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Liberty Safe and the Best Gun Safe

The Viral Home Safe Commercial You Have to Watch

Liberty Safe makes the best damn safes on the planet, and one of our independent dealers, Randy the safe guy, wanted to let everyone know.

The problem?

Facebook doesn’t allow guns in advertising.

That didn’t stop Randy. He found a way to show off his Liberty Safes.

And the bonus?

You also get to see all the many items you can store in a home safe: your lunch, your drill, your cleaning supplies—even your workout equipment!

Liberty Safe is America’s number one safe manufacturer. Our dedication to technology, innovation, and American-made durability have made us the industry leader. Are you looking for a safe to protect your rifles, shotguns, or hunting gear? Do you need tactical weapon storage? Do you have important documents, cash, jewelry, medication, or other valuables you want safely secured?

Then take Randy the safe guy’s advice and buy a Liberty. Because with Liberty Safe, you’re always protected.


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