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Made in the USA

Fatboy Safe


Capable of holding a whopping 64 long guns, the Fatboy is one of the largest and toughest safes in America. Buy this gun safe and you'll get:

  • 75 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • 12 - ¼” thick locking bars 
  • 4-in-1 Flex™ interior

Fatboys also include features and accessories like the following: 

  • 3-spoke SURETIGHT handle with SLIP-CLUTCH innovation
  • Optional SecuRam ProLogic e-lock
  • DX-90 MONSTER MECH Over-Center cam mechanism

Additionally, the Fatboy Extreme model also includes these features and accessories:

  • 6-in-1 Flex interior
  • 3 collector gun racks
  • 10 pack rifle rods starter kit
  • 60 long gun capacity
  • Optional SecuRam ProLogic e-lock
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,449
Payments starting as low as $55.71 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

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Fatboy Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 2923 customers ratings and reviews

Looking for help with my new safe purchase
written by Tazjohnson on May 13, 2014
To whom it may concern,

January 14th 2014 I'm the proud new owner of my first, made in the USA, Liberty Fatboy gun safe. This however has been short lived. April 21st 2014 after 3 months and some 7 days of owning my safe I was removing my guns from it for my outing at the gun range with other gun club members. After I had removed a couple of guns I needed to slightly close the safe as I had done many times before. This allow's me to put the guns in case's for the travel to the gun range. I then went back the the safe to pull out other guns and the safe would not open. As I stated this had been done numerous times in weeks prior to this particular trip without any problems.. I tried to rotate the handle and it would not allow me to open the gun safe. Instant panic set in as I attempted to open the safe again. The door would not open and my next thought was to run the combination again. I spun the dial and ran the combination..... after getting to the last number and turning the dial back to lift the locks bolt as I had done so many times before nothing happened. All the dial/lock would do is just turn. It would never get to the point of retracting the bolt. I'll bet I tried a hundred times to run the combination with no further luck in getting it to work. I tried to turn the handle of the safe many times but it wouldn't open the safe. I'm now thinking how could this possibly happen....? I'm supposed to be meeting others at the gun range and I can't get the other guns or any of my ammo out of the safe. I'm sweating and further panicked at this point. I try again to turn the handle first one direction then the other. The handle seemed to turn a little so I continued to turn it. It got real easy to turn all the sudden and then I heard the noise of some sort of part or parts fall and hit the bottom of the inside of the safe. I was instantly sick to my stomach. How could this be happening? I then went and pulled my paper work for the safe and started looking for a phone number to call. This was difficult because I was in a state of panic and kept thinking this is a brand new safe, how could this possibly happen? I finally located a phone number and called.....I was talking to Randy...she had me go to the safe and re-run the combination. She then had me run the combination backwards. My thought was that some people may have forgot how to run there combination properly so I went along with it. She had me try several other things like jiggle the door etc. and none of them worked. She then said that the soonest someone could be out to look at the safe was next week. Again I got sick to my stomach but what else could I do? At that point I just had to wait until someone came out. Well it was Monday and I had to wait until some time the following week. Next week came... first Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday, then Friday came and there was no call or person who showed up to check on my safe. It had now been a least a week and a half with no contact. I again called and was transferred to Randy. She said that she would make contact with a locksmith and send them some parts that should fix my safe. This time after an hour or so I got a phone call from a locksmith indicating that when they received the parts being sent to them from Liberty they would call and set up an appointment with me to work on opening and fixing my safe. It's now the middle of the following week and a call from the locksmith came through, it looks like Thursday between 9am and 10am is the time they will be down to work on opening the safe. Thursday is here along with a locksmith. He try's to run the combination at least 30 times.....It won't work. He moves the handle it just spins freely....He then pulls the handle carefully from the safe and we hear numerous parts fall and land or hit the bottom inside the safe. Yep that didn't sound good. He then states the lock will have to be pulled, we have no choice. Tools are brought in and he attaches a puller to the dial of the lock. Pow off comes the dial.....he sets it down....inside is a sticker... made in china.... he then removes the base of the dial.... another sticker.... made in china... We both look the the words below where the dial of the safe used to be... it says "Made in the USA". It would seem that perhaps most of the safe is made in the USA but not everything. Next out comes the template and drill. The locksmith is now drilling a hole in the front of my safe. He gets through a layer or so... then the hard plate and finally the lock case where the fence of the lock can be observed. Of course this takes a bore-scope to be inserted into the hole to see what is going on. A small dial is attached to what is left of the locks shaft on the outside of the safe. He manipulates the lock and is able to line up all three gates in the lock so the fence will fall/travel into place. The locks bolt is now in the retracted position. Now the problem is there's no handle to turn and when it was in place and turned it spun freely. He tries to manipulate the steal that can be seen through the handles mounting hole in the safe door. Nothing works and now after some 3 hours he indicates to me he will need to make contact with the manufacturer for their recommended next step. He says he will call me after that has been accomplished to set up the next appointment. Saturday May 10th... the locksmith and his son are here just after 9am to continue trying to get my Liberty safe open. I'm told they need to now drill the top of my safe and punch on one of the locking bolts of the safe in an attempt to get the mechanism inside the safe door to turn and release so the door will open. I'm now thinking my less than 4 month old... new gun safe, that I was so proud of is now having more holes drilled in it. I just can't understand how or why this is happening. The first drill point didn't line up... again the bore-scope is being used to see where the bolt is. The next drill point and hole in the top of the safe is a success and now the safe door bolt is being pounded on using several different punches and hammers. This goes on for a long time. Both father and son are working together to get the safe open. Its been a long time since my safe has been opened and these past weeks people at the gun range and people at work have been inquiring, what's going on with your safe? I work at an Oregon State Correctional Facility..... as you can guess we talk a lot about guns, ammo and yes gun safes. So after many hours of pounding and manipulating some steal through the hole of the handles shaft the safe finally opens enough to reach in and get the rest of my guns out. After a little more work on the bolts by the doors hinges it is fully open and my ammo can be taken out. There is all sorts of the fire board white powder/dust everywhere. The panel on the inside of the safes door that holds pistols, important papers etc. is removed to expose the internal workings of the safes locking mechanism. There is more fire board dust/powder film in there also. A number of washers and a pin from the re-locker which had fired are found in the bottom of the door. After some examination it was found that the collet that tightens down on the safes handle shaft, never had the set screw tightened. This is evident by the fact there is no thread damage/dent in its threads whatsoever. This allowed the handle to loosen and turn freely. The locksmith continued to work on the safe installing the parts sent to them including a digital lock instead of a dial lock.. After some time the lock was tested and the handle turned only to find out that it would bind up, stop, not work..... the locksmith started repositioning some of the washers that had been found in the bottom of the door...... after a couple of attempts the lock and handle started working however he had a number of extra washers that didn't get used. I'm sorry but this just isn't how I envisioned it should be. Extra parts are never a good sign in any mechanical repair I've ever done. I was at one time a motorcycle technician for roughly 30 years. The holes that had been drilled in the top and front of my new safe have been filled with a putty. During the drilling process the carpet like material at the top, inside of the safe has become ruined. The locksmith indicated he would need to call and get some material shipped to him to fix it. The top of the door bolt that was being pounded on works, but no longer looks new.... in fact the whole safe just makes me sick to look at. I'm 6ft 3in tall and I can see the putty where the holes were when I walk by the safe. When the door is opened I see the damage to the top of the door bolt where it was pounded/punched on. There is still the damage to the fire board material from drilling etc. I no longer feel good about my safe and I don't like telling fellow workers and all my friends at the gun club what I'm ending up with. Is there anyone at Liberty Safe that could put themselves in my position.... purchasing a new gun safe and in less than 4 months end up with what I have now? How would you feel if you were in my place. Would you feel good about your $2,500.00 some odd dollar purchase? Let me tell you its a real downer and I just continue to feel sick when I pass by my gun safe. It certainly isn't what I expected from my first gun safe. Yes there will be others but will they be Liberty or not.
Dean Johnson
Salem Oregon

Could this safe be sold by a dealer as a referb or scratch and dent?
I really want to turn this around and have a Liberty safe I can be proud of and show to my friends and Oregon State co-workers.
Liberty's Response:
We will have our customer service department contact you about replacing your safe. Thanks for your patience.

Ordered ????
written by E king on October 22, 2013
Ordered a farboy online 3 weeks ago and I have heard nothing from anybody ... Sent an e mail 4 days ago and still no response ???????
Liberty's Response:
We are sorry for the mixup. It has come to our attention that some of our dealers were not aware the internet orders have been reinstated. Again, we apologize for the mistake. We will contact you.

Not happy with Customer Service Dan M.
written by Ray'C on September 15, 2013
I'm giving 1 star for Customer Service.

Liberty Fatboy 64 took Delivered on 1/31/2013

Called Liberty Customer Service on Monday 2/4/2013
I told Customer Service that there was a problem with the safe door.
Dan M. said that he would send out a safe company to try to fix the safe door. Dan M. also told me that the bigger the safe door the more problem with it.

Safe Company came out on Tuesday 2/5/2013
They worked on the door of the safe for at lest 2 hours or more.
Safe Company told me if this was his safe he would take off the door hinges and relocated them.

Called Liberty Customer Service back on Monday 2/11/2013
To find out what was going to do about the safe. Dan M. told me that they would order a New Fatboy 64 & I would get it sometime in April 2013.

Called Liberty Customer Service back on Wednesday 5/22/2013
Wanted to check on my Replacement Liberty Fatboy 64 safe.
Dan M. Said they sent the paper work to his boss. And that his boss no longer works there. He all said that they were very busy with other customers; I told Dan M. that I was customer too. Dan M. Told me that they would get the paper work started for the new Fatboy 64.

Liberty Customer Service called me on Thursday 5/23/2013
Dan M. wanted to make sure that my safe had a D-Drive lock so when they places the ordered for the New Fatboy 64 that it would have the right lock. I said yes it did.

Called Liberty Customer Service back on 7/28/2013
Dan M. Gave me an Estimate Delivered date.

Called Liberty Customer Service back on 8/24/2013
I wanted to find out the location of my Fatboy 64 & Dan M. told me that the Fatboy 64 is reedy to ship. I ask Dan M. for the new Fatboy 64, Serial # so when I call the Safe Company. Dan M. said he did not have the Serial #.

Now it is 9/15/2013 and I still don't have my Fatboy 64 I will be Calling Liberty Customer Service back on by 10/10/2013 & I will want the Serial # / order# / the shipping# & date shipped.

I fill that Liberty Customer Service Dan M. would like me to just forget about the replacement Fatboy 64 or they just don't want to replacement it at all. That no going to happen I paid a lot of money for the Fatboy 64.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks for your updated review Ray and describing the service issues you've been experiencing regarding your FATBOY 64. Monday, I'll work with Brandon, Dan's new manager (his old manager is in another department now), and get the latest status update and follow up with you. I agree, that's a long time waiting for a replacement safe. Let's see what we can do at this point.

2 months later and still no resolution!!
written by neversummer on August 22, 2013
Curious to see if Liberty will stand behind their reputation and actually post this.

This is a follow up review to my original review posted on June 25, 2013. One star for the pathetic customer service I have received so far. Despite all the quality issues that I described then as well as the detailed emails I've sent including pictures, "customer service" still hasn't responded completely. I can barely get a timely email response from Robert much less an actual resolution.

Of the 5 issues I listed in my initial review, only 3 have been addressed.

1) No response about missing/poor quality batteries for the lights. I see some people are being offered strip lighting, that would be nice.

2) Serial number label peeling off. NO RESPONSE.

3) Stitching on door panel gun pocket coming apart. Even with pictures and a detailed description, Robert asked if it was "just some fabric that was left there?". Really? Yeah Robert, extra fabric causes my pistol to fall out of the holster pocket.

4) Fabric on the shelves cut wrong and wood is visible. Liberty has offered to replace the shelves. I see here I'm not the only one that has complained about that.

5) Door fire seal cut short. Liberty has offered to send me more fire seal. Not that I can't, but apparently Liberty Safe expects me to re-work their poor quality myself to save them cash.

I discovered a more SERIOUS issue with the FIRE protecting sheetrock interior after posting my initial review. I found a section that had a piece broken off but was covered in fabric and installed anyway. The broken piece basically leaves a gap with no fire barrier and compromises the integrity of the fire protection!

The response from Robert in customer service was "There is nothing we can do". Wow! So, is Liberty more concerned about building quality products and customer satisfaction or the amount they can sell and their bottom line?? You tell me.

I'm happy to post/send pics if anyone is interested in seeing the poor quality. I paid close to $2500 and am starting to think I wasted my money with Liberty. Maybe I should have spent a little more and gone with Ft. Knox considering what I'm dealing with now.

I'll follow up good or bad after these issues are resolved.
Liberty's Response:
Wow neversummer, it's not right that these issues continue to be unresolved for you. Let me see what we can do to get them taken care of once and for all. Thanks for letting us know, and yes, we post all reviews...good or bad.

Unhappy with customer support
written by Erik on August 16, 2013
Well I too waited and waited for one and finally got it with the expectation that it would include the new lite kit. Initially I was not concerned based on what I read about customer service. However after 3 days of back and forth emails I have to say I am really disappointed with what I thought would be a simple item to get the correct lite set sent and swapped out. Instead I was told that regardless of what the Liberty site stated about it being included in all safes built after July 1, which mine was according to the label on the door, that it was just a projected date and I was not offered the expected replacement. So at this point I am giving 1 star for customer support I received but still feel my earlier review of the safe itself except for the light kit was great.
Liberty's Response:
Eric, you're right, the simple fix would have been to get you the proper lights. If we put July 1, then we should stick with it. We'll should send you the correct lights according to our schedule. Stay tuned, we'll call you shortly to make sure your taken care of. Thanks for the update.

UPDATE: 8/23/2013
Liberty jumped right on the review and in just a few days I now have the lights in hand and installed. Many thanks to all those at Liberty helped push this through. - Erik 

written by HOWARD on May 7, 2013

Liberty's Response:
Howard, we've scheduled a locksmith to come out and take a look at your electronic lock and if necessary replace it with a new lock or mechanical. In the research we've done, it's possible but rare for an electronic lock to condensate during extreme cold and prevent the lock from working properly. Thanks for letting us know. Let us know how it goes.

UPDATE: JUNE 17, 2013


written by Inspectorguy on April 14, 2013
I purchased a new Fat Boy in February 2013, after reading the entire booklet for set-up, I found the door would not close as it should, I followed the instructions and made the adjustments which stated the door bars should have slight drag on the bar tabs, the adjustment tabs are adjusted all the way toward the inside of the safe and The door still has approximately 3/8" of play. I cannot use the safe in this condition as the fire rating is drastically diminished and the extreme gap would allow entry of a prying tool.
I have made numerous phone calls to the customer NO SERVICE phone number provided and have been kept on hold for up to 20 minutes before getting pissed off enough to hang up, I have NEVER been able to speak to a rep.
I have also sent TWO email to the NO CUSTOMER department and haven't gotten so much as a reply.

At this point, I would not recommend this safe to anyone based on my experience, I will be contacting the store where I purchased it to see if they have a return policy. Hopefully i can find another safe with better customer service, NOTHING LIKE MOVING AN 800+ POUND SAFE AGAIN.
Liberty's Response:
Hello Inspectorguy, we've left you a voice message to get a hold of you. We'll send an email as well. You're right, 20 minutes on hold is way to long. Thanks for letting us know. We'll see what we can do to make adjustments. 

Don't Buy- If looking for quality
written by turboraptor on April 11, 2013
I am disappointed in my purchase. At first I was just happy to have gotten a safe that was going to be big enough for me. Then I started to put guns in. I can't put two rifles with scope in the safe one in front of another without them banging into each other. The cheap attachment of the shelving with staples that come out and the lights that fall down all the time. I decided in February to just get the led light bar kit so the lights in the top could just go away seeing how they just fell down all the time anyway. I have had several e-mails sent into their cust. support and the last one didn't even get a response it has now been three months, no lights and customer service sucks. This will not be my next safe, imagine if I couldn't get it open or some other problem with safe and their customer service doesn't respond. I am going to get rid of this safe and get a better quality one. This time one that responds to e-mails.
Liberty's Response:
No question about it turboraptor, there is no excuse for not calling back. We will look into what happened and why you were left out in space. We strive to make things work for our customers when they have problems, but obviously we slipped on this one. We appologize for that. We've sent an email to you with resolutions to your issues and look forward to fixing them. Hopefully, we can turn the sour experience into a better one.

UPDATE: APRIL 19, 2013 from turboraptor
I received the items and now have them installed.  I appreciate you taking care of my issue and if I have any further concerns I know who to get a hold of, not that that is a comfort to you but it is for me.

Extremely Disaapointed - Many issues with safe after only 1 day
written by DS on December 18, 2012
Extremely disapointed with safe. Safe was delivered yesterday afternoon. Electronic lock will not lock. Fabric on shelf is scratched and looks bad. Light will not turn on with motion like it claims to. Metal tab onbottom of door sticks out and the others do not. Tab looks to be rubbing on bottom of door jam. One of the locking lugs seems to be rubbing and makes a grinding/rubbing noise when closing.
Liberty's Response:
Every once in a while issues like this arrise. We appologize DS for the inconenvience. As of 12/20/12, we have sent you a new light and top shelf with clips. We also had our certified locksmith replaced the D-Drive lock. One of the nice things about our warranty is that these items are covered under our warranty so there was no charge.

*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.