Combination/Key Request Form

Use our form to request your Liberty Safe combination or key replacement for your home or gun safe.

A credit card or check is required, and the form must be notarized to be approved.

Please provide all of the information requested or the combination will not be re-issued. In addition to the information below, please provide the following required documents:

  • A receipt showing the original purchase if the warranty card was not sent in.

If you are unable to provide the original receipt, you can do one of the following:

  • Contact your local law enforcement and ask them to verify that the safe is in your possession and that it hasn’t been reported stolen. Have them give you a written statement on their letterhead stating those two things, and fax the statement to us in place of your original purchase receipt.
  • Contact a licensed and bonded locksmith in your area to come to the safe location and do the same verification. Have the locksmith contact Liberty Safe’s Customer Service Department while on site for further instructions.

If you would like an additional copy of the combination faxed or emailed please include that information below, and check the appropriate box to the left of it. Please allow 3 – 5 business days for processing all requests. If you require your combination immediately, please contact a certified locksmith and ask them to contact us.