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Small Home or Gun Safe or Handgun Vault? Which safe option is right for you?

Small Home or Gun Safe or Handgun Vault? Which safe option is right for you?

Which Safe Option is Right For You?

When it comes to securing your handguns and smaller personal belongings, you might be asking yourself, “Do I need a small safe, or a compact vault?” Lucky for you, Liberty Safe has all the questions you need to ask yourself before jumping into that buying decision. Let’s begin!

How Many Handguns Do You Own?

Sometimes, it’s the little things that count, and by little things, we mean your handguns. Depending on size, a handgun vault can hold a couple of firearms, while also giving you some space for your valuables. If you own more than a couple of handguns, though, a small safe will make for a much better choice.

How Many Valuables Do You Need to Store?

Home and gun safes aren’t just for weaponry, ya know? They’re perfect for storing your valuables, too! Collectibles, paperwork, medication… it can all be secured in a safe. If you’re looking to securely store more than just a few small items, go with the small safe option. But if you don’t have a lot to worry about, a compact vault will work just fine. Considering getting a compact vault that comes with a security cable or can be bolted down, though. That makes it much harder for someone to walk off with your goodies.

Do You Need a Portable Storage Solution?

If you’re traveling with a handgun - full or part-time - you want to make sure it can’t get snatched up easily. Compact vaults are going to be your best bet in this situation. In addition to storing handguns, they can also hold your other travel-ready items such as passports, medications, wallets, and phones. Some vaults are even TSA compatible for airline use inside checked luggage!

Do You Need Fire Protection?

Going to be straight with you on this one - a handgun vault, or compact vault, does not provide fire protection. Sure, it’s made of sturdy steel, but it lacks the insulation and fire seals that keep heat, smoke, and fire out. For example, our smaller safes at Liberty, called our Home Safe line, offer 60 minutes of fire protection thanks to fire-board and fire seal upgrades. Our Premier home safe gets you 90 minutes of certified fire protection!

The bottom line? If you have more than a couple of handguns, more than just a few small valuables you want to lock up, or you’re interested in fire protection, go with a small safe. If not, a compact vault should work just fine for you.


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