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Packed with features, options, and layers of security, the Franklin 25 is one of our best home gun safes. These safes offer certified fire protection of 75 minutes at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit - ideal for protecting currency, documents, or other frail valuables in the case of a fire. These fire protection safes are also built to help seal out heat and smoke, keeping the inside of the safe at a controlled temperature. Whether you're facing drastic changes in temperatures or the threat of a disastrous fire, Liberty's Franklin 25 safes for sale will keep cool and collected under pressure.

Here, you can pick the color you prefer for your Franklin 25 home gun safe. We offer three styles of hardware - brass, chrome, and black chrome - and a series of different exterior and interior colors to match. Choose your favorite combination here and design a Liberty Safe you'll be proud to keep in your home.