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When you need a gun safe that's larger and tougher than the rest, you can trust our Liberty FATBOY safes for sale. Each one of these Liberty Safes holds up to 64 guns - meaning each of these safes is an imposing security presence for sure. But it isn't just the size of this safe that makes it intimidating! The FATBOY is packed with security features, from its exterior (made of thick 11-gauge steel) all the way to the interior (featuring layers of fireboard). We don't waste an inch of space when it comes to the FATBOY; we want to make sure that this gun safe for sale can give your home the protection it needs.

This jumbo safe isn't only limited to firearms! Store jewelry and valuables inside your Liberty FATBOY safe, or anything from video equipment to fishing rods. The FATBOY will keep all of your treasures protected against natural disasters or attempted burglaries. Choose your FATBOY here and make it a part of your home.