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Maximize your gun and ammunition storage with the Liberty FATBOY safe. These large capacity gun safes are proudly built in the USA and can store up to 64 guns or 48 long guns! Ultra-tough with a wide body steel frame, the FATBOY safe series is the ultimate solution for your gun and ammo storage needs. And for the tactical expert, FATBOY safes can be retrofitted with pistol racks, handgun hangers, bow hangers and more.

Our FATBOY safes are packed with high tech security features and have received a UL Residential Security Container Burglary Classification so you can rest assured you are protected morning, noon and night. Built to last a lifetime, these Liberty FATBOY safes for sale also come complete with a lifetime transferrable warranty. Now, that is what we call peace of mind!

Experience for yourself why the ultra-durable FATBOY is the number 1 large safe for sale in America and choose a safe model today.