Protect Your Floors and Your Safe

Protect Your Floors and Your Safe

Having a gun safe installed in your home is an investment in your family’s safety. But having one shouldn’t mean damaging your floor or any part of one of your biggest investments, your home! When installed correctly, there’s no reason your safe should damage your floor.

Here are three tips to protect your floor and gun safe when installing it:

1. Protect the Safe from Moisture and Water

Moisture and water are enemies of steel. There are multiple ways your safe could be exposed to moisture or water in your home.

Putting a safe in your basement might seem like a good idea because you don’t need to worry about its weight damaging floors or support structures. The problem? Basements are usually damp and can easily flood. Moisture and rust can damage your safe, as well as your stored firearms. Corrosion to the safe’s structure won't be covered under your warranty.

Another thing to consider is your home’s flooring. Some floors (tile, laminate, or carpeting) are more likely to hold moisture and water than others. A good way to avoid damaging the bottom of your safe is by installing it on a thin piece of carpeting or a rubber mat.

2. Prevent Crushing Damage to Softer Floors

Linoleum and vinyl floors can be durable. But they are a “softer” floor type, so the weight of a heavy gun safe could leave indentations. A base or rubber mat for the safe can prevent crushing damage by protecting the floor and distributing weight more evenly.

3. Avoid Scraping or Gouging Expensive Floors

Hardwood flooring is more forgiving that other types of floors and often more expensive. A scuff or scrape can be buffed out and refinished, but deep gouges aren’t so easily fixed. To prevent damage, consider having your safe installed on top of a rubber mat. We also recommend letting professionals deliver and install your safe. They have the equipment and the experience to move such a big, heavy object, and that can mean the difference between damaging your home (or your moving buddies!).

Another option is to use a piece of felt under each corner of the safe. Many of our Liberty Safe dealers use dense, 1/4" thick, 4" x 6" felt pads. These pads have adhesive on one side and stick to the bottom corners of the safe. This helps keep the safes directly off your floors and are barely noticeable.

Properly bolting the safe with the correct anchors will also stop your safe from shifting around and scraping your hardwood floor.

To avoid problems with your gun safe and keep your limited lifetime warranty effective, Liberty Safe recommends you have it professionally installed. Your local Liberty dealer can recommend an installer in your area.


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