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Centurion 24
Alan O.

Good value for an entry level safe. Serves its purpose. Easy to purchase and delivery went very smooth.

USA 50
Keegan W.
Doubles as an extra room!

I like it a lot, I went with the biggest version and it's got plenty of space for me to grow into. My intention is for this to be a lifetime purchase that my future kids can use as well.

My only rag would be that the touchpad feels a little cheap. I think if I did it again I might upgrade this.

Lastly, I was also very impressed with the delivery guys. They were great.

John C.
HD 100

Put in the code and the latch releases but I have to lift the lid.

Liberty Home 12
Kenneth L.

Great safe

Good over all

I do have to say the brackets for the shelves were in the wrong location and upside down and one of the signs had to measure and relocate to line up with the right side brackets but other than that everything was awesome

Hands down marvelous 👍

Absolutely rated the best in every category 😀

Centurion 24
Ozey Y.
Great gun safe

Really like the quality of the centurion 24 gun safe and delivery / installation went very well! Wish I had bought the 32 now.

Safe Covers
James M.
Centurion deluxe 24

Fantastic safe perfect size great interior cofiguration

SecuRam BackLit
Michael H.

The problem is y’all have the back door code to hand over to the
Alphabet boys

Hi Michael, we understand your concern. Liberty Safe has long adhered to industry standards as a courtesy to our customers by maintaining a secure database of factory-set combinations. This practice helps customers regain access to their safe for various reasons, including loss of the original combination, lock service requests, and warranty issues. Liberty Safe processes over 4,000 requests of this type annually and provides combinations to safe owners only once they have provided clear documentation of their identity and ownership of the safe. The management reset code is used to regain control of a lock when its master code is lost. When the MRC is employed, it deletes the supervisor and all user codes in the lock and changes the master code to the factory default of 1 2 3 4 5 6 #. You may request to have your safes master code removed from our database by visiting

Colonial 50
Cyril T.

Colonial 50

Liberty Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer

Safe Storage

Secure ammunition storage is a must.Bad guys come in all shapes and sizes.The Ammo Can keeps them out.

Centurion 32
Frederick B.
Perfect Safe!

This is my first gun safe i’ve ever bought and it is perfect. Exactly what I needed. The delivery was super simple.

Cool Pocket
Pete O.
Great Protection for Important Documents

The quality of the bag is evident. It’s spacious enough to place important documents that are stored in a folder. It will keep items cooler from just feeling the difference inside the bag vs outside.

I bought two and they fit well inside the safe. Im pleased and recommend.

Ammo Can
Jeffrey L.
Made right

I received my 1st Ammo Can with 2 panels that had fallen out and the door handle cross threaded. Which was noticed after I put the panels back up and loaded it with ammo. I locked the cabinet up and couldn’t unlock it. It was replaced and made right by the lock/safe company. Other than the initial hassle, it’s a good solid safe.

Pistol Rack is great value!!

Quality finish and functions great. Very happy with price and overall value. Prompt shipping to boot.

USA 50
Josh P.
Fantastic !

Safe is amazing . Very well built with all the bells and whistles . Merica baby ! Delivery by Mike Wards Liberty safe was also amazing .

Liberty Door Panel Organizer

I’ve had a Liberty gun safe for about 25 years. I was needing more storage space so I bought Liberty’s door panel organizer (20-25). Very happy with the product quality and the design. It did exactly what I needed. Liberty should sell these with 2 different size clips since door back board thicknesses do vary. I need clips for a thinner back board. I contacted customer service and they said they would ship me some! Works OK as is but new clips will tighten the fit to the door.

Colonial 23
Rick E.
Great Safe

Purchased mine 6 years ago and hasn’t skipped a beat! Absolutely love the craftsmanship and smooth operation! Plenty of space for all my valuables! Great product and warranty!

Does the job!!

You may think it takes up some space, but your mags are organized and readily accessible! Gets rid of the mags stacked loose on a shelf and rattling around.

Centurion 18
Christopher B.
Fits my needs

As a believer in more ammo than guns, this safe fits that mantra. I can fit everything in and out of site from little hands!

USA 48
Drew B.
Great service!

I’m just as impressed with the guys who installed it as I am the safe. Nicest guys in the world, patient, helpful, and spent plenty of time showing me how to work it.

Door Panel Organizer for ProVault12

12 size door panel organizer is a perfect fit for my ProVault12 gun safe from my local Bass Pro Shops. COOLPOCKET is a nice bonus to store important documents.

Freedom 36
Sherry T.

Freedom 36

Jewelry Drawer
Mario D.P.