What Security System Is Best for Your Home?

What Security System Is Best for Your Home?

The first step to finding a home security system that meets your needs is understanding your options. Most security systems fall into one of two categories: monitored professional systems, and DIY systems. What most people don't know, however, is that there's a third option, and for many, it may be a better fit than the other two.

To help you make an informed decision, here is information about three general categories of home security systems.

Traditional Security Systems

You may see traditional security systems advertised on television. At one time, these systems were the only home security systems around. Companies like ADT or Brinks are names in this space you might recognize, and they've been around a while. Over the years, little has changed with professional systems, other than the digitization of the systems.

With a traditional system, the security company controls almost everything. They install the equipment, they maintain the equipment, and they monitor the equipment. And for most systems, it's all hardline rather than wireless.

The upside to traditional systems is the monitoring. With this kind of system, your property is monitored 24/7. The primary downside is the price. Both the startup costs to a traditional system and the upkeep can be expensive. You're also limited to the company’s proprietary components. Lastly, if you want to move or can no longer afford your monitored system, it can be costly to break your contract.

DIY Systems

DIY do-it-yourself) home security systems are the economy option. You only have to use the products you want, and you can choose cheaper models if you're so inclined. There's no installation fees, and no monthly fees for system monitoring.

What you lose with this kind of system is the professional monitoring. Response to break-ins, natural disasters, and the like only happens as fast as you can respond to your notifications. What's more, installing this kind of system can be overwhelming. It also takes time to correct bugs you might have as you struggle to get the individual parts to work together.

Hybrid System

If you want to install your own home security system but still want professional monitoring, a hybrid system may be the best bet. Manufacturers like Blink, Cove, and Nest offer a wide variety of home security products. They include video doorbells and environmental sensors designed for easy installation. They can work together, often wirelessly from a single smart hub. This makes designing your system much easier than trying to mix and match components.

You can include professional monitoring with hybrid systems. This ensures your home is monitored 24/7 whether you are at home or not, and you won’t need to rely on cellular signals for notifications when you’re away. More importantly, the professional monitoring that comes with a hybrid system is usually much cheaper than that of traditional systems.

Click here for more information on how a hybrid system can help protect your family and your property.


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