What Can I Expect When My Gun Safe Is Delivered?

What Can I Expect When My Gun Safe Is Delivered?

How Does Gun Safe Delivery, Setup, and Installation Work?

What can you expect when your gun safe is delivered? Whether you’ve recently purchased a home or gun safe, or you’re still trying to decide on the model you want, you may be unsure about the delivery process. We’re here to walk you through the steps of getting that big metal box in your home.

In today’s video we’re covering four topics

  1. Is your safe delivery discreet?
  2. Will the safe movers be careful with your floor?
  3. How do they move such a big heavy safe?
  4. Will they clean up after themselves?

Will My Gun Safe Delivery Be Discreet?

Many delivery companies will show up in an unmarked truck. That way, no one in the neighborhood (or passing by) will know you’ve purchased a safe. If this is important to you, double check with the safe company to make sure their vehicles are unmarked.

Next, the team will unload the safe. Many safe companies deliver gun safes in a big, nondescript box. If you haven’t paid for installation, this is where the service will end. The movers will leave the safe on the curb. Don’t worry, though - you should be contacted first so you know that it’s coming.

Will My Floors Be Damaged During a Safe Delivery?

Safe movers will typically do some prep work before bringing the safe in to help protect your floors. They’ll lay down blankets, plywood, or other protection to keep the safe from damaging your floor.

How Do You Move a Heavy Safe?

Professional safe movers use specialized tools to help them move large safes. Methods vary depending on the size and weight of the safe, but some common tactics include:

  •  SlikSticks: These help slide the safe across your floor without damaging it
  • Specialized dollies or pallet jacks: Regular dollies can bend under a big safe’s weight, so movers use reinforced versions. And if the dolly has air tires, they may pop under the pressure.
  • Electric stair-climbing dollies: These are designed to carefully lift your safe up or down stairs

Should I Have I Bolt My Safe Down?

Many home or gun safe installers give you the option to have your safe anchored into place. We highly recommend this. It just makes your gun safe much safer. Check with your safe company to see if that’s a service they provide. If so, once the safe is in place, the team will anchor it down to the wood or concrete it’s sitting on top of. This offers two benefits:

  1. Your safe won’t tip over accidentally
  2. Thieves can’t tip your safe over to try and pry it open or steal it.

Will the Movers Clean Up Their Own Mess?

Nearly all moving companies will clean up for you. This includes hauling off the pallet, the box, and any other packing materials that kept your safe protected in transit.

Finally, please remember this word of caution: Delivery teams are specially trained and specially equipped to deliver and install safes into a home. They’ve had a lot of practice and are prepared to minimize the risks a falling safe poses to your property, and to the people moving it. In other words, we strongly recommend paying the extra for installation, rather than just buying some beer and pizza so your buddies can help you do it. It’s safer for your home, and for you.



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