How to Change The Battery in SecuRm Toplit Electronic Lock

Next, we’re going to show you how to change the battery on the SafeLogic TopLit.

So in order to change the battery, first of all, you’d get a low battery signal from your safe as you enter your code. Normally you enter your code, and at the end of your code you’ll hear two beeps, which is correct, and you’ll hear the lock open.

If this battery was dead or nearing the point where it needed to be changed, it would go 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and it would beep rapidly eight times. And that would be an indication that your battery needs to be changed.

Here’s how you change the battery.

  1. First of all, grasp the outer ring and rotate it counterclockwise. It’ll release and now you can pull it away from the keypad. The outer ring has tabs that align with the notches on the keypad.
  2. Now in order to change the battery, the battery is actually down in this area of the keypad. So you push your finger in here and pull the battery out on this side, and it's connected by battery terminal clips.
  3. You can simply disconnect the battery from the terminal clips, set that battery aside, get a new battery, and again just connect it as you normally would expect.
  4. Snap those on, slide it back into the compartment, tuck those wires back in so you don’t catch them.
  5. Then replace the ring by lining up the tabs with the notches and rotating clockwise.

Now when you enter your combination, you will no longer get those eight rapid beeps. You’ll just get the two beeps that says it's okay if it's the correct code and you can turn your handle and open the safe. That’s how you change your battery on the SafeLogic TopLit.