Sargent & Greenleaf Options

Liberty Safe has used Sargent & Greenleaf (S&G) electronic safe locks to provide our customers with top-of-the-line security. S&G locks have international security certifications, including USA UL Certification, to provide the best features to keep your belongings secure. S&G electronic locks are used and trusted by banks, government institutions, and businesses across a variety of applications, including gun safes, vaults, ATMs, and other highly sensitive environments.

Select your lock type below for tutorials on how to operate your electronic gun safe lock.

Low Profile vs Direct Drive vs Biometric

If you are still trying to decide which lock type you want for your gun safe, we are here to help. It’s important to choose a lock type that is easy to use and provides great security for your belongings. While any of these lock types have those qualifications, they do each have distinct differences that you should pay attention to.

Low Profile S&G Electronic Safe Lock

The Low Profile S&G lock has a clean interface with rounded rectangular buttons. Liberty Safe primarily uses the Model 6120 Low Profile, and it is great for commercial and residential use. It is EMP-resistant and simplifies security upgrades for your safe. Other features of this lock include:

  • UL-Listed Type 1
  • Up to 9 codes allowed (1 master and 8 users)
  • Single control operating mode
  • Time delay 1-9 minutes
  • Penalty lockout
  • Management reset code

Direct Drive Electronic Safe Lock

The S&G D-Drive lock is built to withstand heavy use and contains every feature that you would need in a lock for your gun safe. Beyond personal or residential use, this lock type has been used in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, education, financial, retail, and more. Some of its top-quality features include:

  • UL-Listed Type 1
  • Up to 10 codes allowed (depending on the exact model)
  • Single control, dual control, manager/employee control
  • EMP-resistant
  • Time delay up to 99 minutes
  • Penalty lockout
  • Management reset code

Biometric Keypad

Vastly different from standard lock keypads, the Biometric S&G keypad allows you to enter up to 9 different fingerprints for unlocking your gun safe. This additional layer of security ensures that only someone with an enrolled fingerprint can open the lock. Other features of this lock include:

  • Backlight for readability
  • Fingerprints can be quickly enrolled or deleted
  • Can be set up to require a fingerprint, code, or both
  • Biometric keypad can be added to any 6120, 6123, or Z02 electronic safe lock (this includes certain models from both lock types above)

What does UL-Listed Type 1 mean?

One thing that all of these lock types have in common is their security certification: UL-Listing Type 1 (or UL 2058). This is the standard for electronic locks in the United States and is an important feature to have in any home or business safe. UL Type 1 locks must have a minimum of one million possible lock combinations, the batteries must be stored in the keypad outside of the safe so they can be replaced even if the safe is locked, and the combinations must be stored in non-volatile memory so they aren’t lost when/if the battery dies.

UL Type 1 locks must also meet several durability requirements to ensure they can handle frequent use, rough handling, and less-than-ideal environments. It is not recommended to use a lock that does not have a UL Type 1 rating for any safe intended to prevent burglaries.

Benefits of Electronic Locks for Gun Safes

Electronic locks provide a world of benefits for your home gun safe. They offer top security features, allowing you the peace of mind you deserve when storing your guns and other valuables. Some of the top benefits of electronic locks include:

  1. Ease of use. You don’t have to turn a dial back and forth and risk accidentally sliding past one of the digits in your code. You simply enter your code with the keypad on the lock.
  2. Dependability. Electronic locks are much more dependable than mechanical locks, particularly if you ensure that it has a UL Type 1 listing. They tend to receive less wear and tear since they don’t require the user to turn a mechanism to open it.
  3. Better security. Electronic safe locks offer better security features, from time delays to penalty lockouts to multiple user access, and so much more.

At Liberty Safe, we want what’s best for your home or business, and that’s why we trust Sargent & Greenleaf locks for our safes. If you have any questions about the electronic lock on your gun safe, follow the links above for operational tutorials, or give our customer service team a call today.