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The Joy of the Hunt With Matti Warren

The Joy of the Hunt With Matti Warren

Matti Warren is a young outdoor enthusiast who is passionate about spreading her love of the wilderness. She's been hunting since she was 5, and she loves nothing more than getting outside to hunt, fish, or work the family ranch.

Matti recently teamed up with her dad, outdoor icon Keith Warren, to begin co-hosting the award-winning television series, The High Road. Together, they advocate for conservation and for bringing families together by spending time outdoors.

Fiercely Driven

Matti has always been driven to make a difference. She appeared before the Texas legislature when she was just 12 years old to promote legislation that would protect the Second Amendment. She's also been a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association. She recently graduated from Texas A&M and then joined her dad as a full-time member of The High Road.

And of course, Matti is one of the world's most well-known female hunters. Thanks to her dad's career, she's been in the limelight since she was young, breaking down barriers for women hunters as she shares her love for the sport.

The Power of Nature

For Matti, hunting isn't just about bringing home a trophy-it's about spending time in the outdoors with your loved ones. She attributes her time hunting and fishing with her family to strengthening the bonds between them, and to making her the person she is today.

She tells Liberty Safe, "My life motto is to live by the joy of the hunt. The joy of the hunt is every part of the hunt, from going and getting new camo or having hand me down camo to sitting in a blind and eating a honey bun with your dad and making memories. Eating what you kill. That's the joy of the hunt. It's all aspects of my life. It's not just about the kill. It's not just about the one moment. It's everything."

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