How To Operate Mechanical Lock Without Key

Hi, my name is Jess, and if you need help locking or unlocking your safe you've come to the right place. First, let me congratulate you on having purchased a Liberty Safe, the best-built safe on the planet.

There are a couple of things you need to know about your lock combination.

First, if you don't know the combination to your lock, you can find it in the use and care manual on page 2. You'll want to keep this combination in a secure place, other than inside your safe.

Second, though the dial on your lock looks something like this, I'm going to use this graphic to help me illustrate how your lock operates. But don't worry, your lock works exactly the same way.

Third, I need you to take a look at the dial of your lock. You'll notice that just like this graphic there are two marks near the top. This mark is called the opening index. To dial in any number of your combination, you'll need to turn the dial until the tick mark for that number aligns with the opening index. This mark on the left we use at the factory for setting your combination, so you don't need to pay any attention to it.

My last tip for you is this: as you dial in each number of your combination make sure you're looking at the dial from straight on that way you will perfectly align each number in the combination with the opening index.

Now what do you say I show you how to open your safe using the combination. You probably remember the lockers we had back in high school, right? Well, this lock works a little differently than those did. Let me show you.

How to Unlock Your Combination

There are five steps to unlocking your combination. Let's assume that your combination is 25-8-72.

  1. First Number

The beginning step in the process is to enter the first number of the combination: 25. To enter the 25 will take a total of four rotations of the dial to the left, or a counter clockwise. Let's take a look.

Before you start make sure the zero on your dial is aligned with the opening index.

Next, taking note of the tick mark next to the 25, rotate the dial passing the 25 three times. On the fourth turn, you'll want to slow down a little, stopping on the 25 when it aligns with the opening index.

  1. Second Number

Now that we've dialed in the 25 we need to enter the second number in our combination, which is 8. This time, instead of four rotations, it will take us a total of three rotations of the dial. We'll do it by rotating the dial in the opposite direction from before, this time to the right, or clockwise.

Here's how: looking on the dial, find the tick mark for the number 8, then rotate the dial to the right, passing the eight two times. On the third rotation, slow down and stop once the 8 is aligned with the opening index.

  1. Third Number

The third number in our combination is 72. Turn the dial a total of two times while turning the dial to the left or counterclockwise. I'll show you on the dial.

Find the tick mark for the 72, then rotate the dial left until it passes the 72 once. On the second and final turn, slow down, stopping on the 72.

Now we're almost done.

  1. Turn / Stop

You've now dialed in all the numbers of the combination, so only two steps left. In step four you'll be rotating the dial to the right, or clockwise, for less than one turn. Let's walk through it.

Begin by rotating the dial clockwise. As you near 95, the dial will get a little harder to turn. That's because the dial is lifting up the locking bolt inside the safe. So continue rotating through the resistance until the dial stops, which will occur somewhere near 85.

Your combination is now unlocked. If, however, the dial rotates past 80, then an error has occurred and you'll need to start from the beginning by re-entering the combination.

  1. Open Door

With the combination unlocked, all that's left is to open the door. Whether you have a drop handle on your door or a hub, the way to open your safe door will be the same.

Begin by locating the hub of your door handle. The spokes that screw into the hub are inside your safe, so this first time you'll need to open the door by turning the hub only.

Place your hand on the door and push in. While continuing to push, grasp the hub with your other hand and rotate the hub to the right, or clockwise. You'll find it will stop somewhere around a half turn.

At this point, you can stop pushing. And by pulling the hub towards you, the door will open. You've got it!

With the door open, you can remove the styrofoam protectors in the corners of your door, and in the future, you won't need to push on the door in order to open it.


Now let's summarize by reviewing the steps to opening your combination.

The lock combination in our example was four rotations of the dial to the left, or counterclockwise. You started on 0 passing the 25 three times, and on the fourth turn you stopped on the 25.

In step 2, you rotated the dial to the right, or clockwise, a total of three turns first, passing the 8 two times and then stopping on the 8 for the third turn.

Step 3 had you rotating the dial to the left for a total of two turns. You passed the 72 once and you stopped at the 72 on the second turn.

Having finished inputting the combination, in step 4, you turned the dial right, or clockwise, until it stopped.

And finally, for step 5, you took hold of the door hub rotating it right until it stopped and then pulling the door open.

Notice the pattern of a decreasing number of dial turns with each step: four turns, three turns, two turns, and one turn. And you probably also notice that with each step you turned the dial in opposite directions: left, right, left, and right. However, when you rotated the hub to open the door you turned the hub right. As you memorize your lock combination, keeping these patterns in mind should help.

How to Lock Your Safe

Now that you know how to unlock your combination, let me show you how to lock it.

If this is your first time locking your safe you'll want to practice locking and unlocking the combination a number of times. However, make sure you practice with your safe door open until you feel comfortable. In addition, while practicing your door needs to be open at a 90 degree angle, otherwise, when you turn the handle the locking pins will hit your door jamb and possibly cause damage.

Now let me show you how to lock your safe using the combination.

  1. Close Door

Before closing your safe door, make sure the locking pins have been retracted. If they're extended, rotate the door handle to the right, or clockwise, until the handle stops. You can then close the door.

  1. Engage Pins

With the door closed engage the pins by rotating the handle left, or counterclockwise, until it stops. This secures your door.

  1. Rotate Dial Left

Finally rotate the dial to the left, or counterclockwise. This clears the combination, thereby locking the door.

  1. Try Turning Handle

Nevertheless, I make it a habit of double-checking that my door is locked by trying to turn my door handle. If the handle will not turn, then I know my safe is locked and my valuables are secured.

By the way, when rotating your dial, be careful not to spin it rapidly as this can cause damage to the lock.

That's all it takes to lock your combination. I hope I answered all of your questions.