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Diesel Brothers Vault Door Install

Behind the Scenes with Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins

You wouldn’t think a guy nicknamed “The Muscle” would need much help protecting his valuables. But this Diesel Brother knows he won’t always be home to look out for his collectibles, or his family. That’s why he’s been eager to get his hands on one of our vault doors.

When you care about security, it can be hard to be patient about putting protections in place. That’s why Keaton has been so eager to get his hands on one of our awesome vault doors for his panic room. Well, the day has finally arrived—watch as he oversees the installation with a level of excitement you wouldn’t expect from someone called “The Muscle.”

Keaton let us go behind the scenes to get a glimpse at his home life as we installed his Liberty Safe vault door. Now his panic room is ready to protect Keaton and his loved ones from whatever life throws at them. And he’s got one badass safe room to lock up all his valuables.

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