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What Can I Put in My Gun Safe?

Many people think of a gun safe as only being for guns, but they can be used for so much more. Safes can hold all types of valuables, as well as things you want to keep out of the wrong hands.


Medication is a big one. With the growing opioid epidemic, you don’t want someone getting ahold of your prescriptions. You may not worry about your kids, but what about their friends? Do your neighbors’ children ever visit? Or how about grandkids? Give yourself the peace of mind that comes from locking up your medications.  


Everything from life insurance policies and passports to birth certificates, car titles, social security cards, and more can be safely protected against theft and fire in a quality safe.

Cash, Collectibles and More

Many people also use a home safe to store items like:

  • Cash and jewelry
  • Baby books
  • Photo albums
  • External hard drives
  • Photography equipment
  • Collectibles
  • Laptops, cell phones, and iPads when your kids are grounded

Essentially, your gun safe is a great place to store anything you want to limit access to. When you’re safe shopping, consider all the items you may want to protect, and make sure the safe you’re buying will be big enough!


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