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Fatboy Jr Safe


These wide-bodied safes offer storage for up to 48 long guns at nearly half the price of a full-size Fatboy, and include

  • 60 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • 8 - ¼” thick locking bars 
  • 3-in-1 Flex™ interior

The Fatboy Jr. models also include these accessories:

  • Economy door panel
  • SecuRam BackLit e-lock

Additionally, the Extreme model also features these upgrades:

  • 6-in-1 Flex Interior
  • Rifle Rod Starter Pack

Looking for even more upgrades? Check out the full collection of Liberty Safe accessories.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,699
Payments starting as low as $38.65 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

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Fatboy Jr Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 4997 customers ratings and reviews

Quality safe but interior capacity very misleading
written by Mr Ruff on October 29, 2017
First I will say that the unit is of high quality as far as construction. This safe is advertised with a capacity of "up to 48 guns". This is misleading. The brochure photos showing it full must have been careful staged with select guns to show that capacity. Frankly it borders on false advertising. The front row use of the safe is limited to by stock design. Even when guns that fit are in place in the front row the interior lower door pockets are not usable. Space between guns (side by side) is minimal at best. Bolt action rifles can only be stored with the bolts removed without potential stock damage.This situation was not pointed out at my retailer.Had this been better explained or more correctly represented in the brochure and website, I would have purchased a larger safe or one from another manufacturer. I am very disappointed. Since the safe was purchased directly through a local dealer, Customer Service told me there was nothing they could do to help in a upgrade replacement. They have offered to send a different interior to try to help.

Be careful in your selection and make sure you see or try guns in the safe to be satisfied with the interior capacity before purchase.

Not made for 48 guns with scopes!!!
written by Shooter on September 20, 2015
Its an OK safe for the money. It will NOT hold 48 long guns with scopes. The scoped rifles take up at least 2 spaces turning my 48 gun safe into a 24!! It sucks having to remove a lot of the guns to reach the back row. Price was the selling point. I would not buy this safe again!! Spend more money next time and get the safe you want.
Liberty's Response:
Shooter, you are correct...our gun counts are based on gun slots, the actual count varies depending on the type of firearm. We understand the confusion and try to clarify this in everything we do (catalogs, website, brochures, etc.). If you are storing scoped rifles or bulky firearms, please keep this in mind.  

Review of new Fatboy Jr safe. Not what I expected.
written by Chad S. on March 15, 2015
The Fatboy Jr 48 was the safe I chose because of the size of the safe, extended fire rating, number of bolts used to secure safe door and Liberty's lifetime warranty. However, I only give this product 2/5 stars because it arrived with a 3x3 sticky spot (glue?) on the carpeted safe floor, poorly installed Paulsol door seal, the door opens when unlocked without outside force, and the bottom of the safe door protrudes out further than the top of the safe door when the safe is locked and rubs the safe door jam on the bottom. Not what I was expecting from a name like Liberty. My safe seems like it was put together for quantity rather than quality.
Liberty's Response:
It sounds like you have a door alignment issue. We will be in contact to walk you through the door adjustment proceedure. If we can't get it working the way it should, we will replace the safe at no charge. We want you to have the quality of Liberty Safe that we pride ourselves in.  

front row of safe will not hold a shotgun
written by Andy525 on February 2, 2015
Nice safe however any long gun will not fit in the front row of the safe. Everything has to go in the second row.
I like the storage pockets in the door. Fit and finish of the safe is good.

Bad Quality
written by Ben on August 9, 2014
I've been looking for a safe for over a year. Just got my Fat Boy Jr. yesterday. I see today when my safe is locked and closed the bottom and top bolts wiggle, letting me know they're not sturdy. All my stiching on the door panel are loose with thread hanging. I'm worried about putting any handguns on the door due to poor quality. Shipping tried to upgrade door panel befor it got here. i got told I might have to 3 to 4 weeks. I spent a pretty penny on this safe. All i wanted was the same quality safe as the catalog. That didn't happen. Starting to wish i went with a FortKnox safe instead. My Jr bolts are too wiggly. Bolts are supposed to securely fit when safe is locked, not sound like the bolts are gona fall off.
Liberty's Response:
We will have our customer service rep contact you so we can get these issues looked at. Thanks for your patience.

Sub standard door construction
written by Craig on June 7, 2014
I received my Fatboy Jr on the 4th of June. Delivery went smoothly. Having had time to inspect it I am very disappointed by the very large door gap along the top side of the door. It is gaping. A pry bar could easily get a firm hold with no trouble at all. The seal is highly visibly from a distance. It is not like this in the photos. I feel quality control on panel alignment should not be hard to achieve in the age of robots bending and welding as the site illustrates.
Second, the top bolt is incredibly rattly. It makes a horrible tinny noise when the safe door is opened. I feel it would snap off easily at any point. The spacers on the other bolts fit but not at all the top bolt. It is like it is a cheap after thought. Does not inspire confidence in workmanship.
Third, there are two large holes on the bottom over the bolt frame covered up by plastic tap. Obviously this door panel was not designed specifically for this safe. Cheesy tape does not protect from a pry bar able to lodge itself in of of these two vacant holes.
Four, the pry tabs are a poor imitation of the pry tab video where the pry tabs are proper ones. These are at best second class pry tabs for lesser buyers. It is delusional to think those pry tabs improve pry protection 300%. I feel I have bee duped by the use of the word in the sales catalog.
On the plus side, it is 11 gauge and the mechanical lock works well.
I went with Liberty because I genuinely believed that they made a quality product even on the lower price point on the Fatboy Jr.
I feel USA made is no improvement and it is simply a marketing ploy without genuine substance.
Although my Cannon has other limitations, it did not have these glaring panel gap misfits or taped up holes. I don't see how this size of gap can be acceptable or rattly tinny bolts on top.
The interior was nicely finished and I appreciated the bolt down kit, but quality has needlessly suffered.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks Craig for letting us know about your issues with your FATBOY Jr. No question about it, we need to address these issues with production to ensure the safe is adjusted prior to leaving the factory. Also, we will have customer service contact you for resolution to these adjustments. Let us know how it goes.
UPDATED REVIEW: June 12, 2014
Updated Review Post Technician Visit
I posted an earlier review stating my problems with the Fatboy Jr as delivered. I was concerned with door alignment in the door frame especially. Customer Service did really take my concerns on board seriously and speedily addressed them. If my concerns could not be rectified they would send out a replacement safe. Fortunately that was avoided. Dean Safe Co., on behalf of Liberty, sent out an excellent technician who was able to adjust the internal door hinges on ball bearings so that the door was correctly positioned and the door subsequently evenly spaced. Prior, it was rubbing against the bottom of the supporting frame. I am sufficiently satisfied with their speedy response to my problems to change my rating from 2 to 4 stars.

Ok safe
written by Brennan chamblee on May 7, 2014
The safe has great size, but three weeks after delivery the safe will not open. My guns are locked inside and I can't get to them. Not good!
Liberty's Response:
We will be in contact and get your safe open immediately. Our locks are high-quality, UL listed and rarely fail, so it should be a pretty easy fix. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Bad door
written by Jamie Roberts on March 25, 2014
Like everthing about the safe except, the door is our of square and won't open unless I push in on the bottom of the door
Liberty's Response:
We need to get that door squared up for you. On occassion, a door will loosen up during shipment. In your documents you should have recieved an Allen Wrench for adjusting the door. THe instructions are in the users manual. If you need additional help, please let us know. 

Great size, great price, lack of door accessory panel
written by buckhunter on December 4, 2013
It is a fantastic size for me, plenty of room to grow, while being very secure. After loading all my ammo and guns in it, it is over 1000 lbs; good luck to any burglar getting that our of my basement. Disappointed that it was supposes to come with the door panel as shown in the gander mountain pamphlet, but upon getting home and calling the store, was told I was just out of luck. Too bad I already placed it in my basement and no way am I ever moving it again.
Liberty's Response:
We understand your confusion; most of our dealers offer the Fatboy Jr. with the door panel. Gander chose to leave that as an accessory and offer a better price on their Jr. The savings usually allows you to purchase a door panel if you would like one. I am not sure which brochure you have, but the Gander Version (green border) clearly mentions that the Jr. doesn't come with the economy door panel. Sorry for the confusion, you will love your FATBOY Jr.!

Shipping pallet disaster
written by Chris Sheffield on September 3, 2013
Well I finally received my safe after waiting almost four months. To my surprise it was received early and delivered right to my door. I got to look at it for a minute and before they could unload the safe the pallet which consisted of two 4x4's and two rough cut 1x6's split and the safe fell over on it's face destroying the locking mechanism. The body faired pretty good with a small crease and a lot of scratches,but safe could not be opened after the fall. Needless to say they took it back. I really was more disappointed in the fact that it appeared Liberty built a great safe and placed it on a 10$ pallet. I'm even more disappointed of the wait I will have to endure again to get a safe since Liberty is running so far behind.
Liberty's Response:
This was an unfortunate situation. Shipping safes LTL can be tough on safes. We need to take a look at the pallets for durability when shipping cross country.

Combination Lock Sucks
written by Brian on April 1, 2013
Got the safe home and set up, testing out the combination with the door open as directed, now the safe is locked with the door open and won't unlock. Liberty phone help is not helpful, call times out and hangs up, so I have to call again and start over, same thing. Called the dealer to see if they can help. Waiting on their reply.....
Liberty's Response:
Sometimes the combination numbers will slip during shipping. Try the combination using numbers one up and one down from what it states and see if that works. In the meantime, we will have our customer service contact you today if possible to help you resolve the lock problem. If it can't be fixed, we will replace the lock with a new one. Thanks for letting us know.

Defective as delivered
written by Dog on March 29, 2013
Liberty changed the design of the safe to include a bolt on the bottom of the door. As delivered, it was missing. I did not realize this, and had to slam the wheel to get it to close. This caused the rod the bolt attached to to bang against the inside of the door, apparently bending the rod. Liberty sent me a bolt, which i screwed on to the rod, however, it is not straight, apparently due to the bent rod inside the safe door. Liberty needs to do a better job of quality control.

Shoddy interior workmanship
written by Roohead on March 21, 2013
Everything regarding the purchase of this safe went fairly well. Overall construction of the safe seems good. I only wish I would have taken more time inspecting the interior prior to my purchase. The shelf support rails are "attached" with staples that were falling out prior to loading of the safe. The shelf brackets are cheap junk, misaligned resulting in crooked shelving. I had to remove glue fingerprints from the exterior of the safe that wasn't cleaned at the factory. I do understand this is not a high end safe, but the interior should not be falling apart prior to being put into service. Until interior quality improves, LIBERTY will not be my next safe.
Liberty's Response:
As of the first of March, Liberty has made a correction in its alignment process for the rails. Numbers and slots are now on equal level with the opposite side rails. Additionally, we have implemented in February a new screw on process for the rails that prevents them from coming loose. We will have someone contact you Roohead to work with you on your interior. It should not have been shipped this way.

UPDATE 5/6/2013
On March 21st I gave a less than complimentary review on my new Liberty Fatboy Jr.  Too keep this short, Liberty dealer TNT in Bakersfield and Liberty corporate went above and beyond to make everything right. They do care about the customer and satisfaction. Thanks to All involved, Randall.

Poor quality on interior/ workman ship
written by kd5wef on March 21, 2012
Well I just got my "FATBOY" safe today, and I am sorry to say I was disappointed in the quality of the interior. To start with the carpet used inside is cheap, particle board for shelving needs to be changed out to an stronger material. the shelf bracket strips were put on with staples, need to be fastened with small screws. The dial for the combination seems a little cheap to me, compared to my other brand I also have.
Now as for the safe itself I have no complaints. It is very large, which is why I purchased it. I needed a larger safe to hold all of my items. I just think the interior of this safe needs work, better materials.

*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.