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The Joy of the Hunt - Building Family Traditions

You never forget your first hunting experience. But for Caleb, the son of our very own Leader of eCommerce and Digital Marketing, Kyle, that is especially true. Caleb and Kyle were invited to a special hunt hosted by Keith and Matti Warren at Stone Creek Ranch in Texas.

For Keith Warren, this was an opportunity to help a new hunter experience the joy of the hunt. He’s lived his life — and taught his own daughter Matti — to love being in the outdoors by following one rule: “Always keep the outdoor experience fun. If it’s not fun, why do they want to go?... We call that the joy of the hunt.”

The Hunt

Caleb and his dad headed for a blind on Stone Creek Ranch. When a big black buck walked into a clearing, the pair waited anxiously for the right moment. The anticipation nearly killed them when the buck stayed surrounded by does, and then walked out of range. But their patience paid off. Eventually, the buck reappeared by itself, and Kyle gave Caleb the go-ahead. Caleb’s shot was clean, and he’d officially bagged his first buck.

“I couldn’t have been more proud and more excited for him,” Kyle said. And Caleb’s grin showed exactly how he felt about that moment.

White Tail Hunting

Caleb’s first hunt wasn’t over yet, though. After more time in the blind, Caleb was also able to bag a big, heavy-horned white tail deer.

“I had more adrenaline rushing on that one,” Caleb said just after he took the shot. And when you watch the video it’s hard to tell who has the bigger smile after that moment: Caleb or his dad.

For Caleb, it was an unforgettable first hunt. And for his dad, Kyle, it was much more than just a hunt. “This is a proud Dad moment. [It’s] great… to have your son experience something like this. Couldn’t think of a better ranch and a better bunch of people coming out here with Keith and Matti Warren, and just couldn’t be a better experience for me and my son to share together. ”



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