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Fatboy Safe


Capable of holding a whopping 64 long guns, the Fatboy is one of the largest and toughest safes in America. Buy this gun safe and you'll get:

  • 75 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • 12 - ¼” thick locking bars 
  • 4-in-1 Flex™ interior

Fatboys also include features and accessories like the following: 

  • 3-spoke SURETIGHT handle with SLIP-CLUTCH innovation
  • Optional SecuRam ProLogic e-lock
  • DX-90 MONSTER MECH Over-Center cam mechanism

Additionally, the Fatboy Extreme model also includes these features and accessories:

  • 6-in-1 Flex interior
  • 3 collector gun racks
  • 10 pack rifle rods starter kit
  • 60 long gun capacity
  • Optional SecuRam ProLogic e-lock
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,449
Payments starting as low as $55.71 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

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Fatboy Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 2923 customers ratings and reviews

Nice Safe
written by Montana Safe User on August 13, 2019
I Love the safe and the price I got it for but not so much with the cost for the delivery almost $1000.00
They were a nice bunch of guy's (4 of them). It's in place for now.

Great Value & Quality
written by Columbus77 on June 2, 2019
I purchased a FatBoy Safe and am very pleased with the value and quality comparison to other more expensive brands. The craftsmanship and durability matches or exceeds other well known manufacturers that cost much more. I am a very satisfied customer

Ronnie's review of Fat Boy and Liberty Safe Company and Round Ro
written by RON REVIEW on May 19, 2019
All around great nsafe. Great Size. Saafe keeping.

My first safe
written by LeftyCamp on May 7, 2019
I bought this safe long after I should have bought my first safe. I wasn't sure of all the options and accessories but knew i had to stop hiding my guns and valuables in the attic. This safe provides storage and peace of mind that I desired. It is a fairly large safe and can easily hold all that i need it to at the moment. I have been pleased with the functionality and ease of use.

written by Chuck on April 11, 2019

written by Jp on March 23, 2019

Good overall product
written by Wazzy on February 9, 2019
Good overall product. The reason I am giving it a 4 star rating is because I just received it today and as long as it last and holds up I will give it a 5 star down the road.

Great safe
written by Average gun guy on January 9, 2019
Bought a Fatboy after safe shopping for over a year. Went to all of the big box stores and none of the safes really compared to size, price and functionality of this safe. Definitely pay the extra fee to get this heavy safe moved..glad I did. I added the led motion lights and the dehumidifier from LIberty. I should have bought the rifle rods so that I could store more rifles. The door pistol storage is high quality and ample. Fit and finish are good. No issues, no worries. The lifetime warranty sealed the deal for me. I wish it was 12" taller so I could store more ammo/accessories. Guess I'm just gonna have to buy another Liberty safe to fill up! Don't waste your time buying a safe from a "sporting goods" or hardware store (unless it's a Liberty).

Liberty Fatboy
written by Richard on December 3, 2018
PROS: Quality safe, well thought out, great price point and excellent fire rating.

CONS: Could use a few extra shelves. Would be nice to have the option of different top gun mounts since the only way to get your gun out that is in the back is to remove all the guns in front of it. Would be nice to have the option of using a U shaped top gun holder.

Fat Boy
written by Zippy on July 13, 2018
Nice big safe with good features. A good value.

written by B on June 30, 2018

written by MIke on June 6, 2018

Liberty FATBOY
written by NWI GUY on June 1, 2018
I was moving long distance so I decided to get rid of my Franklin 35 for either a FATBOY or Presidential model 50. I found a company that would take the Franklin in on trade toward the new safe, but could not guarantee I would get anything other than what they had in stock by the time the move completed. I settled for a FATBOY in the dark grey even though I was set on black. I do not like the color, but the safe works as it should. The safe came with two collectors racks, which after owning the Franklin for about 5 years I was put off by. I like the EZ-Access that the Franklin offer. 4 star rating is only because the FATBOY did not come with an EZ-Access panel option. I feel there are probably other people like me that have outgrown their safe and are going with the FATBOY because of its sheer size. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS WRONG WITH MY FATBOY... I just wish I had the time to wait on what I really wanted. If I had to do it over again I would probably have moved the Franklin and then bought a Presidential later.

Liberty fatboy
written by eelriverman on May 21, 2018
Great safe for the money but wish it had a ball bearing drill proof plate like on the Lincoln

Great value for the money.
written by AZOwner on May 21, 2018
We had shopped around for safes and were going to purchase a from a big box store. Then I was educated by the salesman at the safe store. I started to do my own research and was happy with the ratings of this safe. I know that the safe does not offer perfect security. But, it does offer enough of a deterrent to not bother with. With alarm systems in place I would hope that the police would arrive before they could peel the safe. I also liked the fire protection benefit. We felt that the safe was worth the money spent on it. I know there are better options out there, but this safe meets our needs for the price.

Great Safe, Great Bnag for your buck.
written by CG on February 17, 2018
Purchased a liberty fat boy and am nothing but pleased with the safe itself. My only reason for 4 stars is because liberty did not delivery the safe with its light kit to the dealer. So now that I've bought the safe, I am simply waiting on the light kit to show up. Besides the missing pieces this is a great safe for the price.

Colorado Sparkey
written by Colorado Sparkey on February 4, 2018
Just set my Fatboy 64 up very good quality construction. Big heavy door that operates very smooth. Very modular inside easy to customize to your own particular needs. Fit and finish are well done. One issue 1/4" of play in the door when latched and locked, will call Liberty to see if this is normal

written by mgb on January 7, 2018

Flappy first safe
written by AZ Carry on December 28, 2017
Just got it delivered and installed, so far very impressed.

written by ASipe on November 16, 2017

New Safe Owner
written by John on November 11, 2017
Although I just purchased the safe, everything seems to be in order. I do believe that the LED lights that are included are insufficient, and the plug in strips should be included for the amount paid.

written by Bob from Michigan on November 10, 2017

Fatboy 64
written by Tim Bliss on November 8, 2017
I just received my fatboy 64 safe. I looks great and I am excited to get with organizing it to fit my needs.

My Fatboy Extreme!
written by Jack on October 23, 2017
I have been looking for years for a gunsafe and just never went through with it. I had two scumbags try to break in while I was gone from my home ( only gone 2 hours) My great neighbor and my Cane Corso chased them away! That night my safe search got serious and I completed my purchase on this site, including delivery! I also consider Champion but I have always wanted a Liberty ( presidential 50 in black cherry) It was not in my price range and that's really why I waited so long to purchase. Liberty has a really easy site to use and that helped me to make my decision! My Fatboy has the optional d-drive Electronic lock and I love it even though the first one failed on delivery day. I like the ease of entry and after I tried the mechanical lock in the showroom and it just took to long to open! The company here in Vegas did a great job on my delivery and returned that day to replace my lock! The inside of the safe is big and I thought I had bought to big of safe. I have loaded my Fatboy and I would not want any smaller! Inside is very flexible and I have it setup nicely! I would like to have less shelves with gun cut outs and more solid shelves instead! It needs to come with lights! I have 6 12" long led's with motion sensor that I found on Amazon for 43 dollars and it came with extensions that helped with routing and concealing all off the wires! I also use the two battery led's that came with it and I would not want less light! I really wish that you could get black cherry in at least the Lincoln lineup! I really love my Fatboy extreme and I would have given it 5 stars if not for the lock I will give it 4 1/2 stars!

My First Safe
written by Jason Megeney on June 26, 2017
I am very happy with my safe and I am looking forward in buying enough guns to fill it up.
It is quit the conversation piece with friends and family and it just looks really good in my
living room. Thank You to all staff at Liberty Safe for making a Quality safe.

Everything I expect from a Liberty with the exception of the han
written by James on June 13, 2017

written by Doc Rob on June 9, 2017

Great safe, great price
written by Doc Holiday on June 6, 2017
Really great safe. Only reason I gave a 4 star was because some of my long guns will not fit under the top shelf. This is something Liberty definitely need to confront. Other that that, I really like it!

Good Safe and Good Availability
written by cotterado on May 17, 2017
I was looking for a reasonably priced large safe to meet some particular spec's and this fit the bill. It was delivered and installed in less than a week from purchase.

Great Safe
written by DWH on April 1, 2017
Very nice safe, fairly expensive compared to others but I'm paying for the reputation.

Very satisfied with one exception
written by RS on March 19, 2017
The only thing keeping me from giving this safe 5 stars is the fact that 3 of my shotguns with 28 and 30 inch barrels will not fit in the firearms rack without totally removing the top shelf, which negates on of the reasons I chose this safe. I wanted to be able to store my firearms and still have room for other valuable items.

written by ARNELL J. on March 17, 2017

written by Juan Totreephor on February 25, 2017

Great safe.
written by David on February 20, 2017
Nice safe. Heavy duty door and pins. Only issue was the inside ceiling cover Aja's a void between the top and the cover.

my opinion, lot of paper work to express my views,shorten
written by the man on January 28, 2017
too early: looks great , only had few days.

Safe Ground
written by King family on January 22, 2017
Good heavy construction 1000 lbs , nice fire rating , good looks , really like the additional key lock for mechanical dial would love to see more layout options for long gun storage for easier retrieval.

written by Sharick on January 21, 2017
Excellent for more than normal Gun inventory and excellent shelving system for rifles hand guns acccessories and ammo

A nice, large safe.
written by Copeland on November 22, 2016
The liberty Fat Boy, while heavy to move, is a great product for storing firearms and valuables. The interior size, and flexibility provide a variety of ways to accommodate different sized firearms with accessories. The shelves, interior LED lighting and door organizer give you a clean way to store other valuables such as jewellery and documents.

The quality locking bolts give no play and the overall solid quality of the safe is nice. Having owned a few other safes, I really appreciate the organization inside the safe as well as having internal hinges.

fatboy 64 little big but growing into it
written by Jason H on November 17, 2016
After looking for a safe for my home, i went with this safe. I don't own that many guns (at this time) and this safe is way bigger than i need. that being said i was told buy bigger so i did and it is filling up with other valuable items i wasn't thinking about while looking for a safe. as far as review goes this safe seems to have what i was looking for and reasonable price. cant really compare to others as this is only one i have and my dad has and older liberty model but its good looking, plenty room, good fire and warranty, and made in usa. if someone ask me i would recommend them to look at liberty and the fatboy 64 for there home safe.

Great huge size with good fire resistance at an attractive price
written by Dennis on November 9, 2016
My new Fatboy 64 gun safe is the perfect size for what I needed and the fire resistance is a GREAT plus. The safe was surprisingly affordable with a double rebate and a "Hannity Discount" and the retailer put together a fair priced delivery that was outstanding. The only downside of the safe is the fairly poor quality of the material used for the numerous shelves. Surely for a safe that is put together this well Liberty could have used something other than very low quality and fairly week carpeted fiber board. I suppose that over time when the shelving material fails I can always upgrade to at least plywood if not some high strength synthetic material, anything but the very low quality fiber board that my Fatboy 64 gun safe came with. I am very glad that there was a built in power outlet to more easily use the electric dehumidifier rod that I ordered through Amazon. That device along with a dessicant can or two ought to keep any moisture/rust problems at bay.
I doubt if I will even bother with bolting the safe to the floor as two VERY HUGE delivery people almost killed themselves moving the safe into the house using a powered wheeled moving device. It is an incredibly solid and incredibly heavy safe with HUGE locking rods. I live in a very rural area and theft is virtually unheard of in the area but one never knows and if I EVER move I will be moving this safe with me especially when I upgrade the shelving the safe came with.
I would MOST CERTAINLY call Liberty's 64 gun FatBoy Safe a true "BEST BUY" even with the low quality shelving material it comes with. Now I have to wait til I fire up the airtight wood burning stove to dry the room air out, re-clean and Ballistol my personal firearms and start filling up this HUGE safe. Glad that it appears that Hellary is going to lose as I had considered having the safe installed in the basement where I could build a false wall to hide the thing from her gun grabbing plans. Now I can proudly display the FatBoy 64 gun safe as it truly is one GREAT LOOKING safe that is also extremely functional despite the flaws with its shelving material.

Great huge size with good fire resistance at an attractive price
written by Dennis on November 9, 2016
I really like absolutely everything about this safe other than the very low quality material that its shelves are made of. Surely at least plywood could have been used rather than the cheesy and weak fiberboard that Liberty chose to use. I will with time be upgrading the shelf material as I KNOW what happens with fiberboard over time. The exposed edges of the fiberboard is also extremely rough on the carpeted material that lines the safe when one re-positions the shelves. Just a poor choice of material in an apparently misguided effort to lower costs.
But even with my perceived problems with the shelving material, at the price I paid and the rebates I will get I must rate this incredibly HUGE and VERY HIGH capacity safe a true "Best Buy" especially when one views its fire/temperature resistant ratings. It also features incredibly huge locking bolts and an extremely heavy duty safe body. I sure do feel incredibly secure now that I own this HUGE safe. I would have easily given it 5 stars if not for the fiber board shelving, a product that will need replacing I would imagine very soon.

Good value!
written by Newbie safe owner on October 5, 2016
The Fatboy has versatility and ease of use. The fire rating is good, but not the best. I would like to have had a 1/4 inch steel plate in the door but the expense can become prohibitive. The "pryspace" around the door is larger than some, but much closer than pothers. The Liberty reputation and warranty are excellent selling points. "American made" is good to know. The "sale" price and extra add-ons (lights, dehumidifier) were not offered by others. The knowledge and professionalism of the retailer were the tipping point toward buying a Liberty safe over all others which I considered.

Just need shelving improvements.
written by New owner on September 23, 2016
I am a little disappointed in the top shelf and the shelving in general. Top shelf is weak and can't raise it since the center divider wont reach it any higher for support. So now I am searching for a better way beef up that shelf or just better shelving to install. I do like the accessory door panel. Other than the shelving, satisfied with the safe.

Long Term Vacations
written by Sheep Dog in Training on August 16, 2016
While preparing for an extended vacation and a recent accumulation of firearms, I had the uneasy anxious feeling about protecting my valuables and firearms while away. With a single visit to the local distributor, I purchased the peace of mind that I was hoping for. The Fat Boy has the security, volume and fire rating that was required. I feel so much better about being able to protect my family and my valuables.

First Safe
written by Richard P. on August 5, 2016
I was really anxious about getting a safe to place my valuables into. My thought were that I needed to research and make sure that I got what I needed plus a little more. I have always enjoyed hunting but my guns were stashed all over and my concerns about their security with todays climate and with younger children around I needed to make sure that we had a place to protect all. My wife can now have her jewelry secured as well. The Fatboy safe offers the security and confidence I need in a product to protect what we have worked hard for all our lives.

There was plenty of room.
written by Gene Adams on July 31, 2016
I procrastinated getting a safe because I really did not know where I could put it. If I had been thinking a couple of years ago when I added a porch to the front of my home I would of added 30 more inches for the Fat Boy. When I decided to bite the bullet I cleaned out a corner of my garage [approximately 2 hours] and drew the dimensions on the floor with a pencil. IF the safe was going into the home then I would have marked the floor with masking tape. I had to make sure that the lawnmower, 1/2 ton Dodge 4X4 & safe would play well together. I was amazed that it fit so easily and I did not have to dispose of very many scrapes of wood and other used construction items to fit the Fat Boy in. I cut two pieces of synthetic wood [that everyone is using for decks] to put under the safe so I could continue my quarterly floor washing. We also left the box on and did not install the handle spokes. I was amazed the the handle hub turned so easily without the spokes. The dealer showed me where to install just one spoke if my spouse has problems.

written by JPM on July 29, 2016

written by douglas mueller on July 21, 2016
appears to be what I purchased. however, have not hooked up to ensure all items function as they should. after I get it up and running will be able to give a more accurate appraisal of the safe.

Liberty Safe San Antonio Completes a Great Transaction
written by Tim on June 21, 2016
We purchased a Fatboy 64 from Liberty Safe San Antonio. We shopped safes from several retailers and determined the big box sporting goods store safes were very minimal products made in a foreign country. The retail staff had no knowledge of safes and offered no accessories or services.
We then shopped 3 different safe specialty stores in San Antonio and they required that accessories and delivery be paid al la carte. When we shopped Liberty Safe of Central Texas they had a wide variety safes at various price points all made in America. They also had a promotional on the Fatboy series that included delivery and all the needed accessories. They were knowledgeable on their product and the competitors. The delivery time scheduled in the store was the same time the crew arrived to wheel it in the door. They called ahead to let us know they were on the way also.
Overall a real smooth transaction from Liberty Safe of Central Texas. They get my recommendation and I will buy from them again in the future.

A little damage when arrived
written by Brad on April 30, 2016
The safe has a few issues upon delivery. The electrical plug is damaged, the hub where the handle connects to the safe the finish is rubbed off and the drywall on the top of the safe is broken and fell down. Hope Libert steps up and takes care of theses issues. Love the safe and would buy another one(if issues are fixed).

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*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.