What Features Should I Include in My Security System

What Features Should I Include in My Security System

Protecting your home and family with a security system is a wise choice. But what should you include in your security system? What features will best protect what you value most? Here are the most common features found in home security systems:

Security Cameras

Having cameras in your security system is a must. Cameras will deter some criminals and can aid in catching the others. Security cameras also provide evidence to the police and your insurance company.

When choosing cameras, you will want 720p resolution or higher for criminal-identifying definition. Motion-activated cameras that snap into action after sensing movement are the best. The cameras should have built-in memory, but they should also be capable of transmitting their recordings to a monitoring station or notification app on your phone.

For best results, you'll want to place your cameras strategically. You'll need to cover points of entry, main living areas, and any other locations you feel need surveillance. For example, if you have a safe, you may want to have a camera focused on that area.

Door and Window Sensors

Sensors that detect whether a door or window has been opened are crucial components of home security systems. They work with magnets that are separated when the window or door are opened. Every window and entrance door in your home should be outfitted with sensors.

However, you'll also want window break sensors to detect if a window has been broken. These sensors listen for the specific sound of glass breaking, and trip the alarm if the sound is heard.

Environmental Sensors

These specialized sensors that can detect changes in the environment within your home are a great addition to home security systems. There are environmental sensors for:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Flood/water
  • Humidity
  • Smoke

Having them can help protect both your home, and your family.

Professional Monitoring

Security systems can either be self-monitored or professionally-monitored. It costs less each month to monitor your system on your own, but what you gain in thrift you lose in vigilance. Having your security system monitored may cost extra, but it can mean quicker response times, both for you, and for emergency services. And if you choose the right security company, you don't necessarily have to pay an arm and a leg for monitoring.

Alarm Panel

The alarm panel is the brain of a home security system. It tracks the system’s status and keeps you informed of any faults or breaches. Ideally, the panel should be placed next to one of your entrance doors to allow for easy access and quick arming and disarming of its system.

Want to get a closer look at a security system to see if it’s a good fit for your family? We can help with that.


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