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Take Time for Firearm Practice | Learning to Handle a Gun

Take Time for Firearm Practice | Learning to Handle a Gun

With all the crazy things happening in the world right now, people who would never have considered buying a firearm are becoming gun owners. In 2020 there was an estimated 5-million new gun owners! If you're a first-time gun owner and have never used a firearm, you really to need to make time to learn how to use your gun.

Don’t feel nervous about handling your firearm. Learning to properly handle and shoot your gun will help you feel more comfortable using it, especially if you bought it to protect your home and family.

Why Learning to Shoot Your Gun Is So Important

Okay, so you brought your new gun home from the gun shop. You want to keep it out of the wrong hands, so you've locked it away in your gun safe. This means it will be kept secure. But it also means you might let it sit there because you're too busy to practice using it.

Being uncomfortable using your gun can be a big problem, especially if you were to experience a home invasion. Under pressure, you could forget how to load your gun or how to get the safety off. You need to act fast, but because you aren’t used to handling your gun, you have a slow response time. You're also more likely to miss when you do finally shoot.

Where Can You Learn to Shoot?

The more you practice with your gun, the better. If you’re not familiar with guns, start by going to a nearby shooting range. Don’t feel intimidated because others at the range have more experience. Remember, they were once in your shoes.

Ask one of the staff for advice. Sign up for a class to learn how to use and maintain your firearm. Perhaps you have a friend or coworker who has a firearm and is experienced using it. Ask him or her to go shooting with you a few times if you feel uncomfortable going to the range alone. Before you know it, you'll become more comfortable handling your firearm.

For quick access to stored guns, check out Liberty’s Safe’s biometric locks or our handgun vaults.


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