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1. Revere Models-MADE IN THE USA  

Revere 23 in Textured Black with Chrome Hardware
Revere 23 in Textured Black with Chrome Hardware

LIBERTY REVERE SAFES have everything the Entry Level Centurion has PLUS these 7 FEATURE UPGRADES:

  1. 2-piece roll form body, which eliminates top edge weld for more security
  2. 2-side bolt coverage verses 1 sided bolt coverage for more resistance to prying
  3. 3 additional bolts for increased security against prying
  4. STEEL GUSSET added to door frame helps protect against prying
5. Granite and gray marble colors added in select sizes (Exception: RV20 & RV30 only comes in textured black)
6. Upgraded modern Liberty logo
7. 3-point handle vs. single point (Exception: RV20 has single point handle)

3 MODELS - The Liberty Revere 23, The Liberty Revere 20 and the Liberty Revere 30.