Make an Investment in Your Family's Safety

Owning a gun is a fundamental right for law-abiding citizens. But with that right comes responsibility: To observe gun safety rules and keep your guns secure when you are not using them. This is the most important reason why you should buy a safe for your home. A gun safe keeps curious hands, like those of your young children or emotional teens, from getting their hands on your guns.

Protect Your Children From Tragedy

The world has changed a lot since most of us were children. It used to be that if you grew up around guns, it was enough to be told by your parents that you were never ever to touch them. Today, no matter how hard parents try, not all children are satisfied to take their parents say so when it comes to a hands off policy with guns.

Bullying, peer pressure, and mental instability among teens is now at alarming rates and has led to horrific tragedies involving guns where innocent lives have been lost. Developing young minds lack the ability to always think rationally when they are hurting emotionally. Children and teens in a moment of sheer desperation might think the answer to all their problems is a gun. And it is not just your children you need to worry about, any child that comes in your home could potentially access your guns if they are not locked away.

Protect Your Own Freedom

When you buy a safe, you are making an investment in protecting your own freedom. In the United States, 14 states including Texas have negligent storage laws on the books. Gun-owning parents can be held criminally liable if their children commit crimes using their firearms.

In Texas, parents can be found guilty of violating the law if their children under the age of 16 are able to access their guns and be charged with a Class C misdemeanor. And if your child fires the gun and either injures or causes death to himself or anyone else, you could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor. This not only includes guns that are loaded with ammunition. Parents are required to take reasonable steps to preventing access to "readily dischargeable firearms" by disabling guns with a trigger lock or keeping them locked up.

When you buy a safe from your local Liberty Safe dealer, you are making an investment in not only your freedom, but the health and safety of your:

  • Children
  • Children's friends
  • Spouse
  • Neighbors
  • Community

There are many reasons why people purchase a Liberty Safe. But we believe there is no better reason than protecting your most valued possession: your family. Take our quiz to discover what safe is right for you.


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