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Liberty Safe is currently experiencing unusually high demand for our safes. Because of this, it will take us longer to build and deliver your safe. Safe deliveries are most often done through local dealers, Because of this, the time to deliver may vary. Right now most safes are being delivered in 20 weeks or less. In some areas it may take longer. Thank you for your trust and patience—we promise it will be worth the wait!

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Blowing the Top Off Gun Safes

Blowing the Top Off Gun Safes

Matti Warren of the High Road Hunting Detonates Explosives on Two Safes

If we’re brutally honest, we never really get tired of trying to blow up our gun safes. For one thing, it’s a lot of fun to play demolition derby with our stuff. But more importantly, it helps illustrate how at Liberty Safe, we just build them better.

Everyday we’re working hard to build safes that consistently and reliably deliver a higher level of security, fire protection, and elegant storage for your valuables. It’s our mission to make safes that actually protect your belongings, for a price that doesn’t rival your auto loan. We firmly believe you shouldn’t have to sell the farm to afford peace of mind.

So we keep building. And we keep putting our safes to the test. That way, anyone who’s looking for a safe will have all the proof they need that Liberty is the right choice.



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