Low Profile (S&G) Change Your Code

Is it time for a new code? Don't worry, Liberty Safe is here to help. We've supplied this video to anyone looking to change the code on their Low Profile 6120 or Dual Battery 6120 lock. If your Liberty Safe is equipped with one of these two locks, follow along with this helpful tutorial video to see the process for changing the code. An example code will be used for demonstration purposes.

Hard work goes into creating the top-tier security of your Liberty Safe, and safe locks are no exception. We've cultivated our collection of electronic safe locks to deliver you the highest quality available - whether that's the Low Profile 6120 shown here or our newer selection of SecuRam electronic keypad locks. Here at Liberty Safe, we strive to provide the quality products and services you're looking for. Have any questions? Feel free to contact us online or via phone and talk to our experienced customer service team. They'll be happy to help.