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Extended Lock Warranty

In order to purchase an Extended Lock Warranty, your safe must be:

Verify your safe's serial number to add a Extended Lock Warranty to your cart.

Enter 6, 7, or 9 digit number beginning with "L", "C-", or "RV-" located in owner's manual and on the vault or safe--inside door frame and top of safe. Enter the serial number as it is listed including all zeros. If your serial number does not begin with a letter, please enter an L before the serial number.
Format: mm-dd-yyyy

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Get added peace of mind with Liberty's extended lock warranty! Choose an additional 10 years, on Liberty's 5-year warrantied locks for 15 years of coverage or get a lifetime warranty that covers your lock for life!

In order to qualify for Liberty's extended lock warranty your safe:

  • Must be registered. If not yet registered, register here.
  • Purchased within the last year.
  • Manufactured within the last two years.

Have your safes serial number and purchase date ready to see if you qualify.

Locks are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase. With the additional 10 years of coverage, or a lifetime of coverage, Liberty will repair and/or replace parts of like kind and type at no cost to you!

Liberty will also cover the cost of a certified locksmith to gain you access to your safe at no cost to you.

*Except that outside the United States and Canada, Liberty will provide replacement parts of like kind and type at no cost to you, but you will be responsible for any and all labor, repair, or service costs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lifetime Warranty is worth getting.

Lock is a vast improvement over the previous models. Easy to set up and change the combination if needed.

Allan H.
Amazing delivery!

I was amazed at the efficiency of the crew that delivered & installed my safe. The crew worked wonders with the small cart that moved the safe. The crew had their moves almost choreographed. AMAZING!!

Timothy S.
Brand new safe

No idea barely owned my safe for 3 days and for some reason I'm being asked about my extended lifetime warranty I guess I will resubmit a nother review IF or AFTER something brakes so as of right now I'm only giving 3 stars seams way to early to send a customer an email to rate the extended lock warranty

David J.

I paid for high quality parts to this Liberty safe that I expect to last a very long time. Your offer of a belated warranty suggests that you don' have any confidence in your product's longevity.

Hi David, while your safe is covered by our lifetime warranty, our locks come with a two year manufacturers warranty that Liberty then extends to five years; something other safe manufactures don't do.

We offer two extended lock warranties in addition to this of ten years or a lifetime. This gives you added piece of mind that should your lock fail, Liberty will send out a certified locksmith to gain to you access to your safe.

You can learn more about warranty by visiting https://www.libertysafe.com/pages/best-home-and-gun-safe-warranty.

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