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    The largest of its line, the National Magnum 50 home gun safe is the perfect safe for maximum long gun and valuables storage. With a 2.5-hour fire rating and UL-listed security features, you can rest assured that your items are safe from thievery, fires, and other disasters. Customize this safe online with the colors, hardware, and lock type that you want to ensure a style that you are proud to display in your home. Top it all off with 4 different interior shelving configurations to suit your storage needs, even if they change down the road.
  • 🇺🇸 Made in the USA

    🔥 2.5 Hours at 1200º F

    🛡️ Level 8 Security

    🔒 18 Locking Bars

    ⚖️ 1,585 lbs.

    ↔️ *Ext. Dim. (H x W x D) 72.5" x 42.25" x 27.75"

    ⬇️ Additional Specs

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When looking for a high-quality home gun safe that provides all of the security features you need and deserve, search no further than the National Magnum 50. This safe is ideal for maximum long gun storage, protecting your valuables, and accenting the style of your home.

Our #1 priority with the Magnum safes is to provide top-of-the-line protection and security. That’s why these safes have 2.5 hours of certified fire protection and UL-listed security features. No matter what may occur–attempted burglary, fires, or other disasters–we want you to be able to have the peace of mind that your valuables are protected.

Safety isn’t the only thing important to us though. At Liberty Safe, we don’t skimp on style. We want to make sure you have a gun safe that you want to display in your home. So we provide several online safe customization options for you to order the safe that will complement your home’s interior perfectly, from a myriad of color choices to the lock type to the look of the hardware. And the package is complete with the Old West-style scrolling and 5-point handle on the front of the safe to add an extra flare.

Our patented 4-in-1 Flex™ interior shelving allows the customizations to continue with the functionality of your safe. These adjustable shelves allow you to configure your safe into one of the four options (which you can also change at any time):

  • Executive: Looking for an all-shelving setup for maximum valuable storage? The Executive is ideal for homes or businesses where you need to store many documents, tech, jewelry, sentimentals, or other valuables. 
  • Sportsman: If you need to store several long guns and your additional valuables, the Sportsman is a great option. It has our flex gun slot covers on one side to store your long guns with a column of shelving on the other side for valuable storage, plus two shelves along the stop.  
  • EZ-Access: Gain “EZ-Access” to your long guns with this storage setup. The gun rack in this configuration allows you to easily access your long guns when you need them and also has one side of shelving with two shelves across the top. 
  • Collector: The Collector is ideal for maximum long gun storage. You get the gun racks from both the Sportsman and EZ-Access to be able to store up to 39 long guns and two shelves across the top for additional valuable storage. 

    4-in-1 Flex Interior


    National Magnum 50

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