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Liberty Safe is currently experiencing unusually high demand for our safes. Because of this, it will take us longer to build and deliver your safe. Safe deliveries are most often done through local dealers, Because of this, the time to deliver may vary. Right now most safes are being delivered in 20 weeks or less. In some areas it may take longer. Thank you for your trust and patience—we promise it will be worth the wait!

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See a Liberty Safe in Your Home!

Our Augmented Reality Will Put YOUR LIBERTY Safe Right In Your Home

Are you wondering what a Liberty Safe would look like in your home? It’s easy to find out!

Step 1: Using a smart phone or tablet, select the gun safe series, vault door or home safe or you’re interested in.

Step 2: Choose the size and color you like.

Step 3: Choose either a mechanical lock or an electronic lock.

Step 4: Scroll down and click on VIEW SAFE IN YOUR HOME VIEW SAFE IN YOUR HOME

Step 5: Move your phone from side to side in a straight line. This helps the app calculate the dimensions of your space. It can take 10-20 seconds, but when the cube pops up you’ll know you’re close!


  • You can scale the safe larger or smaller by swiping up or down with one finger.
  • To rotate the safe to a new angle, use two fingers.
  • You can save a picture of what the safe looks like in your room by clicking the camera button you see on the screen.
  • For a 3D image of the safe, click on “Object” at the top of the screen.​

How to See a Liberty Safe in Your Home