September 5, 2017

written by d on September 4, 2017

Liberty Revere Safe
written by JRD on August 29, 2017
The revere safe is exactly what the maker claims. Strong and secure against attempted break-ins.
Product is priced well for the market and the life time warranty adds another layer of security.
Combining the safe with the internal monitor gives us great peace of mind while away from the house.
The safe is an investment in security just like any home security monitoring.

written by Keith on August 19, 2017
Fantastic safe for the price to protection ratio. This is my second liberty safe and I couldn't be happier. Worth upgrading to the electronic lock also.

written by Dave on August 19, 2017
Very well build. Proud to own a liberty

Good safe for the price.
written by Pat McPherson on August 16, 2017
The Revere safe is a nice product overall, though the interior fabric fits poorly in some areas.

written by Plan B on August 16, 2017

A Great Gun Safe For the Budget Minded Person: Revere Model
written by Patrick M. on August 14, 2017
My wife had been pressuring for me to get a gun safe for many years and I have been putting it off mainly because of the expense. We recently had some spare money so we decided the time was now to move on this or miss this opportunity. We went to Action Lock and Safe in Tampa and were met by Jose. He provided excellent customer service and took the time to explain all of our options based on our budget we set to spend. After reviewing the many models and price points we decided the best fit for our price and needs was the Revere model by Liberty Safe. I knew Liberty was the safe I wanted despite the model. The Revere gave me the space that I needed and I felt the specs on the safe was adequate for what I intended it for. Sure, there were many higher end models I would have loved to have because of space and upgraded features, but when you are on a budget you have to be realistic with your options. The delivery was made by their store team about a week later. The truck they used was unmarked and their two installers were professional. I strongly feel that the Revere model was not a compromise by any means and I am very happy with it. I highly recommend this safe to anyone who is budget minded and still want quality.

Rock Solid
written by CSP114 on August 14, 2017
Love my Revere!

written by Silverfox on August 13, 2017
I have not had it long enough to give a review. So far i like it.

Just what you need.
written by Doc on August 10, 2017
Can't review until I have used it for a year.

written by SB on August 4, 2017

Best Safe For The Money
written by USAMadeBuyer on July 31, 2017
After tons of research the Revere 30 is the best safe I could find for my price range, especially when I was able to pick it up on sale from a dealer of theirs. My only three complaints are the fire board inside the door hinge seem like they could be knocked off and look tacky if you stick your head in and look close at them which I did not notice until I got the safe home. My other complaint is I do not think it is necessary to have such a complicated dial system. Turn left so many times then right so many times, just wish it was a standard mechanism as I do not think a thief could "crack the code" anyways. Lastly, if you raise the highest shelf it exposes the uncarpeted ugly wood from the middle divider shelf. I will most likely buy some matching carpet to cover up the 1/2" or so wood divider on top to make it look less tacky. Besides those three things I am overall very happy with the safe as it is the perfect safe for me. I will would just recommend upgrading to the EMP resistant key pad lock.

American Quality, Excellent Value, Unbeatable Warranty
written by Rob Wine, Apex, North Carolina on July 28, 2017
I looked at a number of safes over the course of a year, at gun stores, big box retailers, and online. I first started hearing about Liberty safes from posts on the Smith and Wesson forum. All posted reviews were positive and helpful. I stumbled upon our local safe company and their website stated they were a Liberty dealer with a showroom. They were very helpful in showing me the different models, features, and accessories, as well as explain the construction and what sets this safe company apart from the others. Liberty had the best range of models and the warranty was unbeatable. They were also running a Forth of July special! Having shopped around, I found that though you pay a little more than for the same size safe found in a big box store, there is no comparison in construction and overall heft. I would recommend looking at other manufacturer's safes, their construction inside and out, and whether you can flex the door or not with your own strength. Then go look at the Liberty safe. When you hear the details their lifetime warranty you will be convinced. I have no regrets with this purchase and am looking forward to many years of enjoyment filling it up.

Wright Review
written by swright on July 25, 2017
The safe is just what we expected. Highly recommend.

Good Safe, Excellent Warrenty
written by Matt on July 23, 2017
The safe I bought is well built and comes with a world-class warranty. I would recommend this product to my friends and family.

Great safe
written by bradyC on July 17, 2017
Sturdy and well made. I trust my collection in here!

so far so good
written by Steven G. on July 15, 2017
Started with a centurion 24 promo model and upgraded to the revere 30 due to warranty issues with the centurion. I went with the biggest safe i could afford and fit in a tight 15 stair climb to a second floor bedroom. The upgrade from the 24 to a 30 body safe was great now my stuff has so much more room for activities lol.

Revere 30
written by St. Louis, MO on July 13, 2017
Safe was delivered in great shape. The safe appears to be built very well and accommodated my needs. The delivery company recomended by the dealer was on point.

Safe Hunting
written by Jim Michaels on July 12, 2017
I searched all the stores, outdoor supply stores, gun stores, Lock and Safe stores, and for my money, this is as good as I will ever need. I would recommend this to anyone.

Jim Michaels
San Angelo, Texas

Awesome Revere 23
written by Jeff McD on July 11, 2017
I just had my Revere 23 delivered today. It is a perfect size for my closet & easily held all my firearms and gear. I added the door panel which gave me quick assess to my pistols & provided convenient magazine storage. I like the flexibility provided my the moveable shelves as well as the overall quality of the interior. If I buy another safe, it will be a Liberty!

written by NJ Dave on July 10, 2017

Very nice safe
written by Sledge Hammer on July 9, 2017
Very nice safe, nicely finished inside and out. Very solid construction.
Needs lighting inside - looking to purchase some LED Rope lights for the inside.

Liberty is the top of the mountain
written by Shane on July 6, 2017
First time Libert safe owner and I'm already impressed with the overall quality. Safe is built rock solid!

Liberty revere
written by Rickyb on July 5, 2017
The safe seems very well built, and flexible interior layout make it easy to organize to get the most out of the space. The only negative thing is the combination dial feels very cheap and clunky.

written by Anne on July 5, 2017

written by ed on July 2, 2017
A great gift from my son-in-law. I bought 2 additional safes.

Revere-Excellent Quality-Excellent Security
written by Docmon on June 27, 2017
Just received my Revere today. As I watched the tech's un-box my SECOND Liberty, & settle it into it's final resting place, I continue to marvel over the pristine quality of it's exterior fit & finish. As we checked the mechanisms & validity of the combo dial, I was NOT surprised to see that SAME QUALITY of FIT & FINISH on it's interior. Liberty Safes are the ONLY ones that warrant my hard earned dollars, and who I TRUST to protect those precious items I place within them. Thank You Liberty!

Very satisfied
written by rms on June 23, 2017
Purchased a Revere safe and delivered today. Great process and great product.

Great Safe
written by Lin from Louisiana on June 23, 2017
I bought this safe after doing research for a couple of months and looking at safes in different stores. It has a great warranty (lifetime). Quality of construction is excellent.
I would recommend Liberty safes to anyone.

Liberty Revere 23
written by Lakeland Rebel on June 18, 2017
This safe is exactly what I was looking for. Right size, lifetime warranty, delivery available, knowledgeable sales and delivery team.

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