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Work great, good instructions, keep up the good work.

Arrived on time.

USA 36
Keith H.

Awesome safe! Great delivery and installation team!

Ammo Can
Terrance P.
Very nice secure storage for Ammo.

The Amko Can is great. It keeps my Hrand Children away from my Ammunition which is still
Easily accessed to go to the Range with.

However the Dili dry. Company failed to deliver my Pistol Rack. They apologized and promised to ship directly to My home. That has not happened to date.

Centurion 18
William Y.
Great safe

Install was easy and the safe came just as advertised. Plenty of room for a smaller gun safe.

Replacement Item

Great product, easy installation and fix !!

New Digital Lock

updated from a dial to a digital. SecuRam TopLit. Love it

Franklin 40
Gordon H.
Amazing product

Incredible safe and well worth the wait for it to be built. It has ample space for all my weapons, ammo and even range accessories. The door alone gives a feeling of nigh-invincibility, much less the overall solidity of the safe. I feel confident in the security of my firearms, both from accidental access and fire/water damage.

The interior is nicely done with the fabric coverings to keep from scratching things. The customizable shelves are quite useful. The pockets on the door interior add almost two shelves worth of space alone. And the lighting system, when installed, illuminates the entire interior, though I'm having some trouble setting it to actuate when the door opens.

Overall, this is a great product and worth every penny. I've wanted to get a gun safe for some time, and Liberty truly stood out from the rest. Barring that someone shows up with a Sherman Tank, I'm feeling pretty good (seriously, you need to check out that video).

I love the Fatboy Jr Extreme. my only issue is on you page you can build a safe to your needs and budget. The Fatboy is not listed. you need to add the Fatboy line to it. But the safe is is great!

Mark S.

Great product easy to use well made like the quality for the money

Liberty Safe LED Light Kit

I've used these in two Liberty gun safes and love them. They work perfectly. I just bought two more kits, one for my wife's Liberty office safe and one for my Liberty ammo can.

Scott T.
Set up

Set up wasn't easy


Worth the price, very practical

Centurion 12
Bethany H.

Perfect size safe that fits in the corner of our bedroom and keeps our valuables and self-defense secure. Easy open keypad with a quick illumination key in case you need to open in the dark.

Easy to install. I used the provided screws

Works as expected, excellent customer service!

USA 48
Michael P.
Safe and Outlet Install with Lights and Dehumidifier

The safe arrived in perfect shape. The outlet was installed in about 20 minutes and the Lights and the dehumidifier were easy to install. I ran some of the wires under the floor boards with the use of spacers. It's great.

Centurion 18
Good entry level safe, could use some revamping of storage shelves

Bought the 18 gun Centurion, loaded it in my truck hauled and installed it myself (had assistance moving it into my basement). Really a pretty nice safe, I Like the finish (smooth gloss black) & I opted for the manual lock w/turn dial over the digital.
As many others have said the shelving configuration could use some re-working from the factory. Can only fit two long guns in the safe due to the top shelf being solid mounted.(there's a cut out allowing for the two). Holds all my rifles, pistols and ammunition great, Minus my longer barrel shotguns and longer black powder rifles(Not special length guns, but are too long to fit under the top shelf). Overall a nice safe, just wish they would revamp the storage options, via a moveable /removable top shelf....

Website feedback

So I initially wanted the reusable desiccant moisture absorber can but the way the order page is set up t doesn’t tell you that it’s sold out if you don’t notice that the weight/size is grated out, I thought I was getting the can but ended up with the box. I’ll still use it but it probably be an issue sticking the cloth bag into a hot oven with out it burning to dry out the desiccant

Colonial 23
James S.

Good Price. Good delivery and service. Will recommend.

Deluxe Bundle
Brian S.
Very nice bundle

Easy to install , like the results

Franklin 50
Brian S.
A very well built safe with lots of space

Overall I’m happy with my purchase, although I do have ne question. At the top right hand corner of my safes door you can see light coming out after you close the door. What would be the best way to fix this so I can lower my humidity level and maintain my fire resistance?

Rifle Rods
Eric G.

I didn't get the cloth with it .

Hi, what cloth are you referring too? Can you please reach out to our customer support at

Ammo Can A-OK

Holds ALOT, really like it so far!

Great safe for guns

It is the perfect size for securing a few guns and ammo.