Made in the USA

Colonial Series

Great Features - Better Value

Our Colonial line offers 50% more fire protection than competitor safes at the same price, and are packed with additional features, including:

  • 60 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • Up to 10 - ¼” thick locking bars

The Colonial models also include these features and accessories:

  • 3-in-1 Flex™ interior
  • Economy-style interior door panel

Additionally, the Extreme model also features these upgrades:

  • 6-in-1 Flex Interior
  • 10 pack rifle rods starter kit
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,399
Payments starting as low as $31.82 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! On Approved Credit

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Colonial Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 4783 customers ratings and reviews

written by LEE HAGAN on January 8, 2019

written by chris malone on January 8, 2019

USA Excellence
written by Jim Kansas City on January 8, 2019

Liberty Colonial Safe
written by Tom on January 7, 2019
In looking for a safe, our main reason for purchase was Fire Protection. Buying from a local distributor is also important. In the long run less expensive and customer service is much more reliable.

Great Safe for my needs
written by KB911 on January 7, 2019
We moved and my current safe would not fit in the area we wanted to put it in our new place. I shopped around and found Liberty Safes and loved the fit, finish and quality of the safe. The fact that they are made in the good ol' USA was a bonus as well.

It functions flawlessly and I can rest easy knowing that all of our items within the safe are very well protected.

Highly recommended.

Heads above others..
written by Pleased Sportsman on January 7, 2019
Its hard to review this product when I've just received it but so far it is everything that I looked for in a gun safe.

Excellent First Gun Safe
written by Dirtboy on January 6, 2019
I spent a few weeks reviewing several brands of gun safes before ultimately deciding on a Liberty Colonial 30. I believe the features received for the price paid can't be beat. The fit, finish and quality of this Made in the USA safe is superb and even the wife is impressed! The quick start guide took a little bit of time to figure out but that is minor. I would suggest having the salesman walk you through the quick start before you leave the store (I picked up and set my safe with the help of my son so we had to figure it out on our own.) I will definite recommend Liberty to anyone asking my opinion.

Great safe for the money
written by TJ on January 4, 2019

written by Back home in WY on January 4, 2019

Look no further for a safe
written by Agnes on January 4, 2019
Great safe at a great price! We are delighted with our purchase. Look no further for a top quality safe at a competitive price!

Great USA made safe.
written by Dustin K. on January 3, 2019
The criteria I was looking for in selecting a safe was to get a 12 gauge steel thickness minimum, 30 minute fire rated minimum and Mechanical lock (EMP), a capacity of around 20 guns, and the main issue was it had to be made in USA. This safe achieved that on all fronts with 11 gauge steel, 1 hour fire rating and 24 guns. It also has the electrical connections for storing electronics if needed. This was exactly what I needed and I was able to find it in my budget price of $1000. I could not find any other American manufacturer that achieved this criteria. The safe is well made, rigid, and the paint is nice. The S&L lock is also nice to have as they are a reputable lock company.

Great value and made in USA
written by Papi on January 3, 2019
Recently had the Colonial 23 delivered. It is a great value considering quality and price. The interior configuration flexibility is a major advantage. The electronic lock is very easy and fast to use - very glad I got that option. I made the right decision to go with Liberty over other brands.

written by rlg on January 3, 2019

Randy Believes Liberty Safes are #1
written by Randy on January 3, 2019
Excellent quality, both security and fireproof. Variety of sizes to choose from. Awesome staff that is well versed on all aspects of safes. Quality delivery.

Protect 2019
written by No Game on January 2, 2019
Purchased the safe 12/04/18 but did not receive the safe untile 01/02/19.

written by M.B. Ray on January 2, 2019

Great safe!
written by Polish Pistol on January 1, 2019
Excellent safe at a good price point. I love the amount of accessories there are for liberty safes.

written by C.J. Buck on January 1, 2019
Dehumidifier left out(waiting on replacement). No instructions for installation instructions for light kit. Adhesive for sensor and power pack does not adhere to safe lining. To early to comment on light adhesive I hope it stays. Instructions for manual lock are confusing had to watch videos to get clarification on operation of lock. I would expect a better owners pack. Overall the safe itself appears to be of good quality

Excellent safe
written by Sam M. on December 31, 2018
Liberty makes a great product and has a warranty to match. The interior is very configurable and there are many accessory options available. I would recommend this safe to any home owner for the protection of their personal firearms or important documents.

Safe review
written by J Lindsay on December 31, 2018
Excellent quality excellent size and value

written by Oilfield sparky on December 31, 2018
I would have given it a 5 star but I had to go to the store and buy screws to mount the lights because the adhesive is no good and the lights would not stay hung

Great product
written by Humbug on December 31, 2018
You won't regret purchasing a Liberty safe.

Love my Liberty
written by Mr. Gadsden on December 31, 2018
Absolutely love my safe! My family has owned liberty brand safes for over 20 years, and they still look, and function as brand new! Some might say that the liberty brand of safe is too expensive, but it's tough to put a price on your investments. Whether it's firearms, important paperwork/documents, or art, liberty safes will have you covered.
I love the versatility of them! My safe has room for all my needs!

written by Pete on December 29, 2018
The safe exceeded all my expectations. The customer service and product knowledge at NW Safe is exceptional. Will definitely go back for future purchases.

Classy and Sassy Protection
written by Minnesota Guy on December 28, 2018
I knew we needed to protect our firearms and ammo from theft and fire threats but wasn't sure which direction to go. I had talked to others at gun shows, etc and soon was hearing the name, "Liberty Safe" from everyone who knew anything about safes. I believe we made an excellent choice for safety and good looks!

Buy the best & forget the rest.......
written by Old School on December 28, 2018
If you feel your personal belongings should be stored in a fire rated gun safe, then it's pretty simple - spend a little extra to get good quality. My first Liberty safe served me well for nearly 20 years, and stayed at the home we sold. The new Liberty safe satisfy's our current need perfectly & provides continued peace of mind. Being manufactured by a USA company is also an important aspect of all our purchases.

Superb safe
written by mom on December 26, 2018
Just received my new custom made Colonial series safe. Superb construction, design and use of space. Could not be more pleased!! Thank you Liberty!

Great Safes made in the USA.
written by T. Herb Oregon on December 26, 2018
I all ready owned a Liberty Safe and the choice to purchase another Liberty Safe was an easy one. Liberty Safe makes a great quality safe right here in the USA. I love their warranty also. Can't go wrong buying one of these safes.

Paul from Auburn
written by Paul From Auburn on December 26, 2018
Love the size and flexability of this product

Made in USA
written by Big Lee on December 26, 2018
So far all pros no cons. Competitive pricing, believe we got the best safe for the best price. You get what you pay for and Liberty stands behind their products.

written by Chuck Ruoff on December 26, 2018

written by @gunfishun on December 26, 2018
Picked up a Liberty Colonial 50 bought it, not actually picked it up..Its like 1000 lbs for crying out loud. What can I say....It's big and pretty....I stuck every gun I had in it and still have room for twice as many thank gosh. I feel 100% better knowing that thing is bolted down in the Man Laboratory of Wonder and Wizardry. For those of you that are deciding on whether or not you need to have this massive safe, all I can say is that Its the best bang for the buck, and the son of a gun just looks freakin awesome with all your $#!t in it. Do yourself a favor. Build it, add to cart, and buy that thing..........amen.

Colonial 50
written by CalCustom on December 26, 2018
Good Quality safe, nice fit and finish, almost big enough!
18 months 0% interest made it happen.

Colonial 30
written by Jeff Smith on December 24, 2018
Wonderful looking safe! Great price and really good quality lasting for generations to come.

New Safe
written by Dan R on December 23, 2018
Love my new safe, got it at a great price. Stacy at Fin Feather Fur was so helpful . and the piece of mind that out valuables are in a secure location and made in the USA ? Thank You Liberty for a great Product, Thank You Stacy for all the great customer service.

written by ma on December 21, 2018

Great safe
written by Carl on December 21, 2018
It is every thing I wanted in a safe the quality is exceptional

NW SAFES #1 for buying a safe!!
written by J rozul on December 21, 2018
I walked in looking to upgrade my safe and walked out with a behemoth of a safe. It's taller than I am. And heavy,and bolted down!!!

written by Tyler on December 20, 2018
The attention to detail is amazing. Inside, and out. The safe is very heavy, holds everything I need, with plenty of room to grow. I did not get paid for this review. And I purchased this safe for 999.99 with free home delivery. Service and Product is 100%.

Big safe with quality for a good price
written by June on December 20, 2018
Just got this safe and it was huge! I got to fit 20,000+ ammo plus a bunch of long guns and still got space for a lot of stuff. So far I'm very pleased. Hope it'll keep me pleased for the long term.

Biggest safe for the $, Made in the USA
written by Str8Truth on December 20, 2018
Finally found a great safe Colonial 50 that could be delivered and placed in its final location by the dealer! With discreet delivery, plain white truck!

Great product! Wonderful retailer and delivery!
written by Bob S on December 19, 2018
This safe is a great safe, plenty of room and lengthy fire protection. The retailer was great as well, providing a lot of information and guidance. And their delivery was flawless! Highly recommend the safe and the retail representative!

Liberty safes kick ass ????
written by John R Jones on December 19, 2018

written by MIKE on December 18, 2018

CO-50 Great safe !
written by S Ross on December 18, 2018
Love this safe! Plenty of shelf customization and room . Great features and quality!

written by TR on December 17, 2018
Great safe so far. Interior shelves are made a of wood that peels and chips when adjusting which make adjusting a slight mess, inside lining could use a bit of an upgrade in quality. Great quality safe for the price.

written by Frank on December 16, 2018

written by Frank on December 16, 2018

Great safe
written by Patriot from Alabama on December 15, 2018
We found this safe on close-out at Rural King. We had been pondering a Liberty Safe for some time, and this one was at an excellent price. It was the last model they had on hand. On our first visit to the store, the keypad was not working, and the safe would not open. A few days later, we were back in the same store and noticed the same safe with the door now open. Upon confirming that the lock was functioning properly, we bought the safe on the spot. We look forward to many years of great service from our Liberty safe. I hope to fill it up and have need for another!

Right Mix of Size and Security
written by Missouri Anonymous on December 15, 2018
I just bought my first gun safe, a Colonial 23 with an S&G dial lock. It was delivered and installed by the dealer within two and a half weeks of ordering it from the dealer. The combination of size, fire protection, and security features were my biggest selling points. The dealer's installation crew used a specialized trailer to deliver the safe to my house. They used an extra-heavy duty, electric powered dolly, to get the safe around the house and into our walk-out basement. My unit deployed to the Joplin Tornado where I saw many houses completely destroyed and wiped clean down to the floor slab. I was very happy with the way the dealer's installation crew used a hammer drill to anchor the safe to the concrete floor in my basement. No tornado is going to blow my safe away! They cleaned up after themselves and were very professional. I am very satisfied with the finish and quality of the safe.