Franklin 40

Starting at $3,799.00
Protect what matters with the Liberty Safe Franklin 40. This home fire protection safe is packed with security features for your firearms and valuables.

Starting at MSRP $4,099

🇺🇸 Made in the USA

🔥 110 Minutes at 1200º F

🛡️ Level 5 Security

🔒 13 Locking Bars

⚖️ 842 lbs.

↔️ *Ext. Dim. (H x W x D) 66.5" x 36" x 27.5"

Starting at $3,799.00
Protect what matters with the Liberty Safe Franklin 40. This home fire protection safe is packed with security features for your firearms and valuables.

Starting at MSRP $4,099

🇺🇸 Made in the USA

🔥 110 Minutes at 1200º F

🛡️ Level 5 Security

🔒 13 Locking Bars

⚖️ 842 lbs.

↔️ *Ext. Dim. (H x W x D) 66.5" x 36" x 27.5"

Full Description

With a dynamic blend of security and style, the Liberty Safe Franklin 40 is tough to beat. There's a reason that so many Americans have chosen the Franklin 40 as their home fire protection safe. This safe has a 110-minute fire rating and formidable security features, including the Liberty DX-90 MONSTER MECH, military locking bars, and triple case hardened steel plates. We've designed this safe to help protect what you value most. Whether you're trying to secure your firearms collection or looking for a safe place to keep your jewelry, documents, and tech, the Franklin 40 is here to help.

Customize your Liberty Safe Franklin 40 here and create the right safe for your home. Choose your exterior finish and interior fabric - we'll build a safe to match your specifications and deliver it to you. Get ready to start dreaming about how you'll use your brand-new Liberty Safe!

Models and Sizing

  4432464412742 4432464609350 4432504717382
Thickness of Steel 12 Gauge 12 Gauge 12 Gauge
# of Locking Bars 10 13 15
Locking Bar Width 4" 4" 4"
Locking Bar Thickness 1/4" 1/4" 1/4"
Ext. Dimensions H x W x D 60.5" x 30" x 22" 66.5" x 36" x 27.5" 72.5" x 42" x 27.5"
Exterior Cubic Feet 25.7 38.1 48.1
Int. Dimensions H x W x D 55" x 25" x 13.8" 61.25" x 32.75" x 21" 67" x 38" x 21"
Interior Cubic Feet 14.5 20.9 30.1
Minimum Doorway Required 26.5" 29.5" 30.1"
Weight 640 lbs. 842 lbs. 1,002 lbs.


MEASUREMENTS: Measurements and dimensions are + or - 1/8" to all measurements for manufacturing variances.

DIMENSIONS: Dimensions listed are for the safe footprint and are rounded up to the nearest quarter inch. To be sure the safe will fit in your space, add ¼” to the depth for the outlet kit, 1.5” for a plug, and 3” for the handle.

GUN COUNT: Gun capacity may vary depending upon size of guns and scopes.

Liberty reserves the right to change or update product specifications, colors and model sizes at anytime.

Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.


Fire Protection
  • 110 minutes of certified fire protection at 1200º F
  • Palusol heat-activated door seal expands to protect against smoke and heat
  • UL listed safe body
  • UL listed Sargent and Greenleaf mechanical lock (electronic lock also available)
  • Three hardened steel plates to protect the lock from drill attacks
  • Dual relocker locks the safe down in the event of attempted brute force entry
  • Liberty’s exclusive, ultra-strong locking bars protect against pry attacks
  • Slip-clutch mechanism protects against forced entry
  • Liberty’s upgraded DX-90 Monster Mech™ locking mechanism
  • California DOJ-approved firearm safety device
Style & Function
  • Factory installed deluxe door storage panel
  • Available in textured, marble, and gloss colors
  • 3-spoke Suretight handle available in multiple finishes
  • Fully upholstered, 4-in-1 Flex™ adjustable interior
Accessories Included
  • Factory-installed deluxe door storage panel
  • Deluxe electrical outlet kit
  • Glowflex lighting system (installation required)

Delivery and Installation

You will be provided with your area's delivery and installation methods during checkout. Safe deliveries are most often done through local dealers. In some cases, Liberty Safe will handle the delivery directly. Because of this, the time to deliver may vary. We are build to order and currently, most safes are delivered in 8-10 weeks or less.

After you place your order, your dealer will reach out to you within three business days to give you an estimated delivery time and answer any questions. You will be given your local dealer's contact information in your order.

Delivery methods may include:

  • Pick-up at Dealer: Safe is delivered free of charge to your local dealer.
  • Curbside Delivery: The safe is dropped off at your curb, attached to the pallet, and left in an unmarked box.
  • In-home Installation: The safe is unboxed, removed from the pallet, and placed in space.
  • Stair Carry Custom Installation: The safe is carried upstairs or downstairs, unboxed, removed from the pallet, and placed in space.


  • Due to outside terrain, types of stairways, second-floor or multiple-floor installations, marble/tile/wood floors, etc., may involve additional charges to complete the delivery.
  • Our Dealers reserve the right to decline installations and deliveries involving risk of personal injury or property damage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Gordon H.
Amazing product

Incredible safe and well worth the wait for it to be built. It has ample space for all my weapons, ammo and even range accessories. The door alone gives a feeling of nigh-invincibility, much less the overall solidity of the safe. I feel confident in the security of my firearms, both from accidental access and fire/water damage.

The interior is nicely done with the fabric coverings to keep from scratching things. The customizable shelves are quite useful. The pockets on the door interior add almost two shelves worth of space alone. And the lighting system, when installed, illuminates the entire interior, though I'm having some trouble setting it to actuate when the door opens.

Overall, this is a great product and worth every penny. I've wanted to get a gun safe for some time, and Liberty truly stood out from the rest. Barring that someone shows up with a Sherman Tank, I'm feeling pretty good (seriously, you need to check out that video).

James M.
Everything I was looking for in a gun safe.

My Franklin 40 is just the right size. I installed the LED light string with no problems. I have pistol hangers and rifle rods to keep things organized. Everything I had kept in a bank safety deposit box is now safe at home in zippered cool pouches and the safe is in a my garage bolted to a concrete floor…going nowhere.

Brian O.
Franklin 40

Large enough for what I needed but not over kill. Looks great like it was meant to be in my house.

For us, simply the best.

After a lot of research, we ordered our Liberty Franklin 40 from Texas Vault & Safe, in Austin, TX. The lighting kit was installed as well as the SecureRam electronic lock. It took four months to be delivered and installed, but it’s absolutely worth the wait. The build quality, fit and finish, features, and security are amazing. The locking bars and steel thickness give a sense of real security. We bolted it to the floor using Liberty’s kit. Buying any safe is a series of needs and even compromises, and this is perfect for us. There are many evident reasons why Liberty is usually rated #1. We couldn’t recommend this more highly.

Timothy W.H.J.
My Covid-19 Franklin 40 Safe

I ordered my safe, model 6700-dial combination with keylock, on 07-20-2020 and finally received it at my residence on 11-02-2020. What a beautiful piece of workmanship!!!! I was at work when it was delivered by A-1 Locksmith and my spouse and father-in-law took possession of it in the early afternoon....upon my arrival at the house I immediately observed that a small blemish, which is located on the bottom of the right side of the door, and immediately upon attempting to open the door with the key method I had difficulty opening fact I had to use to combination method to open the unit up! (Will have to get guidance through a representative to be able to successfully open it using this method) It should be noted that other than these above described issues, which I know will be worked out...this is a beautiful unit which I am sure that I, my wife and my father-in-law will enjoy the remainder of my life's. It's a stylish unit, and you can see and feel the quality of the workmanship!!!!! Thank you Liberty Safe for making my feel safe and comfortable with an EXCELLENT Product...The Franklin 40 Safe!!!!!

My 3rd Liberty safe

This is a great safe and a reasonable price.

Tony M.
Satisfied Consumer

Very well made -- my guns are quite secure

Gun Safe

Fit and finish are top notch. Looks great in the house. Highly recommend

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